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Two Mommies And a Baby????

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The UK's News of the World reports that LezLo and saMAN Ronson want to be Hollywood parents.

The thought scares the pants off us!!!

A source "close" to the couple told the rag:

“Lindsay is in a very happy place at the moment. She’s been having deep discussions about a baby. She wants a natural birth and has spoken to Sam about getting one of her ex-boyfriends to help out. They don’t want to adopt.”

She's dated real winners pre-Sam! Who'll it be? Wilmer Valerrama? Jared Leto?????

The NOTW goes on to say that LezLo hopes that having a child will help her recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Um, didn't anyone teach Lindz that a baby isn't a fix-all?!

If that's her reasoning, then we look forward to seeing baby LezLo in rehab!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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139 comments to “Two Mommies And a Baby????”

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  1. 101

    Re: kac638 – Why would you suggest that they use saMAN's brother's sperm just so they could as you put it "at least" have the same genetics? You don't bring a child into this world because you want a replica of yourself. Lezlo is a very inexpericened, selfish and ignorant woman just like you. She wants to have a child for the wrong reasons. She thinks she wants to have a kid so it'll help her straighten up? How about fully recovering first, then maybe think about having children. We don't have kids to see what they could do for us. We should have them with THEIR interests in mind.

  2. 102

    Re: margochanning – You're getting close, honey. It definitely has "lingu" in it.
    And I would cuss you out and tell you to eat my pu$$y…But I've been reading your stuff over the last few days and I'm really kind of liking you. In a decent, respectul, friendly way.
    And great name and avatar.
    And yes, I know mine could use some improving.

  3. 103

    Re: margochanning – And I know "Mother, Jugs, & Speed" was a stretch, but it really did cross my mind. Lindsay wants to me a mother, has jugs I wish I had, and Samantha looks like a meth freak. (But in a good way.) As in Methamphetamine minus -CH3 equals speed.

  4. 104


  5. 105

    im happy she is happy but really! she needs to give her relationship more time and to get an ex involved?? she should adopt or get an anoymous donor. If i were Sam i would wonder…..that tells me that Sam is not giving her everything she needs and im not talking about testosterone.

  6. 106

    Well as a gay man you should be defending the rights of gay couples to adopt, raise or have a kid… you sound really homophobic when it comes to Linds and Sam, your obsession over this 2 is unjustified and definetely what makes you not being "the queen of all media" but the joke of all media.
    Just get over it! If they both look that happy I have no doubt that a baby will make them 100x happier!!!

  7. 107


  8. 108

    Did you saw her appearance at the VMAS?Didnt she rocked the show or what?I mean about whar she was wearing.WOWOOWOOW.SHE LOOKED SUPER SEXY.WHAT A FIGURE.SHE IS BACK AT HER BEST.YEAH.

  9. 109

    bitch needs her red hair back

  10. 110

    i hope so. and i hope sarah palin is the godmother

  11. 111

    Lindsay look cute at the VMAs with her red hair back :) She could get with Russell Brand & have babies…..he's a WILD Mate :) Really enjoyed him hosting the VMAs, you just never know what he will say next :) very interesting person :)

  12. 112

    "…LezLo hopes that having a child will help her recovery from drug and alcohol addiction…"

  13. 113

    lindsays boobs look really hot in this pic

  14. 114

    oh Harry Judd watch out lol…..no I think that Lindsay has just started to get her life back together a baby at this point in time might not be a good idea!

  15. 115

    couldn't give a toss who makes her pregnant - as long as it ain't JOAQUIN PHOENIX!!!!

  16. 116

    Start praying it she has a baby. May God help her.

  17. 117

    This sounds totally made up. I don't believe it.

  18. 118

    All I can say is that I can not believe that they are still dating, much less thinking about producing spawn……UUUUGGGGHHHHHH!

  19. 119

    lezlo looks hot love her tits

  20. 120

    she looks hot in that dress.. and i think its all bs (:

  21. 121

    Get ready for a fetal alcohol syndrome baby! Woo hoo!

    Why is Lindsay SO lesbian all of a sudden? She has a partner and now they want to have a kid together? That is a HUGE step.

  22. 122

    Oh Plezzz She is Insane!

  23. 123

    Oh My is that why She has Big breasts again- PREGNANT??

  24. Bona says – reply to this


    Everyone would have a great body when you do cocaine and not eat 24 hours of the day…bottom line, she is a horrible role model for the kids in today's society, let alone one of her own. She/he will be in rehab by 5 years old.

  25. 125

    LiLO is no fool….She'll get one of her richest beaus to knock her up…one way or the other….It's time. She's sliding in the polls and a baby with a rich daddy would keep her for life….She and Sam would make wonderful parents as long as they have money…..let's face it….it's so much easier with money when you're in the public eye. Poor Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet…they were given a bad rap…not enough money to glam it up for the papz back in the '80s…People…it takes lots of money to live like a millionare (duh!). Lilo doesn't have that kind of money….she needs to nail a rich one who doesn't mind the lesbo connection…many guys like it…maybe a would-be-heir if he had an heir, etc….Ask Jackie Collins…she knows everybody!!!

  26. 126

    fuck that. she's just using it as an excuse bc she misses the cack!!

  27. 127

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! She is a total psycho. I cannot believe that she thinks that she would be able to handle a child at this junction in her life. She's what 22 going on 14? She just got out of rehab. OMG she's so crazy I want to scream. Yet another reason people should be LICENSED to have children. NO child should have her for a mother.

  28. 128

    Hey Sexy Ronson - you can pick me up in your 911 anytime. *MWAH*

  29. 129

    I think that they do look pretty happy with each other, but its really early in the relationship if theirs one anyway to decide on weather or not they should raise a child together. Like Lindsay is young and crazy sometimes so yeah she needs to ground herself some more, plus i still think she is "Experimenting" her sexuality still with Ms Samantha R.

  30. Memi says – reply to this


    OMG please don't have a baby Lindsey!

  31. Anonymous says – reply to this


    i'd love to see saman strap one on and give it to lindsey in the rear

  32. 132

    that wud be kwl

  33. 133

    they should wait a little while longer. give their relationship a couple of years to fully develop. then…who cares. as long as they are a strong enough couple. but the important thing right now to me is OMG LOOK AT saMAN's hair!!!!! NO ROOTS, NO BLONDE!!!! lol SO much better!

  34. 134

    Leave Jared Leto out of this.
    He never dated Lindsay; he may have porked her a few times, but that's not the same ;)
    However that loser dude she hooked up with in rehab would probably do it for the right amount $$…lol

  35. 135

    Foreshadowing the actual brain size of her children.

  36. 136

    Oh my hell.
    This is such a terrible idea on soooo many levels.
    Their lives would have to consist of more than sleep, wake up, eat and shop. Oh, and fly around the country whenever they feel like it. Sam supposedly always looks a bit haggard because she works late hours. Is she gonna do the 2am feeding when she gets home? Maybe. Ironically enough I think she would actually be the better parent.
    But I also think a full time nanny would be doing most of the care and upbringing, and they would check the baby out like a library book when it was needed for a photo-op. (sorry, that was completely insensitive of me, wasn't it?)
    Sam, if you are reading this, you are the mature adult in this relationship. For the love of God, if there is even a grain of truth to this… I am not saying there is… please talk Linds out of it for now. Seriously, she's only 22. There's plenty of time for her to have kids.

  37. 137

    That is just sick. I think Lindsey is very confused. She is so young and she was dating guy after guy but now all of a sudden she is a lesbian? It all makes not much sense and now a baby with her lesbian lover? OMG! She is messed up and I really hope she grows a brain and realizes that bringing a poor innocent baby into her mess of a life is the wrong choice. Wow…..what a mess she is.

  38. 138

    her and Jared neverr even datedd,
    they hooked up once, soo thats reallly dumb to say that.
    but i think she should have a baby, just not Jared's :D

  39. 139

    I think she's too young, she needs to wait until she's accomplished more.

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