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Who Wants To See Daniel Radcliffe Naked???

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It was bound to happen!

Some crafty American somehow snuck in a camera to the first preview of Equus on Broadway this weekend and snapped a few pics of Daniel Radcliffe's naked magic wand.

Yes, they're real!

CLICK HERE to see the uncensored photos (5 total), obviously not safe for work.

His peen looks quite impressive, don't ya think?????

adradcliffe.jpg aadradcliffe.jpg

[Images via Mcelebes Forum.]

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242 comments to “Who Wants To See Daniel Radcliffe Naked???”

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  1. 201


  2. 202

    Too much skin on it. I like them cut.

  3. 203


  4. 204

    Actually…he looks pretty small. His balls are in the bottom left pic, not his dick! Look at the bottom right..pretty small. But then, it's not hard, so who even knows.

  5. 205

    Re: tabloidtrash.info – I think your right…

  6. 206

    Well, it really isn't exciting as it is hard to see anything. I don't know about impressive, but it does look uncut which is what I prefer.

    In the bottom left photo, he has the most awkward looking pose. He looks like he has to pee really bad.

  7. 207

    Ok, I was reading through comments and noticed a lot of guys saying theirs were bigger or people saying they weren't impressed or it was too small.
    Keep in mind that he is flaccid…which does not give any indication to erection size. One of my ex's was 2 inches soft and 6.5 inches erect. No joke!
    AND…seriously…why the fuck do people need a big dick to be satisfied? I am pretty pleased with my bf's 8 inches. Anymore than that would be a waste. I find girth to be more important, as I like the "full" feeling. I am not really open to having some big ass dick trying to burst through my cervix or rip through my ass.

    Length is for vanity only…a mans length, assuming he is average, does not determine his skill in bed.

  8. 208

    Re: Pissabelinne
    lol I think they are! There is a shadow going across it which makes it look like two different parts. Infact, I can't even see his balls at all.

  9. 209

    Ohh shut up about the pedo shit. He is 19. Here in Canada, age of consent is 16. Ok, that doesn't mean it is moral to look at teens at 16, because for me even that is too young…but 19? Come on…he ain't gonna grow much more if at all. If you didn't know who he was, you would most likely look without second thought. I do agree that a 30 year old wo/man obsessing over a 19 year old guy sounds kinda creepy. We expect it with Perez though…he pretty much obsesses about anything in Hollywood with a cock. I think the most disturbing for me is hearing him talk about the Jonas Brothers.

    Anyways…I never watched Harry Potter, so I didn't get any weird feelings because I watched him grow up…I peeked to see what he has out of curiosity lol

  10. 210

    Must…..avoid…….staring at his little Potter!

  11. 211

    =_=;;…I didn't just see that….

    Oh well, I don't like him much anyway : D

  12. 212

    WOW thats hot :P

  13. 213

    I saw the show when it was in London… front row. And you know what? I felt like a dirty, dirty person.

  14. 214


  15. 215


  16. 216

    Looks like meat and THREE veg to me.

    What balls!

  17. 217

    Woweee!!! He should be called Harry Pecker!!

  18. 218

    Hopefully closer and high resolution pictures will follow in the coming weeks

  19. 219

    lol, sexy!! although the girl had HUGE NIPPLES lmao…its sad cuz she had small boobies along with it..hehe although i must admit the play was FUCKING AWESOME!!!…xxx

  20. 220


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  22. 222

    Wow, a naked human. How shocking. this must be the first one ever on the internet. What's next, video's of naked people!!

  23. 223


  24. 224


  25. 225

    oh my god.

  26. 226

    looks good..

  27. 227

    Re: Superpissed – oh god, it's a
    hollywood gossip sight. please, take your conservative views elsewhere.

  28. 228

    Oh wow! JEEZ he should be proud. Who is he dating? Can you give him my number??

  29. 229

    Does this mean he'll turn to the porn star road anytime soon, even just a little soft core one??

  30. 230

    where do you see these pictures i only see the too regular one from the article

  31. 231

    Re: BrokenAngel – Those are shadows not cellulite and her ass is not "hanging" it's perfectly normal. If you think your ass is so perfect let's see you parade naked on stage. Catty bitch.

  32. Saka says – reply to this





  33. 233

    saw pics of him naked in equus months ago and they were up close professional pics….wake up hilton

  34. 234

    Ummm…….yuck! I was not really expecting to see that and now really wish I hadn't. I am going to feel weird now when I take my 11 year old daughter to c the next installment of H.P. My eyes hurt now,gross!

  35. 235

    I am really annoyed that fatty Perez would post these pics. I work on Broadway and have worked closely with some of the people he has dissed and Perez is a loser who has no talent and makes a living off of the misery of others. I just saw Equus and Dan was GREAT! the naked stuff is @ the end and once you get there you are so into the show that it becomes not a big deal. we do not allow cameras into the theatre and the fact someone did and that fatty perez posted the pics shows the unscrupulous mindset of a "new generation" of assholes. Perez/Palin '08! shithead…

  36. 236

    WOW!!!!! It looks like every other one out there… hooray… oh who cares

  37. 237

    Geez, he's HUGE. Who'd a thunk it. Actually, he has a beautiful body. Lucky whoever-the-chick-is.

  38. 238

    I guess he lives up to his name, "harry" potter…..

  39. 239

    If you like that…you should see the press photos from the run in England!! Much better.

  40. 240

    guys his dick is flippin tiny.

  41. 241

    wtf? omgggggggggggggggggg
    i'll say this in portuguese: PUTA QUE PARIU MEU! PUTA SACANAGEM

  42. 242

    Apparently the hair on his head isn't the only thing that grows long and wild. Someone take a weed-whacker to those pubes!

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