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Drunk Vlogging After The VMAs

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We're going to regret THIS in the morning!

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431 comments to “Drunk Vlogging After The VMAs”

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  1. 201

    LOL! The only way to enjoy those fake POS awards shows is to drink! Britney looks to be back on the right meds. And that British dude was funny - honest too. Too many freaking Nickelodeon kids taking over the VMA's! Ship their asses back to Disney! WTF! What happened to the Madonna's of music!!???


  2. 202

    Wow… Did you just called Rihanna the new Britney?! I guess you are really gonna regret that in the morning! ;)

  3. 203

    Re: Uker – calm yourself. don't be mean to perez. also, yes russell brand is brilliant.

  4. 204

    Re: Peruannaa – feel the same way!

  5. 205

    a lot of people seem to have hated the vmas but i've seen really bad vmas in the past and i think this one didn't suck. the sets were awesome! smart idea to have it on the studio lot. some of the performances were good, esp. pink. i don't usually like her but she rocked out. and russell brand was funny enough, there have been worst hosts as well. yay britney!!!!

  6. 206

    Oh yeah, BTW, I love you even more when ur drunk Perez;) LOL! sooo funny:)

    Can celebs plz quit making big political rants during awards shows! I'm not republican but FUCK! I don't want to hear some dumb asses opinion of our country and politics. Bring HOWARD STEARN back to host…now he's entertaining:)

  7. 207

    Haven't heard your "vlogging" cause i am at work but just wanna comment on the VMA's… well nothing surprising there, anyways it was more entertaining than the ones the past 3 years, I think the last exciting and awesome VMA's where the ones with Guns and Roses at the end. After that no big surprises and no big performances.
    I loved the fact that Britney won in every category she was nominated, it was really her night even though sometimes it felt like it was arranged… anyways I hated Rihanna, this girls does her best to look more and more awful each time, her first song instead of being an impact was a big shocker, they should have invested in better effects and escenography, it looked like something you do with play-doh.
    Leona + Lil Wayne + T-Pain = awesomeeeeee!!!! Who can top Leona's voice and talent? Noone… I don't know why you keep on snubbin her, she is amazing, would love to hear more about her!
    I am not a big fan of Pink but her performance was amazing! Really really enjoyed it… it was vibrant, very well staged and powerful!

  8. 208

    I adore Tokio Hotel. They should have performed. And Brit looked smashing =]

    And Perez you look fab! Nice drunk vid…hehe

  9. 209

    Tokio Hotel won because their fans voted. It was a worldwide voting. Their fans are even more bonkers than… Mariahs lambs! Hands down!

  10. 210

    PEREZ, you're fucking awesome, can we swear on here? well i think you're great- you always ALWAYS cheer me up!!! your home videos are my fav xoxo GG

  11. 211

    The vmas were so dissapointing this year. That host is so lame, Cristina Aguilera, fat-fat-fat, Disney stars everywhere,,Mtv lost it..

  12. 212

    well TI was ok but his voice was like crumbling…
    Paramore was amazing! That's a great example of how a talented band can deliver an awesome show without investing that much on dancers and lame props like Riri did… when you have a great voice just show it!
    C. Aguilera was great… i think this was her best performance at the VMA, she didn't look trashy or slutty for the first time, her remix was great and she made a good use of the stage.

    About Russell, must say that i was shocked to hear his speech! I was like.. how dare this guys comes in here and tells us how to vote? how dare this guy comes here and talks about our pres on a worldwide tv show… i mean it would have been ok if he was in Leno or LEtterman or any other show but not the VMA's… also i heard that this guy is pretty sarcastic and funny well i didn't see any of that, i was expecting him to make fun of Paris, JB's and others but his comments where pretty lame…

  13. 213

    I love you Perez!! I'm teddyholic!

  14. 214

    ps. i was reading some previous comments and oh my god, why you do assholes read this website if you don't like the author? then, DONT READ IT-and put that extra time on your hands to good use.

  15. 215

    hahaha. your fart totally got an lol from me. how unladylike!!!

  16. dilly says – reply to this


    that was awesome- i still can't believe u farted. u looking better every day tho! glad u had fun!

  17. 217

    For the show: It sucked. BIG TIME. I liked Pink. That's it. I didn't even know half of those dumb bimbos who graced the show with their appearance. Guess I'm too old or they're only famous in the US of A. I thought the VMA's were a worldwide show, then please have international stars. And why did it take place in a garage? You have to have an IQ of 64 max. to think it was a good show.

  18. 218

    This is what i find so fuckin funny, Xtina (who i do love don't get me wrong) lipped the whole fucking thing does not get critized. With Mariah you claim she lip sings it and most of the time your wrong: wow your a hipocrit P. Oh well i still gonna read ur shit and lovya 4 it. but i think u still kinda bad mind.

  19. 219

    The show was a snoozer and the host was awful…
    But Perez looked like one hot bitch! Looking good honey!

  20. 220

    the fact that russel brand - a british moron - is telling people to vote for obama is exactly why no Americans should.

  21. 221

    Oh Perez. You're adorable when you're toasted.

  22. 222

    I totes agree about Britney! I was so glad to see her, she looked. So. Fabulous. And her 3 awards - completely deserves them all, after the hard times she's been through. And the JoBros were sweethearts as usual. Shame they didn;t win anything though.
    But PEEREEEZZZ… why are you so mean to Tokio Hotel? None of the other nominees in the category deserved winning 'best new artist' more than they did. Couldn't you see how genuinely happy they were? SO SWEET! Miley, Katy and Taylor were so sure they're gonna take the award, for me it was great seeing the boys win. They're so modest, never thinking they stand a chance! Tokio are huge in Europe and they worked so hard to get to where they are. Even you have to admit there must be something about them if their fans are really that loving and dedicated… so no hatin plz! PLUS Bill Kaulitz has such a hot style, he should be officialy announced a fashion icon.

    Oh em gee. Your dog is adorable! And aww, he KISSES! xoxo

  23. 223

    it sucked soo bad.
    Russell Brand is usually funny, but he SUCKED and nobody laughed at his jokes.
    I'm really happy for Brit Brit, she needs a new album.
    Rihanna sucked, i'm sorry, both performances sucked.
    Pink's song was horrible. All the performances kinda sucked except for Paramore.
    Perez i heard what you said about Russell after the show, that was hilarious.
    How come all the people i wanted to see only performed for like 30 seconds.
    lmao jordin sparks, i love her.

  24. 224

    even though i love Obama,
    i hated the subliminal vote messages by Russell during the show,
    it was awkward

  25. 225

    CUDOS Perez!! This is by far your best vlog yet, loves it!! Your highlarious drunk, repeat soon.

  26. 226

    I cannot believe there is anyone saying that they enjoyed Christina's preformance lmfao I used to be a "die-hard" Christina fan, until she went against everything she stood for and everything she was to pull off some fake ass shit that made her look more tacky then anyone I know.. she looked HORRBILE in her costume and totally ripped off Britney's costume from the Onyx tour.. plus she is trying to go back to what made her famous in the first place when she can't… EVER.. she needs to die already.. fucking hate that bitch, she looked horrible, her song SUCKED, and it totally sounded like bitch was lip synching the ENTIRE time…

  27. 227

    You farted!!!! Ha ha ha.

    1. The VMA's just seemed sort of oh….short, in a long way. I guess because I'm older and I remember when there were a lot more awards given out in different categories.

    2. Rhianna bores me.

    3. Who the hell is Tokio Hotel? I'd never even heard of them.

    4. Pink ROCKED! Good for her….She so raw and real and I love that.

    5. I was happy for Brit. She looked great and seemed almost all there. But her album did NOT deserve to win. It's like she got 3 pity wins. But still, I'm happy for her, but it's sort of not fair to the other artists.

    6. Russell Brand? He was pretty good. Weirdish but entertaining.

    7. Kanye West's new song SUCKED! What a LAME way to close a show. It was terrible. Totally boring and uninspiring.

    8. Glad that Fannypack won. Shout out to Fannypack–yeah. They were great.

    9. They need a big theater again next year. It felt too small and too well staged. MTV shows used to be a little more fun. I was pretty bored thru most of it.

  28. 228

    hahaha. i love you & teddy. very cute.

  29. 229




  30. 230

    The VMA's blew! Russell Brand was brilliant! Hey Perez, why dont you give HIM props for being off-the-cuff and praising Obama! Besides, The Jonas brothers are lame and belong in the Nickelodeon Awards. Pedophilia anyone? Please. This whole show was scripted and preplanned. How did Britney win 3 awards? Why? All she had was drama all year long. Is that all you need for a comeback? She has'nt done anything else to deserve them. She didnt tour, she didnt release anything new…that blackout album is sooooo old news. Rhianna deserved it more than she did. She actually perfoms. She tours. At least when you turn on the radio, you hear Rhianna….not Briney Bitch. That shit was fake as hell.

  31. 231

    perez i LOVE u and i agreed with most of the stuff u said. ur freakin hilarious.Re: Luella – if u dont like perez than y r u on here?

  32. tasha says – reply to this


    The VMA's might have been good in person perez but on tv they sucked big time. They need to go back to a big stage. It was like watching an episode of SNL. Rihanna sounded horrible on television. As much as I love Christina she looked like she was lipsynching. Hated her performance. Hope this isn't where her next album is going. Overall I hated the show. Go back to radio city music hall or some big stage where everone is in one big room with all performances on one big stage. And Britney winning video of the year was the biggest asskissing MTV has ever done. The piece of me video was a piece of shit. She should have won back in the days of I'm a slave for you when she put out great videos.

  33. 233

    Re: smaile – i agree i think she only won all of those because of the shitty year she had before and they were like trying to make her feel better or something like that.

  34. 234

    I feel a hate crime coming on….

  35. 235

    I love Russell Brand!

  36. 236


    Ok,, first of all,, thanks for the drunk-vlog
    love those,,, always entertaining,,
    then I wanted to say,,, "GET A ROOM"
    hehehe,, ok not really,, but I think you slipped Teddy the tongue last night,,
    I agreed with you about Russell Brand and his not so funny sense of humor,, I found him so non-entertaining I DVR'd the show and watched it later, I fast forwarded all though Brand's non humor
    Britney looked awesome and she spoke well,, I loved Jordin Sparks speaking up for the purity rings,,
    not that I wore one back in the day,, I totally humped whoever I wanted,,
    but I do feel people should not be made fun of if they decide to go the purity route
    Thanks again for the funny drunk vlog

  37. 237

    Re: && I got a thing for you! – wishing death on somebody u dont even really know is dumb.

  38. 238

    OH Plezzz Perez I thought You were out of the Closet? What were You doing in one?
    The kissing of teddy was a bit too much! no a lot too much!
    Thought You were funny!!

  39. 239

    Who the hell is "Russell Brand "? He need to go there(hell) after His comments!

  40. 240

    You are looking great! better than ever! I HEART PEREZ!

  41. 241

    luvs it !!!!!!! we luv u 2 perez. Briney spears looked amazing.. and who the eff is Tokyo hotel!!!!!! Jo bros should have won best new artist!!!!!!!

  42. 242

    "Tokio Hotel WHAT THE FUCK?! " hahahahahahhaa
    totally agree!

  43. 243



  44. 244

    yay for britney!!!!!

  45. 245

    you farted

  46. midi says – reply to this


    sorry, i didn't make it past the dog frenching–but nice to see that both russell brand and you have caused a bit of controversy. the show clearly met its goal.

  47. 247

    Rihanna is NOOOOOOT the new Britney. She can't even compare. If she's going to sing live…she definitely needs to work on her breathe support, and its not like she was hardcore dancing. Even though Britney lip syncs she as least blows you away with her dancing and overall performance. I'm kind of mad Christina lip synced too…just because a few years ago when she, madonna, and Britney did the whole kiss thing and everything thing she criticized Britney and Beyonce for lip syncing….and now she did it herself?

  48. 248

    Here are my thoughts on Jordin Sparks…

    I know a lot of people give her credit for sticking up for what she believes in regarding the jokes Russell Brand was making, and I think that's commendable. HOWEVER, the way she said it was very condescending and derogatory towards people who haven't made the same "pure" decision as her.

    Not every person who has not promised themselves to their future husband/wife is a slut, a comment of which I thought did not make her look punk rock but made her look juvenile and immature.

    Lastly, Russell Brand is a comedian. Did I think he went too far with the Jonas Brothers comments? Yes. But part of being a celebrity is taking everything with a grain of salt and maintaining a sense of humor. Also, if the Jonas Brothers were so put out by the comments, they don't need some Z-list "pop star" to stand up for them - I'm sure they're more than capable of doing that themselves.

  49. 249

    That is one cute dog!

  50. 250

    This is the WORST Award's Show EVER!!! I liked Pink's and Rihanna's performance. I liked Kanye's song… very techno-like. I am very happy that Britney won!! She looks amazing and healthy!!
    I felt bad for the Jonas Brother's….they get slammed with negativity for having morals and waiting themselves until marriage. There is nothing wrong with that. I am glad that Jordan stood up to them!!!

  51. 251

    My gosh, for a minute I thought you were going to have sex with that dog! I do not know who the host of the show was, but he SUCKED!

  52. 252

    loved the show. totally agree on the russell brand shit. and you farted. NICE.

  53. 253

    Re: Uker – and you need to respect other people's opinions

  54. 254

    so funny ! u pooted u pooted u pooted !

  55. 255

    this video is hilarious, and you look great! i agree…though not a jonas fan….they're setting good examples to their fans…and who is russell brand to bag on that for the ENTIRE show….apparently he just didn't have enough material, huh? also, honestly, the show sucked. it was boring, prerecorded and lame. what happened to the vmas of yesteryear, huh? bring back radio city music hall! those shows are nothing without hundreds of fans there…otherwise, it's just a bunch of celebrities who couldn't give two shits about anything except for the swag.

  56. 256

    You look amazing perez! Teddy looks fab too!

  57. zoey says – reply to this


    That was a great "Vlog "………..do I sense a bit of a conservative side of Perez ………………? I think so , yes I do

    funny you making out with Teddy who is adorable

  58. Neith says – reply to this


    lolol you so crazy, love ya P your the best.

  59. 259


  60. 260

    The VMA's felt a bit .. weak this year. Britney seemed really nervous rattling off the start of the show.. run on sentence much? take a breath girl

    LOVE LOVE LOVE russell brand.. HAHA @ the jonas brothers. little twats.

    Perez.. wait till you get over to the EMA's.. you better get to loving TOKIO HOTEL now
    Im so happy they won best new artist. They are taking America by storm!! Their fans love them so much.. give them a chance you will too

  61. 261

    Re: Seduce – I had this avatar first !!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 262

    I was really disappointed that you didn't BLOG the VMAs. :( Terrible.

  63. 263

    Sorry folks, but I do NOT watch the VMA's to hear a mediocre comic's politically bias views. He only talked shit on politics because he doesn't know shit about the music industry or its premier artists…. quite simple… almost as simple and unfunny as his material.

  64. 264

    Perez you look great!

  65. 265

    I have to say! Britney did not deserve any awards! She has not done a real performance in how long..it was a rushed bad video..It was a a stunt and I was very disappointed..Katy Perry sooooo should have won, she was the true rock princess of the summer!!

    Oh and who the fuck are these Tokyo Douchebags!!!

  66. drrtx says – reply to this


    perez u should post a pic with brit brit with her 3 awards…it would be great…cuz it was really her show

  67. 267

    Oh Russel Brand wuz just having a bit of fun with the Jonas, I thought he wuz really funny! Ugh Perez I think U have like a fart fetish, UR like alwayz farting U silly goose!
    And YES Pink wuz FUCKING HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Anonymous says – reply to this


    You kidding me Perez? This VMA's sucked, the only reason you liked it b/c you are selling out lately and are a celeb yourself and got to go to the VMA's, what was the surprise with Brittany…..it sucked she did nothing was sooo coached and got awards she did not deserve, of all the shit she was nominated for and she gets VMAs for Piece of me, lol. Think it over and be critical that is why we read this blog, not for you to play nice with MTV b/c you are in bed with them!! You are losing cred Perez, watch out or someone will dethrone you!

  69. 269

    yaah besides the performances & the britney parts, the show basically sucked. i didnt even finish wtching it… ewwwwww jordan spark's comment about being a slut if u hav sex before marraige is FCUKEN BULLSHH!! guess shes just angry nobody wants her.. *siiiighhh

  70. 270

    LMAO perez ! He's so drunk !

    And yaaaa ! This fuckin retard Russel, he totally disrespected the JB

    And yeah !!!! WTF Tokio Hotel i hate them, they're like everywhere in France, it's pissing me off

  71. 271

    I have to sat Rihanna sucked ass last night, when she was the first performer, her duet with T.I was wwwwwway better, on xtina i don't know why they gave her that get up, and u can tell she didn't like lip singing or her performance. as of russel brand he was funny as hell, and jordin needed to shut her fat ass pie hole, as far as perfomances goes, paramore, and pink had the best performances, tokyo hotel did not deserve to win bet new artist, i think that should have been katy all the way, as for britney, don't get me wrong she looked good, BUT she did not deserve those awards, video of the year i don't think so, her song didn't even get that much play, i think they were pitty wins, i just don't think she should have beat out ppl who actually worked hard.

  72. 272

    Re: smaile – i totally agree with you on this

  73. 273

    Britney looked great (wish she would have performed)
    Rihanna looked awesome for both performances but still looks like an alien and still cannot sing or dance
    Russel Brand was very fresh, funny, and sexy
    T.i was sexy
    Kanye's perfomance was ok
    Christina looked great for just having a baby
    Katy Perry was robbed..her song was the biggest hit this year so far!
    Lil Wayne needs to pick up his motherFn pants!
    Leona Lewis (her voice is so lovely..luv it)
    My top three best dress ladies: Vanessa Hudgens, Britney Spears, Shannon Bex(Danity Kane)
    Top Three best dress males: Shia Le Beouf, T.i, Zac Efron
    Best Performance: Pink
    Overall : This award show sucked ass!!! Last year was way better especially with brit's "grammy" winning performance..this year was sooo boring and it reminds me why I forget to watch that shit.
    Wish it was back then when we had madonna, nirvana, metallica, oasis, run dmc and they had awesome performances..or even back in the n'sync days
    Oh and please next time don't do it in a lil ass lot!!

  74. 274

    I wonder how long until Perez realizes he is just a target like #inaec on Myspace/youtube. Does he really not know you all are just saying you love him and how great he looks and how funny he is just to egg him on to do even more stupid stuff?
    Think about it P :D

  75. 275

    Tokio hotel totally deserved it, theyve worked hard to make it in this country. Its nice to see the boys i listened to during summers in germany have made it big!

    I do think Katy deserved then Britney. i was all a hoax for brit.

  76. 276

    Re: && I got a thing for you! – Funny cause you look a lot like her… well Xtina never showed her black roots… not that look alike but yeah you get the idea!

  77. 277

    jordan sparks is a fat cow that should shut her mouth. she's just jealous she couldn't get laid at 4am at hogs in heaven.

  78. 278

    lol that was great perez drunk bloggin is the best!! but yea the awards was better that last years. BRITNEY looked like 2001 britney!! im so glad shes back. this is only the beginning! overall the show was great the divas like u said rocked the shit out of the VMAs. i love ur dog!! not as much as mine though..lol LOVE ya spikE!!! and u looked badass with ur suit! keep of the great work mista gangsta!!

  79. 279

    Re: Kate27 – ROFLMAO saying that I look like Christina is an insult to me.. and if you can see my roots you are fucking amazing because the entire top of my hair is cut off in the picture, and all I can see is the shadow on my head lmfao but if you would like me to take another picture to prove my roots aren't even a 1/2 inch long I will do so happily.. I don't care what ANYONE says.. Christina used to be the shit, and YES the girl is talented, but she looked hideous in that outift, the song WAS lackluster at best, and she really can't go back to her dirty days, no matter how hard she tries, I personally loved her when she was a dirrty slut lmfao She classes herself up and acts fake as hell, singing fucking 50's style music in a fucking salior uniform and then tries to bring it back to what actually made her fucking famous.. PLEASE! She should focus on her talent, that song did not display how talented she is at all, and it completley sounded like she was lip synching.. everyone I have talked to thinks she made a complete fool of herself..

  80. 280

    ♥ teddy wih his wigs :)
    u have to keep up with whats hot with younger ppl
    tokio hotel is super hot!:) Love Bill :) if it was up to fans they would have won!
    Britey& miley r the new britney..Christina was great :)
    Lil Weezy was better than rhinna..hes the new britney 2 lol :)

  81. 281

    Because this is annoying me. The band is TOKIO HOTEL with an I not a Y and theyre called that because when they traveled a lot their favorite hotels where in Tokyo Japan.

    If you dont know who they are look them up. (Their better singing in German personally)

    And Jordin Sparks cannot take a joke. Russel Brand is a self proclaimed sex addict and he played that. It was a joke and the Jonas Brothers obviously took it as one. Jordin Sparks is jut mad that no one wants to sleep with her.

  82. 282

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA….oh god I wish I could meet you your fucking hilarious.

  83. 283

    LOL that was funny:D Teddy was so cuuuuuute!

  84. 284

    jordin sparks is not punk rock. she's lame. i also miss the vmas from b4 when they used to let drunk people run on stage acting crazy. now the show seems scripted like the hills….i blame janet!

  85. 285

    OMG….that was HILARIOUS!!!! I LOVE PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. 286

    How dare say Tokio Hotel shouldn't have won best newcomer, they are great.


  87. 287

    Perez, You're such a nut and I love it!! Teddy is the cutiest!

  88. 288

    certain performances were wonderful. yet Britney did not deserve any of the awards she received!!!! look at the other people she was up against. Who put the work in for there videos. it is so unfair!!! Mtv is rigged like a bad drag competitions. to bad we just did not leave her alone. as well her hair was a little strange looking to me. you could almost see the tracks on profile shots. The way she kept her acceptance short and sweet? She is now a zombie for our money. I liked britney Better when she was a real person. With how Vma's went this year That scene is as well dead!

  89. 289

    first of all Perez what do u mean what the fuck tokio hotel won there a great band and they have as much as fans as they do in europe the fans of tokio hotel made this happen cause we love them and they needed to win ur such a fucking 2 faced on trl and on at the after show u were all nice to them when the cameras go off i guess we see who u really are so fuck u perez tokio hotel are the real winners of the night

  90. 290

    u are much more fun drunk

  91. 291

    Re: star_lite57 – think about the person you're defending…they do the exact same shit you're bitching about- criticize others negatively whether it's their appearance or whatever. i just think some of the readers are giving mario some of his own medicine. this guy can be extremely cruel and hypocritical when it comes to judging and ridiculing the people and celebrities he talks about.

  92. 292

    Britney Piece of Me video may not have been her best, but it was a sparkle of hope for all her fans. Remember when she was all decked out in pink wigs and yammering in a british accent? She somehow pulled it together for piece of me allowing friends to continue showing her support.

    The reason why Britney won the award was -yes- a little bit of pity, but also because she has a large international fan base that brought her to the top.

    She deserved the moon man, but perhaps not all of them.

    Also overall Christina's performance was good, unoriginal, but good. Minus the lipsyncing, lady gaga britney onyx hotel tour rip off, and fatness of course.

  93. 293

    You remind me a lot of Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element in this blog… weird.

  94. 294

    I heard the fart and was like "He didn't!". Then you called yourself on it,and did it again! Haha. The highlight of my day.Drunken Vlogging is the best. You're looking very good these days!

  95. 295

    Seems you had a fun time perezito! Besides that you look so lovely and stylish.

    (Hey btw, i've been an addict of your site for a year… I decided to leave a comment and create an avatar after watching your drunky rant. ;) )

  96. 296

    Perez…I totally agree with you. If the Jonas Bro's want to wear promise rings, they have every right to do so. For the Brit Clit to mock them and make frun of them is very immature, shows he has no self esteem ( to have to try to belittle and mock 15 year olds to be funny or feel better is stupid) and really needs to grow up, act his age and comb the back of his hair. The only thing he really has going is his teeth. Thank God he can brush those babies nad get them whitened.

  97. 297

    Re: bobbytomorow

    Grow up.

  98. 298

    perez dude hold back on the douchey side of you! jeez i understand ur all gay and happy about it but that does not mean that katy perry should have won! tokio hotel was well over deserving that award MORE than any other person in that category. and im so so happy they won!!!!!

  99. 299

    haha perez i love you

  100. 300

    Katy did get shafted BIG TIME. And I assume you mean 30 SECONDS of singing, lol not minutes. And I completely agree about Tokio Hotel winning! That should have been Katy's hands down!

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