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Just Askin'

| Filed under: MTV

Why did T.I. lipsynch at the VMAs last night????

Since when do RAPPERS lipsynch???? Or would that be liprap???

That was SOOOO lame!

P.S. Yeah, Christina did it too. Sigh.

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81 comments to “Just Askin'”

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  2. 2

    finally first… it didnt sound like he was lip synching

  3. 3

    I thought he was supposed to be in prison.

  4. 4

    Those shows are so fake. The lip syncing is easier for the production staff to deal with, as far as audio goes, and it's cheaper…less union workers needed…

  5. 5

    maybe because he wants to vote for Obama??? obama 08 baby!…ps..no negative comments please ……lol

  6. 6

    they tried to make it seem like a video which was retarted but when he sang with rihana that was awesome

  7. 7

    Im pretty sure TI didnt lip synch when he rapped but whenever a note was to be held he lip synched…

  8. 8

    i dont think he did…but xtina did for sure! she has an awesome voice , y didnt she just sing..geeez! rihanna was the best performer though! :)

  9. 9

    yeahh! i thought that was soo dumb!

  10. 10

    T.I, and Christina (even Pink, at times) sang with a backtrack. That is how much live performances on MTV are done. They don't want people to sound like shit on tv, so they make them sing with a backtrack.

  11. 11

    I know right! WTF Christina lipsynching wuz kind of obvious and sort of expected, but T.I…. for shame T.I., for shame

  12. 12

    I have to say the VMA's have sucked since 1999… the 9/9/99 VMA's were the best nothing has been better since… I mean everyone was there and Chirs Rock killed it that night.

  13. 13

    Re: anthonyjames – I know right, I saw that Pink wuz doing it too, but she did have to change her clothes so it's cool for her.
    I'd love to have Pink's lips synch into my cock =oD

  14. bk says – reply to this


    What's lame is that anyone would waste their time watching that garbage.

  15. 15

    christina's was so f-ing obvious too. it sucked.

  16. 16

    no way! xtina didnt really sing!? thats rubbish

  17. 17

    She didnt totally lipsync right? She wailed a few times haha. Sounded real.

  18. 18

    Ugggh… Who knows!

  19. 19

    Rihanna SHOULD have lipsynced though ^^)

  20. 20

    That whole thing.. the whole damn show.. was SO awful, really. Great in concept I suppose, with the whole back lot thing but it just did not pan out in the wash. It was disconnected and odd. And RiRi, she was a mess. Guy? Girl? Tranny? Who knows.

  21. 21

    Heck yeah they lipsynced like a mug… but both performances were pretty impressive and no one does it better then the flawless lady gaga so kudos to christina.

  22. 22

    omg … the VMAs were terrible !!!

    2-minute version on my blog …


  23. 23

    yeah but you gotta admit, when they sang LIVE YOUR LIFE
    that was hot :]

  24. 24

    Who cares. I would rather watch a kick ass performance with lip syncing. The whole point is the STAGE SHOW. Live performances never sound good anyway. Also, Christina just carried a baby inside her for 9 months and gave birth. Do we REALLY think she is on her A game right now? I think it's awesome that she even agreed to perform this soon!!! Go Christina!!

  25. 25

    Who performed last night?…I wanna know who is worth looking for online since i dont have cable lol…

  26. 26

    I agree 99 was the last year that was good that i was actually anticipating the show after that i just watched the highlights of the people i actually wanted to see.

  27. 27

    I wonder if it has to do with how much they dance/move.
    Maybe running out of breath, so they can't do both…
    who knows.
    I am obviously not a star!!!

  28. 28

    Re: TheWorldsGreatest – OMG i agree she sounded TERRRIBLE and so off! she is really bad live i have though tthat at her other live performances too!

  29. 29

    Couldn't tell with TI, but I thought it was very obvious with Christina. I thought the whole show was WEIRDO personally. Kanye was the highlight. I even enjoyed Kid Rock better than the rest of it, and I don't like Kid Rock.

  30. 30

    christina only lipsanc because of the dancing… its hard to dance like she did and sing so well at the same time. T.I. doesnt have an excuse…although i thought he rapped for real when he did the duet with rihanna. oh well =/

  31. 31

    Re: Phenomanon – I agree…

  32. 32

    I thought Russell Brand was THE WORST host in MTV history last night. Don't get me wrong, I love British humour & I actually like him. . .but I like him from across the pond, not in my lake. Yes, I am one of those who take BIG OFFENSE to a foreigner coming over to my country & bashing MY president. YES, George Bush may be a "retarded cowboy", but he's OUR "retarded cowboy". . . .and STOP TELLING US WHO TO VOTE FOR! Haven't these narcissistic moron celebrities figured out that American youth do EXACTLY-THE-OPPOSITE of what anyone directly tells us to do. . .

  33. 33

    i didnt pay attention to ti.

    but christina's was soo obvious

  34. 34

    i know! i didn't think rappers did that. i had to ask my friend cuz i thought he was. LAME!

  35. 35

    rihoenna should have lipsynched , she sounded like total shit !

  36. 36

    how ironic , xtina always lipsynchs , the only difference is this time it was so obvious hehe how ironic for a girl that used to claim shes never lipsynch haha

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Yeah, that was so bizarre it was distracting. And Christina, what a disappointment! Especially since we all know she can SING!

  39. 39

    T.I. didn't lipsynch..he just had a backtrack for "Whatever you Like" because he's half singing in the song. I saw him last week live and he sounded great live!!

  40. Lilie says – reply to this



  41. 41

    T.I. DID NOT LIP SING! PEREZ WAS JUST DRUNK AND COULDN'T SEE STRAIGHT. i watched the whole show and you could DEFFINANTLY tell that he was truly singing. Christina on the other hand….she needed some help

  42. 42

    christina is a HYPOCRIT!!! just a few years ago she was dogging on britney spears because she lip sync'd on stage.. & look what she goes & does???

    h y p o c r i t.

  43. assie says – reply to this


    xtina was so lip synching and that costume was not flattering!

  44. 44

    He didn't lipsynch idiot! IT was obvious that he was singing… anyways Xtina did because she was dancing but we all know she has a great voice! Anyways Riri sang live and she sucked big time… the best performance was delivered by Leona… why don't you praise her? She totally deserves it… or is it because she is black????
    Oh BTW the J Brother's did lipsynch when they where in front of the crowd… it was totally obvious!

  45. 45

    Dude the reason it sucked was because the venue was so small! It looked like noone was there and made it look like a small event rather than a big glamorous one. Like when they have it in nyc. And wtf wasnt Justin Timberlake there?? It doesnt seem like the vma's unless he's there. Britney looked GREAT though!! Love her. Next year it should be in New York and justin and britney should perform together

  46. Bona says – reply to this


    He was definitely lip-syncing and so was Xtina. Both performances were horrible. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a big fan of Kid Rock, but his performance and kanye West's were the best of the night BY FAR. Worst MTV VMA's I've ever seen. P.S. Perez was very mature and classy when interviewed at the end of the VMA's

  47. 47

    Re: assie – I so agree. I know she just had a baby and all, but they could have made it a lot less obvious!

  48. 48

    Because the VMAs isn't about real music, just the celebrity of music.
    If Britney can suck big time and still win 3 awards, then you know the VMAs has jumped the shark.

  49. 49

    TI is still my baby dadddy!!!

  50. 50

    Miley didn't lip synch…….just saying!! tee hee hee

  51. 51

    Because it was all a joke…….

  52. Anonymous says – reply to this



  53. 53

    Thank you for mentioning the crazy Christina lip synch! I was shocked. Why did she do that. She of allllllllll people does not need to? She totally could have 'showed up' Britney and Rhianna. What a dumb ass.

  54. 54

    it sounded like he was at first… but if you listen real good he did actually sing

  55. SuzyP says – reply to this


    At first I was annoyed with Christina that she lipsynched at the awards last nite but then I thought about it and…..she has definitely proven herself to be an amazing singer so I'll give her a pass.

  56. 56

    and? the person that should've lipsynched was rhianna. she sounded terrible.

  57. tasha says – reply to this


    With christina's amazing voice she diffinitely didn't need to lipsynch like she did. TI lipsynched during the beginning of the performance when he was doing the party thing with the model. Eminem has used a backing track more then once as has diddy and many other rappers so it's not unusual. It sucks though. Rihanna needs to do some vocal rest cause she sounded horrible on tv. The VMA's on a whole sucked big time and britney should not have won for that piece of me video since it was a piece of crap.

  58. 58

    Re: TheWorldsGreatest – OMG yes! I love Her but that was just awful!

  59. 59

    TI was singing over the track like every other rap artist does.

    Christina on the other hand lipsynched, but hey….its xtina…who gives a fuck.

  60. 60

    Rihanna SHOULD HAVE lipsynched!! She sounded BAD! I would rather watch Xtina lipsynching than Rihanna live - i thought she was really bad and boring.
    Russell Brand is HILARIOUS and I love his political commentary because i couldn't agree with him more… He was awesome
    I'm MAD they didn't show all of Katy Perry's performance…. And I agree the venue was TOO SMALL, it's way better when there are hundreds of fans there screaming for the bands/people instead of just the artists and inside people.

  61. 61

    he so did not lip sync.
    during whatever you like you could totally hear the differences between what he was singing and the background vocals.

  62. 62

    Re: TheWorldsGreatest

    yeah. Rihanna doesn't sound good live! :P

  63. 63

    everyone had to lipsynch, since they all performed outside and were running around all over the place. pink did too for a while, you could tell. that whole show was terrible and it was in a tiny venue too! it went to shit..

  64. 64

  65. 65

    Re: LiSaGaiL – fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK ME! THIS IS WHY I HATE AMERICANS
    and this is precisely why mtv had russell brand as the host this year, because america has been swalloed by that cunt of a presidnet and is why China has become the new superpower, america is narcasstic and vain, always has but now its come to light, how the fuck can you justify that comment!? "Hes OUR RETARDED COWBOY"?! are you fcuking kidding me!? If you're proud of him then more fool you, if only he was running this year because i have NO DOUBT that he would win, drown in your own pool kids, you fucking deserve it

  66. moon says – reply to this


    oh woww.

  67. 67

    ok so im not the only one who noticed this???

  68. 68

    Re: g0_f1sh

    If you hate Americans so much, then maybe you should get OFF this American website which talks about mostly American celebrities. Why are you reading about what these Americans did last night if you hate them so much? Your profanity is extremely immature, which leads me to believe you may not be informed on your political preferences. Yes, George Bush has made mistakes as president, but he DOES NOT deserve to be called retarted. Not only is that offensive to the President and our country, but it's offensive to those who are mentally retarted. Please, stay on your own side of the world unless you would like to come meet some Americans. Not all Americans are George Bush loving, let's start wars, screw the rest of the world people. If anything, you're showing how arrogant you are to say you hate all Americans.

    Now, I thought it was ridiculous she didn't actually sing, although she did dance a lot, making it somewhat understandable. I also thought Rhianna's performance was poor…as well as the VMAs themselves. Russell Brand was out of line talking about the Jonas Brother's purity rings like that, and getting involved in politics and telling us who to vote for as someone who isn't even from this country. I would also have to agree that Kid Rock and Kanye West were great! VMAs need to go back to NY…(=

  69. 69

    Perez, are you serious? Why does Ti get more telling off than Christina, she did more lipsinging. Ti did most of the rap and Xtina made it obvious she was lipping. Funny thing though if this had been Mariah you'd made a big fucking deal about it!! You clearly hate Mariah but for what reason? She has an imaginary feud with Madonna? Your priorities are fucked man, way fucked.

    P.S Mariah Performed at the fashion rocks Thing and she did a fucking amazing JOB!! Post about that and also about the benefit they did for Cancer and also how Miley Virus fucked up the performance!!!

  70. 70

    rihanna shouldve lip synched.
    her voice is terrible live!

  71. 71

    i HATED that christina lipsynch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she was the one i looked up to for not lip synching!
    what happend!??
    that performance looked like a better version of britneys old perfromances

  72. 72

    Re: cocopebbles58 – hahaim not as arrogant as i came off, - thought it would be fun as it has been many a year drinking with my mates and watching the show, however was left with a sour taste in my mouth this year (not from the shit mixes) i completely understand where you're coming from and hate it when others generalise so i apologise for some of the comments that i made, Brand is a legend in England - and mtv played teh risk card when they grabbed him to host - they wanted to throw shit at the fan and they got it! (Boggles my mind that the Jordin Sparks/russell brand comment off was't touched by the media over here…!) But hey, still love that he put on a good show, and still dont agree with you defen ding bush by labelling him as "our retarded cowboy" but to each his own! the VMAs used to throw out incredible nights, now it just seems try hard, i honestly thought the only performance that made PROPER use of the paramount lot was Pink! Peace out kid x

    p.s, a SERIOUS question now…what the fuck is the deal with those rings?! the only reason brand wanked over them is because it sa foreign concept to us brits…! Well to me i just dont understand why those who wear the rings feel the need to, if thats what they believe then why feel the need to tell everyone else? Actually interested in what they're all about….?

  73. 73

    im pretty sure he did the 1st song when he was with the girl, cuz they were acting like it was a movie. then, they had a director yell cut and the music stopped….but, the next song he did with rihanna i think was live.

  74. 74

    Re: g0_f1sh

    It's cool…I just get a bit annoyed when people say stuff like that, but it's definitely not just you. hahah…by the way, I never called him "our retarted cowboy"…that was someone else (= Also, Brand was okay…he just had some bad jokes, but I think part of that might have been just the cultural difference. Humor is different around the world. But the ring thing, it's more to remind themselves that they're waiting for sex until marraige, not to remind anyone else. Atleast that's the original idea of it…who knows if the Jonas Brothers are using it for fans…but, it's a ring you basically wear 24/7, so you see it. I guess most people with these beliefs can just have this in their head, and have no need for a ring, but hey…whatever they need…by the way, I'm definitely loving all the foreign slang you use. Seriously…it's tight.

  75. 75

    Help me… i missed the show last night! How do I get to watch it online? Is the a certain website? Thanks!!

  76. 76

    I didn't notice that T.I. was lip synching, but I wasn't paying much attention. I definitely think rappers have no excuse to do that, unless they're really sick or something. I'm not really into T.I., anyway.

    I was astonished, though, that Christina was lip synching. She was easily the most talented singer of the night and, thus, is least in need of lip synching. Her new song she premiered (off of her upcoming greatest hits album) is insanely simple, too. Many people in that room have also been in attendance at her previous knock-out MTV award show performances, and I'm sure they were just as puzzled. It also doesn't help that Christina has spoken out against lip synching in past interviews. Considering that she sang live during her entire Back to Basics tour, there must have been something abnormal going on. I wouldn't be surprised if she injured her vocal chords or became ill and just decided to lip synch instead of canceling her performance.

  77. 77

    Re: cocopebbles58 – haha i was so off my face last night i didnt even realise that it wasnt you who made that comment, good times kids. Yeah we'll just put it down to cultural differences, then we can all get along. :) bah, my slangs not that "tight"…I just talk a fuck load of shit. haha. xxx

  78. 78

    ha ha ha, i really didn't think rappers lip synced. but you can tell Christina did, you can see how winded she was after that performance, she would've been singing out of breath.. oh well.

    p.s. the girl that T.I. was "singing" to in the beginning of his act was FUGLY.. seriously they could've gotten a prettier girl for us to look at. lol.

  79. 79

    Vague Mouth Action= V.M.A. It was THE worst awards show I have ever seen by far. The host was ANNOYING. Awful

  80. 80

    its was so strange 4 me tro se christina doing lipsynch also she looked so uncomfortable…

  81. 81