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Don't Piss Off The Pope - Or Else!

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This is sad.

Is Italy turning into communist Cuba, where people can't openly talk about the government and voice their opinions????

Sabina Guzzanti, an Italian comedian, might be facing jail time for some remarks she recently made.

Guzzanti, who's known for her satire and wit, faces a prison sentence of up to five years.

But why?

For insulting the Pope!!!!

Guzzanti is being accused of "offending the honour of the sacred and inviolable person" of Pope Benedict XVI.

She was at a Rally in Rome this past July at which "opposition leaders accused Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister and media tycoon, of passing ad personam laws to protect his own interests and avoid prosecution for alleged corruption."

Speakers at the rally were also protesting against what they viewed as "excessive interference" in Italian affairs from the Vatican and Catholic Church.

As for Guzzanti, she's been known to impersonate Berlusconi. She told the crowd that probably in 20 years the Vatican would also be screening and choosing all Italian teachers.

She also said, "But then within twenty years the Pope will be where he ought to be, in Hell, tormented by great big poofter devils — and very active ones, not passive ones."

And there's the quote that could land someone in jail.

And according to the 1929 Lateran Treaty between Italy and the Vatican, any insult towards the Pope has the same penalty as an insult to the Italian President. And in order to prosecute, they just need to get authoriazation from the Ministry of Justice.

Kind of makes you happy to live in the US knowing that we're protected and have our Freedom of Speech.

And, oddly enough, aside from Berlusconi, there seems to be a great deal of people in Italy who value this law. Even the Democrats like Luca Volonte, a Christian Democrat, who said that Guzzanti's "gratuitous insults must be punished".

As for Guzzanti's dad, a centre Right MP, he described the decision as "a return to the Middle Ages. Perhaps my daughter should be be submitted to the judgement of God by being made to walk on hot coals".

Many are also describing this move as Fascist.

Antonio Di Pietro, who organized the rally and is a centre Left senator and former anti-corruption magistrate, said that Guzzanti had only "exercised her constitutional right to freedom of thought. You can agree or not agree with what she said — and peronally I didn't — but to put people in prison for that they think is reminiscent of a time when those who thought differently had castor oil poured down their throats."

However, even priests are calling this ridiculous.

Jesuit scholar Father Bartolomeo Sorge, told a reporter, "I cannot understand it. We Christians put up with many insults, it is part of being a Christian, as is forgiveness. I feel sure the Pope has already forgiven those who insulted him on Piazza Navona".

Luckily, Magistrates said that no legal action would likely be taken against Guzzanti, so let's hope that's the case.

It seems like something should be done about Silvio Berlusconi, though.

[Image via AP.]

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92 comments to “Don't Piss Off The Pope - Or Else!”

  1. 1

    Christ on a crutch!! Fucking retards, I cnatr stand this pope nonsense who the hell is he?? Old bastard thinks he is good….there is only one and it is not him or that old fart before him.

  2. 2

    they should have locked Madonna's ass up, then.

  3. 3

    What a terrible thing of her to say, I myself am Catholic and some things are just too offensive. There's a difference between voicing your opinion and just being downright rude.

  4. 4

    This poor woman, Italy suckz.
    Say McCain
    Say mcCain
    iz gonna do it to them
    shez not playin gamez
    yayayayayayay yayayayayayay yayayayayaya yayayayayyay
    I can't wait for John and Sarah to kick Italyz ass.
    They better watch that Commi shit..
    John/Sarah don't play with COMMUNIST PIGZ

  5. 5

    I like this Pope. He's Bavarian and likes to don his lederhosen and hoist a few at the Oktoberfest…can't be all bad, can he? Ein Prosit!

  6. 6


    everyone say "get it"

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  7. 7


  8. 8

    They should come arrest me too. Because I say the Pope is such a deeply depraved pedophile that he didn't even understand why it was against the law to fuck little boys in America. He had to meet with Bishopedophiles from all over just to figure this out. He needs everything Sabina said. Oh, yeah. I'm also old enough to know that during WWII, Germany dropped a bomb on Italy and it slid off! Come and get me Popedophile!

  9. 9

    That absolutely is offensive. You don't tell ANYONE that they should go to hell.. especially if you've never met them before.
    She(along with anyone else) completely deserves to be in jail/be punished!

  10. Nator says – reply to this


    who gives a shit? i'm about to get pimped slapped by hurricane Ike down here in Houston!

  11. 11

    What an asshole. D: Wow, who insults the Pope? The girl's got guts.

  12. 12

    Jail is a little much…maybe she will think twice before she talks shit about the Pope..

  13. 13

    Re: Nator – damn! Stay safe…I've got one eye on it here in Central Tx

  14. 14

    Man, I'm glad to be an American Jew.

  15. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I have to wonder, and pity, about those who take personal offense at anything said about the Pope. You all DO realize that Popes are 'voted into office' by a bunch of men, right? Hell, it's been that way for centuries…black smoke for 'nay', and, white smoke for 'yay'.
    God had absolutely NO say in the matter, when it comes to choosing a Pope. Just ask Pope Joan. Oops, you can't. She is buried somewhere on the street where she 'accidentally' gave birth.

  16. 16

    And this is what AMERICA is gonna come to if the effin repubs get in office….all of them follow EVERYTHING the "MAN" says without questioning it anyways….in "GOD" we fucking TRUST right?!?!?

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Re: PoisonBitchyIvy – Ummm that was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom….. the 2nd one….

  19. 19

    Perez I love you man, I always read your blog! but you're talking about something you don't really know
    You guys have no idea what's going on in italy. and NO she's not going to jail…we don't put people in jail if they're murderers, let alone people who says bad things about the pope! the problem is that in Italy we have to many people who call themselves Comunists but they don't know what it means…they claim to be tolerant but all they do is talking shit about the church, about the educational system, about the politicians (democrats, republican…all of them) about economy…
    This Sabrina Guzzanti girl has done nothing in her life but talking nonsenses…I guess it's because in the family the talented one, the guy who everyone loves, is her brother…so she has to step out of his shadow.
    anyhow…I don't like this pope but it's a matter of respect… I mean you can parody him, but there's a limit! she's a talentless comedian that's why she said those things.
    She's not going to jail anyway don't worry. In italy THERE IS freedom of speech

  20. 20

    I'm 100% disgusted by this awful woman and most of the people commenting on this article… People wouldn't say this about Ghandi, or the Dali Lama… You people are disgusting. It's not the Pope who will be in hell…

  21. 21

    Re: Tampadoll
    Keep giving your money to this crooked bastard, ya brainwashed fool!!!

  22. 22

    The pope is a human just like everybody else,
    I never truly understood the concept of power.

  23. 23

    Re: Tampadoll – Oh…and The Dali
    Lama and Gandhi help(ed) the poor they didn't cause poverty like the catholic church with it's prohibition on
    birth control.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    WTF !!?? I'm a tiny lil bit far away to quit to catholicism, im so disappointed of all the shit that is going on in the Vatican, i dont like Bennedict at all, i have no respect for somebody was enrolled in the Hitler youth. Do they know freedom of speech?? …. im happy that we all can speak our minds, even if u dont agree with my ideas; im happy to say "I dont like George W. Bush, he suuck big donkey balls, he is going to hell" … and so what?, thats not a reason for me to go jail. If this lady go jail im gonna quit to be catholic FOR EVER

  26. 26

    If she's Italian, she should know better… yeah, it sucks if she's punished! But she knew the law! I'm just glad I was born in the land of free speech! I still don't think it's cool to speak down about high religious figures like that, though… yucky

  27. jemms says – reply to this


    And this is why we all have to be grateful that we live in the USA…freedom of speech…
    OBAMA 08'

  28. 28

    How did Madonna get away with her comments the other day? Wasn't she in Rome?

  29. 29

    The U.S. should impose sanctions for human rights violations against Italy. The pope should get fucked up the ass, which he probably already does.

  30. 30

    My guess is that she has never met the Pope, doesn't really know much about him as a person. She has a preconceived bias that is quite obvious - she has a beef with Catholicism and has decided to attack somebody with slander. I could stoop as low as her and call her some nasty names as well, but being a Catholic, I forgive her for her ignorance and lack of respect for others who strive to make the world a more peaceful place (even though their beliefs may not coincide with the secular world).

  31. 31

    Is she wearing Prada? That top is gorgeous.
    On another note, a few years ago I invited two Italian gay guys visiting the U.S. to come to P-town. They were blown away at how openly gay the community was and said this is something that couldn't happen in Italy. I was shocked because Europeans are always telling us we are so prudish. But, that's what these guys told me. It's still very church-oriented there. But you can't beat the clothes.

  32. 32

    we went through the same thing in America when Bush was first elected and again after 9/11.

    republicans are no better.

  33. 33

    When are people going to wake up and realize that its time to get rid of organized religion, because we don't need ridiculous B.S. that this woman is going through. After all it is the twenty first century and we don't need the magic man in the sky anymore.

  34. 34

    Is it just me, or does that chick look like Sarah Palin?

  35. 35

    Tampadoll, I am with you. I cringed at some of the comments. I am Catholic, I don't believe or agree with everything about Catholocism, but my God!! Some of you are downright brutal! And, when you read the comments, look at the political views of the same, you make my choice so much easier!

  36. 36

    Re: Max H.

    If it's not religion, then it will be politics, philosophy, lifestyles, etc.. People latch on to anything that makes them feel like they're part of a group, and they defend it with zeal.

    If you think that religious persecution is bad, just wait until everyone replaces faith in an omnipotent, unchanging being with faith in the ideals of a single person or group of people. Hi, China.

    Getting rid of religion won't change anything. You'll have to change human nature.

  37. 37

    Re: Cattac – Right on. Also, why throw the baby out with the bath water? There's a lot of good that comes from organized religion, too. Also human nature, but the better side of it.

  38. 38

    Wow. Just because the word 'democrat' is in the party name, doesn't mean they are democrats as Americans think of them. In fact, the Christian Democrats are the CONSERVATIVE party in Italy. Furthermore, the party doesn't even really exist under that name anymore. Please try to get your facts straight Perez. That's just sad.

  39. 39

    Wtf is this. does everyone have to be a fucking catholic lover?

  40. 40

    "Is Italy turning into communist Cuba, where people can't openly talk about the government and voice their opinions????"

    "It seems like something should be done about Silvio Berlusconi, though."

    …so wait…what exactly is your standpoint on this? You contradict yourself often, sir.

  41. 41

    The pope is just some old dude. Like every other old man, his balls are wrinkley… jand ust like any celeb his balls are hanging in the spotlight… any catholics on this site with issues about calling the pope names must have some degree of hypocrisy… on a fucking gossip site.

  42. 42

    Re: America The Beautiful – The US should stay out of other countries' business. Stop killing people all over the world. Let each country deal with their problems their own way.
    But…I guess that there's a lot of $$$ in weapons, drugs, and oil.

  43. 43

    is that sarah palin drunk? LOL

  44. 44

    Nickens is 100% right: if you don't know what's going on in Italy, please: shut up! Ms. Guzzanti is just an idiot who can't support her own ideas without throwing infamy on people. In Italy we have freedom of speech, but there is a limit (and there is in the US too, I'm pretty sure). You can say what you want, but you cannot insult people (otherwise you commit a crime, end of discussion). That "woman" didn't only insult the pope (that BTW isn't my favourite one) but also Berlusconi himself and one of our minister (Mara Carfagna), saying that her career is based on sexual favors (read: blowjobs) that she did to Berlusconi. Guzzanti has no dignity if she needs to say such horrible things (without even the smallest evidence to proove what she sais).
    And please, don't talk about Di Pietro. He's even more corrupted of the people he persecuted! An ex public prosecutor who states that the respect of the law is something fascist is just an ignorant (and a criminal).

    Sorry Perez, this time I can't agree with you.

  45. 45

    What offends me most of all is that this woman's insults aren't even clever. He'll be ass raped in hell by gay devils? Yawn. Known for her wit and satire? I doubt that very much, Mario. Who is she insulting more, the Pope or the gays? She has very little talent so she resorts to attempts at shock value. Much like our untalented Sarah Silverman. And "PaulaTina," you ignorant slut, unless you learn to come up with something more intelligent than "sucks donkey balls" to describe your feelings about the President, I'll have to ask the Pope to give you a special dispensation so you can USE birth control. Moron. Morons, I should say, because it applies to most of you. (Right, you're all super successful and smart in your real life, sure. You only play retarded dimwits online. We know.)

  46. 46

    Bend over boy, the Pope loves you!

  47. 47

    This news is given in a very superficial way. It is true that in Italy we have laws against insulting high members of governement and the pope, but, like many old laws, they are never enforced. So Sabina Guzzanti could be prosecuted, but most probably won't be. In any case she should check what she says, because by insulting public characters without any excuse or proof of her accusations completely deviates from the message she wants to give. She doesn't help bringing down Berlusconi, but just makes the italian left look dumb and childish. She should definetly shut up and think about checking the size of her ego…

  48. 48

    nobody should go to jail for expressing an opinion, we stant on a slippery slope when we start tryin gto decide what can be said and what should be punished. who decides? the neo cons? the church? guys running the world?
    and about america being the land of free speech did you not see the reports about 800 people and reporters being roughed up and arrested outside the republican national convetion? look on youtube to see some truely frightnening stuff and the little old lady arrested outside a mccain rally for holding a sign that read "mccain equals bush" !!! wheres all the freedom going? wake up kids its up to you where it will go

  49. 49

    Re: Ososita – Maybe this is really a way too complex issue to be discussed in this context. Anyway, Ms. Guzzanti is a satirical comedian and if the true meaning of this word is not clear to you that's a pity but the world won't fall apart for that.
    you can deny it as long as you want, but in Italy we definitely have a problem with freedom of speech, especially in the media - I remind you that we've been declared a "Partly Free" country in the Global Press Freedom Rankings which is not exactly something to be proud of -
    Silvio Berlusconi DID use his power to pass ad personam laws several times, proven facts by the way, and that's far more concerning than a comment or "insult" of any kind.
    it's also a fact that the church intrudes in an unacceptable way in italian politics on a daily basis. this might be ok for you, but not for me and last time I checked Italy was still a secular country.
    Right now I feel ashamed of what's going on in my country, and I still cannot believe that Berlusconi is our Prime Minister again, it really feels like a neverending nightmare.

  50. 50

    Hey…sorry man, this time I have to tell what I think!
    You've no clue of what Italy it's like….I think there's no place like this one, where you can say and do whatever you want against anyone…
    Here criminals do not get jail for murders….you don't have to worry about this poor untalented comedian, she won't go in jail even if she0d kille the Pope…
    And you know why??? She's protected by her Party….our communist, the equivalent of your Democrats!
    So….be aware of what you're going to vote!

  51. 51

    Re: MrsBrand

    Well…we've been again through nightmares for the last 2 years
    Hope we have done with it, forever this time!!!

  52. 52

    in italy we just say "BACCHETTONI"!!!
    Italy is full of bacchettoni!

  53. 53

    Backwards ass country! It's all gonna be over soon after we poop an A-bomb on it.

  54. 54

    Re: MrsBrand – , you can't hide behind the word "satirical" everytime you want to spit insults and shit on the face of your adversaries. Guzzanti has no clue of what satire really is (she should learn from Forattini by the way… remember the mess after that little sketch on the communist D'Alema?). Guzzanti (as well as Beppe Grillo for instance) is not untuchable because "she's a satirical comedian". She can't say whatever she wants without taking responsability for her own statements. And by the way, as far as there are no saints among our politicians, it is sure that Berlusconi's way better than the vacuous Veltroni and Prodi. I wonder if you're actually living in Italy at the moment…

  55. 55

    Nice to see everyone is tolerant, this means to everyone; interestingly in the UK, you can be prosecuted for saying anything like this against ANY other religion except Catholcism - that's how much much people seem to hate Catholics - talk about branding us all with the same brush.
    Cannot believe the nastiness from everyone on this thread :(
    peace and love to Sabbina and the Pope

  56. 56

    *ROLLEYES* How absurd! He's only a person, like anyone else, not God (regardless of what he thinks).

  57. 57

    I always think it is very funny when Americans say: thank god i live in the us were there is freedom of speech!
    You get people interogated by the FBI/CIA or whatever bureau just because they express feelings against the war. You have the patriot act that allows those bureaus the investigate all you financial transactions, you internet movements, read your emails… And you think you have freedom of speech. Give me Italie anytime of the day!

  58. 58

    Re: Vixens – "AMEN" to that!! NOTHING in this country is "free" look at all the lives that have been sacrificed in this "UNHOLY" WAR!!!!! We GAVE everything away 7 years ago…..

  59. 59

    Re: Sarah 27
    NO she DOES NOT….your just in the "brainwashed" dazed 50% of the rest of the country is in…..it's ok you'll snap out of it when everyone else does….when it's TOO LATE :)

  60. 60

    Thank you Perez for pointing this one out!

    Un bacio dall'Italia!!!

  61. 61

    The American 'Freedom of Speech' is actually a bit of a myth.
    All of your media is heavily censored.

  62. 62

    speaking of "land of the free"…if I come to America without an health insurance…if I have a big car crush how many chances I have to survive??
    cause you know, Berlusconi might be a fascist (he's not anyway) but we don't leave people on the street and we don't make a big deal out of someone saying Fuck on tv.
    What I wanna say is that every country has its own little problems…US are not perfect, you have faults and values (like the love for your country, we don't have that…well few people dows, I'm one of 'em)

  63. 63

    Re: Ososita – There's nothing to hide about. Ms Guzzanti has always took her reponsabilities for whatever she's said in her career - the show "raiot" ring any bells? by the way no lawyer ever disproved what she said in that show…. -
    The church and the pope wouldn't even be a subject of her performances if it wasn't for the fact that religious power is nowadays openly used to influence the legislation of our country. And this should NOT happen. period.
    It's quite clear that you voted for Berlusconi as it is that I didn't but that's beside the point.
    Unfortunately for me I am living in Italy right now….and after a few months of this government I have already seen Berlusconi conveniently pass a law which puts all his legal proceedings on hold for the next 4 years….which is unheard of in any country of the UE.
    have fun with Forattini while I keep on living in the real world….

  64. midi says – reply to this


    we must fight for free speech everywhere in the world. i may not agree with what some say, but they have the right to say it. we all have opinions and issues and we all have the right to voice them.

  65. 65

    Re: Ososita
    You've got the point!
    And for Italy's sake we got rid of Prodi & co.
    I usually travel to US, and let me say that you really have no idea of what we've been through with the previous government! no idea…

    We are a free Country, with values and faults as others do, we have freedom of word and of press too. You cannot imagine how many anti-government newspapers we have….
    And I think that's the way it should be….everyone has the right to their own opinion. But public offense….well, that's another thing!
    Go to the UK and try to say that of the queen….

  66. midi says – reply to this


    other posers make good points about censorship and differences in health care… the media here is censored as well

  67. 67

    Religion sucks. But if you in USA still labour under an illusion that since Bush you have freedom of speech you are seriously deluded.Not even your "free" press and media is allowed free speech any more.Your stupid Patriot Act.Constitution what constitution Bush shat all over it years ago when he said it was only a bit of paper and proceeded to alter it to suit his evil ends

  68. 68

    the fact is that here in italy if you talk about Silvio Berlusconi in a bad way
    you are fuked!
    Sabina Guzzanti can't do tv programmes anymore ’cause she always said he truth about S.B . Oters italian VIP are out of " everything " just because they spoke their mind about all of this! That's all so meaningless !
    As for the Pope i think she's right in a way, because in italy policy and church are all mix up, there's no one wihtoutt the other, so i guess the Pope should stay away from all the political affairs.

  69. 69

    She's got guts and I can tell you that in Italy, everyone who talks bad about fucking Ratzinger is unpopular. Politics BOW DOWN before Vatican, even those presumed, ridiculous Communists. I didn't particularly like what she said though I detest this Pope, but she'll far from risk jail, don't worry! In Italy murderers are pardoned. It just makes me laugh to hear such things like 'thanks God I'm American and I have freedom of speech' because Italy and America are in the same boat. Italy is just a lil bit more frenzied not to offend Vatican, I agree with Perez, it is very sad.

  70. 70

    Re: meegga_17
    L'Italia è un paese molto stupido, lo sappiamo bene noi che ci viviamo…
    finchè la gente vota Berlusconi è tutto meritato.

  71. 71

    You are all (or most anyway) sick human beings for saying some of the things you say. But it's okay, i'm sure you'll have a great reason for saying the things you said on judgement day when God asks you why you were so disrespectful to him and his followers. It's your own Karma..not the Popes.

  72. 72

    as you can see our main problem here in italy consist not only in having no freedom of speech but in a whole bunch of people who doesn't even know what "freedom of speech" means and they are so sure they have it just because they can shout what the puppet masters want them to think.
    but considering we still aren't able to get personal religious beliefs (i.e. catholicism) out of italian political scene when most of of italian people aren't even active believers this should not be a surprise.
    impressive don't you think?
    and yes i'm italian, and most of the time ashamed of my politicians, my fellow countrymen and theirs actions.

  73. 73

    do not defend this woman…her speech has been disgusting..belive me…if you are catholic or not this is offensive.saying that you hope that the pope will go on hell??no no no you can't. it is just pubblicity she is not working a lot..she has tried to be a film maker but she was not able..she has done only folps…
    you are just giving her a lot of pubblicity..all aroud the world
    this is not right perez do not apporve..we have more talented commedian in italy..for example Aldo giovanni e giacomo..sooooo funny and not offensive!!
    be sure she will not go in jails…but she will go on al tv programs..so sad… :(

  74. 74

    ops i just forgot to say i've been brought up as a christian catholic girl and if i still remember correctly Jesus main teachings were LOVE, FORGIVENESS, and PATIENCE for eveyone, ennemies included, not pride, seeking revenge (not even justice because justice belongs to God only), hate, racism or being judgemental arses!
    maybe i remember wrong…

  75. 75

    Go Directly to Jail Lady- used loosely!

  76. 76

    Long live the Pope, the representative of Godhead!

  77. 77

    I italy nowadays comedians tell more facts than politicians…Sabrina guzzanti fights for our freedom risking her own…this is NOT the first time she was censored, one of her shows was shut down after the first episode because she was telling the truth about Berlusconi. Please keep talking about this, we need help over here!

  78. 78

    I don't care what he says, but it is clear that the separation of church and state doesn't exist in Rome. His base is eroding here…

  79. 79

    Re: pinkpanda

    Guess you don't enjoy free speech, huh?

  80. 80

    Well the pope is of course a huge poof in a dress, but than again the reason we here in Turkey are blocked from youtube is because of some adolecent dude made an insulting video about Ataturk the big reformer of Turkey….next they will block acces to google i guess :)
    Anywho, in plenty more countries there are penalties on insulting heads of state/country.

    the nasty thing with religious leaders unfortunately is that their views never evolve equally as time is evolving

  81. 81

    Stay away from there "South Park" creators…youd be burned alive after touching foot on their soil. And why are we friends w/this nation?

  82. 82

    and that's exactly why I am not catholic.. no offense to any catholics(most of you will be offended with that I will say either way) but this religion is one of the most godless religions. Their is only one god, one saint and that is God( not virign mary, not the pope. The pope and priest are human beings not saints!! Eveyone born is a sinner!!! They are not pure or perfect, they all born sinners just like the rest of us mortals! "oh no nmy priest is a saint", well I didn't know saints liked to molest little innocent boys! Some humans make me so sick

  83. 83

    Re: MrsBrand – , never heard about parliamentary and diplomatic immunities? Do you really think this is sci-fi? And by the way, nobody here is against freedom of speech against the government or catholicism… but there are several ways to do things. And she chose the wrong way. I can't stand this pope too, but I would never dare saying such horrible things to him, or to anybody else, publicly and using public money (taxes! We pay for our shitty state tv channels… awful RAI….).

  84. 84

    Dal blog di Sabina pt.1:
    allora ho parlato con l'avvocato e a quanto pare il reato di vilipendio al papa di fatto non esiste. i patti lateranensi firmati da mussolini sono stati aggiornati da craxi e nella sua versione l'articolo che equipara il papa al pres della rep non c'è e va quindi inteso come abolito.

    inoltre è stato pure abolito un articolo riguardo all'offesa di un capo straniero. perchè questa montatura dunque? tutti a scrivere, punibile da uno a cinque anni, quando con ogni probabilità è un'accusa che non va da nessuna parte?

    sicuramente lo scopo principale è scoraggiare altri a seguire il mio esempio ma leggendovi non mi sembra che abbia sortito questo effetto.

    poi probabilmente visto che l'esperienza dell'8 luglio è servita a fare venire allo scoperto tutte le peggiori intenzioni della nostra classe dirigente, il disegno è quello di mostrarsi ancora fintamente tolleranti, perdonandomi e difendendomi quando in realtà ho ragione da vendere e non sono affatto minacciata.

    qualora insestessi, e insisterò, agli occhi dell'opinione pubblica verrò presentata come una recidiva ingrata.

  85. 85

    Dal blog di Sabina pt.2:
    franceschini dice: non c'è bisogno della condanna è già stata condannata dall'opinione pubblica. peccato che l'opinione pubblica che presentano sia tutta prezzolata e marcata a uomo. e che l'opinione pubblica vera abbia su piazza navona per quel poco che ha capito un giudizio alla fine positivo (vedi sondaggio mannheimer).

    per il resto avete notato, tutti, soprattutto a sinistra dicono: la difendo anche se non sono d'accordo affatto con quello che ha detto. ma su che cosa non sono d'accordo non si prendono la briga di spiegarcelo.

    non siete d'accordo sul fatto che la montatura della censura del papa alla sapienza sia stata una vergogna? sul fatto che le ingerenze della chiesa nella vita politica siano intollerabili? sul fatto che non si dovrebbero discriminare i gay e pestarli di botte? sul fatto che i pestaggi dei fascisti hanno raggiunto una frequenza tale che davanti al municipio si riuniscono le madri dei pestati come a plaza de mayo in argentina? sul fatto che mettere una velina amante del premier a fare il ministro delle pari opportunità sia offensivo per tutte le donne? sul fatto che queste cose non vengano discusse in tv e nemeno sui giornali?

  86. 86

    Dal blog di Sabina pt.3:

    o davvero il problema è che "diavoloni frocioni" è un'espressione ripugnante o che la parola pompino non si debba pronunciare? davvero avete il coraggo di sostenere di preoccuparvi della volgarità con le porcherie che imponete in tv tutti i giorni? delle parolacce oggi nel 2008 con quello che oltretutto esternano ogni giorno i nostri politici?

    o non devo dire parolacce io perchè sono una donna e le donne per voi al massimo possono lavorare se ve la danno ma non è previsto che si sentano proprio a loro agio nell'esprimersi come gli pare?

    purtroppo sono una ragazza piuttosto illuminata e che viaggia e per parlare non chiederò mai il permesso. uso il linguaggio che ritengo più appropriato perfettamente consapevole di come parla la gente nel mio paese oggi e di come parlano quelli che mi accusano e da questo linguaggio prendo sempre distanze immense per altro, che però senza intelligenza è impossible vedere aimeh.

    per tanto mi auguro vivamente di essere processata e diffido chiunque dal perdonarmi non avendo mai avuto un solo dubbio sull'opportunità e l'importanza di dire quello che ho detto in quella piazza in questo momento storico.

    la cosa positiva è che non ero tanto convinta del titolo dello spettacolo "paletti". ne avevo trovati anche altri ma nessuno giusto al 100%. mentre ora lo intitolerò: VILIPENDIO.

    forte no? grazie del sugerimento chiunque sia stato.

  87. 87

    Hei you people, please walk your brains in crowded places where they can breathe a little. Please, please, please STOP SAYING THIS BULLSHIT!

  88. 88

    I do call italian politicians "FRACICONI"

  89. 89

    Do something about Berlusconi? Why? For enforcing a law that has been in place for ages?

    Perez, I can't tell if you're just spin doctoring here, or if you're actually that stupid and completely ignorant, but this is nothing new for Italy. Would you really expect that the country that is home to the Vatican–a country with something like 95% catholic population–is NOT going to have a few extra religion-type laws in place? You still can't insult the Queen in England, you know. Then again, you probably didn't know. Because you don't know all that much, do you?

    Here's another juicy tidbit for you to get all fired up about for no reason: In Italy, all baby names are vetted before they're approved…so people can't give their kids ridiculous names for which the child is likely to be ridiculed for the rest of its life. You know. Like Apple.

    Of course, their decades-old labor and free protest laws are ten times more liberal than ours, but I'm sure you won't be congratulating Berlusconi for that the way you blame him for this.

    You'd better watch your double standards. Better yet, you could stick to celebrity news, which you seem to know something about, rather than post these 3 day-old Drudge Report stories when it's obvious you have the current events insight of a 3rd grader.

  90. 90

    Re: Ososita – the parliamentary and diplomatic immunities you refer to are, in the most extensive cases, strictly limited to acts and declarations which are directly connected to the political functions. There's NO COUNTRY in Europe in which a prime minister cannot be prosecuted for crimes he committed even BEFORE being elected - in Berlusconi's specific case: corruption, collusion and so on -
    How about reading some newspapers before making nonsensical remarks?
    And no, I don't think it's Sci-fi….I think it's f*$%ing HORROR….

  91. 91

    Re: stonesfan – You're ridiculous and a selfish child. It's because of you that so many worry about our country's future, not because of people like "stupid" republicans. Looks like some of us have some pride and dignity and (Shocker!) respect for others left.

  92. 92

    I'm Italian born in America so I can say what I want: "fuck the pope"…"blow the pope…anything! he probably needs it.