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Watch & Listen: Better Than The Original

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Belgian artist Milow has done a cover of 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake's Ayo (Technology), which improves on the original tremendously.

His version is sooooo good - he even made a video for it!

Click here to check out Milow's Ayo (Technology).

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183 comments to “Watch & Listen: Better Than The Original”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    Good Song… but whats that shit comming out of his mouth??

  3. Aleks says – reply to this


    its kaay
    but like the video is weirdd

  4. 104

    this is NOT as good as the original…

  5. KShay says – reply to this


    Yea, this does nothing for me. I think I'll stick with the orignal.

  6. 106

    Um, I'm pretty sure the original is better. The original sounded better, & the video was waaaaaaaay better. I don't know what Perez is smoking but I don't know how this version, "…improves on the original tremendously." Um, I think NOT. (:

  7. 107

    Re: bella** – i agree

  8. 108

    in what alternate universe is this better than 50 cent and JT's version? The original had so many sonic layers and great vocals that expressed the longing in the lyrics while this one by Milow sounds like any other out of work musician who plays for free at the coffee shop right around the corner from where I work. Not feeling it…at all.

  9. 109

    I would do them both.
    vote mccain/palin
    I am not qualified..
    Yes yes, I effen approved this effen message.bitch.

  10. 110

    love the song!

    and wow, i love his eyes!!

  11. 111

    I wasn't on board with it until the chorus. I can't believe he pulled that off.

  12. RWH says – reply to this


    I did a little research on the web and found a song by Milow called "The Priest" - it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard!

  13. 113

    the beginning is the best. it starts getting ick though. :/

  14. 114

    i like it better than the original. milows made a trashy song pretty good

  15. 115

    Wow!This guy really did a great job with a terrible song to begin with.

  16. 116

    As predicted, you made the newspapers, Perez.

  17. 117

    i love it way better than the original but i'm totally not feeling the video.:D

  18. 118

    Wow, I love it. Thanks for new exposure, I'm already digging his other songs on his myspace

  19. 119

    it was different.
    good different, I like this, but I still like the original.

  20. 120

    Re: .bommie

    Yes I think so, but they had to change their group name, years ago
    Because hoover is the name for a vacuum cleaner.
    One of my favorite songs is 'Mad about you' it was even in a movie with Ashton Kutcher: A lot like love.

  21. 121

    Milow is a very good artist. I really like him. You should listen to his song: " you don't know". It's great

  22. 122

    Thank you Perez, for giving this sick Belgian artist some attention, he deserves it, he's too awesome!
    I just can't get over how sereen he makes the song sound, Milow nailed it again xD

    as for the vid, it cracks me up soo bad LMFAOO

  23. Jeet says – reply to this


    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 124

    Belgium!! :D

  25. 125

    its alright but NOT better than the original….the original is dancy!

  26. 126

    the video was even more pornographic than justin n 50 cent's

  27. Jeet says – reply to this


    Check out one of his most popular songs; you don't know. Awesone too!
    Also listen to these Belgian artists: dEUS, Hooverphonic, Ozark Henry, Soulwax, An Pierle. Go Belgium, go!

  28. 128

    i'm a belgian and i'm soooo proud and happy that this song is here :d
    he's really good !!
    check out other belgian artists !! ;)

  29. 129

    oh and Thank you Perez for blogging about Milow!! You rock!
    I'm so proud of him, that even you are talking about him :)

  30. 130

    i'm from belgium and i really love this video !

  31. 131

    wtf? the video is wack but the song is so so.
    but he sounds funny when he try`s to say shawty. :D

  32. 132

    Waaw, i like! Also his other songs are so great! Listen to 'You don't know' and 'The ride'. I've seen performing him live, he was very good!

  33. 133

    I thought this was awsome…agreed, Perez - better than both of the other versions I've heard. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  34. 134

    ~~~~LOVE IT~~~~

  35. 135

    Re: KristinBiatch – Put that flag right side up Biatch!

  36. 136

    Nah, the other version is much better. Any video w/ JT's sexy ass in it is better. :)

  37. 137

    we don't like them
    they are gay.

  38. Azula says – reply to this


    i looooove milow!

  39. 139

    Pretty good although his voice is a little nasaly

  40. 140

    um, fuck no - in no way, shape or form is this better than the original… in fact, this shit was just laughable… watching some white bald loser sounding like a moron.

    PEREZ, wtf?! people are not lying when they say your musical tastes are horrid.

  41. Scot! says – reply to this


    pathetic masturbation fantasy. that's what money can buy…

  42. 142

    Not sure how i feel- it was OK sounded a little corny slow, whole purpose of rap/hip-hop is the beat… when u break the lyrics down u hear how corny they r- i mighta liked it had i never heard the original and needed to fall asleep.

  43. 143

    Re: bitchybeech
    so are his choices in fashion…..
    Stick to gossip

  44. 144

    listen to his 'baby you don't now'

  45. 145

    It sounds good but the original one is better but i dont like that video though

  46. 146


    i am half beligan but live in london and it is soo good too see belgians get there talents out there. i am weirdly proud to be half belgian :/ but it's nice to see you appriciate perez!

    it's only a wee little country!

    and also this Milow guy shows that belgian doesn't just churn out eurotrance, there is actually some talent

  47. 147

    no thanks

  48. 148

    Gah I luv Milow

  49. 149

    man wath a nice song, much better then the original, the original is good but this… much much better!!!
    The clip is beautifull. It's art and that is maybe the cause that a few people don't like it, because it isn't like all the other american clips it is, different and european.

  50. 150

    GO belgium!

  51. 151

    Oh my God, this is sooooo good. I want to have it! Where can I get it?

  52. 152

    Loves it!!

  53. 153

    Re: krazihottkelli/bitchygrl
    we all love you.

  54. 154

    I actually really like this song! I never thought that it would translate well into a genre that was not rap/pop, but the stripped down acoustic works really well!! this will def. be on my ipod :-)

  55. 155

    This is a good video. The song is not too bad either, but I'm still liking Alina Puscau's Numa Numa. I bought it on itunes last.

  56. 156

    I liked it, but that viscous thing is disgusting.

  57. 157

    LLOVVEE this version….but did you watch the entire vid???? What the crap was the end????? Did he choke on syrup or something….and all those girls looked like they were dogs devouring him………….

  58. twigs says – reply to this


    doesnt even sound like the same song

  59. 159

    Re: *Vivi* – Itunes!

  60. 160

    Re: twigs – and that's a good thing, haha :)

  61. 161

    Fantastic cover, but by the end of the video it looked like he had been the center of a 50-man BUKAKE party. Grooossss!

  62. free says – reply to this


    A honey of a song- so proud to be a Belgian;-)!

  63. 163

    I prefer the original version but I admit that I like the chorus

  64. 164

    I don't know why but, I found the whole thing intriguingly sexy.

  65. 165

    i love it. so much better than that 50 cent justin crap

  66. 166

    this SUX!

  67. 167

    Omg eww, this guy is horrible and he has NUTHINGGGGGGGG on JT!!!

  68. 168

    I don't care for this version. some songs should just be left the way they are.

  69. 169

    this is WAY better.. love it

  70. 170

    It's Good but not better than the first. 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake's version didn't put me to sleep like this one did.

  71. 171

    Hmm undecided

  72. 172

    WOW! I loved it! The video was out in left field tho…

  73. 173

    I'm very proud for my home country Belgium, what a voice Milow!!

  74. 174

    I live in Belgium, and he's known for more progressive video's. The stuff on his head is honey.
    You should listen to his break out single - You Don't Know…
    It's really good!

  75. 175

    Re: *Vivi* – I tunes for sure

  76. 176

    Milow is so good! In Belgium everybody loves him! Check out his song YOU DON'T KNOW!! It's fantastic!!

  77. 177

    h ttp://www.mp3fiesta.com/?partner=3578

  78. 178

    I'm from Belgium and I'm proud of Milow

    I really like the song but I didn't like the video

    but anyway Milow is very good, you should check him out!

    greetz Stephanie

  79. 179

    I just want to give a little background information why milow did it

    milow did this cover for a belgium tv program called volt. He had to cover a song totaly different from his style. and he told that the original architecture of the song was totally a mess.

    Milow is an artist who began his public career about two years ago. Maybe in a few years you will be hearing from him in america. he is very modest and hates public attention not as you american idiots ;p

  80. 180

    This is soooo good, I"m proud to be from Belgium!!!!

    His first song: 'you don't know' is also verrry good.

    greetings from Belgium

  81. 181

    Perez, it is really crazy, everytime you write something about Belgian people here, it makes the newspapers in Belgium,
    Milow is a great artist, but you can not compare him with justin or 50 cent, his style is sooo different, but he is great, I have his album and it is amazing, you should check all his songs out on youtube
    and also check out another Belgian artist : HADISE

  82. 182

    Love it! youtube: milow rock werchter 2007 you just don't know
    Everyone singing along , it was amazing :')

  83. 183

    I really really really love Milow. But I really really really hate this clip. You people should watch the acoustic version, hmm, more acoustic than this, haha, that version really make you love the song. This clip is so not Milow.

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