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Must See: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Do Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton on SNL

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In case you missed it….

CLICK HERE to check it out!

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321 comments to “Must See: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Do Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton on SNL”

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  1. maryc says – reply to this


    Tina, you go girl. You nailed her! What an airhead she is

  2. 2


  3. Anonymous says – reply to this



  4. maryc says – reply to this


    Pinnocchio Palin is an insult to all women and Tina nailed her as the airhead she is.

  5. 5


  6. 6


  7. 7

    Huzzah! Tina and Amy back together!

  8. 8

    That was absolutely hilarious last night. Tina and Amy rock.

  9. 9

    OMG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tina Fey is AMAZING….if i didn't know better, i would have thought she was PALIN! HA

  10. 10

    Love the show, love them, love the skit–! :)

  11. 11

    Good Palin impression

    Mccain/Palin 08

  12. LoHo says – reply to this



  13. 13

    Re: maryc – Speak for yourself!

  14. 14

    It was very funny! Tina was great!!

  15. 15

    haha I watched it last night, i love tina fey!

  16. 16

    Hahaha - I saw this last night and it was HILARIOUS! Tina Fey's impression is dead on!

  17. 17

    I love Tina Fey!!!! She nailed her, and she looks exactly like her!!

  18. 18

    SNL RULES! And it's spot on! Comedy and very informative! LOL

  19. 19

    I laughed so hard at this opener I could hardly breathe. Not only cudos to these magnificent ladies and their spot-on characterizations, but a bow on bended knee to their enormous talent. And this girl bows to no one. You two ladies totally rocked it! You owned me last night.

  20. 20

    hahaha that was one of the funniest things I have seen on SNL. I wish Tina Fey was still on the show.

  21. 21

    Perfect! GILF!
    HA HA HA HA!

  22. maryc says – reply to this


    I am speaking for my self and the majority of Americans. Unlike Pinocchio Palin who did try to ban the book "Daddy's Roommate" at the local library.

    Let's protect the 1st Amendment!

  23. 23

    Tina Fey OWNED it!!

  24. tia says – reply to this


    i saw this earlier and i was dying laughing!!…i knew tina fey was gonna kill it as palin i just knew it…..but i thought amy would do cindy with the ultra blonde hair,but she was still hella funny as hilary….it was great!

  25. 25

    Well, they covered all the bases…and hit the nail on the head. Texas4Obama, y'all.

  26. 26

    Re: maryc – Tina should be on that ticket…she's at least as qualified as Palin.

  27. 27

    Perfection! Nicely done, the point is made, Fey and Poehler rock!!!!!!

  28. 28

    i'm a republican and can't stand that people bash her experience, but this was hilarious. tina looks so much like palin and poehler owned hillary hahaha.

  29. 29

    that was hil-larious. my tv started jacking up as soon as it came on. i was pissed.

  30. 30

    What's funny is that Tina Fey looks older than Sarah Palin.

  31. 31

    WOW. Tina sounded and looked just like Sarah!! That was pretty good! :) Wish there was a Barack/McCain skit that could be that dead on. . .

  32. 32

    that was awesome!!!! i would have loved to see what barack obama's part was gonna be in that too…

  33. lick says – reply to this


    well that struck a little too close to home! palin and clinton couldn't have done a better job!

    i laffed my face off! 8D

  34. 34

    Sad but true. We still live in a society where a woman is valued by her appearance not ability.

  35. 35

    OBAMA 08!

  36. 36

    It was great.Tina was fantastic she even made the accent too.WOW.

  37. 37

    Omg that was hilarious.. I love Tina and Amy. Mccain/Palin 08 babyy

  38. 38

    Loved Alaska Pete too!


  39. 39

    tina got her down 100% !!!!! awesome skit!

  40. Bongo says – reply to this


    They are so funny, they were the best part of the show last night. Everything else was kinda lame. :)

  41. 41

    Re: maryc – Pinnocchio Palin! That is great!

  42. 42

    LMFAO I love them

  43. 43

    Good skit, very funny. Tina Fey did a great impression of Governor Palin, but Mrs. Clinton by far had the better lines. Boner shrinker. Loves it!

  44. 44


  45. 45

    That is awesomely hilarious!!!

  46. 46

    palin: "let's adress a very ugly role that sexism is playing in the campaign."
    clinton: "an issue that i am frankly suprised to hear people suddenly care about."

    clinton: "i disagree with the bush doctrine."
    palin: "*giggle* i don't know what that is."

    ^ lol! :D

  47. 47

    Wow. I used to be the biggest SNL fan, but I'm pretty disappointed in them now. Then again, why should I expect a very non-partisan depiction from NBC, oh silly little me!

  48. 48

    LMAO! That was spot on

  49. 49

    i might have wet myself a bit when i saw this yesterday
    priceless :)

  50. 50

    that was amazing!! Tina did that impression flawlessly!!

  51. 51

    I saw this it was too funny. She looks just like Sarah Palin there! haha

  52. 52

    Absolutely hysterical! Tina Fey was awesome and Amy Pohler was even better!
    McCain/Palin 08'

  53. 53

    "now stop saying i have cancles"

  54. amys says – reply to this


    That was hilarious.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    That was HILIARIOUS!

    McCain/Palin 2008!!!!

    HILLARY 2012!!!!!

  57. maryc says – reply to this


    Just to clarify–Pinocchio Palin is the airhead. Tina Fey–BRILLIANT to do such a truly life like impression physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

    My favorite line "I can see Russia from my house" as the basis of her thoughts, and I use that term with a grain of salt, on foreign policy with Russia.

    I sure hope Tina can come back to SNL to do more.

  58. 58

    michael phelps was hilarious…one of the best SNLs in a long time.

  59. Rynne says – reply to this


    Great sketch! The democrats screwed themselves yet again by undemocratically pushing Hillary Clinton out of the nomination in their flawed system. The party that should have won is handing the election tot the republicans for the 8th time in 11 elections.

  60. 60

    that was awesome. i hoped from the very start that tina fey would take on this role!

  61. 61

    so amazing how much they look alike!!!
    "…tina fey glasses!!!"
    cracked me up.

  62. MoonX says – reply to this


    Mario, you're about a day late with this entry…

  63. 63

    Tina Fey was SPOT ON for that….it would have been a little too over-the-top if Obama had appeared though.

  64. 64

    wow. That made her seem smarter than she is. That's not a compliment.

  65. 65

    loved it! loved it! loved it!

  66. 66


    "I can see Russia from my house!"

  67. 67

    that was great, wish Palin would really just said she didn't know something instead of rambling. also i so wish SNL could keep great people like these 2 ladies.

  68. 68

    snl was great last night!
    Michael Phelps did a good job, but you can tell he was realllly nervous. I caught him staring off into space, probably trying to remember his lines. but other than that, it was really cute. haha

  69. 69

    Re: maryc – and where in the heck you come up with that figure…the "majority" of americans….do your own poll?

    I really liked this skit because, as a republican, I can appreciate the humor…and I appreciate it that it was poking fun at both Palin AND Hillary.

    The resemblance was uncany!

  70. 70

    I love these two!

  71. 71

    So funny!! I cant believe I fell asleep and missed it! Darn!!

  72. 72

    Re: le-sigh
    SO FUNNY!!!!

    I loved this skit!

  73. 73

    Tina Fey is amazing.

  74. 74

    That's the funniest SNL has been in years!

  75. 75

    HAAAAAAAA,,, wow she was perfect. the talk and all. lol

    OBAMA 08

  76. Kam says – reply to this



    Tina Fey portrayed her so well, with that annoying ass voice she has. lol

  77. 77

    Very funny bit. And so true about how conservatives have discovered their inner feminist since Palin came along. lol.
    McCain/Palin '08!

  78. DaLa says – reply to this


    It is SO f-ed up that Hillary, who worked a lifetime to be the first woman in the Whitehouse, may have to watch Caribou Barbie pageant queen waltz into the position. I cried watching this because it's just so unfair. Sarah Palin destroyed the finances of Wasilla and then tried very hard to turn Alaska into a satellite office of Exxon-Mobile. At least Hillary is a constitutional law expert with actual Washington experience. The rise of Sarah Palin should be the plot of the next Mighty Ducks movie.

  79. 79

    Excellent impression of Palin. The Clinton impression was really really bad.

  80. maryc says – reply to this


    Let us not forget that Hillary is going to have a very powerful role in the Senate, the body that actually writes laws, as a result of her great effort. I don't think for one minute that her role in government has been diminished but enhanced. I don't think she wanted the VP slot.

    Hillary will need Obama/Biden in the White House so that her legislation can be put into practice. If you voted for Hillary you need to help her now by voting for BO.

    No more Republican gridlock that is running the country into the ground.

    Fact: for the past 60 years the US economy has done better under Dem leadership as measured by S&P 500 and GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

  81. 81

    LOVED the skit last night! tina for president :) it was one of the funniest skits i've ever seen on snl!

  82. 82

    If I hadnt known it was an SNL skit I would really have thought it was Sarah Palin. Best impression ever!…even the way she speaks.

  83. 83

    Not that Funny, Kind of Borrowing and way to long of a skit,

  84. maryc says – reply to this


    I'm glad to see that so many Republican like the skit and find it funny.

    I will submit that it works because it reflects the truth. Ms. Palin does not have the "right stuff" to be VP let alone President at this time while Biden does. He has spent many years learning, parsing and working on the real issues that matter to the American people. As has Obama. At this point in time, Palin is just not ready to be in the race and has been used by the Republican lie machine to distract the American public from the real issues of the day. I will only change my mind if Palin will do more "real" press interviews and/or conferences. We as American deserve to know what she really thinks. IMHO she is not ready to meet Putin face to face. Seeing Russia from Alaska is not a foreign policy statement!

  85. 85

    this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. dASH says – reply to this



  87. 87

    Re: DaLa – So true, so true!

  88. 88

    This is great!

  89. 89

    IMPECCABLE impression of Palin!! I fuckin love Tina Fey. I havent laughed so hard in a while.


    Hopefully ppl will begin to see that you can put lipstick on a republican, but they're still a republican… small-minded and heartless.

  90. 90

    Re: BeNiceYall – she's speaking for a lot of us, bitch. unfortunately we have freedom of speech and she can say what the fuck she wants. is that another right you would like Palin to take away from us Americans??


  91. 91

    Re: BeNiceYall – she WAS speaking for herself…you have no right to shut her up! :)

  92. 92

    That was GREAT!! So many truths with such great comedy.

    "I can see Russia from my house!" X-D

    GObama '08!

  93. 93

    So true, the press needs to get some balls! Grill this bitch!
    Dinosaurs! Go get her!

  94. 94

    This was CLASSIC. I LOVED IT. Portrayed the disgrace that Palin is wonderfully.

  95. 95

    Re: BeNiceYall – You say good Palin impression yet you want her to be the next VP. HA! Tiny Fey portrayed her as a clueless, ignorant bitch. Good choice!!!!!

  96. 96

    lol. cankles

  97. 97

    LOVE, LOVE IT…Humor at their best. SNL was the only one that had the courage to point out the bias of the media and how they kissed oObama's ass. They have my respect……they can make fun of Hillary and Palin those two have more "conjones" than all the boys in politics.

    bravo snl.- Mccanin/Palin 08

  98. 98

    Haha that was too funny last night!

  99. 99

    ROFFL!!!!! Brilliant!

  100. Amie says – reply to this


    Oh my gosh.

    Awesome is not the word for this! It totally rocked. :)

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