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Listen To This: EVERYONE Will Love This

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Okay, a break from the euro pop.

Let's venture over to Brooklyn and check in with Chairlift

This trio from New York has one of our favorite songs of the moment, Bruises, a slice of ethereal pop heaven.

It reminds us of 99 Red Balloons by Nina.

The band definitely have a European vibe. In other words, they make really great music that likely won't get played on American radio.

But YOU should definitely listen below and CLICK HERE to check out more songs from Chairlift!

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61 comments to “Listen To This: EVERYONE Will Love This”

  1. 1

    not everyone….

  2. 2

    Heard it on the itunes commercial a week ago…. and I like it!!!

  3. 3

    reminds me of a song from my daughter's kindergarten graduation class….

  4. 4

    Plaid = Played ???

  5. 5

    this song reminds me of my daughter's kindergarten graduation…

  6. 6

    I think my dogs are gay, does that mean they can not get married?

  7. 7

    grrrr! stupid comments!

  8. 8

    i hate it

  9. 9

    If you understood the issues you'd know Vote McCain

  10. 10

    Sounds like they're singing the same thing over and over and over again. Music is good though, just not my type right now

  11. 11

    perez this has nothing to do with palin wtf??!

  12. 12

    He withstood torture in Vietnam because he is a man of integrity . Could Perez , Lindsay Lohan or any of the other bigmouths do that? Don't be stupid Vote MCCAIN

  13. 13

    I love it, im so glad somebody is actually making music, and not just ass chaking ass noise, the guy that sings sound exactly like "the beloved"

    Anyway nice tune.

  14. 14

    OMG I love them… they sound just like THe Sundays from back in the days ( early 90s..) and definitely european vibe .. love them love them love them ..

    but you are right … said that it is unlikely that they will get any radio time :(

  15. 15

    Its good Perez
    Much better than the stuff you been posting lately.

  16. 16

    love it!

  17. 17

    Why would they care if they are played on the radio? They are currently being played ,ad nauseum, on the new IPOD commercial fer fooksake. Perez, are you not aware of this? Yeah, Apple discovered this band w/ the girl who has fashioned her voice after Regina Spektor. Do you have an agreement w/ ITUNES to push this single? Just wondering.

  18. 18

    I like it. Catchy, easy on the ears, kinda sweet.

  19. 19

    Perez this is on the iPod nano commercial, its really good

  20. 20

    fucking awesome

  21. 21

    boring. another feist copy cat.

  22. 22

    youRe: Canadian McCainiac

    yo mccainiac… ur a damn fool. just because he withstood torture doesnt mean he'd make a good president. his policies are weak, palin is even weaker, and he doesnt really stand for anything except for double talk and pandering. he is all of a sudden an agent of "Change" which has been Obama's platform from the beginning. Then he talks about experience, and Palin has none. He is so full of crap and he no real plan or strategy except for giving more taxes back to corporations and pretending to get things in order. Man, its so sad that you fool buy into this, so sad. Palin is nothing but a narcissist climbing the ladder with nothing except some cute glasses and some big talk of change with no substation. I'm glad she's bushing up on russia though, so worldly. U guys are all gonna fuck this country up so bad, so so very bad. I really hope we make it outta this one.

  23. yotch says – reply to this


    that loud ringing hurts my ears! her voice sounds a bit like nina, but it is really nothing special. as far as the music, it's vapid and too simple–plus, it sounds like a thin rip-off of the Cure.

  24. 24

    YAWN. I didn't even finish it because it bored me.

  25. 25

    I LOVED IT! \o/

  26. 26

    love love love this song.

    If you like this you should check out The Bird and the Bee, Stars or De Novo Dahl… you'll love them!

  27. 27

    I'm glad you put up a group I've been listening to for a bit!

  28. 28

    If you like Chairlift check out our new music blog musicismybeachhouse.com


  29. 29

    looove this song, perez!!!

    in the hour since it was posted it has quickly become my current favorite song!

    thanks! you have such great taste :)

  30. 30

    sounds nothing like 99 red balloons and is no where near as good.

  31. 31

    I like it :) But, it gets stuck in your head LOL

  32. 32

    emusic has the advance of the new album for download. got it. loves it.

  33. 33


  34. 34

  35. 35

    Pretty music

  36. 36

    gorgeous song

  37. 37

    well, duh…… this is the music for the new ipod commercial - it's been out there ages…..

  38. 38

    Isn't that on the new iPod nano commercial? I think so…

  39. 39

    Their "Planet Earth" is very Kate Bush. Call me impressed.

  40. 40

    You might be wrong here Perez, you might not know this but they are featured in the new Ipod Nano ad, and that usually translate to radio success. Good for them, I love the song! Thanks.

  41. 41

    i like the song. they remind me of fiest.

  42. 42

    Song is cute but it's nothing like 99 Red Balloons. Which, by the way, was from Nena not Nina. That said, I hated 99 Red Balloons so it's good that it sounds nothing like it.
    Go Class of '86!

  43. 43

    Re: heatherkepp – It does sound like Feist! I was going to say the same thing and chickened out.

  44. 44

    I'm usually on board with your music choices but I have to veto this one! Have 2 agree with Perezloverr - sound nothing like 99 Luftballons and not nearly as good. Oh, BTW correction…that was by Nena (not Nina).

  45. Lisi says – reply to this


    99 Red Balloons by N!E!NA and not N!I!NA

  46. 46

    I love it!

    But hey there's coming a great lot of wonderful music from the States. Maybe you just have to stop listening to the radio and buy cd's or even better: vinyl ;) Has nothing to do with European vibes I think

  47. 47

    I like it.

  48. 48

    iPod Nano commercial.

  49. 49

    N E N A dumbass

  50. 50

    I'll take the dude in
    the middle.
    He can be my bitch and ho.
    coke coke coke
    hilary who?

  51. 51

    iPod nano!

  52. 52


  53. 53

    I'm really not feeling this?

  54. 54

    Wow, good stuff.

  55. 55

    I like it!

    It's a simple but happy little tune. :)

    I like the female singer's voice, too.

  56. 56

    Isn't that lead singer guy Ashley Parker Angel from 98 Degrees or whatever? Hmmm

  57. 57

    99 red balloons is by nena
    but i love the song

  58. 58


  59. 59

    Her name is Nena, not Nina. :) German artist.

  60. 60

    My ears no likey!

  61. 61

    i looooooooooooooooove this song!!!!! perfect for the new nano commercial!!!!!!!!!!