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The End Of An Era

| Filed under: TV NewsMTVR.I.P.


After 10 long years, MTV's Total Request Live will soon be off the air.

Our home away from home is no longer!

On Monday, TRL exec producer Dave Sirulnick said that the final episode will take place on a Saturday afternoon in November.

However, he did make it a point to stress that the show wouldn't be over for good.



Sirulnick said that now would be a good time to give the show a "break."

TRL originally debuted back in September 1998 and most of you probably remember Carson Daly hosting it.

He BETTER be on the final show!

And Nsync needs to reunite to say goodbye to TRL!


[Image via WENN.]

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113 comments to “The End Of An Era”

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  1. 1

    It's about time!

  2. 2

    that kinda makes me sad…

  3. 3

    Never saw it, sure won't miss it. I'm sure popular culture will get along fine without this dumb television show.

  4. 4

    mtv is done

  5. 5

    Carson Daly is a chode, f'real.

  6. 6

    May it rest in peace. It was totally fixed anyway. Any of the top ten videos on their lists were PAID for.

  7. 7

    that means more reality tv on the way!

  8. 8

    I still miss SINGLED OUT

  9. 9

    Sure Obama is cooler ( lol ) is that enough of a reason to vote for him ? Grow up !! Give your head a shake !! God bless America Vote MCCAIN

  10. 10

    TRL was silly and somewhat pointless (with tiny glimpses of videos only), but it was still one of MTV's only tolerable shows, since it wasn't reality garbage. I bet they'll replace it with a reality show, too :p MTV sucks.

  11. 11

    has been…

  12. 12

    Aug 08 poll Shows 68% of Canadians support McCain for prez

  13. 13

    Thank god! It's about damn time!

  14. 14

    Good riddance!!

  15. 15

    Oh My goodness! I used to watch this back in '98! This is so sad. Although, it was a lot better back then. Nowadays they only show a 10 second clip of the video! Kind of defeats the purpose…

  16. 16

    This was when the downfall of mtv really began anyway.

  17. 17

    awwww! pretty sad!!! i grew up watching it!!!

  18. 18

    Its about time!
    my gosh

  19. 19

    I NEVER watch that show anymore, havent in YEARS- since the britny nsync backstreet boy days

  20. 20

    the show really died when carson left….he was mr. trl….love him.

  21. 21

    Poor guy. Whats wrong with his eyes?

  22. 22

    TRL sucked anyways. i liked it when it really was about the music. MTV sucks now. PLEASE BRING BACK THE MUSIC!

  23. DALE says – reply to this


    MTV SUCKS ASS! The shows being replaced by more reruns of the hills.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Its about time, TRL sucks so much ass since 2001…. they only showed a quarter of the video, and most of it was of screaming girls in the corner of the screen… LAME! Buh-bye TRL… you did nothing for us.

    Singled out needs to be brought back FOR SURE.

  26. 26

    well, i don't actually watch it anymore but it still is part of our generation!

  27. 27

    i mean i havnt watched it in along time cause the fuvking moved it but stillit was a big part of my '04 '05 years!

  28. 28

    TRL was the fucking shit back in the day with Carson. I remember watching it when I was younger when it would actually be a big deal for artists to perform or make an appearance. Now I bet you those same people who watched it have no idea what time its even on!!

  29. 29

    TRLs gone been going down the drain for awhile now.

  30. lolli says – reply to this



  31. 31

    What the hell is Music Television without the music??

  32. 32

    Cool! Maybe they can start playing music videos again.

  33. 33

    Re: AngieFrange – I'm pretty sure he's lit.

  34. 34

    I KNEW FN'MTV was the new TRL
    next thing is 106 and Park
    let's get that off of tv too.

  35. 35

    not really that sad…
    It definitly died a couple of years ago

  36. 36

    One of the many good things that have to come out of the cancellation of TRL HAS to be the reunion of *NSYNC. Please make this happen.

  37. 37

    Well how can they have a show that ranks videos when there are no videos on MTV anymore?

  38. 38

    People still watch MTV? Weird.

  39. 39

    that kinda sucks, but TRL has been sucking for quite a few years now. Reality tv and that shit has fucked it up, MTV's barely about the music >:[

  40. 40

    does mtv even play videos anymore? i thought all they did was played "the hills" over and over and over and over and over and over…. again.

  41. 41

    TrL Should of been put to sleep shot between the eyes about 2 years before Carson left he had the good sense and now he hosts a great late night talk show hes funny smart and not in shorts! I dont think hed host the last TRL but i agree he should Blink 182 and Korn should reunite for this one as well!

  42. 42

    Nsync being brought back would be awesome. I mean, they pretty much ruled that show ten years ago along with Carson Daly.

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Like MTV ever plays videos anyways!

  45. 45

    YAY!!! This show should've been over a long, long time ago. Good riddance!

  46. 46

    TRL sucked! It was annoying, never showed full length videos and made a D-list star out of overrated narcissitic Carson Daly. I think the "M" should be removed from MTV as you rarely see any music on that pathetic channel anymore. Maybe an "S" for shit or "C" for crap would better sum up what the channel now offers. A true channel dedicated to videos would be nice….rather than shitty reality programming and the obnoxious shows they offer up as entertainment. Good riddance…now, if they'd just cancel Carson Daly too!

  47. 47

    Re: sincerity – Don't forget America's Next Top Model! MTV is a joke!

  48. 48

    ANYONE REMEMBER the Boyband 2gether??!?!?!? MTV needs to bring them back now!! U+ME=US! That was the best show ever.







  49. 49

    carson daily has lost wayyy too much weight. i do not like it. oh and peace out trl, you fucking suck anyway.

  50. 50

    They'll pull TRL but not "Real World"?!!!

  51. 51

    that shows still on? geez…
    once carson left, that show went downhill for me.

  52. 52

    I used to LOVE the old TRL. . . it was a huge part of my pre-teen and early teen years. I actually remember the show when it was just "Total Request", which was just Carson in some backroom at MTV and there were only 5 videos. And I think when it switched to being live it was actually at night, not at 3 or whatever in the afternoon. Gosh that was so long ago. But I hope they send it off right, it's a huge part of pop culture and deserves a good farewell.

  53. 53

    I believe it didn't debut with Carson as it's host. I believe it was some british guy.

  54. 54

    The british guy was named Toby.

  55. 55

    The Carson Daly TRL days were the best. Nsync and CD need to come back for the final episode…or whatever MTV is calling it.

  56. 56

    God, he looks completely twacked out.

  57. 57

    its so sad i'm 27 and watch trl since i was 17 and it really hasn't been the same for the past 7 years

  58. 58

    I would munch on Carsons black hole.Now that he is not fat anymore I would give him the black kiss.

  59. 59

    They have to make room for more scripted reality television. It's not like videos are part of that channel anymore.

  60. 60

    i haven't watched trl in a long time, but that makes me a little sad.
    & it's pretty much the only music left on mtv.

  61. 61

    I'm sad about that!

  62. 62

    I liked TRL way better when carson hosted.. i havent watched it much since the new guy started.. but they dont even show the whole videos.. twenty seconds tops.. why do stars pay so much for music videos taht are never seen??

  63. 63

    havent watched that since nsync broke up…………….

  64. 64

    Re: Maniac McGee
    No the best show ever was SINGLED OUT!!! with Jenny McCarthy and Chris something!! i loved that one!

  65. 65

    Re: Maniac McGee – 2ge+her can't come back because Michael Cuccione aka QT died back in 2001 from Hodgkin's lymphoma

  66. 66

    Considering MTV doesn't actually play videos anymore, TRL's closing is LOOOOOOONG overdue.

  67. 67

    Carson used to be so handsome. He looks cracked out and dehydrated now.
    He should eat a cheeseburger.

  68. 68

    Re: superBitch – I know Michael Cuccione died. I cried for months, literally months. I just want MTV to atleast play the reruns of 2ge+her. I don't see why not. Actually I just want it for my own selffish reasons. I had every episode on tape but lost them & I would kill to watch them again. I even emailed Evan Farmer (Jerry O' Keefe) for the episodes but he has yet to get back to me.
    MTV needs to play 2gether for the anniversary of QT's death this January. C'mon MTV have a heart.

  69. 69

    he looks like hugh laurie in this picture!

  70. 70

    thank god….that show is so lame…let's play 2 seconds of a video and the rest of the show will be filled with the moronic host giving crap away….blah….hopefully they'll bring back the top 20 countdown and show the entire videos…but ill be sure and NOT keep my fingers crossed on that one. mtv2 now shows reality shows….wasnt that created to show only videos? omg…sooo annoying…i could ramble about it forever…and clearly i have….

  71. 71

    oh, and the people wishing and hoping and praying for an nsync reunion can suck my butt

  72. 72

    what the hell! why?!! to make room for more STUPID ASS REALITY shows??!!! is MTV gunna play MUSIC VIDEOS while we're actually awake anytime soon? no wonder all the artists get sooo pissed off @ the fact they have to share the spotlight with reality whores! MTV should rename themselves while they're at it!!

  73. 73

    MTV should unplug itself. It's been a static piece of roadkill for a long time.

  74. 74

    This is a good thing. I remember watching TRL as a youngin and it totally sucks now! You could turn it on after you got off of school and listen to good music and get your chores done. The music is cut down to like maybe the first minute of the song, if that and they fill it with pointless garbage! Bring the real TRL back where they actually care about the music. Who cares what everyone else thinks of the music just play the song!

  75. 75

    TRL was the best show ever when it was only Carson Daly and when it was with Quddus and Damien only!
    I do believe that they will get off the air, with all the drama change of hosts
    and more about the English accent hosts on every single MTV show
    I know its a catchy cool accent, but enough already with the preferences….

  76. 76

    The show sucked after Carson left anyways.

  77. 77

    Anyone with half a brain knows that MTV died a few years ago… after it contracted syphillaids from Hilary Duff!!

  78. 78

    First of all let's talk about KIM STOLZ

    Who the hell hired this bitch?? I applaud her for being an out lesbian since her "Top Model" days… but she is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE new reporter and interviewer. She doesn't even listen to the answers and she sounds like she's in a high school communications class.
    It's also obvious that they decided to fem up her look. That sucks.

    And THANK GOD they're giving it the hook! The show was best as "MTV Live" back in '97 and TRL was good but overly marketed to teens, still it worked until '01. It's just a joke now. And all of these Brits are just ridic.

    MTV SUCKS and sadly has since '98 imo. It's sad, but everything has it's moment and MTV is dead and has been for a long time. "The Hills" aren't helping that.

  79. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    Proof that GOD does answer prayers!!

  80. 80

    it's about time, finally! they should've done it years ago!

    the show has sucked forever, and it was my favorite after school show

    bring bak dave holmes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    at least they kept kurt loader and… chuck norris! :: saw him on the vmas.. do they hav em both still?

    the only good show now on mtv that i kno of it exiled!

  81. 81

    In a way I am kinda sad but at the same time I feel like it's about time.

  82. 82

    oh boo hoo. i love how they said it wasn't 'over for good'. -.-
    who the hell watches mtv these days anyway

  83. 83

    poor whore:
    needs to clean up his party act.
    god his show sukd!

  84. 84

    MTV is SOooo fucking YESTERDAY!! Who the hell watches it anymore?
    I used to watch CRIBS ….it was entertaining enough.
    Now it's all REALITY TV..and most of it is so goddamn lame it's pretty unbearable to even watch.

  85. 85

    So sad, but it wasn't as good as it used to be.

    And I agree with Nsync reuniting!

    Go to NsyncReunion.net

  86. 86

    OMG WHY?!

    now they need to get the Canadian show


  87. 87

    This makes me sad… I'm getting old!!

  88. 88

    Oh, wow, sad end of an era, although the show had deteriorated into a visual and audio tiger beat magazine….good riddance.

  89. 89

    Re: Blackacid Betty
    you would know
    takes one to know one bitch
    ho bitch
    still like cocaine?

  90. 90

    Good riddance to bad tv…but come on Perez. I just arrived at work. It is 7:12am and that picture scared the bejesus out of me. I was not prepared for such things so early in the morning. Put a warning on things like that in the future! Is he the devil? I think he may be.

  91. 91


  92. julu says – reply to this


    Wow Carson looks like a corpse

  93. 93

    Great pic! It looks like Carson got over his eating disorder by embracing Scientology. Weird, man.

  94. 94

    SAD? If you are 14!

  95. 95

    thank god. when carson left, trl died. the end.

  96. 96

    Separated at birth: Carson Daly/a Lemur

  97. 97

    carson daly is so manorexic it is gross!

  98. 98

    yiiiikes! he's got the crazy eyes! isn't it a rule that if you can see the whites completely surrounding the colored part of somebody's eye there's something seriously wrong with them?

  99. 99

    How can they get rid of TRL? I'll admit it's not that great, but it's one of the few shows that plays a little music.

  100. 100

    I agree with some of the comments. Maybe getting rid of the show will make room for FNMTV. That was actually pretty good, but only once a week. I know reality tv gives the channel higher rating which means more money, but they should stick to the basics. Playing videos would be really cool. The thing is YouTube makes playing videos basically pointless. You also get free music videos OnDemand.

    That's why I liked FNMTV. I really liked the live performances and how they took time for the music. I'm just tired of all these stupid shows, like From Gs to Gents or Top Pop Group. Even The Real World and all those Challenges have overstayed their welcome. I think this is a real opportunity for MTV to do something creative and make better shows. There are so many possibilities that I hope they change things up.

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