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Who Is The Father Of Kelly's Baby????

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Is it Brandon or is it Dylan?????

CLICK HERE to find out!!!!!

And if you already know the identity of Sammy's dad, let us know your thoughts!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

It's Dylan!!!!!!!!



[Image via WENN.]

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163 comments to “Who Is The Father Of Kelly's Baby????”

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  1. 101

    Re: Clay Aint Gettin None
    I thought i replied to this, but I cant find it - so if its on here twice…oops! I was thinking the same thing. If you go to youtube & type in "kelly miscarriage 90210" you can watch it all. Basically her having Sammy was a miracle. I wonder if they'll bring it up - or just assume people dont remember.

  2. 102

    Also….bring back more originals & start killing off the newbies. Start with Annie - shes the most annoying creature ever, especially when she fake singes - EW! Silver & Dixon can stay - they are entertaining and not residents of Lametown like the rest of the high schoolers.

  3. 103

    It is supposed to be Dylan's but it actually is Brandon's…

    But I won't be surprised if it was David or Steve's kid ahahahah

  4. 104

    of course, perfect. and he's still smokin' hott!!!

  5. 105

    i was hoping that dylan wont be the father

  6. 106

    that was my guess!

    ps- i always thought kelly loved dylan more from back in the old series….

  7. Allee says – reply to this


    Since they have added this back to the plot, they need to bring Dylan McKay back!!

  8. RDRH says – reply to this


    Re: XOXOallisonRe: XOXOallison

    you must be young.

  9. 109

    Back in the original, Kelly was told she had a very slim chance, not no chance at all (when she miscarried Brandon's baby) I was sooooo happy when they finally revealed it was Dylan. I do wish it was mainly the old cast however, hopefully they'll all make appearances. Bring on Dylan!!!!!!

  10. 110

    I knew it was Dylan because of what she said about Sammy's dad being an old love from HIGH SCHOOL…She and Brandon did not hook up until College. I am totally not a fan of the "NEW" show…I only watched it to this point to confirm that Dylan was the dad…I totally thought they were gonna pull a fast one on us all and say it was STEVE!

  11. 111

    omg i so called it

  12. 112

    Kelly Taylor is a whiney little tramp. She slept with everyone at School, slept with her bestfriend Brenda's b/friend that she LOST HER VIRGINITY TOO, then moved on to fuck Brenda's twin brother etc etc. The writers are morons. In reality, those two characters could never be friends again and Kelly would have at least gotten her ass beat one for all her skanky ways. Why can't be David Silver's baby. That's more like her boundary-less character. She would fuck her b/f hubbie regardless if he is her step brother, and why not he is about the only one she hasn't screwed. Now that would bring Donna Martin back right???

  13. 113


  14. 114

    Re: Chauncey – well said.

  15. 115

    is it bad that I only care about this story line? I have no desire to know or hear about anything else that goes on in that show.

  16. 116


  17. 117

    who watches this shit still?

  18. 118

    i hope he comes back. i hope dylan comes back when kellys on a date with that teacher, and brendas babysitting. could you imagine?!?!??

  19. 119

    I felt it was fairly obvious that Brandon was not the father, because otherwise Brenda would be "Aunt Brenda" and would have a far more vested interest in Sammy. As for the rest of the show: I agree with those whose interest is sustained only when the "original" characters make an appearance. While the old series let stories play out over time, I'm irritated by the forced, accelerated pace of the romantic-relationship plotlines (and the absolutely pathetic way in which Annie fawns, with her jaw on the floor, whenever the rich guy deigns to acknowledge her). Several of the young members of the new cast are afflicted with the over-acting bug (in fact, I get flashbacks to "Showgirls" whenever Naomi is onscreen), and I find the fashions perplexingly '80s-early '90s (Naomi, in particular, appeared to be wearing a Halloween costume in last night's episode.) For me, part of the guilty pleasure of watching the original "90210" was seeing what the female characters would wear and how they would do their hair, but the more outrageous clothing was generally worn after they left high school. Perhaps I'm out of touch, but I can't imagine where female high schoolers would be allowed to wear the skimpy new "90210" fashions to class today — when I was in high school, we weren't even allowed to wear shorts! In Florida!!

  20. 120

    HA! I knew it! But I did say two weeks back that it would have been something else if it were Steve…………………..I did like Brandon and Kelly together, but Brandon was too political and stuffy. Kelly was more a free spirit. I also liked Dylan and Kelly together because they had a 'real love', love that broke each other's hearts love. They had better bring him back!!! Being from the 'old school of BH90210', I wish they would have not mentioned who the father was this early on. They should have kept us waiting until Dylan actually appeared on the show! ……………………..I totally missed the Donna shout out. But Brandon got one when Dixon got the job at the (icky new) Peach Pit, and Nat mentioned that he hired somebody just like him long ago. …………………………Annie needs acting lessons. It looks like she is being tortured when she is on stage singing!

  21. 121


  22. 122

    Good Stuff Bring back Dylan

  23. 123

    Yeah! Either one would make the show good though. Dylan please do a few episodes…

  24. 124

    Next on Maury we find out who it is.

  25. WhOrE says – reply to this


    Who cares, the show sucks!

  26. 126





  27. 127

    Just fyi they never actually said that he was the father. She just said that she was still in love with Dylan. re watch the show. I promise you that it is not Dylan's baby.

  28. 128

    Re: briannayanna – I totally agree. I hate the way she acts. It's horrible and fake. Why did they choose her!!

    And I though Brandon SHOULD'VE been the father. But Dylans cool.

  29. 129

    Re: MaggieP – Probably because Dylan doesn't KNOW he's the father!

  30. 130

    What I am wondering is this what Aaron Spelling envisioned or just the vision of some loser procedure/director/writer who chose whom they wanted!?!?

  31. 131

    Ummm DUH! If anyone who ever watched this show had any doubts that it was Dylan then you really don't know this show at alll. But it annoys me because overall I never liked the Dylan/Kelly relationship. Kelly belonged to Brandon and Brenda belonged to Dylan…but whatever If Dylan comes back I'll be happy to see him. Loved when Brenda said the school reminded her of the chant "DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES" LOL love herrrrrrrr

  32. Sky says – reply to this


    Re: lilly71389
    couldn't agree more!

  33. 133

    I love this show….they have to include some of the old drama with the new…even though there has been way tooo much infidelity in the first three episodes…love the drunken mother, love the drunken grandma, love everything about it…

  34. 134

    totally excited that it's dylan!!! I hope he makes a special apperance sometime soon!!!

  35. 135


    And hes just like my ex bf!! But with green eyes ..

  36. 136

    How could it have been anyone else I mean Brandon clearly wouldn't have left his son like that. I just hope that it means they are bringing him back on the showwwww pleaasseeeee

  37. 137

    alright ya'll, do the math… yes kelly & brandon were preggers & miscarried, but if you count back…How many years has 90210 the original been off air? ok now the boy is 4 years old, so that means roughly 5 years ago is when she was preggers… now the orig has been off for more than 10 years…so 10-5 equals…. thats right 5! so somewhere in between the 2 runs of the show was when Kelly & Dylan hooked up & got knocked up…DuH
    learn to do math ya'll!!!

  38. 138

    The show actually suckssssssssssss with kelly brenda or whoever else they drag back. It's just WACKKKKKKKKK

  39. 139


  40. 140

    OBVIOUSLY it was dillion! Common' they ended the show with them together. Which is devastating… it should have always been him and Brenda!!! :(

  41. 141

    WOW! I thought she married Brandon, but I guess she could have had a flingy with Dylan (I know I would have, Mm-mm-m)

  42. 142

    First of all, I love that it is Dylan. The people who just started watching have no idea the history behind the relationship. At one point last night I thought it was Brandon because Brenda said that the dad was traveling around the world helping people, and in the first episode we found out that Brandon was doing that. But regardless, I could not be happier! I hope that Dylan comes back for an episode or two and makes it feel like the real 90210!

  43. Lenna says – reply to this


    Dylan was for Brenda, fuck Kelly, she always was a real slut in the show!!!!!

  44. 144

    Re: Her_name_is_FROMAN

    Who knows? you're right. She was on the phone one night and mentioned to whoever she was talking to that "he asked about U". Im just annoyed because WhenDylan moved to London with Brandon, Kelly was all uptight. Then he came back, they were a rollercoaster until the series finale and they kissed. So now Brenda is back, and all of a sudden BFF with Kelly again. Those 2 are confused! (kelly and brenda) Now, if the father is Brandon… Kelly has some problems going back and forth! But u never know, maybe she ended up preggers with MAtt for all we know!!! LOL

    I guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out!

  45. kmp says – reply to this


    It would have been so much more interesting if it were Brandon.

  46. 146

    I can't believe that it is Dylan. Hopefully this will create some drama between kelly and brenda. Just like old times. Let TEAM BRENDA!!!

  47. 147

    I can't believe that it is Dylan. Hopefully this will create some drama between kelly and brenda. Just like old times. Let's hope that Luke Perry makes a cameo. TEAM BRENDA!!!

  48. 148


  49. 149

    Re: robertDowneyJrLaura – Hey girl. You might want to check out the first episode again. Kelly said to the person on the phone that the kid was asking about him then hung up. The following day Kelly tells Brenda that Brandon had called her really late. She never actually said the the phone call we saw was Brandon. That's all. By the way, I thought Steve was the dad so that shows how much I know.

  50. 150

    Re: Jacqueline Hyde – Fo Rizzle

  51. 151

    i never watched the original 90210, i was too young and i wont watch this one either. damn though jennie garth looks HOT in that top picture.

  52. 152

    Re: MaggieP – Oh no!! Not Matt! I think they should do something completely surprising like JIM WALSH! LOL ………………In regards to Kelly's miscarriage. They story-lined on the show that she had endometriosis, in which she still could conceive and have a normal full term pregnancy……………………….Another thing, why would Brenda and Dylan get back together? They "broke up" over 14 years ago, and it was a high school romance! Then she moved out of the country and was basically never heard from again with Dylan. That's just absurd.

  53. 153

    Not surprised! Brandon would be more involved in the child's life.

  54. 154

    Re: TylerDurden
    im sorry you have terrible taste in tv shows. get aids.

  55. 155

    THATS IT….I AM DONE WITH THE NEW 90210 AFTER SHANNEN LEAVES. I never accepted Dylan and Kelly as a couple now this completely ruins the show for me. The writer really blew it with this one!!!

  56. 156

    I knew Brandon wouldn't ever leave his kid like that! I'm kinda peeved though because her & Brandon totally belong together. Screw this Dylan business. Every time I see him I think of Clueless when they talk about Cher saving herself for Luke Perry… I can't look at him without getting completely distracted by his ginormous 5-head either.

  57. tag says – reply to this


    I still think its Steve Sanders, if you remember the second show when Kelly was on a date with one of her co-workers, he asked about the father of the baby, and she said that they dated briefly in high-school, and they hooked up one night and now she has a baby, if you remember all the old 90210 Kelly dated both Brandon and Dylan during and after high-school and it was a lot longer than she dated Steve. I think they are trying to keep us thinking but it’s really Steve.

  58. 158

    Bring back Dylan..at least for one ep. I think Dylan is aging better than Brandon. What ever happened to Nat's kid??
    I can't stand that Naomi girl on the show, she sucks as an actor. Also can't get over her Dad being the guy from a Seinfeld episode that is dating Elaine and when he hears that "Dsperado" song he goes into a trance..so funny.

  59. 159

    i was so happy! when i found out last night!! yeahh dilan mc kay!!!!!!!!

  60. 160

    Re: Her_name_is_FROMAN
    LMAO Jim Walsh!!! thats what i said!!!! Well remember when Steve had that big Bday on a boat? And Dylan's rsvp came back from London. SO when Kelly found out they were living together she acted like it didnt bug her. So in that little era, brenda and dylan were an item …. again! after all that crap!

    What a mess!

  61. 161


  62. 162

    this pic of her is amazing. she looks like a 70s disco star

  63. 163

    The only reason I watch is for Kelly and Ryan. The teeny boppers are so annoying and un original.

    I watch for the originals, I hope they can get Brandon and Dylan back, but I hope it doesnt come between Ryan and Kelly, they are adorable.

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