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Making Her Momma Proud

| Filed under: Aubrey O'Day


The always-classy Aubrey O'Day keeps it ladylike in the new issue of Complex magazine.

Click here for more pics from her very sophisticated shoot!

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164 comments to “Making Her Momma Proud”

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  1. 101

    if this were megan fox or eva mendes or whoever else that you guys like, you would have no problem w/ it. aubrey is not a terrible looking girl, the photoshoot is not bad. my only critique is that she needs to shut her fucking mouth once in a while. so she did a sexy shoot, that doesnt make her a gigantic whore. good lord prudes.

  2. 102

    wow, beautiful.

  3. 103

    I think those are very exploitive. She objectified herself.

  4. gsnap says – reply to this


    WTF happened to her face? Her lips are ridiculous! Doesn't even look like her anymore…she's looks like a washed up porn star. F'n gross!

  5. 105

    Ugh, what a skeezah. She needs a Silkwood scrub!

  6. 106

    damn ho made me wet a lil'

  7. 107

    i used to like her but now i CANT stand her. yuck.

  8. YadiT says – reply to this


    What a tranny tranny MESS!!! She looks like she just got done shooting up in the bathroom and like she got a really bad lip job. what a MESS!!!

  9. 109

    wowwww she is a trashhhhbag! she got her lips way too big and she just looks like another trashy slut stripper or porn star now.. she used to be kind of pretty gross

  10. 110

    Hott pix.

  11. 111

    What a skeeze! Looks like she's trying to go all Jenna Jameson in this one. No offense, Jenna. I heart you!

  12. 112

    I can't believe she's okay will this, im sorry this isn't the classy issue…..it's the trashy issue.

  13. 113

    Re: Devious – Oh honey. It's called sarcasm, you know. Poor dear.

  14. Abe says – reply to this


    Damn, she's had a lot of surgery. Ho.

  15. JMCCC says – reply to this



  16. 116

    WOW!! Talk about classy! This seriously cant be a photo shoot! This just looks like a drunken night! Seriously doesnt she ever close her damn mouth!

  17. 117

    ok so she looks like a total skank, she needs to close her fucking mouth when she's posing (she's not even wearing any gloss so her lips are all jagged and dry), shes not cute at ALL, she looks like she just did hella drugs because her eyes are hella faded. diddy should at least pay for some modeling lessons because this makes him look bad!!! ugh she's disgusting…kick her out of dk…she cant even sing s it won't matter!!

  18. Munky says – reply to this


    Do, do you
    Got a bra-a-a handy?

  19. 119

    She looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar on Meth.

  20. 120

    I can't believe this was from a Proffesinal photoshoot. I would be horrief, gosh they could have at least done some serious photshopping, did they even have a wardobe stylist, none of the poses flattered her figure at all and if she's going to pop a boob out she minds well pose for Playboy at least they would make her look good.
    She seriously looks like a coked up stripped who decided to have a photshoot after a long night of working the pole, TERRIBLE

  21. 121

    wow…heroin much? I always have to think really hard on why she is even famous in the first place….what makes her so friggin special. she doesn't even look like a normal person…she looks all cracked out. wowzers….straight to the d-list and young enough to know what it means.

  22. 122

    Her face looks weird in all the photos, otherwise she's pretty hot : )

  23. Ejkej says – reply to this


    I was just checking out the other tramp-pics, and I couldn't stop thinking that she looked like she was on something. Those druggie eyes will haunt me in my nightmares…that was scary! Classy? Yeah right, and my aunt is a witch that can make blue cows fly.

  24. 124

    Well someone PLEASE put some clothes on this "girl"!!!! Is she's ALLERGIC to all fabrics in existance? Goddamn. Classless SKANK.

  25. 125

    Devious i dont think perez meant classy or sophisticated :) but the other way around :) take perez sayings with abit of salt :) hes just jokeing :)

  26. 126

    I hope she gets hepatitis from licking that stripper pole.

  27. 127

    This is just a poor crack whore imitation.

  28. 128

    Yehaaaa ride em bronco ! I could break her in all day..

  29. 129

    She looks like a freaking CRACK WHORE. That face.. YUCK.

  30. 130

    i reallt think she thinks shes jenna jameson or something is it me or did she get extra slutty???

  31. 131


  32. 132

    I miss pre-fame Aubrey who worked her talents instead of her body. Where's your dignity at girl?!

    Lose the whore Danity Kane. You guys can do better without her!

  33. LiLo says – reply to this


    It's people like her that encourage girls to be so skanky

  34. Fia says – reply to this


    Eww, she even licks the pole in the complex.com pics. She's going to regret this, and if not she can always jump on the porn train. Her lips have been injected with restylane or something. Her boobs are definitely not real.
    Why is she trying so hard?

  35. 135

    Man, what a Hoe!

  36. 136

    she was obviously on drugs during this shoot.
    not because of how slutty she is
    but because she looks high in every picture.

  37. 137

    Re: Devious – he's being sarcastic you dumbass.

  38. 138

    She's hot. Super hot.

  39. 139

    That's about as sophisticated as a ho can get !

  40. 140

    Dive on a spike already….NASTY WHORE!

  41. 141

    she looks like…beat up in those photos…

  42. 142

    Is it just me but is she trying to be Pamela Anderson back when Pamela had a good day?

  43. 143

    Re: [Jammii] – And you need to read the rest of my comments, it was my bad… and i already said it. Whats with the name calling? How old r u? 13? Tsk Tsk… A person cant even make an honest mistake these days without some1 wanting to cut your head off LoL… - Hilarious :-)
    Re: Linsch – Yeah.. i got it later on - tnx though 4 sayin' it the way u did. ;) )

  44. 144

    I love Aubrey
    but this is bad , its a bit to slutty

    but is stil love her

  45. 145

    omg ew
    they are going to have to disinfect that pole when she's done with it
    i can see the cold swore forming on it already

  46. 146

    Well.. No one can deny that some of those pictures are quite hot.

  47. 147

    Def thought that was Kendra Wilkinson at first..

  48. 148

    Re: MinaGrant

    I do think though that other ones are too much.. Why don't she just go completely naked? It's not like she's hiding a lot now.

    What the hell does Puffy think of this by the way?

  49. 149

    She is a DIRTY WHORE!!!!

  50. 150

    she has the same STUPID "i'm trying to be sexy" face in every damn picture! i'm all for women being comfortable in their own skin…and if you've got it flaunt it…HOWEVER…doing it and looking like the trashiest strip club slut is not what she should be going for.
    no offense to the beautifully talented EXOTIC DANCERS i know.

  51. 151

    she's hanging out way too much with jenna

  52. 152

    Ohh she's classy.. So stylish…puke

  53. 153

    oh my goodness… seriously? Who the hell did her eye make-up??? She looks like a stripper/porn star suffering from Downs Syndrome! I thought she wanted to be known as a musician? Where's P-Diddy on all this?

  54. 154

    Seriously??? She has eyes like a junkie/stoner, lips like a fish and the rest of her looks like a plain ol' hooker! Not cute Aubrey, not cute at all. Didn't she used to be the pretty one?

  55. 155

    Sorry, I already posted, but WTF is up with her lips???? Did she take a picture from trout fishing weekly to her plastic surgeon…."I wanna look like this, make it happen!" ha fugly

  56. 156

    Re: Devious – Perez was OBVIOUSLY being sarcastic..hahaha duuuuhhhhh WOW lol

  57. 157

    i think she's trying too much to be like her BFF Jenna
    She needs to find her own identity & stop trying to be all these things to get attention
    she needs to lay off the collagen..it looks horrible
    AND ANYONE who's got eyes can tell her boobies have been augmented
    gosh, what happened with ppl being happy with who they were??

  58. 158

    and she wonders why people brand her a ho

  59. 159

    from the look of the fingerprints i guess they didnt clean the pole what other gross grease was she touchin that day–hope she didnt lick it!

  60. 160

    She is from la quinta, ca….which is near Palm Springs. She went to the same high school as me and she was so much prettier in those times. Its a shame she's let her self look so awful. Aubrey…..calm down with all the sprucing up chica its not pretty, hot or sexy. Au naturale is ZEXY!!! LQ BLACKHAWKS BITCHES!!! W00T W00T!!

  61. k8tkp says – reply to this


    Yet another slutty picture!

  62. 162

    she looked so much better natural.her fake ass lips look nasty!! those pictures look like a Ad in the daily news for cheap porn.what is she thinking

  63. 163


  64. 164

    definitely a lady if I've ever seen one.
    she posted the cover on the dk myspace page and the fans tore her a new one.
    which I'm sure she'll use for another of her tasteful photoshoot.

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