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Shut Cho Mouth

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Earlier in the week, we posted this entry, which Margaret Cho wrote on her blog.

Well, the shit hit the fan and it was messy!

Diarrhea all over the place!

Margaret has taken to her blog again - in a post entitled "I’m a Christian, you Fuckers" - and she's ANGRY!!!

Says Cho:

I’m a Christian, you Fuckers
All kinds of Christians are getting mad about my Sarah Palin comments, and it is pissing me off.

First of all – you fucking fake Christians - don’t fucking question my Christianity. I grew up in the church. My grandfather was a minister, who is with God now and talks to me in my dreams from God’s corner office. I am a former Sunday school teacher. I taught the Bible to children and showed them how to love God and invite him into their hearts. I believe in God – but I don’t fear him. God is my best friend. God is my ally. God is my boyfriend. God is my best fag. I am God’s fag hag cuz didn’t you know, God is a big fag. Serious bottom too. Butch in the streets, femme in the sheets. That is my God. God is my biggest fan. God gets me, dude.

God wants us all to just get along. He doesn’t give a shit about the profanity. The bitch fucking invented profanity. He thinks it is hilarious. He just wants you to talk to him, and he doesn’t care what you have to say. He just wants to keep the conversation going. Like Jay-Z, he just wants to love you. He just wants you to be able to make your own decisions. God is all about you and what you need. God is happy that you are gay. God made you fucking gay cuz he thinks it is awesome. God understands if you need to have an abortion. That is why he created abortion, on the 8th day. God accepts. God forgives. God loves all of us, even though some of us might have a problem with each other.

Don’t fucking question my Christianity you fucking idiot assholes. If you continue to have a problem, then talk to God about it, not me, you fucking racist homophobic misogynist fake Christian shitheads. God thinks it is funny that I swear so much. He said I could use his name in vain or whatever. He just wants me to use it. He loves me. So fuck you. And I guess he loves you too. Even though you are fake Christian assholes. If you were truly Christians, you would let gays get married, and send them fucking presents from Bed Bath and Beyond!

If you truly believed in Jesus, you would try to be like him and love us, fags and dykes and feminists all. God bless you, even you. You fucking fuckers.


Can we get an an Amen?!

[Image via WENN.]

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511 comments to “Shut Cho Mouth”

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  1. 301


  2. 302

    She's just fucking awesome! I love G-D and I love her too!! G-D loves the Jews, Democrats , friggin psycho bitches too and PEREZ!

  3. 303

    Re: Jamesy!! – hell yea! totally agree!

  4. 304

    Cottonquinn: the bible is a story… A STORY!!! That's it. There are better ones out there, and one's that actually make sense. Try reading Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter :) It might make u less crazy and hatefilled

  5. 305

    itªs amazing how Margaret Cho taught sunday school and yet she shows no knowledge of the teachings of the Bible. God is not a joke, heªs holy. All of His teachings and commandments were given to us out of His great love for us even if their not always easy to live by. I canªt believe thereªs such a lack of conscience about how we promote Him.

  6. 306

    Re: HellaGeo

    You agree with that bile Cho spewed but I'm the hatefilled, crazy one, eh? I just love living in your world. Tell me, do your delusions think you are as pathetic as I do? Nice try at marginalization and manipulation. But I now have called you out on it. As for the story, we will all see in the end for sure won't we? I won't pretend that for your sake I hope it really is just a story.

  7. 307

    Re: nikky7

    Margaret Cho doesn't know what she is even talking about. She sees Jesus as a get out of jail free card. In her world, you can just smile at sin and never have to admit it is sin. In her world, you can do whatever you want and never be taken to task for it. Being a liberal is never having to say your sorry or that you were WRONG.

  8. 308

    Well margaret is having a sudden moment or craziness because of your full time craziness, Cottonquinn. If everyone who sins once is going to hell then it's gonna be one big ass party in there! Also, if you are going to heaven, it's gonna be filled with a lot of annoying hypocrites who Jesus is probably fucking sick and tired of. All of the "crazy christians" who blab and talk all day long about the sinners are just the crazy people who used to do really bad, god awful crap and now feel like they are holier than everyone else just because they finally found god while all of the rest of us already knew she was in our hearts, so you can just go and suck it! ;)

  9. 309

    Finally ~ evidence to what I have been saying all along; homosexuality and religion are the result of abnormal activities in certain brain sectors [and Miss Cho suffers from both of them].
    These psychoses flow from an inability to cope with extreme fears and insecurities, primarily at a young age, when their brains were not yet fully developed enough to process these emotions in extreme doses. In the case of [gender phobia] individuals begin to subconsciously model the person they feel is most protective towards them. In the case of male homosexuality, there is a common absence of male bonding in the pre-teen years. In the case of religion, which is based in fear, they accept the premise of God as a protector. It is that vulnerability that makes them easy pray for cults. They want so badly to believe that they are protected, that they lose the sensibility to evaluate and question religious principles and inconsistencies. Clearly, Miss Cho believes in God. She is convinced that her evaluation of what she would like her protector to be, is exactly what God is.
    That's why there is a different interpretation about what God is, to every individual who claims to be a Christian.

  10. DLR says – reply to this


    Whoohoo! Cho rocks! A bit strong on the "f" word but she still rocks! ;)

  11. 311

    Okay- this bothered me more than anything on a Hollywood gossip site ever should. But honestly… she could have at least attempted to show some class. She is sitting there calling God a 'bitch?' Wow. Seriously… and not to mention, since God is all about love, He is definitely cool with the killing of innocent, growing babies because some women are too damn selfish to give even 9 months of their life for the sake of allowing a sweet child to enter the world, right?
    God is NOT okay with murder. Then again, she also claims that God thinks that saying 'fuck' every 5 seconds is hilarious. This chick is the epitome of disrespect & desperation.

  12. 312

    Re: HellaGeo

    Blah blah blah…what you say is more attempt at marginalization. You aren't even capable of deep thought are you? Of course not. You have no soul you, poor thing. Like Cho, you think animals have more value than babies(I'm sorry you probably prefer the term "fetus" as it is far more cold and clinical and devoid of any possibility for attaching any humanity to the terminated infant). You think one guy sticking his wee willy winky in another guy's hairy ass is "normal" and equal to heterosexual relations; y'know, "heterosexuality" the natural and healthy form of sexuality which actually generates offspring and therefore perpetuates the human race which, even you in the sorry ass state you exist in, are a sad example of.

  13. 313

    I saw Cho this last Saturday at a show in Santa Rosa. The first part of her act (say ten minutes?) surrounded around Sarah Palin and other current issues surrounding our crazy political world. I have to say, once she was beyond the whole "current affair" rant, her act was 1000 times better. Not to say that she wasn't funny talking about Palin and being a Sunday school teacher, etc, …after this opening, her routine soared above all this obvious political/comical/controversy crap that any comedian can use as routine during these high-profile elections.

    Can't wait to see her again!


  14. 314

    P.S.- I do NOT believe that homosexuality is a sin in God's eyes. But murder is. And abortion is murder, no matter how much one may try to justify it. Anyway. Margaret Cho is disgusting. And that is all.

  15. 315

    Crazy lady.

  16. 316

    i don't understand why everyone is sayin amen…to what?…Yes being a Christian is all about love…its the greatest commandment….but love doesn't mean tolerence. Everyone has the right to feel what ever they wanna feel…but why is a Christian close minded because they don't agree with homosexuality…maybe you should open yourself to God's love.

  17. 317

    Wow….I see a lot of ignorant people claiming the cursing is un-Christian. Who is to say what IS and IS NOT Christian??? Isn't Christianity about loving God and loving others as Jesus did.
    Cho is a COMEDIAN you idiots! She's not being literal with this message. I think people have cut her down quite a bit for being a Christian and having liberal viewpoints and cursing. This is a response to that. She's showing that YES, she's a lesbian, liberal comedian who curses like a sailor, but that doesn't make her any less Christian than you, who sits back judging people, claiming sainthood. You're taking everything so literally. She's pointing out that God loves homosexuals and when you tell everyone that "God hates Fags" you're not being a Christian.
    I am not a Christian, but I do know what Christianity is about, and all the people judging others, claiming God hates you because you're gay, or marriage is God's institution between JUST a man and woman…This is NOT what Jesus had in mind!!! Love others as you would love yourself…THAT IS CHRISTIANITY!!! Hate is not.

  18. 318

    Lemme guess, cottonquinn, you are a born again christian who no longer spends his time in jail but stands in the middle of a metropolitan area with a microphone and speaker and preaches to everyone about how they should be like you now that you finally saw the light? Well let me tell you: the rest of us already see the light. We see it and it's big and beautiful and it just really sucks that you are stuck in your cave. See you in make believe land

  19. Firn says – reply to this


    I second that - Hallelujah!

  20. 320

    "Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

  21. 321

    Blah blah blah God this God that blah blah blah. Shut it, Cho.

  22. 322

    Re: KFedUp – I didn't say I don't believe in God, just in organized religion. The definition of Agnostic is wide and varied, but agnostic theism talks about not knowing who/what God is, but believing in it nonetheless. My issue is with the religious establishments. I take your point though, she's having a rant (Jesus has a couple of those in his day against people who spoke out about his faith, funnily enough), and she's swearing a lot. But it's her blog, is that not her right?

  23. 323

    Re: mslacy – This was one of the few times I have heard someone make their point eloquently and without defensiveness and negativity. Good work mslacy! Although, you don't sound that far apart on your positions - if you take out the swear words!

  24. 324

    Re: Billvie Bicks – You are talking about Christ's love in an email rant? "Hello pot, my name's kettle. My, you're looking very black today…" UGH! Can you not see how hypocritical your post is?

  25. 325

    Re: PerezIsRetarded – Do you believe that people should be stoned for rebellion against their parents? That is also in scripture, Deuteronomy… It's like the American Constitution - sometimes, as time, people and the world moves forward, things need a little updating…

  26. 326

    It's too bad her message got lost in the cursing.
    But if everybody would just mind their own business instead of forcing each other with religionbelieves…this world would be free of war, rasiscm and hate.
    But I guess we're far from this all… I also think that Cho could talk with more respect about God. Because how the way she sounds right now is like Amy Winehouse on Crack, XTC, Meth, Alcohol and all the other bad stuff.

    Peace for all,

    XXXX Salima

  27. 327

    It's too bad her message got lost in the cursing.
    But if everybody would just mind their own business instead of forcing each other with religionbelieves…this world would be free of war, rasiscm and hate.
    But I guess we're far from this all… I also think that Cho could talk with more respect about God. Because how the way she sounds right now is like Amy Winehouse on Crack, XTC, Meth, Alcohol and all the other bad stuff.

    Peace to all,

    XXXX Salima

  28. 328

    She exemplifies all that is wrong in the world today. What an angry bitter bitch.

  29. 329

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HER EVEN MORE NOW… SHE Said Just What I Have Been Thinking My Whole Life!

  30. 330

    fucking love it. she's open-minded and honest and not afraid to speak her mind or cuss out the fake christian shit-heads that deserve it!!!

  31. Nugsy says – reply to this


    haha spot on Cho, I agree 100%

  32. 332

    Loves me some Cho!

  33. Deke says – reply to this


    Christianity is a joke, and Cho is no exception. Grow up, people, stop relying on imaginary beings and myths to solve the world's problems. It's up to us.

  34. 334

    Go McCain/Palin ~ Would you be so kind as to tell us what is your favorite McCain attribute:
    Is it his (10am to midnight) gambling binges?
    Is it the slippery way that he told McClatchy News Service in June, 2007, that he was Episcopalian; and then 3 months later told Fox News that he was Baptist (while campaigning in the heavily-Baptist state of South Carolina)?
    Is it because he was a member of the Keating Five, where 5 congressmen were investigated on ethics charges for attempting to get racketeering charges dropped against Charles Keating, after Keating gave them large campaign contributions and vacation trips, of which McCain earned $112,000.00 plus several paid vacations, leaving a cost to taxpayers of $3.4 billion dollars [the Lincoln Savings & Loan collapse]?
    Is it because you want a First Lady who is so cunning, she was able to steal narcotics from a medical charity (she stole from a medical charity for christ's sake).
    Is it because he publicly referred to Leonardo DiCaprio as an androgynous wimp?
    Which one is your favorite scar on the body of America?

  35. 335

    first of all I gotta say that I am an Orthodox Christian but I don't want to comment on her religious beliefs.and second ,is it just me or does anyone else here think that this woman was VERY HIGH on something when she wrote that?

  36. 336

    Obviously respect isn't her strong suit.

  37. 337

    If so many bloggers love her here, how come her career is lukewarm at best! She should be more popular than, well, Christ.

  38. yup says – reply to this


    GOD IS LOVE :) God is your conscience, if you are cool with it, so be it. When will everyone quit judging each other??? God is not hate or fear!!! God is LOVE.

  39. 339

    AMEN! but you know….those same fake christian idiots are totally not going to understand what she's talking about. they're going to be too busy freaking out over the cursing and calling God a fag, the message will be lost on them.

  40. 340

    LOVE CHO!!!! Tell it like it is. I'm gonna whorship at the Chuch of Cho!

  41. 341

    Preach it sister! A-fucking-men. Finally, someone who understands what Christian really means. I am so with you Cho! God bless you, your a fucking rock star!

  42. 342

    She needs some to take some anger management classes..

  43. 343

    absolutely disgusting.

  44. midi says – reply to this


    may palin fucking find peace, and may mccain fucking find it as well.

  45. 345

    I'm an open and accepting Christian. I agree with all that she is saying, except the cursing. Not because it is offensive to G-d, but because it is offensive to me. And, with as many times that she states she is Christian, she never once mentions her belief in Christ. Believing in G-d doesn't make you Christian. Judaism and Islam believe in our God as well, and they would never mention either.

  46. 346

    Re: Hmmmm

    Actually I taught Sunday school, went on mission trips and was in my church's youth group and this is my EXACT feelings on Christianity. How is she wrong? God just wants us to love each other and he loves us regardless. If you really take the time to talk to God and get to know him, you will find that. The Bible is people's interpretation of God but it isn't really him. To truly be a Christian, you must follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, who loved and accepted all, and get to know God for YOURSELF, not blindly believe what you are told. He will give you the answers, if you just take the time to listen.

    And if I am wrong and I was supposed to fear God and give money to pedophile priests (I'm from Massachusetts, it's okay to say) then so be it. I lived my life in the best way I knew how. I loved everyone, gave to charity and had compassion for those less fortunate. If that is wrong, fuck it, I don't want to be right. Profanity doesn't make you farther from God, close mindedness does.

  47. 347


  48. 348


  49. 349

    I think she is an idiot and she needs to start attending church more often and reading her bible.. because I believe in the bible states "thou shall not kill" and I don't think abortion was created for as a form of birth control…and all the profanity..If she had just had a little bit more class, she might have pulled it off alittle bit better…but I think her grandfather could read her blog..he would not be proud…

  50. D-Bag says – reply to this


    Now that is AWESOME! Cho for President!

  51. 351

    You all think that christians are scary and closed minded but have you ever considered the fact that you are actually the ones who are "scary?" You are the generation that will eventually run this world and you have no morals. You think it's ok to kill babies? God would not agree with that. And I can say that with certainty -he commands us not to kill. It is a life as soon as god starts multiplying those cells. Believe it. You can put your conscience aside if you want because it feels good and because really there aren't many people who will argue with you these days but you will be the only one to answer to our maker who says there is only black and white–there is no gray.

  52. 352

    God, I love her…

  53. 353

    Wow she's illiterate! Her blog speaks for itself, How dare she use God in that context mixed with those vial words. God loves everyone even that piece of work

  54. 354

    Finally!! Some1 speaks the truth!!

  55. 355

    Re: Haterade – Two shows isn't a bad run for a show like this you fool. Now had you said 4 episodes…that would have made more sense.

  56. 356

    i just threw up

  57. 357

    Re: Naughty_Baby_Harley – He probably wouldn't mind her using his name with such profanity…especially considering Christians have been using his name for thousands of years to kill and kill and kill countless innocent people.

  58. 358

    Yes Margaret Cho, Jesus loves you and all gays!!!!! But NOT your sin which he clearly says in the Bible and you should know that if you are a "christian". But I will not judge you, I leave that up to God on judgment day.

  59. 359


  60. 360

    How can any of you admire this foul-mouthed moron?

  61. 361

    as nuts as she sounds, the woman's got a point.
    maybe if certain christians didn't make god sound like a cunt some people would be more receptive to the idea of "him"

  62. 362

    I say, AMEN! God loves all that he's created, he made no mistakes. Everything and everyone is the way the are for a REASON.

  63. 363

    Re: gemma0505 – amen

  64. 364

    PREACH Margaret! I love the Cho Show, and I have always been a huge fan of yours!

  65. 365

    God Bless Cho….she tells it like it is, oh, and we like Pottery Barn also

  66. 366

    I love the gays!

  67. 367

    AMEN, sister, sister! I will buy you 4 bath sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond, bitch! About time someone took those hypocritical born-agains by the nape of the neck and said, Seriously, are you really better Christian than me?!

  68. 368

    I'm sorry… but God gave us all the right to choose, whether it be right or wrong. That's part of his love, letting us choose. Cho writes this like God doesn't care if you kill an unborn child, because guess what - it's your choice! And you know what… just because you have the right, or the choice, doesn't mean it's right in God's eyes. She needs to stop seeing God as someone who just goes along with everything, and start realizing that, while he does love everyone, you can still make bad decisions.

  69. 369

    foolish foul mouthed woman

  70. 370

    M. Cho - THANK YOU for so eloquently expressing exactly how I feel! I am a good Catholic girl, who lives a wild life. God loves us all - and our desires are part of who we are and how we were created in the image a likeness of God. Open your minds people!

  71. 371

    AMEN! I believe God said, "Love your neighbor." He didn't say, "Love your straight, Christian, holy neighbor." He simply asks we love everyone. I HATE judgemental Christians. Wait until a homo shows up in their family tree!

  72. 372

    I think this should be added to the big book for anyone struggling with faith. Ha ha. I'm gonna put it on my wall anyway!

  73. 373

    Amen. Cho is amazing. =]]

  74. 374

    Re: PerezIsRetarded – It's hypocritical because you don't want to change EITHER!

  75. 375

    It's a book people…..a STORY book! God didn't come down on a golden horse to write a fucking story. How is Christianity better than Scientology? Same shit in my eyes.

    Do I believe in god….yes. Do I believe in religion….hell fucking no.

  76. 376


  77. 377

    there is nothing wrong with two hot,masculine men having sweaty sex.ITS BEAUTIFUL.

  78. 378

    Unbelievable. If I were Cho, I wouldn't stand in one place for very long and I would hide in the basement during thunder storms. I've never heard that description of God or Jesus. I would never write anything like that but, that's just me. Good Luck Margaret. Remember, look both ways when crossing the street.

  79. 379

    I love her.

  80. 380

    Re: hyde30 – thats her POINT. she doesnt GIVE A FUCK what anybody has to say. wow i really dont know her. but wow i really like her.. YESSS!

  81. 381

    Amen! LOL :P

  82. 382

    I loved her before but now I love her even more!

  83. 383

    Re: hyde30
    Did you actually read what she had to say dumbass?

  84. 384

    Why is it that Republicans are always the first to say, "who cares what celebrities' opinions are about the presidential race…nobody cares what they say…they're 'celebrities' ". And then, when the "celebrity" gives their opinion, the repubs are the first to scream about what they have said? I thought it didn't matter what celebs thought…..make up your minds. GET OVER IT. Let Mar-Cho say what she feels. It is not your personal mission to get her to the "heaven" you believe in. Morons.

  85. 385

    Mz Cho. I love you more! You said what so many believe. God loves everyone. Your fucking great!

  86. 386

    To say that she does not fear God, adn call God a 'bitch' and a 'fag' takes a lot of balls. Balls that i do not want. Those are some serious, serious insults. She will fear him when she has to answer for all her mistakes and this will be one of them. I feel insulted. Perez- You are in the same boat for cheering her on! You have a lot of growing up to do, as does Cho. I used to think she was funny, now i just think she is a fool. I am going to pray fror her.

  87. 387

    I second.
    Every comma and every fuck of it.

  88. 388

    Well, then. That was the "Christian" thing to do. Bitch everyone out. Whatever happen to turn the other cheek? I'm not even a Christian and know that one. She needs to chill out. Just because people question her spirituality does not give her reason to flip out. Maybe she should have just gone on with life.

  89. fifi says – reply to this


    i love how christians are always going on and on about how god does not want you to commit murder when referring to abortions. but what about all the countless crusades and wars that have been fought in the name of god? and what about capital punishment? why is it ok to "play god" and take lives in some instances but not ok in others. so hypocritical and typical.

  90. 390

    she sounds so dumb

  91. 391

    ummm.. insecure??

  92. 392

    Re: Charliii
    Wow. You overestimate my power if you think I can screw an entire country. And it is attitude and communication like yours that is unproductive and what screws our country. Open your mind instead of shooting down everyone else for ideas or thoughts that don't align with your distorted sensibilities. Don't you see that you can't yell and preach that everyone should be accepted out of one side of your mouth while denouncing people who have different beliefs than you out the other side. It is okay, I have faith that you will grow up and one day understand.

  93. 393

    going by cho's theory god made guns, so shooting is good…..and god made knifes, so stabing somebody is good……she's an idiot, abortion is murder and that is that

  94. 394

    She's funny!
    Loves her.

  95. 395

    I am glad there is someone out there that has the guts to say what is on her mind. That is the glory of being an american. Yo can say whatever you want and not get lynched or put in jail for it.

    Can I get a "Hell yeah"?

  96. 396

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… and for all you assholes who want to sit in judgement of Cho, remember God is the only one who can sit in judgement , not any of you ignorant motherfuckers.

  97. kenk says – reply to this


    Spoken like a tru doofus! Way to go ho, I mean Cho.

  98. 398

    New favorite celeb.
    I laughed so hard.

  99. 399

    No Perez, you can't get a hallelujah. That was so blasphemous! She needs to reread her Bible and then realize why most of that stuff she said is just plain wrong. I feel bad for those kids she taught in Sunday school… this was their teacher???

    The only thing she said that I agree with is that if you truly believed in Jesus, you would try to be like him and love everyone, despite your different views.

  100. OSSIM says – reply to this


    That's the problem…
    Nobody fears God anymore…
    Well I fear Him…
    He can kill your body and your soul…
    Respect and Fear Him people!

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