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You Must Watch This!

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In case you missed it….

CLICK HERE to watch Perez's super fabulous appearance on the Martha Stewart show!!!

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253 comments to “You Must Watch This!”

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  1. 201

    you were awesome!

  2. 202

    Lucky you to meet MARTHA! love her

  3. 203

    very cool, perez! great interview, actually. loved martha's comment that she didn't know who perez was in person, kinda bitchy though, i think.

  4. 204

    Lookin' Good, my man!!!

  5. 205

    Perez, you look f'n DOPE! You've trimmed down and look awesome in those threads. Nice work on Martha.

    I love you dearly and wish we could watch 90210 together and talk about it as its on. How much longer do you bet until they make Lori Laughlin's character on drugs or a drunk?! LOVE YOU! Keep up the good work!!

  6. 206

    Perezito keep your hair that way!!! You look so clean and polished!!!

  7. 207

    Re: a40sgal – that's a great point, he is truly an inspiration!

  8. 208

    how annoying that she kept interrupting you and wouldn't let you get a word in.
    she does not impress me at all.

  9. 209

    Re: dutchy – he said he sets his alarm for 3:57

  10. 210


  11. Veee says – reply to this


    wow perez u look thin! ten pound the cam add so u must be thinner in person lol good job!!! how u do it?

  12. 212

    Fabulous!!! I heart Perez!!

  13. 213

    Perez, you look great, you have lost so much weight, you kick ass!!!

  14. 214

    I like the way you take care of your mom. You are a great son! And you did very well on this interview too.

  15. 215

    As always you were completely stunning. I have such a crush on you Mr. Man….lol
    Seriously though, It was a good interview…some people just don't understand that you aren't going to interview the same on Martha as you would on Howard….
    kudos to you and big hugs !!!

  16. 216

    Pretty Good, Keep your workout is doing the number`!

  17. 217

    You looked great!

  18. 218

    you look HOT

  19. 219

    you were great perez!!!

  20. 220

    Mi vida !!! you look goog and also that was a nice intervie u gave her… And also how dare she said she dint know you everybody know how u are..Love you!!!!

  21. 221

    PEREZ I AM SOO MAD AT YOU!!! You LOOK AMMAZING!!! OH my Gosh!! I know the personal trainer and diet!! BUT WE need the BREAK DOWN!!! as a former FATTIE U know how it is!! SO what did you do!!??? I LOVE Perez Hilton I am happy to be one of 9 million every day!! XOXOXO

  22. armi says – reply to this



  23. 223

    I saw you Perez. I thought you were great. You look fabulous and Martha really enjoyed you. Congratulations Rock Star!

  24. 224

    Your outfit was fucking terrible. I guess being gay and having money doesn't make you stylish !

  25. 225

    How'd you get so thin?

  26. 226

    Well done! Nice hand control :)

  27. 227

    Perez is so charismatic and natural on screen
    I always had a misconception about him
    but little by little I'm becoming his fan

    I think Perez deserves all the success he's having
    he's been putting hard work on it
    and he is good in what he is doing


  28. 228

    i thought i've heard u made 6 figures?


  29. 229

    I made an account just to tell you to shave your stupid sideburns. gross.

  30. 230

    nice work on note telling martha your net worth, keep her guessing. so funny how star struck she was i mean martha start struck? what? about hits no less yummy yummy yummy

  31. 231

    I can't believe she asked you about money! In the UK we would NEVER ask someone how much money they make, especially not on television! Jeez; so rude!

  32. 232

    You look really good, mr. Perez :D

  33. 233


  34. 234


  35. 235

    I shouldn't have watched…I am just sooo crushing on perez…and now it's worse.
    Oh! the sting of unrequited love…

  36. 236

    You are looking very svelt, Perez. Keep up the good work!!

  37. 237

    good interview…..
    on another note, Sarah Palin makes Martha Stewart look like a warm soft cuddly person, i don't know why i am saying this, maybe cause i always thought M.S. to be so cold …. but Sarah gives that word a whole new meaning…

  38. 238

    I'm late to respond. Perez, you're looking better and better. I like the lighter hair, but get some BANGS. Your forehead is gynormous!

  39. 239

    Loved the interview. I LOL'd on the "when people get arrested" comment. Hilarious. I'm sure it rolled off Martha. :)

  40. 240

    OMG! Perez and Martha in the same room! I would die to be there in that audience!!

  41. 241

    Perezzz you looked so skinny!!! yay!!!

  42. 242

    I love you more each day Perez!!! Loved your outfit!!!

  43. 243

    Ok, Perez.
    First of all, I love you. You're amazing and fabulous.
    Second of all, you are looking supafly. Very trimmm!
    Third of all, that Gypsy reference almost made me jump up and down :D

  44. 244

    Martha seemed kinda bitchy tho. :P
    You were making a joke and she's just likeee "yeah bitch. third pointerrrr."

    im like

  45. shmal says – reply to this


    i love you perez.

  46. 246

    Perez! You looked and did great! Martha, however…OMG! When is she gonna learn not to cut off people. LOL Good tips tho!

  47. 247

    Lookin' Goooood Sweet P……

  48. 248

    perez!! you're awesome ! congratulations on your success! great advice you gave on the show!!! LOVE!!!

  49. 249

    Good interview Perez~! :)

  50. 250

    woo hoo you go girl !
    the more celebs, the more popular you become !

  51. 251

    oh my GOODNESS you got so skinny! i just don't know how to feel. i love how cute and awkard martha's humor is. you ruled the roost!

  52. 252

    damn! i want to know how much he makes. :(

  53. 253

    wow peres! you looks so good how did you lose all the weight!???

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