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A Triumphant Return

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After far too long of an absence, she's finally back!

Singer/songwriter (and icon) Tracy Chapman is releasing her first new album in years.

Our Bright Future doesn't come out until November, but - thankfully - the first single is now making its way onto radio.

The song is called Sing For You and it's quintessential Tracy.

It's exquisite!

Check it out (below).

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38 comments to “A Triumphant Return”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Who the fuck is this?

  3. 3

    Finally, luv her!

  4. 4

    that's a girl?

  5. 5

    Stop posting about dikes, unless they're actually good looking or atleast look like woman.

  6. 6

    Careful, I might Yawn myself to death.

  7. 7

    …yay. I'll take a "Fast Car" to the mall and buy her cd…

  8. 8

    One hit wonder. Audio poison.
    Ear Plugs Douche

  9. Kerrs says – reply to this


    YEA! I love Tracy Chapman!

  10. 10

    great to hear she's back

  11. 11

    Every since her debut album in '88 and crossroads in '89 it's been a string of zzzzzzz albums. She's really got to get herself out of these coffee house songs of hers. Funny she debuts her album in Europe and tours there first.

  12. CC3G says – reply to this


    u guys r idiots she definitely was NOT a one hit wonder.

  13. 13

    Such children

  14. 14

    SO WEIRD, I was just listening to Tracy Chapman as I logged onto Perez! SO EXCITED. Shes one of the most talented singers EVER and beautiful.

  15. 15

    god, some of you people make me want to break things. anybody who doesn't know who she is must either be 14 or not very cultured. sad.

    and before you criticize someone's music based on their sexuality, maybe come up with something clever, you fuckin' goof.

  16. 16

    If you don't know who tracey chapman is, you should seriously consider not admitting it, because you sound like a moron.
    Wish this link would work so I could here it! :)

  17. 17

    OMG! I love Tracy Chapman!!!! :)

  18. 18

    Re: insatiable
    I agree!

  19. 19

    HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY, finally! Cannot wait! The greatest person I have EVER seen in concert!

  20. 20

    Re: insatiable

    Oh give me a break, she had one large hit and two or three other very mediocre ones. She sang about being poor and destitute yet leaves out the fact that she went to one of the most expensive high-schools in Connecticut. so what if people don't know who she is. I obviously know a decent amount about her and I still say that I won't be running out to buy her new sleeping potion called a CD anytime soon.

  21. 21

    Awesome awesome awesome!!

  22. 22

    Love her! Classy, strong and beautiful woman inside and out.
    "Give me one reason" is my favorite TC song. Check it out on youtube. Sexy!

  23. 23

    Are you people kidding…how old are you…5 yrs. old? One hit wonder my ass, she has been big for over 20 years dumbasses. Sheesh, don't ever call yourselves music lovers if you don't know who this is, and not because you don't know who it is, but because you don't know music at all. Give it up.

  24. 24

    I couldn't give less than a shit.

  25. 25

    First off, i love tracy.
    Second, is she seriously getting gay bashed on a blogsite written by a gay man?
    Her music is amazing, if it's not your cup a tea, why waste your time and energy typing a long comment (or any at all) about it?
    I wouldn't waste my time commenting on korn, or whatever horrid music you listen to.
    grow up, tracy rocks :) .

  26. 26

    oh good.. i love her.

  27. 27

    Go Ms. Lesbian. It did take a really long time. Should be good, love me some black lesbian folk music.

  28. 28

    May not be everyone's cup 'o' tea, but I think she's an american classic. She'll be remembered as being one of our finest singer/songwriters of all time. So happy she's still making great music 20 yrs after her first cd!

  29. 29

    I finally have electricity - no more showers in the dark. YIPPY!!! :)
    Love Tracy Chapman, unfortunately it wont open for me to hear right now. Maybe I can try later. Sounds like everyone who actually knows Tracy Chapmans music likes it so I am sure I will love it.

  30. 30

    Damnit I cannot get it to work!!! :( I Love Tracy Chapman! I NEED TO HEAR IT!!

  31. 31

    Love her!

  32. First says – reply to this


    Sweet Jesus, I've missed her.

  33. 33

    Finally a real singer on this website =P

  34. 34

    Thank you for telling me. She is amazing and I love love love her. Saw her here in Ypsilanti a few years ago and she made a lasting impression. What a kind sweet person. Amazing songwriter!!

  35. 35


  36. 36

    Love Tracy. Especially her hit, "Fast Car"

  37. 37

    Oh my!! great song…perez i heart you so much for this.

  38. 38

    Damn sure am glad she ain't in that fast car no more!