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Double The Baby Joy!

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As PerezHilton.com was the first to exclusively confirm, Jenna Jameson and boyfriend Tito Ortiz are expecting their first child.

Well, now, sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that the blonde beauty is having twins!

"They're having twins," a friend of the superstar tells us. "Jenna and Tito just found out. They are beyond thrilled!"

The happy couple just bought a new - much bigger home - for their growing family in the beach near Los Angeles, sources tell us.

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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125 comments to “Double The Baby Joy!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Hope they both die, what a horrible existance it would be to have that fucked off whore as a mother.

  3. 3

    Have you noticed that all of the celebs are having twins?!

  4. 4

    so aubrey oday is starting to look alot like jenna!

  5. milou says – reply to this


    So a future stripper and a future ultimate fighter
    created by chemicals?

  6. 6

    Everyone in Hollywood is having twins these days… :/

  7. 7

    This site is a fucking joke anymore. Why would we congratulate this pig and her loser husband. That poor kid, oh, my mom was a porn star, Poor thing.

  8. 8

    will she have to wear a special device so they wont fall out during the pregnancy?

  9. 9


  10. 10

    ewwwww! noooo! save those children. why are they having them. i thought that was aubrey at first…never realized they looked so much alike.

  11. 11

    Babies are so cute! I can't wait to be married and have my own.

  12. 12

    I feel the only way that Jenna would be able to have those kids be without knowledge of their mom being a porn star is if she moved to Europe and became totally anonymous. Or she could just live here and become totally anonymous someplace like Vermont or Maine.
    Please Jenna, think of your kids and do not do any more porn and stop marketing yourself in that way. It will hurt them in the end, especially if they are boys!!!

  13. 13

    people are chemically having twins to be cool and sh!t, but they don't realize how hard it is to have kids. they have these children for the sake of status then give them to the baby sitter when they arent cool to have anymore. ask jennifer lopez……

  14. 14

    They're going to live in the beach?

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Are you sure this isn't a case of double penetration?

  17. 17

    those poor children to have her for a mother. I can't imagine how they will be harassed and teased someday.

  18. 18

    I wish people wouldnt say negative things about Jenna. She has a past but so what so does everyone else. The only difference is her past is public knowledge. She and Tito seem very sweet together and I bet she will actually be a great mom to these twins. She tried for a very, very long time and now her dreams have come true….Congrats Jenna and Tito!!!!

  19. 19

    whats up with all the celebrities having twins?

  20. 20

    I actually think that these two make an adorable couple. picturing them with babies is kinda super cute. congrats

  21. 21

    Re: e4dwayne

    She made the choice to have sex for money on film, she is a fucking whore. When people call her that it is the same name she knowingly put on her job application. Just because you enjoy whacking your shit to her exploded blown out over used parts, who cares!

  22. 22

    i love how in vitro fertilization has become like buying a designer handbag. all these celeb bitches are having twins on accident.

  23. 23

    So are they digging big holes to live IN the beach?

  24. 24

    A btich who lets guys cum on her face for a dollar will be a great mother…

    What the fuck is up with Perez supporting a true whore and hating on a young teen girls who are not even whore…yet he calls them sluts?

    Must be really hard being a fat man who takes cock in the ass.

  25. 25

    Hey "fuckwad" Your name suits you well. If anything, the bitch is smarter than us.. We're all whores anyway, may as well get paid for it…

  26. 26

    Whether you like her or not, she's had miscarriages in the past, which is sad for any woman. Congrats & best of luck!

    And, she has a great name! haha

  27. 27

    congratulations, tito and jenna! jenna is going to be a wonderful mother.

  28. 28

    Twins seem to be the latest fashion must have.

  29. Bongo says – reply to this


    How will she explain the birds and the bees?

  30. 30

    Woah twins…hot. Kaching!

  31. 31

    UGH do they test for STD's INVITRO???????????

  32. KJB says – reply to this


    At least they will be able to comfort each other when they find out at school that everyone they know has seen their mother screwing her way through pornville..YUCK. Poor children.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    I feel so bad for those kids. What a selfish thing for those two pigs to do…bring children into their sad, pathetic existence.

  35. 35

    Those poor children.

  36. 36

    Hilton, you need a moderator on this blog. Unless you want McCain/Palin in office. You have too many nut jobs, too much filthy language, insults, and now you've got crazy people quoting viable presidential candidates out of context. Is there no way you can screen for certain filthy phrases, prevent nutty people from repeating themselves endlessly without relating to the alleged topic, and in general, just clean things up? Your colon probably looks better than this blog.

    PS Congratulations to the happy parents of twins.

  37. 37

    I swear I was thinking "why is Aubrey O'Day posing with Jenna's man" but it turns out they just look alike scary!!!!

  38. 38

    For a second I thought that was Aubrey from Danity Kane!

  39. 39

    Re: joexgirlfriend – Me too I thought the same thing. Aubrey has become like that girl in the movie Single White Female. She entirely changes her look to look exactly like her best friend. Jenna should watch out. Seems she has a stalker on her hands!

  40. 40

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – Jesus do you guys have an OFF button?

  41. 41

    you sure changed your tune fast! you talk SO much shit on her now this?! youre pathetic
    JJ deserves this, shes wonderful and will be a beautiful mother

  42. 42

    Those poor babies. Imagine when they're older and they find out what their mother did for a living.

  43. 43

    Poor babies…they are going to be birthed out of one NASTY baby door!

  44. 44


  45. 45

    Oh god. I sincerely hope it's twin boys. You know if it's twin girls they'll end up in porn immediately following their 18th birthdays.

  46. 46

    Re: SuperSexyClean – I agree! That's who I thought it was at first!

  47. 47

    Jenna's hubby is butt ugly! =P

  48. 48

    perez youu should do a seperated at birth with jenna jameson and aubrey o day.

  49. 49

    Twins are hot right now. Tre trendy

  50. 50

    Tito's got himself some super sperm!

  51. 51

    I truly feel sorry for the children that will be born to this filthy slut. They will have to carry the stigma of being the offspring to this diseased pig.

  52. 52

    seriously, it is not just a coincidence that all these stars are having twins. they are gettting something done and it's really effed up.

  53. 53

    Re: craven – lololol, that's funny

  54. 54

    Sons of a 1000 Fathers, she's nasty!

  55. 55

    with the size of her vajay jay she won't be haveing a problem with popping them out she could have 7 kids and not even know it HUGE.

  56. 56

    why is everyone having twins? is this the new cool accessory?

  57. 57

    Oh, gag me- how old do you thnk these poor children will be when they find out their mama made her living by peddling her ass on film?

  58. 58

    i feel sorry for anything that has to pass through that nasty whore's used up cunt. poor babies.

  59. 59

    what is up with the celeb world that every celebrity nowadays is having twins??? Oh well, congrats to the couple

  60. 60

    Bitch doesn't deserve children after abusing sex like she has.

  61. 61

    The babies gonna be a slut, just like her hore mother! The babies being called slut number#1.

  62. Sgirl says – reply to this


    EWWWWWWWWWWWW! That is so nasty! Why would this skanky whore have children. She should have had an abortion. Those kids will be doomed. She is so disgusting and so he is. What a twat!

  63. 63

    she looks like aubrey from danity kane here

  64. 64

    What's with all these media types having twins?
    It's not as common a thing as people want to think

  65. 65

    i thought that was aubrey o'day

  66. 66

    I'm surprised she could get her period let alone conceive at that body weight. I used to love & adore Jenna until she turned into a plastic-faced crack-head again… blech She looks like a 40-something in the face with all that nasty work she's had done

  67. 67

    This couple is fucking disgusting.

    She better hope the babies do not have Tito's massive 4×4 head either cause that would hurt

  68. 68

    All the movie stars are having twins b/c they are using fertility drugs/artifical insemination…stuff like that ….its pretty sick to do that ….especially if you dont have fertility problems….and money buys everything thats why the stars can get docs to agree to it….

  69. 69

    Wonderful news, now these two disgusting people can ruin the lives of two innocent babies. Maybe when they are old enough they can see moms home movies, that will make them proud. Dads a retard moms a whore yahoo.

  70. 70

    Jenna Jamerson… I mean, she loves what she do, and with the babies… We just have to see how her future sons or daugthers are gonna get… well, I think they won't wait to her/his age of consent. LOL

  71. 71

    You haters are dumb! Oooooooh! These poor kids! Their mother has wanted children for a long time, she is intelligent, and can provide well for them. Yeah, what a tough life!

    I highly doubt they'd be made fun of for their mother's career either. No more than any other chick on here.

    So, all you who hate Jenna, go get up from you computer & get some exercise. You'll probably just jealous. Go hug your cats.

  72. 72

    Gross. What, are their kids going to be able to take a good donkey punch now?

  73. 73

    come on!!! what a frackin' sham! what is with the hollywood types that "conveniently" get pregnant with twins????? seriously! they do ivf and tell the doctor to make it so they can have twins. because for people like angelina/brad and everybody else up there in their years, it's damn near impossible for them to conceive twins. the older you get the less likely your chances are of having multiples, let alone one kid. we smell a rat!…

  74. 74

    Why does everyone keep calling her a pig? She looks more like a duck with her lips sticking out so much.

  75. 75

    i would love to steal her husband from her.I WOULD HAVE HIM DO AWAY WITH MY HOLE.

  76. lolli says – reply to this


    i feel bad for the kids….i really do. hope shes a good mom, i think she will be.

  77. 77

    omg!! i thought that was aubrey!!! holy balls! aubrey is the next jenna jameson! seriously!

  78. 78

    wtf is the point of bc or ecp??!!
    damn horney monkeys, if ur going to do it, make sure to be safe!!

  79. 79

    It should be illegal for newborn babies to have to slide through that disgusting birth canal after so many losers dumped thier sewage there. Someone like this should have her womb ripped out. Stupid Perez for congratulating this skank for getting knocked up. I'm disgusted that these two are even thinking that they come close to normalicy. Maybe the babies will abort themselves when they develop noses and smell her rotted out twat fumes lingering up to them.

  80. 80

    Yay!!!! Congrats to you Miss Jenna and Tito!!!!!! For some reason this makes me happy, despite her past I think she will make a great mommy!! Talk about a m.i.l.f!!!!!! ;p

  81. 81

    Hey pep's I know she's a porn star and he a fighter, and they may not be typical parent material, but what it comes down to is love, that's what we all need esp children, I know as do ALL of you there are much "worse" people that are reproducing as we speak!!! I have a theory about the hollywood twin thing and I'm pretty confident that I'm correct, fertility meds and invitro people!!!!!!!!!! They have the money and sometimes it can take a lil longer than expected to get pregnant so they opt for the easy way instead of the au nateral way us non celebs do it!!!!!! That rt there is the reason behind all these hollywood twins, there you have it!!!! ;p

  82. 82

    I thought that was Aubrey O'Day!

  83. 83

    Re: Dirty old man – Yes you are a dirty old man! icky pricky!!!

  84. 84

    Re: RamboSally – would like to see where you get your info from. back 50-60 years ago it was nothing to see women in their 40's still having kids and having twins. I agree it's weird all of a sudden, but my oldest sister just found out she was pregnant with twins, and there was no IF used, nothing, and shes 42

  85. 85

    I heard her say once that when she had kids she would get out of the porn business. I wonder if she will.

  86. 86

    Apparently all of my "Please God, don't let them breed" prayers went unanswered

  87. 87

    Well, I'm sure her vagina is big enough to push BOTH twins out at the same time!

  88. 88

    I seriously hate you ignorant bastards who would wish for babies to be aborted..
    Wtf is your deal ppl?
    Cant you be happy for her?
    Christ.. You ppl make me sick.

  89. 89

    Maybe she'll put some weight back on & keep it on.
    She was getting WAY too skinny there for a while.

    . . . and PLEASE for the love of God give those kids some normal names!

  90. 90

    I could've sworn she had a son from a previous marriage or relationship. Perhaps I'm confusing her with someone else?

  91. 91

    Absolutely revolting to think this "thing" will be a mother.

  92. 92

    at least the babies will swim right out with her snatch being so huge

  93. 93


  94. 94

    Re: LettyB – TWINS, I MEANT TWINS!!!!!!

  95. 95

    Those poor innocent children!!! To come out of this dirty whore like that. They are going to be soooo embarrassed for their whole lives, it is RIDICULOUS. People like her should NOT procreate!

  96. 96

    omg she looks JUST LIKE aubrey oday, as a matter of fact are you sure thats ota pic of her

  97. 97

    Oh boy, another IVF baby…wonder if they will confirm that, especially since she has admitted to it in the past…

    Congrats I guess.

  98. 98

    Question: What's up with celebs having twins?
    Answer: IFV and fertility drugs.

    Basically, you could ask the question what's up with all women over 30 having twins or multiples..the answer being fertility drugs or IVF. It's not so easy to get knocked up over 30.

  99. 99

    No surprise about twins. The stupid whore has too many STDs to get pregnant naturally so she obviously had IVF. I'm sure she will have no trouble delivering vaginally. Those poor babies having to travel through that skank corridor.

  100. 100

    god help us all…………..this is what is wrong in today's world…people like this coceiving spawn. i mean, really? what possibly could these SKANK WHORES add to the world? more black holed porn stars and little dick neanderthals? YEAAAAAAAAAAA for us.

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