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Update: Travis and AM Post-Plane Crash

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As y'all likely know, a deadly plane crash claimed the lives of four and critically injured former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, and celebrity spinmaster DJ AM shortly before midnight on Friday.

Both Travis and DJ AM are being treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia for extensive burns. The two, no doubt, have received excellent care. The Still facility is reportedly the largest burn center in the country and the third largest in the world.

Dr. Fred Mullins, the Still Center's medical director, told reporters Sunday morning, "I think these patients are going to make a full recovery. Anybody who can survive a plane crash is very lucky."

The doctor went on to say that Travis has burns on his torso and lower body, and AM has burns on a portion of his head and arm, but neither sustained any other injuries from the crash.

Both are currently in "critical but stable" condition.

The burns the two suffered were classified as second- and third-degree burns.

The doc would not tell reporters the types of treatment Travis and AM were undergoing at the center. He also would not answer a reporter's question about what percentage of their bodies were burned.

According to insiders, Travis' fighting spirit was on clear display at the crash site, despite his severe injuries. Travis was supposedly 'defiant after the accident and didn't want to be lifted in a helicopter, but rather an ambulance, so they had to knock him out.'

Friends of DJ AM reported on Saturday that he was placed in a doctor-induced coma and underwent skin grafts.

Travis' ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, left Los Angeles Saturday afternoon for Georgia. She's going to be by his hospital bedside to see him through this rough time.

AM's sister, Lara, and her husband were reportedly on their way to the burn center as well. MTV reported that Nicole Richie, AM's ex-fiancee "is in shock" and that Richie's current beau, Joel Madden, "knows Travis and also feels terrible and hopes they recover. This is terrible news for both of them."

There was a rumor going around on Saturday that the private jet was hired to get everyone back to the LA-area quickly because the wife of Chris Baker, one of the four who died in the crash, was in labor. That rumor was immediately debunked by Travis' publicist.

We're praying for AM and Travis' speedy recoveries.

Our thoughts are also with the victims' families.

[Images via WENN.]

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85 comments to “Update: Travis and AM Post-Plane Crash”

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  2. 2

    so so sad!

  3. 3

    aww thats so awful

  4. 4

    this is so sad. my prayers are with them.

  5. 5

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  6. 6

    so sad. :o (

  7. 7

    Fucking love Travis.. he is amazing.. I've been upset about this since it happened.. I”m glad he has Shanna there with him- I can't imagine what she is going through. Wishing and PRAYING for both of them to see a speedy recovery, so sad about the people that died! Come on Travis baby, you can pull through this.. we need you to!

  8. 8

    Re: 2Timothy4:3-4 – Fuck you and your Obama bullshit.. Post your political garbage WHERE IT SHOULD BE POSTED..

  9. 9

    So sad, much love to the families of the deceased, and to a speedy recovery for Barker and AM.

  10. 10

    Was Chris and Travis related? .. They have the same name Baker.. ? does anyone know?

  11. 11

    My thoughts are with the family and Travis of course xxx Salima

  12. 12

    Wish Nicole bail on douche bag madden and go back to AM and love him back to health.

  13. 13

    I would love to know why the fuck they are reporting NICOLE RICHIES reaction when she is married with a child.It is not her problem anymore.While we are at it why dont we ask about PARIS'S reaction!!!!!GIVE ME A BREAK.

  14. milou says – reply to this


    Will Shanna at least put on some decent clothes and take off those
    stripper heels?
    It's a hospital, not a brothel.

  15. 15

    Re: baltimora

    BaRker and Baker, not the same name

  16. 16

    geez, finally updated! hours later….we all got the updates from other sites, perez! understand your busy and all…but this site is starting to suck!! Get some back up or some staff to update it more ofter so you can stay ahead of the rest and at the top!

  17. 17

    IS IT TRUE THAT DJ AM USE TO BE REALLY FAT????if this is the case they more than likely used his loose sking for skingrafts which is a good thing…..CAN ANYONE VERIFY THAT HE WAS OBESE AND HAD LOOSE SKIN FAT????

  18. 18

    sorry forgot to mention DJ AM too (oopsie) xxx Salima

  19. 19

    terrible…I hear a report earlier that DJ AM had burns on 50% of his body. I hope that is a false report. Hopefully they get better soon…

  20. 20

    Hey Timothy, you bible-thumping 'tard,
    F YOU!
    Get well soon T & AM.

    Timothy, you suck.

  21. 21

    These guys are really in my thoughts today.

  22. 22

    Thanks for the update Perez! Speedy recovery to DJ Am and Travis. Prayers for the families of the deceased.

  23. 23

    Re: baltimora
    Baker/Barker - not the same.

  24. 24

    Ever heard of GOOGLE?

  25. 25

    Of course Travis didn't want to go back up in the air in a helicopter, after just surviving a plane crash!

  26. 26

    SO sad about lil `chris he was a sweetie. Travis will be devastated. Love to all involved and there families. (Travis and Chris aren't related just best buddies)

  27. 27

    The Augusta Burn Center is great, and the two should be in excellent care. I wish them a speedy recovery, both physically and emotionally. I hope (and suspect) that when they recover, they will bring a lot of attention to the excellent work being done at the burn center.

  28. 28

    Re: milou – Who cares how the fuck she dresses.. and personally I am sure she was more concerned with getting there AS SOON AS POSSIBLE than she was with how she fucking looked.. not to mention Travis fell in love with her for her- she dressed like that when they fucking met- so EVEN if she showed up dressed like a hooker in 18 inch heels I DOUBT he would criticize her for it.. show a little maturity here, the last thing on ANYONE'S mind is what the fuck Shanna wore to the hospital.. real nice asshole.. Get well soon Trav!

  29. 29

    x 17 online posted a link to the hospital's website where you can email a patient.. not sure if it is an accurate link or not but can't see any harm in us leaving them some well wishes for any that are interested. .I left one lol

  30. 30

    Doesn't anyone else think Paris and Nicole might have done this??? It's no secret Paris hated Travis after he ditched her for a guy! And Nicole wanted AM to stop meddling in her baby bizzz

  31. 31

    I was at the show Friday night in Five Points and I must say how impressed I was with Travis and AM. Their set was a good mix of 80s pop and current dance music. Everyone I know is in complete shock over the tragedy, but want to extend our thanks to Travis, AM and everyone else who came to Columbia for the show. Our small college town is often over looked by larger acts due to our close proximity to Atlanta and the fact that T Mobile brought such big names to Cola is wonderful. It is tragic that such a horrific event will overshadow what was a great night of diverse music. I pray for both Travis and AM's recovery in Augusta and for the families of those lost in the crash.

  32. 32

    karma rules.

  33. 33

    WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  34. 34

    Its good to hear both are in the best care avaliable,
    Wishing them a speedy recovery…
    Condolences to those who lost their loved ones

  35. 35

    Re: la lanna – My thoughts exactly. I would fight the crap out of them too.

  36. 36

    thanks god they are stable!! i love you travis! we, your fans are with you!!

  37. 37

    Re: MadgeCiccone – Wow.. your fucking ridiculously childish- you know damn fucking well no one agrees with you, your attempt and trying to be cute/funny is a serious fucking FAIL! Way to try to make something out of nothing, maybe you should spend your time praying for the families who are grieving right now and hoping for a speedy recovery for Travis and Adam instead of fucking spreading your thoughtless garbage..

  38. 38

    Re: obamaisblackdevil – I fucking do.. and I'm sure ALOT of Travis' and Adam's fans do as well.. Travis is one of the best drummers out there, guy has extreme talent.. what happened was sad.. just because you don't give a fuck doesn't mean no one else does! If you didn't care why bother posting at all, just to tell everyone who obviously is concerned that you don't give a fuck, heartless much?!

  39. 39

    Re: 2Timothy4:3-4 – YES I Love McCain and the rich. All you middle class pieces of shit deserve to suffer.

  40. 40

    Re: baltimora

    Travis BaRker and Chris Baker are not related. Hence the different last names.

  41. 41

    Re: && I got a thing for you!

    Wow, you not only look like a total skank you protect hooker wear also. You seriously need to get a hobby and lay off the internet, you sound like an inbred, brain dead, bleached ass whore.

  42. 42

    Am I the only one here who hopes the "part of his head" was his face?

  43. 43

    aww so sad

  44. 44

    Re: 2Timothy4:3-4. – hey i love mccain to but you're not spreading a good image of him by cussing others out. show some respect.

    but i do agree with you. but people dont have to suffer.

  45. 45


  46. 46

    I was treated at this burn center a few months ago, and as someone who lives close to the area and knows a lot of the nurses, I have to say that they are in the most capable hands possible!!! This is so sad, but at least they were close enough to a place where they could both be helped!

  47. 47

    Re: 2Timothy4:3-4.

    Proof positive that money does not equate to intelligence.

  48. 48


  49. 49

    Re: 2Timothy4:3-4 – I suppose you poor prick will even continue after the election with that shit?

  50. 50

    Damn, I wouldn't want to get on a helicopter either, after I just crashed and burned in an airplane! Those poor people.

  51. 51

    no wonder- I wouldn't want to be airlifted after being in a plane crash either!!!

  52. 52

    i wish them a speedy recovery and will keep sending positive thoughts.

  53. JNEV says – reply to this


    Perez, I know your a celebrity blogger and all , but what about the people that actually DIED in the crash?!?!…..

  54. 54

    There goes thousands of dollars of tattoos on Travis. I bet he's well pissed!
    Of course these two are getting the best medical care, when you have loads of $$$$$$ you can afford to get the best treatment. Not everyone is that lucky.

  55. 55

    Re: && I got a thing for you! – Hve you seen your picture????you look like a washed up meth hooker walking along sunset boulevard…..you are gross.do yourself a favor and drop your straightning iron inside your tub while your washing that filthy gash!!!!!

  56. 56

    Again prayers to all the families! Travis and Adam stay strong!

  57. 57

    Thousands of people every day die around the world from starvation or war, and you people actually give a crap about these people, who don't contribute anything to society other than profanity and nonsensical garbage.

    America has gone to shit.

  58. 58

    my boyfriend was in an explosion at work(oilfield) he was 2 and 3 degree burns to face and neck –it really is a terrifying thing mentally and physically and especially to those around who love them and are there holding hands and praying for the lives of their loved ones! there was a lot of confusion for him after the doctor induced coma drugs wore off 10 days later but in a few weeks it was getting more clear what was real and not a dream for him. I think Prayer helped myself and blessed him as after a year of careful living and treatments there was virtually no scarring and reddness died down.. so pray hard everyone it may give the families strength and can heal wounds even those of the heart! my love goes out to the families!

  59. 59

    oh yeah another thing, when they said travis was being defient to go into the helicopter thats a natural paranoia related to the crash that just happened to him. my boyfriend was afraid to drive and work near the trucks after the explosion he experienced for quite some time. It's shock that causes you fear and its imprinted in your mind and subconscience for some time. so don't be surprised if he is needing counselling to deal with his emotions and possible paranoia of private and small planes/jets–even commercial ones..I do wish them all the best!

  60. 60

    ROFLMAO at the people insulting my looks.. once again, it only matters what people say if you care what they think, and YOUR opinion means ABSOLUTLEY nothing to me.. Yes, I stick up for "hooker wear"- read my fucking post, I SAID he fell in love with her when she looked like that first of all why would he suddenly care, and SECONDLY that I doubted she was worrying about what she wore and was more concerned about the father of her children being in critical condition and rushing to be by his side, that makes me stick up for it and sound like an inbred retard right?! Hahaha! If the only thing you assholes have on me is what I look like fuck off seriously.. get a hobby, come up with some better insults, try offending me next time :)

  61. melly says – reply to this


    Re: SophieJane – yeah. im so sure travis was worried about the money he lost by his tattooes getting BURNED off and not the fact that he damn near died and never got the chance to see his kids again. after surviving all that, i'm sure his tatts were the last thing on his mind.

  62. 62

    Just wanted to say that Dr. Mullins is a great doctor and they are in great hands. I had surgery for my burns about 2 years ago and I'm healed and scarless! I had burns on my face and chest. They will be just fine, just need time!

  63. milou says – reply to this


    I hope Shanna shows up sober and actually wearing some clothes.

  64. melly says – reply to this


    it's nice to hear that the doctors think they will make a full recovery. it's probably going to be a long recovery for both of them, with surgeries and stuff but it's still just amazing they got out. they obviously had will to live by jumping out. i think it's crazy that they called travis "defiant" for not wanting to get in a helicopter…i mean come on, really? i know it was probably the fastest way to get him to the hospital but that is just not something i would want to be on after my plane just crashed. they are both in my thoughts.

  65. 65

    They will have a long recovery, burns are a true horror. I am glad to hear that Travis was his usual self, I and he has a good point, who would want to be back on an aircraft! I also know flight nurses are used to this, LOL.
    Best wishes to Adam and Travis, they have plenty of people who love them and want the best for them, and it is so incredibly tragic to lose the quality people who died, Sarah, Chris, James and Chris B, my sympathy and best wishes to their families.

  66. 66

    Re: && I got a thing for you!

    Sounds like they did get to you. You try to come off unaffected yet you go on and on about it. If that really is you in that pic, I wouldn't share it with the internet World if you don't want to be clowned because it seems as if it takes a lot of work to look that cheap. From your posts, you come off as a wanna be star fucker and that is as sad as you face. Stars do like the cheap coke whore types…for a night at the most. How about you get some self esteem and stop frying you hair and covering your face with all that war paint. ANd if you are truly insistant on being a total whore, at least lose that double chin.

  67. 67

    That's horrible. RIP to all the victims, and I know Travis and DJ AM will keep fighting on.

  68. 68

    Re: && I got a thing for you!
    Your personality seems to match your ugly and horridly made up face. A pile of runny shit would be a better picture than your face. Hideous bitch, seriously, god fucking awful.

  69. 69

    Re: PooPooButt
    Re: Britney Bitch
    Leave her alone. When you attack someone, you never know if they're going to take out their anger on their kids or animals.

  70. 70

    DJ AM has Burns on his Hands as well, which will leave him out of the DJ'ing seen for quite a while :(


  71. 71

    Re: baltimora – chris is travis's cousin/assistant

  72. 72

    A head injury, not someone's personality would lead to a helicopter flight to the burn center. It is more than likely he would have suffered a trauma to the head which frequently leads to combative behavior.

    The medication given to him would be a paralytic so that the patient would not cause any problems for the helicopter crew. I would bet he also got a breathing tube on his flight to the burn center. Long road ahead…

  73. Sgirl says – reply to this


    God be with them both and with the families of the victims who didn't survive. This is so sad. I hope Travis and DJ AM both have a complete recovery. I am praying for them both.

  74. 74

    Re: && I got a thing for you! – yes we need them to keep sucking, what would the world do without another +44 album?. Nicole richie was "in shock" cuz when she heard burnt she thought they were having a barbecue.

  75. CLane says – reply to this


    whoever is saying who cares, you reallly need to get hit with something sad, i personally knew chris and know travis and it is devastating news. Chris was not having a baby, but has a young child already and this is truly sad for his entire family.
    he was travis's assistant.

    just because the other 4 were not famous doesnt mean they dont deserve your prayers and good wishes.

  76. 76

    Hey everyone…

    Just wanted some of the fans of Travis and DJAM to know that there is an outlet to send your well wishes. As fans and as natives of Augusta GA, we set up two websites for worldwide fans to express their feelings.

    We have received an amazing amount of support. Soon we will be asking the community the best way to deliver these well wishes from around the world.

    Please send your best wishes– let them both know– that during this period in their lives– that the humanity can come out in people.

    Thanks ALL.

    And Thanks PEREZ for the Board!

  77. 77

    i always wanted to give Travis A RIM JOB.do you think he still has a nice ass?>

  78. 78

    Re: && I got a thing for you! – YOUR FACE IS OFFENSIVE.WHORE.

  79. 79

    my prayers are with those lost and injured…

  80. 80

    my god :( i hate when i hear on the news that plane crashes..it hurts in my heart so much. sad sad lost in a terrible way :(

  81. 81

    My thoughts are with Travis and AM, and their families, and also with the 4 families who lost loved ones, my family will be sending loving thoughts your way

  82. 82

    That's so sad. I hope the best for them.

  83. 83


  84. D-Bag says – reply to this


    Only in America can two vapid, Z-list celebwannabe's make front page news because they survived a plane crash! Shanna Poerkler (Stripper Miss Piggy) is gonna milk all the sympathy she can get outta this one.

  85. 85

    RIP Che Still and the other victims of this terrible tragedy. he was a beautiful person inside and out and will be dearly missed.

    my prayers go out to everyone involved. stregnth and peace be with you.