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Gag Us With A Spinoff!

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Unabashedly milking its cult of Celebreality for every dollar it's worth, insiders have alerted us to VH1's plans for not one but TWO Rock of Love spinoffs.

None would have been too many!!!

And, no, much to our disappointment, Heather isn't getting her own show.

The first continues in the same vein as the original Rock of Love, where Brett Michaels of Poison and suspicious bandana fame selects his "rock of love" from a gaggle of fame-whoring rocker chicks through a series of challenges and dates. But, because Brett's two previous picks proved that absence actually leads the heart to wander, this time the show is taking to the road aboard Brett's tour bus.

Rock of Love Bus
will follow the man and his ladies across country as they drink, strip, grind, catfight, and compete for Brett's affections.

If this time around the girl in question can survive not only selling out her dignity and life on tour, then it's totally meant to be, right???

The second show is entitled Daisy of Love and leaves little to be guessed at. Daisy De La Hoya, the pint-sized, pouty-lipped, droopy-eyed, runner-up from Rock of Love 2 will be conducting her own boyfriend-by-attrition contest with a whole new crop of desperate suitors…one of which will probably lead to the Rock of Love spinoff-spinoff.

So Miss New York better step off cause there's a new reality TV bitch in town!

[Images via VH1.com.]

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76 comments to “Gag Us With A Spinoff!”

  1. 1

    Ugh, reality tv is out of control. enough already with these Z-listers!

  2. 2

    there's a;sp gonna be a Rock of love charm school……gag

  3. 3


  4. 4


  5. pryme says – reply to this


    that's not daisy in that picture….that's the crazy french girl. daisy has lotsa tattoos.

  6. 6

    daisy is a ugly slut.

  7. 7

    They need to start playing MUSIC
    And dump the Has-Beens
    I mean it gets old, seeing the same trashy sluts over and over again
    Music, Music, Music is was they need

  8. 8

    Well, Prez, either you have someone else writing on your pictures or you have laid off the booze for several days. Because usually your writing is real shaky.

  9. 9

    Daisy is a walking VD.

  10. 10

    Yes!! I LOVE daisy and she is beautiful, that pic of her just isn't. This was actually very requested, a lot of people petitioned this 2 VH1

  11. 11


  12. 12

    OOOOHHHHH Heather is gonna be pissed!

  13. 13

    Ew. Why would u want heather to have a show??? She looks like a dude with a blonde wig.

    Personally I like Daisy, fake tits and lips and all.

  14. 14

    I don't think that pic is Daisy, Daisy had the big star tat on her throat.

  15. 15

    I can't wait to see Daisy's show, she and Destiny have always been my fav Rock of Love girls!

  16. 16

    Re: pryme – That IS Daisy. If you watched the show, that was during the episode where they made the music video. Frenchie was kicked off before that episode. Besides, she wore that dress several times during the show.

  17. Bongo says – reply to this



  18. 18

    Miss New York was only fun for 5 minutes. Why did she get so many shows? Her mother is abusive and New York has no talent. At least Daisy has a heart in there somewhere under all those tramp stamps.

  19. 19

    Daisy is a freaking ditz and a moron. I first liked her, but as each show went on, she got more and more annoying. Her voice and the type of words she uses when she talks is horrible. She says "like" all the time. Ever other word is "Like" and she too overdramatical. I loved to hate New York,and watched her seasons, but I just hate Daisy, and wont watch her crap.

  20. 20

    That's not a pic of daisy, it's antoinette

  21. 21

    P.S. I like Daisy, and her style

  22. 22

    ick, daisy of love? not a great name

  23. 23

    Heather should have gotten her own show….way more likeable.

  24. <= says – reply to this


    If you turn your head to the right and squint real hard, that pic of Daisy kinda looks like tori spelling. Maybe it's just me…….

  25. 25

    Eww. Rock of Love Bus. Followed closely on the road by the Valtrex truck…

  26. 26

    Ack! I hated Daisy. Everything about her was annoying, esp. her voice.

  27. 27

    eww that bitch is ugly!

  28. 28

    Who cares about Daisy?! They should have picked Heather or Jes or Sam or even Lacey from Season 1…

  29. 29

    Ugh one of those Rock of Love skanks showed up at my friend's funeral…bitch didn't know him, bitch shouldn't have showed up! RIP TRACI MICHAELZ!

  30. 30

    I will definately watch that! I love Daisy!

  31. 31

    She looks just like Janice the Muppet.

  32. 32

    That creature gets a show?? WTF Can't believe anyone would watch that trainwreck. She makes Denise Richards look good.

  33. 33

    OMFG, she got on every one of my fucking nerves. Her and that stupid conceited bitch Megan who is still on I Love Money.


    She'll be the next Pamela, Hepatitis and all. Or AIDS. Or both.

  34. pryme says – reply to this


    Re: Cybele

    not daisy. google a pic of her. she has a big tattoo on her neck.

  35. 35

    I wish it would have at least been Heather. I HATE DAISY. SO stupid and annoying. AWFUL.

  36. 36

    It will smell like Taco Bell and Valtrex!

  37. 37

    OMG I love love love Daisy! I am so excited!!

  38. dilly says – reply to this


    OMFG i can't believe u just said that p, cause I LOVED HEATHER TOO!!
    meh great minds think alike…

  39. 39

    Looks like a mix between a tranny and Tori Spelling!

  40. 40

    shows like this are totally ridiculous…but i was soooo into this show! and i did like daisy, she was one of the hottest. i knew that wasnt daisy in that picture (thanks pryme) that pic looks like friggen donna martin from old school 90210…wait i think that is daisy take a look that chicks got mad tattoos.

  41. 41

    I'll watch it.. I cant help it. I LOVE trashy reality TV, it's great. but I would so rather it be Heather. Heather rocks… Oh and I cant wait for the rock of love charm school. and I like the show I love money.. haha like I said I love trashy reality Tv!

  42. 42

    New York doing Mr. Brett. Now THAT I would tune in for!

  43. 43

    Yay! Daisy is my favorite Rock of Love girl! She's super hot!
    Speaking of hot VH1 reality chicks, whatever happened to Byata from Miss Rap Supreme?

  44. 44


  45. 45

    At the end of the season Bret & Daisy arrange a double date with their "rock of love". Bret's choice falls for Daisy's pick and they run off together leaving Bret and Daisy alone together.
    You' ll end up watching another season.

  46. 46

    I saw Bret Michaels last week for the WLRS Fest, a local station's rock show here. The Rock of Love Bus girls were there and they were filming their first episode. All of the girls looks like strippers, even moreso than before. They were making out on stage with each other and everything. I think this might be the wildest ones yet.

  47. Neith says – reply to this


    I miss NY, VH1 reality shows are my guilty pleasure although I didn't watch the last rock of love. I'm watching I love money now. I hope Hoops wins. BRET take that rag off and let us see your fugly head.

  48. 48

    I like Daisy. The ladies were much too harsh on her. I like the shows. It's a guilty pleasure and I'll be watching.

  49. 49

    That's not Daisy in the photo, that's Angelique. OMG I can't believe I actually know this.

  50. 50

    Sam from Rock Of Love 1 was always my fav girl, luv her ♥!!!!!

  51. 51

    i just saw the rock of love bus on the 14th, in louisville, ky when we were driving around checking out the wind damage. we tried to pull into a gas station right down the street from it to get a photo, but we couldn't get into the lane we needed and we were too lazy to exit back off the interstate and drive 5 minutes back. i can say the area we were in really wasn't the best, and from what we could see, neither was the establishment they were in. i don't know if they were filming, or if anyone from the show was even actually there - we just saw the large pink bus with 'rock of love' on the back in cursive. there weren't any people/fans around either way.

  52. 52


  53. 53

    shit …

  54. 54

    Daisy de la douchebag getting her own show?
    wow,shes really gonna be hittin the coke hard now!

  55. 55

    that is Daisy-Crazy French chick did not have her left shoulder sleeved with tatoos

  56. 56

    "Daisy of Love"

    How original!


  57. 57

    wooooohooooooooooooooooooooo! I LOVE THIS SHOW. Yes it's trashy, but OMG there are so many stupid chicks on this show and it's fun to make fun of. Without this show I would not have a halloween costume! YES! LOVE IT. I also love that that girl with the big lips is coming back because she is so fun to laugh at!

  58. 58

    Re: pryme – what pic are you looking at? That is NO Frenchie that is Dumb ho Daisy….Get it straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. 59

    Re: drtrish – SORRY but THAT IS DAISY.. Frenchie is the gross French stripper who is twice the size of Daisy….. And Daisy has all those tatoos down her left arm.

  60. 60

    well, i sure want to see her cry!

  61. 61

    The first season of Rock of Love was much better. The women appeared less trashy. The second season, Brett came off like a complete perv! Who in their right mind, goes on a show competing for the affections of a rock star sleeping with all the contestants? Just to name a few: Daisy is a wanna-be Pamela Anderson that looks like Daffy Duck. Heather is a bully with zero class, Amber's perkiness was so contrived and Frenchie was difficult to look at. Another season and a spin-off is ridiculous and most definitely not worth watching. TV is already overdosed with garbage reality shows!

  62. 62

    That pic actually looks like FRENCHIE!

  63. 63

    Re: Gunslinger

  64. 64

    Brett Michaels is such a tool! Really bad make up eyeliner HELLOO! Bad acting, trying to be sensitive…ugh! I hope your **** falls off!

  65. 65

    Its really weird to me, Brett Michaels when he is on talk shows and etc. always seems so normal but then when he is on that stupid show he is such a manwhore~trash lovin idiot! I guess it is good work if you can get it? The girls on that show are just above and beyond low lifes. Daisy's show should be a great lot of fun train wreck happiness. She appears to be a size -8?

  66. 66

    Ahh, yes, the tats would decide it. Sure looks like Angelique tho.

  67. 67

    Eww she's so trashy..
    I loved when she got her ass beat on the reunion.
    Maybe something like that will happen again…

  68. 68

    daisy isn't even hot.

  69. 69

    Daisy De La Hoya looks like Tori Spelling. Bug eyes and bleached blonde.

  70. 70

    Re: Starequisite – Touche. I agree completely. Yawn…. #1 is right: Reality TV is just plain out of control. Z listers. Give me brilliant shows scripted by the likes of JJ Abrams anyday!

  71. 71

    You know Bret did not last with the slut he did pick! he just wanted to screw them both and he did! I am so glad Daisy is getting her own show, I felt sorry for her!

  72. 72

    yayy! lmao. i loved daisy!!

  73. 73

    too many spinoffs.

  74. 74

    omfg! i love love love her!

  75. 75

    daisy is a whore! LOL

  76. 76

    god help us all