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A Very Important Message From….

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Ellen DeGeneres has posted the following on her official website.

The newly married talk show host says:

"My Political Point… And I Do Have One

You know how usually I talk about cell phones or kitty cats or cheese pizza… well, this is sorta like that… without the cell phones, the cats, or the pizza.

There’s a California Proposition on the ballot that’s a little confusing. It’s Proposition 8. It’s called, “The California Marriage Protection Act” — but don’t let the name fool you. It’s not protecting anyone’s marriage. Not yours. Not mine.

The wording of Prop 8 is tricky. It’s like if someone asked you, “You don’t want dessert, right?” But you do want dessert so you say, “Yes,” which really means you don’t want dessert. And if you say, “No,” which means you do want dessert — it sounds like you don’t. Either way, you don’t get what you want. See — confusing. Just like Prop. 8.

So, in case I haven’t made myself clear, I’m FOR gay marriage. And in order to protect that right — please VOTE NO on Proposition 8. And now that you’re informed, spread the word. I’m begging you. I can’t return the wedding gifts — I love my new toaster."

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150 comments to “A Very Important Message From….”

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  1. Rosh says – reply to this



  2. 2

    woo i love Ellen!

  3. Rosh says – reply to this


    Ellen is awesome.

  4. 4

    its stupid that gay and lesbian people cant be miserable like the rest of us… i mean its like someone saying ur not really a human because u like the same sex…really are we not over this yet…i figured america would understand the most

  5. 5

    It's infuriating that the California Marriage Protection Act name is so misleading. Did they do that on purpose?

  6. 6

    I have to say, I am a straight woman and this is one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUPLES I HAVE EVER SEEN…..Period.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Yay Ellen =D

  9. 9

    QUEER AND IN GEAR!!! So what if the lezzies and queens are married? It won't be any worse than what that Stepford robot McCain used to bang every nite before his saggy scrotum started getting in the way..

  10. 10

    aww dont make her return them!

  11. 11

    ha no but seriously!!! if i lived in Cali I would be voting no on prop 8!
    so if you live in CA it not to late to register to vote!!!!
    .VOTE NO ON PROP 8 .

  12. 12

    I love Ellen!
    I cant wait till I get my wedding gifts….10-18-08
    5 or 6 toasters even though I only registered for one :)
    You rock perezito!

  13. 13

    aww, VOTE NO ON PROP. 8 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14


    In 2004, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that even if marriage and some other tailored institution, like civil union, were exactly the same, the difference would create a separate-but-equal situation, and experience has shown that separate is inherently unequal.

  15. 15

    Gay people are so much happier than straight ones. All my friends who are married hate each other. Gays are just… well… gay. Shouldn't we all just be gay then?
    Meaning happy :P

  16. 16

    Go Ellen!

  17. 17

    I don't do anything unless ellen degeneres tells me to, keep on dancing annoyingly girl.

  18. 18

    Finally, I knew she'd come out and say something about it, just give her time perez. BTW I am glad to know I am not the only one without a life out there. I guess it is only 835 in Cali.

  19. 19

    the dress is pretty but i wanna see the front!

  20. 20

    If i lived in California, She didn't need to ask me to vote no. I already made that decision a long time ago. I'm for gay marriage. Her wedding Photo is beautiful! :D

  21. 21

    Sadly I don't still live in CA or I'd happily vote NO. I'm glad Ellen came out with a statement on this. I hope this prop is defeated and she can keep her toaster. If not, she can always move to MA!

  22. Rynne says – reply to this


    I'm voting NO ON 8 in California! Love you, Ellen! LGBTQ & Allies unite!

  23. 23

    Ymi ms. Really want 25! 46

  24. 24

    that poor beautiful girl………..getting a strap-on instead of the real thing

  25. 25

    Beautifully put. You can tell how much they love each other. And Portia's dress is beautiful!!

  26. 26

    good for you, ELLEN! we need more people like her in this world.

  27. 27

    Ha, I love Ellen. She always says and does the silliest things but they make me laugh. I don't particularly believe in marriage at all, but if there is going to be that choice, the gays should get it too. I've seen more happy gay/les couples than straight ones anyway.

  28. 28

    i love ellen.. she cracks my shit up.

  29. S_M_G says – reply to this


    Awww, Ellen! Love her! If I lived in Cali I would have voted no. Our votes are all going to trash, the damn red state!

  30. 30

    lmfao "i love my new toaster" :D

  31. 31

    where do i go to go vote for this. i wanna vote no to prop 8

  32. 32

    seriously. i LOVE ellen. hahaha she is so funny and she is probably one of the smartest people on television today.

    ahhhhh go ellen!!!!!

  33. 33

    I love Ellen.

    Does this make up for her previous lack-of-donation to the law last week or two weeks ago Perez?

  34. 34

    I sure as hell hope that Ellen DeGeneres has a pre-nuptial agreement between herself and Portia de Rossi….

  35. 35

    I'll definitely be voting no on prop 8!

  36. 36

    Loves the gays !!!!!!

    Congrats Ellen and Portia !!!! You both make a beautiful and fine example of what marriage is all about … IS ABOUT LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So where do I need to put my $$$$$ this shit needs to be solved NOW !!!!

  37. 37

    They both look so beautiful. That dress is to die for. Perez, if you ever get married can I come to your wedding? Lol. I want to pick out your dress too. lol j/k. It's a good day for the gay community. Clay Aiken came out. Yay!

  38. 38

    never mind i just registered to vote =D

  39. 39

    i love ellen, and thankfully i live in massachusetts where we have the right to marry whom ever we want. please please please, everyone in california, vote no on proposition 8. proposition 8 is unconstitutional. all men (and women) are created equal, therefore we all deserve equal rights. equality is our goal and it is absolutely within our reach.

  40. 40

    Gay people should be allowed to get married. Their personal business has absolutely no effect on my life or anyone else's. If you love someone, that is all that matters!! Life's too short to bitch about trivial things.

  41. Kate says – reply to this


    Horray! I knew she would speak out eventually. Canada supports your plight, Cali. We'd vote NO if we could!

  42. 42

    Off topic, but just to point something out Perez, your blog was featured on the show "Privileged" tonight on the CW.

  43. 43

    If I lived in Cali, I would vote no on prop 8 just because I think ellen is so adorable.

  44. 44

    What a very "Ellen" way of putting things. And yes the name of that bill is VERY misleading. Shame on those bastards who can't accept others, I bet they wouldn't share their toys in kindergarten.

  45. 45

    Please everybody don't make Ellen return the toaster!!!!

    VOTE NO ON 8 … and if you are not in CA, go to NO on 8 and send $5.00 or $10.00!

  46. 46

    PEREZ???? WHERE DO WE DONATE?!?!?!?! I want this stopped. Even if that horrible piggy palin wins, we can stop this! Give us a URL to donate! Thanks! Andrew

  47. 47

    HEY PEREZ!!!


  48. 48

    im voting yes :) dude…. no offense, but read what comes with voting no. our kids in freakin elementary school will learn that marriage is between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. also this would take away from the freedom of religion. marriage is a religious thing…rename it then maybe id vote no… :) just my input…

  49. 49

    No one can answer me this - what about the marital chaos this causes - what about the fact the homosexual agenda sued, and complained, sued some more then. claimed it a civil right to redefine marriage for over 4 million Californians who ALREADY voted on this subject - States regulate marriage in many ways besides denying men the right to marry men, and women the right to marry women. Roughly half of all states prohibit first cousins from marrying, and all prohibit marriage of closer blood relatives, even if the individuals being married are sterile. In all states, it is illegal to attempt to marry more than one person, or even to pass off more than one person as one’s spouse. Some states restrict the marriage of people suffering from syphilis or other venereal diseases. Homosexuals, therefore, are not the only people to be denied the right to marry the person of their choosing. Gay marriage = marital chaos! YES on 8 - take it back - cause THEY STOLE IT.

  50. Lidia says – reply to this


    awww i love ellen!!!!

    no on prop 8

  51. 51


  52. 52


    Californians have ALREADY VOTED ON THIS before and are only going to vote on it and pass it AGAIN because the homo-fascists and their influence on the California courts overturned the expressed WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

    A great majority of Californians do NOT want gay marriage going on anywhere near them and their families!

    I hope this baby gets 70%+ support and that the homos and fomos run out of California and move to some other part of the world like Bangkok or some place more fitting like Antarctica.


  53. 53

    Still gross!!

  54. 54

    Ellen Ellen Ellen… It's always about the toaster, isn't it?

  55. 55

    i love how she is comical even with serious subjects that concerns her greatly.

  56. 56

    I don't understand how if you don't support gay marriage , you hate gay people. Statistically, the breakdown of the family (male,female) has a negative effect on society. That does not mean I hate gays or they are bad people. I'm saying ideally, the way God intended it, is best. Where is the line drawn in society, if I love my cousin, is that ok because it makes me happy? how about my brother? My horse? I'm Being dramatic, but where does it stop?

  57. 57

  58. 58

    QQQ or is it KKK, The only thing lame is your bigotry here, For starters asswipe the court that over-turned the bigoted vote was republican ,yes asswipe they were republican and felt that not giving gays equal rights was barbaric and not civil and they were right. Gays deserver equal rights,gay kids deserve protection in the school,and gays that are in love should have the right to marry like the do in most of the european and canadian world,and I dont give a shit if your whole trailerpark southern white trash family doesnt like it,capiche fuckface.

  59. 59

    luv luv luv dat ellen.

  60. FMB says – reply to this


    GO Ellen! NO on Prop 8!!! I live in British Columbia, Canada. Our province was the first to recognize same-sex marriages, then 2 years ago our Federal Government made it official for all Canadians…Guess what? It has been overwhelmingly accepted. Even our current repressive Conservative Government has accepted it as part of our constitution now. It has made our country stronger by solidifying these long-term relationships. I have been to several ceremonies and to see all of the families and friends together celebrating love is beautiful.

  61. 61

    Well said, Ellen. As a straight woman, her being married has no impact upon me. My marriage is my marriage. Other people, gay, straight or otherwise doesn't diminish from the specialness of my union.
    As for the slippery slope arguments, those were used to decry interracial marriage. Society hasn't completely collapsed as a result and it won't as a result of gay marriage. What gay marriage does is allow people to be mature, responsible adults, responsible to their own families.

  62. 62

    Re: mayradlovesu – Firstly, I'll just say that whilst I disagree with your point here, at least you were articulate in your response. An impassioned discussion on an issue is always better than shit talking for shock value.

    That said, you said "in freakin elementary school will learn that marriage is between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. also this would take away from the freedom of religion. marriage is a religious thing".

    I am happy to be proven wrong, but surely, as with many issues sensitive to faith and culture, parents would be consulted, and given the right to remove their chid from lessons affected? Also, I'm sorry, but marriage is not simply a religious thing. Firstly, which religion are you speaking of? Because of course, some religions encourage and celebrate polygamy. The fact that this is sanctified in a religious creed does not mean it's lawful in the U.S (or any other Western countries). Also, what does that say about the millions of non-religious hetero marriages? Are they less valid than the marriages of religious citizens?

    It seems to me this is yet another majorly blurred line between faith and legislature. Just sayin…

  63. 63

    [[[[[[[[[[[ ellen lookz like a cute boy ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    zzzzzzzzzz luv the drezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    {{{{{{{{{ ….happy licking ………..}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  64. 64

    Us girls love Ellen, but where was she when the shit went down?

  65. 65

    Stupid and condescending.

    That will change their minds!

  66. 66

    Ellen, I love gay people so much.

  67. 67

    Vote Yes on this Proposition, please - Ellen is wrong and she and this woman should find them a man that will love them in a healthy relationship…..

  68. 68

    Re: KevinK
    Are you Mr. P-Nasty himself? You're cute.

  69. 69


    monkeyfuk is coming to town, can you guess


  70. 70

    I think the whole "marriage is a sacred act between a guy and a girl" is a piece of crap!

    Lets paint a picture:
    It perfectly fine for me, as a straight woman, to go to Las Vegas this weekend, party all night & then get married to some random dude by a fake Elvis….then get divorced right after that.
    However, two people who are in love and committed cant get married (in most states).

    Its wrong and ignorant! In this world today, we should be embracing love in any shape or form!

  71. 71

    I want that dress.

  72. 72

    O.J.z going to prizon, lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    can't wait 2/c the look [☼☼] on hiz fatt fukin face.haha
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ↕ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    we're gonna get chazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  73. 73


  74. 74

    Ellen, we love you. WE are so glad that you are not like that raist oprah.

  75. 75

    that poor beautiful girl………..getting a strap-on instead of the real thing

  76. 76

  77. 77

    GO Ellen!
    Vote NO! I would if I could!

  78. 78

    Vote YES for Prop 8.
    Don't give Perez any chance to be an acceptable citizen.

  79. 79

    Is gay marriage legal in the UK, or is a "civil union".

  80. 80

    marriage is a legal partnership between two people who respect and love each other…. all humans should have that right
    aww and ellen is such a sweetie….:)

  81. 81

    Ellen, I want to see you in long blonde hair with a wedding dress. Let her be the Man for once.

  82. 82

    Let gay people do wtf they want. They were born that way, it wasn't a choice for them. People need to stfu about that.

  83. 83

    Re: Sophia84

    Wow! I was only for 'civil union' but you made me think again. Hmmmmm

  84. 84

    I'm glad she cleared that up for us… no really - the way they word these things is ridiculous - they want to confuse people for some reason. But the main thing is — WOW - Portia looks stunning in that dress!

  85. 85

    The Repugnants are such sneaky people. They never tire of trying to exclude others. I wonder what makes them so mean all the time?

    In addition, please remember to vote for Obaman, too!

  86. 86

    pretty dress.

  87. 87


  88. 88

    And once again I pose the question, since you were so brash to accuse Ellen of her lack of support against it…how much money have you donated?

  89. 89

    Talk about your beautiful fairy princess dress. I hope they hold onto that so if they ever have a daughter, she can play dress up. Great message from Ellen, equal rights for everyone.

  90. 90

    Re: deejoshy
    so, what do you think about me
    taking money from Freddy Mac
    and Fannie May for my campaign..
    is that sneaky too?
    Me, Freddy, Fannie, all brought down
    this housing market, did you lose your
    home yet? Sorry, it's all my fault for
    getting into bed with them.
    Ellen told people after I danced on her show that
    I danced like an old jOhn mcCain..nice, HUH?

  91. 91

    I looooooooooove Ellen! What an amazing woman… and an awesome gift to our society! I wish I lived in California so I could vote on this!

  92. 92

    Cool, she's such a class act, makes her political viewpoint known in a classy and non confrotational way, so different from Uber Dyke white trash Rosie O'Donnell whose angry & confrontational approach would probably have allienated potential supporters, way to go Ellen! and those of you in CA, vote NO on Prop 8!

  93. 93

    Yay Ellen!

    NO on Prop 8

  94. 94

    VOTE YES -
    Those who favor homosexual marriage contend that “tolerance” demands that they be given the same right to marry as heterosexual couples.

    But this appeal for “tolerance” advocates a very different meaning and outcome than that word has meant throughout most of American history and a different meaning than is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    The Savior taught a much higher concept, that of love. “Love thy neighbor,” He admonished. [13] Jesus loved the sinner even while decrying the sin, as evidenced in the case of the woman taken in adultery: treating her kindly, but exhorting her to “sin no more.” [14]

    Tolerance as a gospel principle means love and forgiveness of one another, not “tolerating” transgression.

    Legalizing same-sex marriage will affect a wide spectrum of government activities and policies.

    Once a state government declares that same-sex unions are a civil right, those governments almost certainly will enforce a wide variety of other policies intended to ensure that there is no discrimination against same-sex couples.

    This may well place “church and state on a collision course.”

  95. 95

    it's those bastards again trying to control everything

  96. 96

    I LOVE ELLEN!!!!

  97. 97

    I seriously love her. That is the best way she could articulate her point…with humor and grace. I don't understand why it's such a problem for people to let other people live their lives…if they love each other, who cares what their gender is? I think that Ellen is a fabulous person; gay, straight, whatever. Let people live their lives.

  98. 98

    If I can't be #1 - I wanna be #100!

  99. 99

    Shit - the FAT HOMOPHOBE - beat me out!

    Oh well, he can win the #100 spot - we will still win NO on 8!

  100. 100

    she's completely right! Vote NO!!! No! NO! NO!

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