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Headline Of The Week Weak

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"Cops: Man Drove to Barack Obama's House With Gun
Man held for approaching Sen. Obama's Kenwood home with gun, bulletproof vest

Scary stuff!!! CLICK HERE to read the article accompanying this headline.

[Image via WENN.]

Man held for approaching Sen. Obama's Kenwood home with gun, bulletproof vest

Charges are pending against a man who drove up to the security perimeter around Sen. Barack Obama’s home in Kenwood with a gun on the floor of his car this morning, police said.

The man also had a bulletproof vest in the car, sources said.

The man, in his 30s, was stopped by a Chicago Police officer assigned to the U.S. Secret Service security detail at about 5 a.m. today, Chicago Police said. He had a rambling conversation with the officer who stopped him.

After being told to leave the area, the man drove away but he returned. The officer then searched his car and recovered a handgun, police said.

Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley said the man “did not breach any security perimeters” and was a block away from the senator's home. The man did not direct any threats toward Obama, nor did he “utter any threatening language,” Wiley said.

Sources said the man inquired about getting a job, spoke about how he was a victim of crime and discussed how he was happy that an African-American was running for president. The man, a convicted felon, is African-American.

There are “Do Not Enter” and “Authorized Personnel Only” signs posted around that security area, a Chicago Police spokesman said. The outer security perimeter is manned by the Secret Service and Chicago police, Wiley said.

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101 comments to “Headline Of The Week Weak”

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  1. 1

    fucken asshole needs to be killed mother fucker

  2. 2

    It sad but some nutjob will always be out to get him just because.

  3. 3

    Maybe it was just an…………….NBC/SNL spoof !……………LOL

  4. 4


  5. 5


  6. 6

    Clay is GAY, wow who knew.

  7. 7

    If Barak wins Biden will be president within a year. This country, as shameful as it is to say, isn't ready for a person of any shade of the rainbow to become president.

  8. 8

    Re: harrybalsac – morning harry.

  9. 9

    Re: LettyB – morning letty.

  10. 10

    Re: LettyBRe: mama of 2 – 280 comments on Name that camel toe, this is high brow shit we're doing here!

  11. 11


  12. LS says – reply to this



  13. 13


  14. techy says – reply to this


    sad to say but this will probably happen to him often if he ends up in office:( Racist idiots!!!

  15. 15


  16. 16

    that guy must be fucked up….. :/

  17. 17

    slow again.

  18. 18

    People like that make me sick. What makes people think they have the right to judge others based on race or sexuality? I don't understand.

  19. 19

    Re: harrybalsac – lol!!!!!
    i thought the same thing!!

  20. 20

    PEREZ !!!!!!!!!! Different caption, PLEASE !!! Your caption of Weak and then Obama's picture is not good.

  21. 21

    Have there even been any assassination attempts on Senator McCain? I guess this tells people alot about people opposed to democrats :/ they are more inclined to violence it seems. How comforting.

  22. 22

    Re: harrybalsac – lolololol !!!

  23. 23

    Re: LettyB – he is way to hot to kill off.
    i thought he was gone.
    good show.
    i have to watch it again today.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Why is a black man trying to kill another black man?

  26. 26

    Re: LettyB

    I have to agree with you on this one. Talk about a headline with no substance.

  27. 27

    Re: LS

    Why are you yelling? You seem to be a little touchy on this subject.

  28. 28

    Re: techy – probably.

  29. Sammy says – reply to this


    And people worry John Mccain will die in office due to age?

  30. 30

    He was probably white and missing most of his teeth.

  31. 31

    Oh wow I JUST now read the article and seen that the gun man is also African American. Interesting!

  32. 32

    Wow, people are nuts. We all kinda knew that already.

  33. 33

    in all honesty…
    you know if he is elected
    he will have such a hit
    put out on him…
    sad but true…..

    like someone above said, biden will be president before
    we know it.

  34. 34

    Must have been Andy27 or any number of lunatics/mccain plants who use perez's forums for free advertisement.

  35. 35

    It's Kennedy all over again!!! He truly needs to be CAREFUL! So sad!

  36. 36

    Re: LS – regardless……he is considered black by most - just because he LOOKS black! sad, but true. i don't think his mother being white really matters to most racist people.

  37. 37

    the guys is black? Probably some crackhead. Some white idiot probably paid him an eight ball.

  38. 38

    Hmmm I'm from chicago. Somebody likely paid a hitman to go to obama's house. wow. very corrupt city on a lot of scary levels, a lot of gangs who can be paid and will kill anybody.

  39. 39

    Re: LettyB
    I have friends like you,
    make me an offer I couldn't refuse
    their names are Freddy and Fanny and
    I like you, want to be in my new family circle?
    I would run for the hills
    but that's where the
    good old boys live
    that want me dead.
    A vote for me is a
    vote for Joe..I'll
    be 6 feet under.
    H E L P !!!!!!!!

  40. 40

    Re: CoDy A
    fuk, your hott
    and afro's always kills afro's
    they ain't partial

  41. 41

    barack obama should hire kimbo slice and chuck norris as joint head of security. then it'd be like 2 unmoveable objects protecting an unstoppable force.

  42. 42

    Re: LS – would you shut the fuck up about him being half whhhhiiiite. nobody gives a fuck. i swear to everything holy, everytime they post anything on here about obama you say the same shit about his grandparents raising him and blah blah blah. no one cares. and obama will lose the election. McCain will win

  43. 43

    obama and I love
    each other and
    I'm sure he knows
    that I had nothing
    to do with this…
    Looks like if you vote
    for him you will
    be voting for Biden.

  44. 44

    It's almost sad to say but if Obama gets elected, if he's not assasinated before then , he will more than likely be assasinated in office. The american people are just not ready for a colored man to be president. People can say that some white folk are racist but ya'll blacks are just as racist as some white people. I just have to say that over half of blacks here in america are only voting for him because he is black, and those people really have no clue what obama is really about.

  45. 45

    God bless Barack Obama and keep him safe from harm. And the same goes for the rest of the candidates.

  46. 46

    Re: kitten poo – you think we use the the comments for free advertisement. everyone on here is always pro-obama. because its all blacks mexicans and gays. and why is race getting discussed on this one? the guy wasnt even trying to get to obama to kill him. and the guy was black. oh my god i am sooooooooooo fucking tired of everyone who is black using the fucking race card when something even remotely happens to them or someone else they know who is black. im white and i promise I DONT GIVE A FUCK THAT YOUR BLACK OR MEXICAN OR CHINESE. if i do something to you, its not because of your race. get the fuck over yourselves seriously. It got really old and annoying like 50 years ago.

  47. 47

    I think "if" he does get voted in he want make it 2 days in office someone will kill himm.

  48. 48

    Re: luvmygirlz7104 – You are telling people to to shut up when you are the one talking crap

    Re: yourazzzuckzbuttermilk
    Your humour is so tasteless and cruel. But life is ironic sometimes and karma is a bitch and I hope that your realise that.
    Re: mccainpalin2008 – And 90% of white people voting for McCain are voting for him because he is white. He is yet to explain his policies or plans so it's clear why he has their support.

  49. 49

    Um, guys.

    He didn't ever threated Barak Obama in any way.

    Seems to me, a confused, mentally unstable guy who decided to try to get a job and also carries a gun (and a bulletproof vest…?)

    Really, I think he was harmless.

  50. 50

    Re: YepIsaidit – Where in the world do you get your information that he has yet to explain his plans and policies? You should visit his website and maybe learn a little before you post crap like that.

  51. 51

    scary –

  52. 52

    Shit, Biden over Palin anyday!

  53. 53

    Re: mccainpalin2008 – ? That literally makes no sense at all. The public isn't ready for– and excuse me did you say "colored?"–man to be president? Wow. Talk about ignorance. I am not black and I'm not voting for Obama just because he's black. When it comes down to it, he is going to turn this hell-hole we call our country around.

  54. 54

    Re: mccainpalin2008

    Re: colored man ???? What friggin' decade are we in????

  55. 55

    Re: sweetpiece – Why Biden over Palin?

  56. 56

    Re: JembaBemba – Yes I said colored which is a helluva lot better than what i could have said.

  57. 57

    why is it all the insane people have guns and bulletproof vests? xD

  58. 58

    Re: hollyholly8 – Explain to me the ignorance of my comment. I said that over half the blacks were voting for him because he was black…..everyone knows it's true….didn't say one thing about why whites were voting for him.

  59. 59

    Re: YepIsaidit – and you know everything right??

  60. 60

    Re: hollyholly8 – and you are brainwashed by obamas meaningless words

  61. 61

    Anyway see u people later……heading out to Mccain country!!!!!!!!! Mccain/Palin 2008 BABY!!!!!

  62. 62

    Re: mccainpalin2008 – Joe Biden, King of Comedy

  63. 63

    Re: mccainpalin2008 – No no, you said that over half of blacks are voting for Obama just because he's black, and that they "don't know what he's all about." You ALSO happened to mention that Obama is "more than likely" to get assisinated in office if he is elected… now can you please expain this to me? "The people aren't ready for a colored man to be president?" Are you kidding me? How do you not see that you're ignorant? Are you an 80-year-old racist fuck?

  64. 64

    Re: threeway – You mean his plans and agenda? I'm waiting for something from McCain that wasn't directly plagiarised from Obama's acceptance speech, or something that is truthful.

  65. 65

    i know quite a few people that won't vote for obama b/c he's black

  66. 66

    but i'm voting for him!

  67. 67

    Re: mccainpalin2008

    What's that supposed to mean? I'm a conservative for McCain/Palin, but I don't see the rational for calling Obama racist names. You give McCain supporters a bad name.

    Re: hollyholly8 – You think this country is a "hell hole"? Maybe you should take a look at some other countries on this Earth and then redefine your meaning of hell hole.

  68. 68

    I'm not a Obama supporter but, I certainly don't want him harmed. With that said, this doesn't come as a surprise to me. Unfortunately, it's still the world we live in. We've come a long way but, we still aren't there yet… where color doesn't matter. So sad that someone would go to this extreme because of a canidate's skin color. I'm assuming.

  69. 69


  70. 70

    Re: JembaBemba – Fair enough; I realize that compared to many third world countries, our country is probably wonderful. However, it seriously needs help. Our economy is in major jeopardy, as is our environment. Racism and homophobia are common. The rich get richer, and that's about it. It's hard to find a job. Children are getting less educated; people continue to abuse alcohol and drugs daily. People fight to ban abortion but then happily send thousands of soldiers to die overseas. The White House is run by idiots. The major concerns to many Americans today are petty, self-centered concerns. We don't live in a third world country, but we seriously need help. "Hell-hole" might be too strong a term, but it's not a pretty picture, and there needs to be somebody, anybody other than a George W. Bush clone (McCain) in the White House this January.

  71. 71

    Re: mccainpalin2008 – 56 He doesn't believe the world if flat.

  72. 72

    is flat.

  73. 73

    Re: silverphoenix – 58 …and are republican?

  74. 74

    only thing scary is he didn't get the nobama guy…better luck next time

  75. 75

    Re: hollyholly8 – the man has just about 143 days in senate how in the world can he lead a country with no experience. i guess he will cure cancer to

  76. coco says – reply to this


    I really hope that no one kills him because I would like to think that we as a people have grown past this in the year 2008. Everyone does understand that if he is elected and killed there will be a war here at home. It will be the war of the races. Ugh something tells me that's when Anarchy will happen with Generation X. Gives me nightmares

  77. 77

    Re: jjjjjjjjenn
    Perez please report this poster to the FBI, it sounds as though there is a threat there.

  78. 78

    Re: jjjjjjjjenn – Shame on you. More violence is the last thing this country needs to get back on track.

  79. 79

    Have you ever been outside the U.S.?

  80. 80

    Obama's going to turn this world around, alright and the country's going to land right on its ass. He's not going to be able to tax the rich now because of the economic crisis. Bet he hasn't told that to hollyholly8 yet. His whole plan is out of the window, thank God!!!

  81. 81

    Re: mccainpalin2008 – Who the fuck uses the word colored anymore? that;s so fucking offensive and ignorant. STFU ALL you racist pricks

  82. 82

    why don't any of my comments ever show Perez?

  83. 83

    The freedom movement may have spread to a select few of the American public but it sure as hell hasn't spread to the majority. The core issues that we should be concerned about; bigger gov't and more power to the gov't, more spending and a higher deficit that my children will have to inherit, a war with Russia and Iran, the violation of our civil liberties and the CONSTITUTION, are swiped aside for issues that shouldn't be on our top agenda: abortion (pro-life or pro-choice, gay rights, and rights for illegal immigrants, a health care plan that violates the constitution and a person's right to personal choice/responsibility. Because to me that seems to be where the major differences are. What we should care about is the fact the both of our supposed choices both represent all these things. Both of them blatantly intend to have tough military action on Iran, both of them will increase our taxes and our deficit for their bigger gov't programs (where do u think the $$$ comes from to pay for these programs), both of them have relations with manipulative and corrupt corporations i.e.

  84. 84

    Obama's connection with Fannie and Freddie and well the whole world knows where McCain's connections lay. This stuff could just go on. Instead, we are all on opposite ends of the political spectrum voting for two evils. One may be a little less evil then the other but they are still evils. Do you really think that in the yrs to come you won't think "damn I believed another politician." Damn I was ready to fight for this politician and put my well-being and children's in his hands? We are still going to be in a war….a bigger war, we are still going to have a bigger deficit, and we are going to have less civil liberites, while our country is left to foreign countries to buy up. AHHHHHHHH why don't you get it? Where is everyone's critical thinking skills? Vote for Hitler or Vote for the Communist. But hey its just me, what do I know?

  85. 85

    If I had to worry about so many people killing me, that's the last job I would want. It doesn't pay enough unless your name is G.W.
    or Dickyboy Cheney.

  86. 86

    Re: kerkieberkie
    Why do white people kill white people? Take a look back in history and you will notice there have been numerous white on white assasination attempts. Not all black people are on board with Obama. This country is not ready for a Black Pres.(mixed, I mean). This country has a long way to go. It does not matter how educated he is, or his ability to lead–he is still black.

  87. 87

    obama, I'm waiting to hear
    r U uzing ”my hilary” 4/anything or not…
    u want my vote…then y'r wife needz 2/get off her
    ”'highhorze”' and pick Hilary 4 something//Sec. of Defenze..
    or something..show me that you appreciate Bill/Hillz help 2/U◘◘

  88. 88

    its ashame how ghetto some of you republicans behave on this site. Obama is a HARVARD GRADATE MCCAIN ranked 894 out of 896 in the Navy and Palin FLUNKED OUT OF 2 JR AND STATE COLLEGES. G-H-E-T-T-O. I want the BEST candidate to run the country. Bush really fucked up for HIS self gain. Obama is aware that people can be HATEFUL, EVIL and feel WEAK enough to hate someone for the color of his skin BOTH BLACK AND WHITE. Its a WEAK MINED TRAP too many IDIOTS FALL FOR and NOT apart of GOD like behavior. He knows people will want him dead, hes being BRAVE and STRONG and that will hopefully make him a GREAT president one day.

  89. 89

    Re: krazihottkelli/bitchygrl – I hoe he picks her for something also. I have a feeling he will. :) (fingers crossed)

  90. 90

    Re: nikkinrex – 89 Yep! That's why I'm voting for the smart guy!

  91. 91

    Re: asscrack
    So am I

  92. 92

    The lobbying firm of John McCain's campaign manager was paid $15,000 a month for several years until last month by one of two housing companies taken over by the federal government, a person familiar with the financial arrangement said Tuesday night.
    That money from Freddie Mac to the firm of Rick Davis was on top of more than $30,000 a month that went directly to Davis for five years starting in 2000.

  93. 93

    Re: Wildfire
    We need to be saved from people with logic like this.

  94. 94

    If anything happens to President Obama that will be the end of the USA as we know it now. Whatever credibility is left of that country - and it is very small - the other countries will have no respect for Americans and will gang up against them. It's about time people in the USA start realizing how badly they are judged by other countries for being such racists while pretending to be heaven on earth.

  95. 95

    i live by obamas house and its not possible for anyone to get by (baracades and cops everywhere) there so idk how tht guy was ablee too

  96. 96

    To be honest I think America is ready for a black person to be president the problem is Obama himself. Do you think if Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice were running for president that the public would have the same reaction? I don't live in America but reading all the info on Obama he just seems way shady. He has been caught out lying many times. Not to mention that weird ass cult he belongs to that masqurades as a church. I've been to a few churches in my lifetime and none of them ever asked me to swear an oath like that. I'm not saying that their aren't things wrong with McCain but there something not right about Obama. (I'm from a country with a female president.)

  97. 97

    Re: kelliek – CULT? Not even close. You should look at the HISTORY of black and white churches. Some white churches held REGULAR KLAN MEETINGS. While black churches were a place for politics and venting about racial inequality. For example you could always find Dr King speaking at a church. So maybe the culture is different., And let me tell you some balck reverands are MAD shady but not too many black folks actually know that. Dr King even once said that he;d rather trade 1500 bapist ministers for 500 South sode gange members. SOME and not all have wives, women on the side drinking and drug problems etc. Hell they even had leased hotels for their dirt.
    You have to go not judging them and get teh message and bible information. So dont go thinking hes shady because he goes to a black Christian church. :)

  98. 98

    Re: mccainpalin2008 – "Colored" wow if that doesn't sound racist, black is a little more acceptable, you might even want to try african american. This isn't the 1960s pal.

  99. 99

    I'm glad they caught that
    idiot messing around Barack's house.
    I disagree with Obama's politics, but
    he seems like a nice guy.

  100. kmp says – reply to this


    Re: Wildfire – That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. So there is no such thing as violent/racist democrats? HA! I can point across my street and find one.

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