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Palin Cheating Scandal!!!

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As we told you earlier this month, the National Enquirer was reporting that Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin, had an affair with her husband's former business partner.

In fact, the guy that Palin was accused of having an affair with, even filed an EMERGENCY motion to have his divorce records sealed in Alaska!!!!

Yea, because that's not suspicious right?

John McCain's camp even threatened legal action for the Enquirer meddling. But that didn't stop them, thankfully.

So what did the Enquirer discover?

That Palin did have an affair with an individual named Brad Hanson!!! That's her husband's former business partner.

They were both married at the time. And according to reports, three members of Hanson's family have already sworn - one by affidavit - that Palin and Hanson were having an extramarital affair!

Hanson owned a snowmobile dealership along with Palin's hubby, Todd, who got rid of the partnership after hearing stories about the affair, which allegedly took place back in 1996.

And, despite denials from Palin and Hanson, Jim Burdett, a Hanson family insider, has opened up about the family's secret and even passed a rigorous polygraph test in an effort to reveal the truth - that the affair did take place.

Burdett says, “I’ve known about Brad having had an affair for a long time, but it wasn’t until just recently that I learned his affair was with Sarah Palin. Sarah was elected mayor of Wasilla, Brad became a city council member in the nearby town of Palmer, and they started an affair. Todd found out about the affair and was so mad he broke up their partnership at the snowmobile dealership.”

Another source, who's remaining anonymous but has given a sworn affidavit as well, is saying, “Todd was away on business a lot and Sarah felt lonely. Brad was a good listener, and Sarah talked to him at length. Eventually, she real­ized she was falling in love with him. When Todd got back from one of his trips, Sarah told him that she had begun to have feelings for Brad.”


Wonder how the McCain camp is going to try and cover this up?

Cindy McCain better watch out. Palin might try to take her husband as well!

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245 comments to “Palin Cheating Scandal!!!”

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  1. 1

    ewww he ugly. she cudda found some1 better lookin. and i thought it was PALIN?? not paling
    OBAMA 08!!!!!

  2. 2

    not again.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Yeah - I am sure it's true too! PLEASE. Get over it.

  5. 5

    i mean he's ugly. not he ugly

  6. 6

    Really that would mean she isn't perfect!!!

  7. 7

    of course sexy sarah is promiscuous shes a hot bitch with lots of power.. = sexy combo..

  8. 8

    hopefully they don't use the same people that Bill Clinton tried to use to cover it up.

  9. 9

    doesnt steadman look like dr. phil. or is that just me?

  10. momo3 says – reply to this


    lies lies lies yeeeea lies lies lies yeeeeaaaa. For all the people that want Barack for pres will believe this all those for Mccain wont believe this trash from where????? Enquirer???

  11. 11

    whatever! like she can't do better than that fattush ugly guy!

  12. ad'0x says – reply to this


    i cant stand her

  13. 13

    Re: harrybalsac – check out the celebutard posting

  14. 14

    Wow, she and her family are a mess, just like any other fukked up, low budget human. We all come with problems. I mean, I'm not a repub. I can't stand this trick or her grand-dad(McCain), but enough is enough. Her family and personal life is ruined. She's smeared, she sucks, we get it. Now can she live before she or her family commits suicide.

  15. 15

    Can't wait to read how the fuck all the conservatives are going to defend this fucking crazy witch now also FUCKING SLUT as a VP choice. Way to go, this woman deserves a reality show…

  16. 16

    Ok, sometimes it's not about the oersons looks, it's about their swagger, too.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    none of these bullshit drama LIES would have happened if Palin were a man. none of it. Such a fucking double standard we are still living in today. Yet we feel like we are ready to move forward with Obama?

  19. 19

    *person's, and yes, Stedman looks like Dr. Phil there.

  20. Bez says – reply to this


    oh yea

  21. 21

    good job. i see u fixed the spelling error

  22. 22

    If someone believes something to be true, they will pass a lie detector test –

    -Burdett says, “I’ve known about Brad having had an affair for a long time, but it wasn’t until just recently that I learned his affair was with Sarah Palin. Sarah was elected mayor of Wasilla, Brad became a city council member in the nearby town of Palmer, and they started an affair. Todd found out about the affair and was so mad he broke up their partnership at the snowmobile dealership.”

    He has no first hand information. I don't know if it is true or not, but it is the enquirer and that is just stupid. If Perez told me he was really straight and I believed him and then took a polygraph and was asked if Perez was gay and said No - it would say I passed. Doesn't make it true!

  23. 23

    when can we expect to hear about legal proceedings from the McCain campaign? Either the Enquirer has deep pockets for just such an occasion (i.e getting sued - AGAIN) or their is truth to the story. It will be interesting to see this play out!

  24. 24

    Even if it did happen, why should she cover it up? It happened 12 years ago…

  25. 25

    sexy swimstud
    check the simon cowell posting

  26. 26


    NOT that it is her baby, but maybe Daddy at home wasn't getting any from the missus so he turned towards the next relation in line for some cool Alaskan winter warmth. Hence the secret pregnancy which they STILL deny.

    More denials here than a John Edwards press conference.

  27. 27

    When are you going to get your head out of your ass and stop relying on the National Enquirer! This is the same rag that had a woman pregnant with an alien child last week. Keep on spinning. Use what suits you. Dumbass.

  28. 28

    Well, ain't that inneresting!

  29. 29

    haaaaahahaaha if seh was gonna cheat atleast she shoulda picked someone hott

  30. 30

    Man this is definately the down side of fame-they'll print anything and everything that is said about you. I'm not Palin fan, but this would make me want to tell McCain thanks but no thanks

  31. 31

    Who really cares about it, was over long ago.

  32. 32

    perez?!! why am i just know finding out about this!!!?????????

  33. 33

    are you kidding?
    its the national inquirer! LIESSS

  34. 34

    Family values!!!.. a party that bans gay marriage, same sex relationships, abortion, loves death penalty, quotes the bible and all the conservative crap has a choice for VP, to represent to the entire world .. this is what we are.. this woman exemplifies us!! lmao.. dumb fuckers.. can't wait to read you hypocrite bastards. Isn't better to be open minded? when you are open minded and you are not so judgmental these things never look bad..

  35. 35

    i wanna hear bout britney and k-fed!

  36. 36

    Re: palincomparison – you are a moron! I hope you aren't a registered voter.

  37. 37

    but you missed commenting on all the other true stories on this cover…like Britney and Kevin and Stedman and Oprah
    This is about as reliable as Perez Hilton! hehehehe

  38. 38

    i think this "family member" is out to get money. Remember, they can say he passed the polygraph with flying colors but wheres the evidence? Also, if someone believes it whole-heartedly that the fact is true, you can also trick the polygraph test.

  39. 39

    hahahaha loves it, This is your next president mofo's! hahahahaha

  40. 40

    No wonder the kids are so fucked up!

  41. 41

    Re: maggers14
    Of course it would, honey. It happend to John Edwards, didn't it? It happened to Bill Clinton, didn't it? Makes no difference if you're a man or a woman. A cheater's a cheater's a cheater. And if you're running for public office, you better out yourself or expect others to do it for you.

  42. 42

    BRITNEY AND KFED ARE MOVING IN TOGETHER!!! I'm certain that's true too, right?

  43. 43


  44. 44

    …a Republican who cheats? GET me the smelling salts!

  45. 45


  46. D-Bag says – reply to this


    This can't be true. Her husband is hot and this guy is fug.

  47. 47

    if it comes from the national inquire it HAS to be true…
    McCain 08

  48. 48

    Do we really want someone with sooooo much scandal surrounding her in office in our country?
    OBAMA 08!!!!!

  49. 49

    Awww mannn…
    She's a chubby chaser after all isn't she?
    Vote Obama

  50. 50

    who cares! right! Clinton had affairs while being president. this will backfire on dems since they stood by clintons whoring ways.

  51. 51

    I always said she had blow job face and now this proves she's got the snatch of death to go with it. DON'T PREACH REPUBLICAN MORALITY TO ME, YOU STUPID WHORE!

  52. 52

    This is important as yet another example of her hypocrisy!

  53. 53

    this REALLY has no place in this election time. why even bring it up who cares. that's not what this country is about anyway.

  54. 54

    isn't political scandal just the greatest?

  55. 55

    All of those headlines look fucking stupid. Britney and Kevin moving in together again? I don't think so!

  56. 56

    Oh Republicans, such hypocrites.

    Think she had unprotected sex, got pregnant and got an ABORTION??

  57. 57


  58. 58

    If it is true than she is disgusting, and a hippocrit. I wish John Mccain had not chosen her, she always struck me as a really odd choice, I just don't get it, I wish Hillary Clinton was still in the race so I would have a viable choice.

  59. Suze says – reply to this


    Countdown…..soon the rabid Palin fans will be flocking to this site to defend her honor…T minus 10, T minus 9…..

  60. 60

    i am soooo bored.
    on the other hand, perez ur doing a great job. u've seem to have gooten most of ur fanbase back. i got kindda worried there for a sec.
    but i love u and i never went anywhere!
    keep up the good work

  61. 61

    You forgot to mention that Stedman is marrying Oprah, since the Enquirer is a credible source of news for you. Also, I don't see anything on your site about BRitney and K-Fed moving in together.

  62. 62

    Of course this is the truth! Because people NEVER lie to get attention.

  63. 63

    Re: Honey Rider – Don't you think rep. campaign would do something about this already if at least something of this weren't true??? I am pretty sure that the national enquirer has someone to rely the source of this information.. totally truth or not.. some of this must be truth.. I mean Palin VP choice with so much money to support her and power, I would believe something would have done in order to respond back to these attacks of her image.. unless.. there is nothing can't be done cause it has some truth and will call more media attention. Don't you agree?

  64. 64

    C'mon Perez….this is the National Enquirer, not People. So I'm assuming Bigfoot and Osama really are a couple too, right?

  65. 65

    What about the holy of holies for the extreme left -the Kennedy family? They got their money from mobster ties and bootlegging and are infamous for being philanders.

  66. 66

    Love it!! I am going to post this shit on facebook. lmao. The woman is a freaking circus.

  67. 67

    P.S. see in the corner "K-fed and Britney move in together" the National Enquirer is full of B.S.

  68. 68

    Love it….all the pro dems believe it….and all the pro repubs don't . what's new. Pro Repubs would be having a field day is this was a story on Obama's wife.

    So sick of politics….cause it makes me aware how stupid we Americans truly are. I mean…..8 years wasn't enough. People still want to vote McCain in for 4 more.

  69. 69

    Demi's a HUGE fatty mcfatass!!!!!

  70. 70

    Re: erhg74 – I am a conservative (mostly) and if this is true it is indefensible, and I hope other conservatives will not stand up for her, remember when Bill Clinton was labasted for this kind of behavior?

  71. 71

    What a Reupblican WHORE! Just like Elizabitch!

  72. 72

    yeah, cuz the inquirer is always so bang on with their "news" which is why right next to it, brit and k-fed are moving back in together, and stedman and oprah are finally getting married - uh huh…

  73. 73

    This is SOOOO stupid, you can't get anything worth while against her so pick at petty shit. First I don't exactly believe this story but if it's true the why the fuck do you people care. Remember Clinton? You all said stay out of people's personal lives yet when the situation is reversed you guys can't stay out of it.

  74. 74

    Isn't there anyone in the political offices who hasn't gone and done a affair? No surprise from me.

  75. 75


  76. 76

    i am excited to see how this plays out and if the republican campaign is going to somehow make it seem okay when they made clinton's affair seem so important.

  77. 77

    You're all about equal rights as long as it's gay rights though. What about treating a VP candidate fair as well?

  78. 78

    I just have a question for everyone on here questioning why Perez would post this, saying that there is no way this is true and that if she were a man this wouldn't be an issue… All I will ask is have you forgotten about John Edwards?? This Democratic MAN was caught by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER for having an affair… They were right… I'm not saying they're right about this… Until full on proof comes out it's just rumor, but at the same time they were right about the last cheating scandal involving a politician and since they don't seem too concerned about legal repurcussion from the McCain campaign kinda makes me wonder what other info they have…

  79. 79

    McCain either has already tapped it or going to tap it later

  80. 80

    Cindy McCain has nothing to worry about. Who in their right mind would want to have sex with John McCain???? YUCKO!!!! That's just gross!

  81. Anonymous says – reply to this


    A married politician who got caught having a little bit of extramarital hanky-spanky?!? Say it isn't so!
    What is this world coming to, where we are taking the word of the National Enquirer as gospel?

  82. 82

    Not surprised! Just take a look at her family!!!!

  83. 83

    Re: tatylicious
    whos the person in the red cap?

  84. 84

    Re: MorganBrittny
    bitch. ur ugly ass cant talk about anybody!
    bigfoot?? try big forehead ugly mothasucka!
    ugly people kill me. always talkin out the side of their necks!

  85. 85

    come on perez, the enquirer? You should know your good sources from the bad. The enquirer is all lies. Just reading the other headlines lets us know the mags a joke.

  86. 86

    What if it's not true?

  87. 87

    Re: harrysnatch – I did you dirty girl,WOW!

  88. 88

    Yay for more anti-McCain and Palin propaganda. Since Obama or Biden can do no wrong.

    Stop being such a bitch, Perez. If you want to be posting about the election at least try to post some UNBIASED and FACTUAL news stories.

  89. 89

    Re: evelyn6155

    you look like Kelly Ripa…

  90. 90

    One problem with this, Perez… Brad Hanson's wife has already spoken up about this, and she said that the affair NEVER TOOK PLACE. Not only that, but how accurate are polygraph tests REALLY? Anybody can pass if they truly believe in what they're saying. This is all getting ridiculous… I don't know about your other readers, but I'm tired of reading about Sarah Palin! You need to stick with celebrity gossip because you're making yourself look like a moron by continuing to post this preposterous BS! I still love you, though. ;-)

  91. 91

    I'm no McCain fan, whatsoever, but big freakin' deal!! Aren't liberals the ones that are always saying leave personal matters out of politics? Obama plans to spend $875 BILLION taxpayer dollars by putting third world countries on WELFARE, with his 'Global Poverty Act', but that's completely ignored. WHY? Because the media is too busy smearing Sarah Palin's personal life. Including her family. Clinton got bj's in the White House and libs said "Way to go, Bill!". Perez, get your priorities straight!

  92. 92

    I dont believe this. This is just an attempt from the left to discredit a great Vice Presidential candidate. I wont work. McCain will win by a landslide. This kind of shit you hear about in the Media which you cannot prove beyond a resonable doubt. However you will not see in the media how Obama is in bed with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Also his close ties and partnership with Bill Ayers the Terrorist. Also his affection for Marxist Ideas. Obama is a piece of shit.

  93. 93



    OBAMA '08

  94. 94

    lets wait till more info comes out. theres no smoking gun

  95. 95

    Re: torrrieB – i know!!! Do you remember the days when Brit would have been front page on Perez?!! Bring Britney Back!!!!

  96. 96

    Wow! this must be the "politics of personal destruction" the Clintons were talking about when Bubba was having all his affairs and Hitlery was babbling about the "vast right wing conspiracy", more like the "vast left wing conspiracy" the media elites in this country are really trying to destroy this woman! but they won't, McCain / Palin 08

  97. 97

    McCain just came on the news, he's suspending his campaign to go to Washington to try to resolve economic crysis. He's asked Senator Obama to do the same. He's asking for debate to be postponed as well.

  98. 98

    hmmm you really dont think its a little bit of a STRETCH to believe that these people actually went through strenuous polygraph tests to determine if an affair took place? sounds a little foundation-less. The day I believe anything I read in the national enquirer is that day I believe barack obama would be a great president…which will be never.

  99. Shark says – reply to this


    clinton fucked around continually and was regardless a good president. then bush came in, does not fuck around, and runs the USA into the ground. Starts wars over oil, runs the economy…housing….stock market …etc into the shitter.
    …so what does palin's fucking around with one guy have to do with whether she would make a good vice/president?…..answer…nothing…
    ps i am rooting from canada, for obama…but i still have to speak up on palin when who she has previously fucked has nothing to do with her potential…

  100. 100

    Re: Suze – Nope. Just tell us about Britney and Kevin moving back in together!

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