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Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!

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This is soooo exciting for us to finally be able to share with the world!

The Queen of All Media is living up to his self-appointed title by releasing our first-ever single, The Clap.

It's a silly song about silly boys - and it's super fun! Chessy. Campy. Fun! Fun! Fun!

We wrote the song for the soundtrack to Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild, which Perezzers appears in, and it plays over the film's closing credits.

Our good friend Lucian Piane composed the song and produced it and Perez wrote all the lyrics!

We have never written a song before and words can't describe how invigorating it was to create something from scratch that people seem to enjoy and we're very proud of. The Internets is very now, very ephemeral. But music is forever!

Thankfully, P-Nasty doesn't take himself too seriously. We're just having fun. And this song was so much fun!

He can make music, because he can!

And this isn't the end of Master P's foray into the musical world. Perezzz has been collaborating with some really cool peeps, so expect some other releases from the Queen of All Media very soon.

But, for now, check out The Clap below, and….

CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!

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528 comments to “Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!”

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  1. 101

    Jerry Reed just rolled over in his grave, SON! THIS BLOWS MONKEY BALLS!!!

  2. 102

    The only way it could be worse is if it was a duet with Heidi Montag….. Stick to the gossip bud.

  3. 103

    ssssooooo ggrrrooosssssss! He is back to his calling though. Didn't he go to NYU for drama? hahah

  4. 104

  5. 105

    OH….MY…. A GOD!!! This is just sad and pathetic! That song is disgusting and oh lord have mercy… perez singing? is the world ending!? please… never again! omg and its on sale on itunes!!??!?!?!? can anyone record a song and sell it on itunes?!

  6. 106

    YOu sound a bit like the guy from BareNakedLadys only worse…hahaha…its not bad but it aint good either…

  7. 107

    OMG!! I loved it!!!!!!

  8. 108

    omg !!!
    haa haa i love it !!
    video plz !!!!
    i smell a remix feat.heid and spencer coming up soon

  9. 109

    Re: *Addicted*Well put.

  10. 110

    i LOVE it!!!
    haha its so catchy!
    i cant stop listening to it!
    and i can totally see you dancing around to it!

  11. 111

    hes not making a music career you fucking idiots!
    dont you see? if you could work with producers on silly music just because…wouldn't you do it!??!
    and dont you see hes making fun of it, really? like at the end, when it gets all like digital and fake like all the songs we hear now?
    perez, i really enjoyed it, thought it was great.

  12. 112

    Damn catchy song, Perez. You have to do a video for it. Please?

  13. 113

    Yikes dude! oONT U JUDGE?

  14. 114

    Like a dirty barenaked ladies song, m'dear. Very nice.

  15. 115

    Perez that's just nasty. But I love it!!! :)

  16. 116

    hahaha i love you perez

  17. 117

    haha dirty.. but good!

  18. 118

    Perez I love that song.. Way to go! Im serioulsy downloading it right now.. I love you!

  19. 119

    OMG, Perez, what did you do to your hair? Okay, that is not cute. Not even a little. It looks like some weird toupee. Seriously. It does not match your eye brows. Gross. Shave it off and start over, honey. A wig will look better. Trust me.

  20. 120

    stop saying he sounds like the barenaked ladies guy! he doesn't, not even close, and it's an insult.

  21. 121

    Not as bad as i thought it would be! As long as I'm not thinking about lotion in YOUR crack, perez, then it's ok!

  22. 122

    i dont know whats worse……
    your clothing line or this song…….

  23. 123

    Wow that's horrible. Please stick to blogging. I hope I never have to hear this piece of crap again. Nightmare.

  24. 124

    I LOVE IT!

    Good job Perez

  25. 125

    You and Tina should Def record a duet!

  26. 126

    damn Perez, do you get laid with those teeth?

  27. 127

    Well, I listened to the whole — maybe I should say HOLE — thing. It is a bit bubble-gum… but cute, funny, and as I said I listened to the entire song. If it sucked at all I wouldn't have made it beyond the 3 second mark. Are you really familiar with all these ailments??? You sound "learned." HE HE.

    MAY I BE YOUR "DO-WOP" girl???? Do-wop-wop… do-wop.


  28. 128

    genious! absolutely love it. thought it was hillarious.

  29. 129

    you should have sold the song to Heidi…

  30. 130

    Congrats!!! Its Cool & Fun. I Hear A Little Mika Influence There..

  31. 131

    Perez, you're fucken GENIUS!

  32. 132

    i heart you perez!

    as soon as I read this I thought of Heidi Montag (but I like your song better because at least you realize you wont be winning any grammys for it)

  33. 133

    Holy shit, My ears were just raped. Seriously, never ever ever EVER sing/write/produce or record another song ever again. It wasn't funny or cute, it was just annoying. It wasn't even one of those 'so bad it's good' type of songs.
    Like seriously, I'd rather listen to Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson and Miley Cyrus sing "Hollaback Girl" for hours and hours on end then listen to you.
    Now that I think about it, you have no right to ever make fun of Avril Ashlee or Miley ever again. at least they had enough sense to not right crap like this…

  34. 134

    I'm not even going to listen to it. PEREZ STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW.

  35. 135

    Not as mentally addictive as My Dick by Mickey Avalon, but worth the .99 cents to download.

  36. 136

    This song is freaking fantastic. Congratulations!!

  37. 137

    Loves it!

    But don't go and sell out already, ok?


  38. 138

    not my taste but good job!

  39. 139

    Perez….Sorry, didn't even listen/read it. Just saw your 'new'? hair style/color. I'm like…eeeh? First thought…'Hitler' hairdo. I'm sorry to say.

  40. 140

    Oh god, this song NEEDS A VIDEO

  41. 141

    Re: April** – I meant write. and i didn't mean to say link so many times. I turn into a valley girl when I'm tired.

  42. 142

    As I sat here listening to this…it was as if all of the joy was sucked out of the world. Trickles of blood exited my ears as if I was hearing the lamentations of the damned echoing through my very soul… I wept, oh how I wept, for sweet death to overtake me. But death's sting was stayed as if by some cruel hand or twist of fate….

  43. 143

    Lmao Amazing

  44. 144

    hahahaha i love i wish i could put this on my page
    no joke great job your a genius

  45. 145

    Hahahahahahahaha! Love it!

  46. DALE says – reply to this


    The song is worse than horrible! Seriously you shouldn't be commenting on music, it's just another thing for you to suck at. It's scary that anyone saying they like this shit… very scary! just slam your head into a door, it's more fun! although to be fair it still sounds better than the jonas bros.

  47. j_ro says – reply to this


    I am a professional classical musician and I think this song is fan-freakin-tabulous. I want more!

  48. 148

    why the fuck didnt you release this 5 months ago when it was actually spring break time

  49. 149

    Me likie ! Silly boy!

  50. DALE says – reply to this


    Re: philliie – Good point! From now on when hilton criticizes other peoples music i'll just play this shit, also if you find this funny your probably the idiot who finds fart jokes and tom green funny.

  51. 151

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO Perez…..I didn't think I could ever say this….but, but, but…..it's WORSE than Heidi Montag!!!!! You don't have a strong singing voice and the song beats are annoying.

    Don't quit your day job hon. I know it's supposed to be a fun song…but really it's crap and I think that you secretly hope it's going to be this huge hit….lol

    The only thing he has in his court are some funny lyrics….but that isn't enough to make a hit.

  52. 152

    definitly bought it

  53. 153

    Re: chessie – OMG, That was EXACTLY what I was thinking!! xD

    I really like it, Perez! I love how it's not all fake and edited like some singers *cough* Slutty Cyrus *cough*. It's totally fun and hilarious. It's great that you don't care what others think and are just trying to be yourself. You go, Perez!

  54. 154

    wow..you can't sing at all..and yet you have a single on itunes…and people like me struggle and can sing

  55. 155

    This sucks. You make Popozao sound like a hit!

  56. 156

    I'm already obsessed with this song! I've listened to it twice and can't get the words out of my head! I going to iTunes now to put it on my Dad's credit card….Way to go, P-rez!!

  57. 157

    OMG!!! I love this song, i was laughing the whole way through, and by the end i was singing along. I am definitly going to by it from iTunes for whenever i am having a bad day i will listen to it. Looking forward to more!!!

  58. armi says – reply to this


    OMG, I love it! It's so pop-y.. It's cute!

  59. 159

    If an ACTUAL celeb sang that song, and not just someone who writes crap about REAL singers and bands, you would tell them that it fucking sucks. So… it fucking sucks. You should stick to what you do best, bitch and gossip.

  60. DALE says – reply to this


    This is the kinda music they play to torture captured terrorists,Re: April** – good point.

  61. 161

    omg. that was so wretched…I couldn't get through 30 seconds. holy shot Perez! WTF? That is an abomination. That is a disgrace to humanity. I would not be suprised if that song is not directly responsible for multiple suicides in this country. I want to kill myself. I want to die.

  62. 162

    Oh crap. I listened to this song out of morbid curiosity and the music is so catchy that the entire package got stuck in my head. Damn you and your song too. :-)

  63. 163

    I LOVE IT! You should totally label this NSFW, because it's not lol. But I can't stop laughing. It's inappropriate AND fun, which is wonderfully awesome.

  64. 164

    Hahahahaha!! I loooove this and you!

  65. 165

    Congrats, P……………….
    Gonna head to itunes and download!!!! What a fun-sounding song!!!!

  66. 166

    you have outdone yourself perez
    youre so fuckin weird lmfao omg

  67. 167

    HAHAH PEREZ YOU EFFING ROCK!!! iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.

  68. 168

    perez…you're crazy! I got a laugh out of it- hope that's what you intended!!!

  69. 169

    Haha, this song is so catchy xD
    It's totally fantastic.

  70. 170

    Honestly….. This is the worst thing I have ever heard. Your a joke. You would have been better off vomiting in your own mouth and then spitting it on a microphone. Seriously? Why dont you stick to what your good at…… oh yeah your not really good at anything other than talking smack about real celebrities. Forget Itunes…You will probably make more money trying to sell your own ass hair…

  71. 171

    LOVES it!
    so proud of you, dude!

  72. 172

    That was so cute! Sort of really really really bad that it was really great! And you sound like you're having so much fun. I'm so proud of you!

  73. 173

    "And this isn't the end of Master P's foray into the musical world. "

    oh but I think it is…

  74. 174

    That's REALLY CUTE Perez!! Love it!

  75. 175

    Awwww, the clap. Brings back so many memories…


  76. 176

    I'm lovin it P-Nasty ;)

  77. 177

    That is f-ing hilarious!

  78. 178

    ahahha cant wait to here more from you
    ahahahahaha toooo jokes

  79. 179

    LMAO hahahaha this is hilarious!

  80. 180

    omfg i lovesit!
    yay perez
    make more!

  81. 181

    i love it perez, your sound great, snappy beat , fun lyrics! im so proud of you!

  82. 182

    ps you need to get this on verizon so i can make it my ringtone

  83. 183


  84. 184

    not bad for a first song, i had no idea well probably no one had any idea that you can sing!!! well done perez

  85. 185

    OMG this song is mayjah Perez! ♥
    Love the lyrics so much!!

  86. 186

    When *WE* constantly refer to ourselves in third person, *WE* become extremely annoying, don't *WE*? You write very well–please do not start butchering language. Just sit at your desk and count your money. Cheers!

  87. 187


  88. 188

    sorry, but you can't sing

    why do people who are famous think they can sing? because they can't!!!!

  89. gold says – reply to this


    Re: punky.penguin – He KNOWS he's being hypocritical- that's the erm, irony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. malee says – reply to this


    i love you perez but music its not for you!! i dont mean to sound mean but its really bad i dont like it but hey if it works for you do youre thang!!

  91. 191

    hahaha that's great

  92. 192

    go p-nast

  93. gold says – reply to this


    Re: punky.penguin – also, you look kinda silly taking him so seriously and getting so upset about him (if he's that pathetic why bother?) :) just saying :)

  94. 194

    Verrrrry nice. Classic. Is that you on the vocals? Ah how I envy…

  95. 195

    This is not even funny, this is just shitty.

    Fuck you perez, you suck.

  96. 196


  97. 197

    Perez, you totally sound like a Broadway performer!!! I am impressed!

  98. 198

    That's epic.

  99. 199

    Makes me not want to do it now.=| Love it Perez!!!

  100. 200

    you are so amazing.
    i love itttttt!!!

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