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Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!

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This is soooo exciting for us to finally be able to share with the world!

The Queen of All Media is living up to his self-appointed title by releasing our first-ever single, The Clap.

It's a silly song about silly boys - and it's super fun! Chessy. Campy. Fun! Fun! Fun!

We wrote the song for the soundtrack to Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild, which Perezzers appears in, and it plays over the film's closing credits.

Our good friend Lucian Piane composed the song and produced it and Perez wrote all the lyrics!

We have never written a song before and words can't describe how invigorating it was to create something from scratch that people seem to enjoy and we're very proud of. The Internets is very now, very ephemeral. But music is forever!

Thankfully, P-Nasty doesn't take himself too seriously. We're just having fun. And this song was so much fun!

He can make music, because he can!

And this isn't the end of Master P's foray into the musical world. Perezzz has been collaborating with some really cool peeps, so expect some other releases from the Queen of All Media very soon.

But, for now, check out The Clap below, and….

CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!

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528 comments to “Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!”

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  1. 201

    omg perez!!! it was awesome!!!! i love the song!!!!! can't wait for a new one!!!

  2. 202

    sounds like somethin frankie and annette would listen to in a sixty beach party movie, but dirty. i love it

  3. 203

    That may very well be what I'm finishing my itunes gift card on! I've been looking for a good song.

  4. 204

    Too Funny Perez, loved it

  5. 205

    love it!!!!

  6. 206

    this song is redonkulous!! I love it!

  7. 207

    i love you. you're amazing and the song kicks ass

  8. 208

    haahaha OMG perez!!!! ahmazingg!!! i'm going to download it right now!!!

  9. 209

    ugh..Perez dont have me singing this song when I'm in school or walking down the street.lol!!!!

    Its so bad..but soo good…but soo…wtf??lol

    in other words…..loves it

  10. 210

    u better do a whole album!

  11. 211

    all i can say is..dont quit your day job =\

  12. 212

    it's so dancetastic! i'd love to blast it at work, but i'm not sure this is chem lab material… gives me a good giggle tho. what i really love, tho, is THE JACKET in your pic. where did perez get that totally rudeboy jacket. i'd die for it.

  13. dASH says – reply to this



    perez, that was awesome. uRock.

  14. 214

    Re: punky.penguin – LMAO You are sooooooooo right! He thinks he's Selena Gomez now!!!!!!

  15. 215

    Are u freakin kidding me, love the song…woa, is there anything u cant do?

  16. 216

    Reminds me of Hairspray! I absolutely love it!!! Looking fine Perez :-)

  17. 217

    OMFG! Perez, ummm, yeah ok, it's totally clubby, but seriously dude, don't quit your day job…..I thought you said it was "so much fun"? Try totally vulgar actually…..Oh well, nice effort there

  18. 218

    haha. lol. it's ok Perez….

  19. 219

    As much as I want to like this song and see the humor PLEASE DO NOT USE THE WORD RAPE for humor. Rape is never funny. I am disappointed in the language.

  20. 220

    omfg. It's horrible. Now you can never make fun of anyone else for their music abilities….

  21. 221

    this is pretty much hilarious!!!

  22. 222

    Sounds like an outtake from the Grease soundtrack. Is that Olivia Newton-John on backup vocals??

  23. 223

    I love YOU Perez, but this sucks balls!!!

  24. 224


  25. 225

    It's fun & not at all serious… I fucking love it! I'm buying on iTunes as we effin' speak!

  26. 226

    Re: gold – perez doesn't think it's ironic, he's a fucking narcissist. he thinks it's wonderful that that it will be a big hit, on-line at least. and you're telling me i look silly? if i'm silly, what are you? to point me out among all these other people saying the same thing as me, and not only once, you replied to me twice. happy faces or not, i apparently bothered you. as you said, if i'm so pathetic, why bother commenting? :d just saying. :d and since i'm not (completely) rude, to answer your question: i'm kinda injured at the moment, so i really have nothing better to do than waste time on-line. :) i don't really like perez, but for some reason i love coming to the site. thank you, drive through.

  27. 227

    Re: bree714 – thanks bree! :) glad someone sees it my way. and lol @ the selena gomez part, it's the perfect comparison!

  28. 228

    Hilarious. You should make more! :)

  29. 229

    You know Perez, I like it. I think I like it a lot! Go you!

  30. Eddy says – reply to this


    lol… addicting.

  31. 231

    i like it. I wouldn't say you should give up the day job, but it's definitely what you said it was, fun and cute, and fun! good job perezito!

  32. 232

    gotta love ya perez…but no. please. just no.
    stick to making fun of the celebrities who try to make music…do NOT become one!!!!
    it's funny and all - maybe you could write songs for a broadway show or something.
    that song does song very theater-like.
    but i don't think you'll cash in if you go into the music biz.

  33. 233

    Wow, that sucks. Bad!

  34. 234

    Where did you get this brilliance Perez? Honestly, it's too good for words!

  35. 235

    I love it! so funny

  36. 236

    you all need to grow up.
    1). He said this was for a MOVIE
    2). Also says he wasn't taking himself seriously. They were just having fun.

    So all you losers saying he's like all the other celebrities coming out with music, shut the fuck up. they take themselves SERIOUSLY they think they are hot shit, and are so good. and perez doesnt. that is the big difference here.

    love it Perez. Made me laugh a lot.

  37. Dizzy says – reply to this


    I Dare ya sing it live at the European VMA's in Liverpool! Go on! I DARE YA! LOL Very bad Murial!

  38. 238

    At first I thought you were crazy… But then I found myself laughing.
    I still think you're crazy… But I did have to listen to it twice.

    LOL :)

  39. gold says – reply to this


  40. 240

    you really cant sing or write,can you?


  41. Rynne says – reply to this


    That's pretty gross, dude…

  42. 242

    Great stuff!

  43. 243

    Great Job!!! The lyrics were pretty clever. Waaayyyy better than Heidi Montag who still doesn't know what she's doing. Music was catchy. I'm proud of you!

  44. 244

    Re: Angelina3211 – Agreed. This is horrendous. I understand you just did it for fun, so I suppose you don't think it's that great either. At least that's what I hope.

  45. 245

    ya ya ya ya ya!!! i love this, so catchy: ] well done

  46. gold says – reply to this


    Re: punky.penguin – oh what the heck, I'll reply twice. I didn't point you out, you pointed me out when you replied to me. I in turn replied to you (twice) because I'm not (completely) rude. :)

  47. 247

    eff everyone who bashed you! as cheesy and lame as this song is, i LOVE it!!!! its SO funny!! i seriously cant stop laughing

  48. 248

    Gonorrhea is also commonly known by the slang term the CLAP…nice choice of name, sounds shittylicious too

  49. 249

    GO PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 250


  51. CMT says – reply to this



  52. Tam says – reply to this


    perez, that was so great and funny! yes its terrible but in a hilarious good way! i dont think you should try release an album, thatd be weird. we need you on the blogs! but this was funny and i hope they play it in a club i'm at!

  53. 253

    wow this sucks ass

  54. 254

    I don't really understand you. You always say that it seems like anyone can sing or design clothes these days but here you are doing exactly the same thing you're giving other people crap for. You aren't a designer…but you came out with a line. You aren't a singer…but you came out with a song. I don't know…it just seems hypocritical to me. Just so you know, I actually really love you Perez, even though it doesn't sound like it!! Oh and great job with the lyrics, they're hilarious!

  55. 255

    Loves it!

  56. 256

    ahahaha funny shit! i love this song i'm about to download it. it's totally stupid and camp but it's so catchy!

  57. 257

    ~~~~PEREZ, UR A DORK LOL~~~~

  58. 258

    just when i thought you couldn't get any gayer…

    this is shizzle

  59. 259

    i loved it!
    so cute!

  60. 260

    omg this is so bad and dirty it's good hahahah… omg the clap.. gonnorhea!

  61. 261

    Thanks for making me love you even more, perez.

  62. 262

    OMG. LOVE IT! I'm so off to iTunes to buy it PEREZ!!!

  63. 263

    The song is good… but your voice doesn't do it justice. Should have got a different singer!

  64. 264

    It's decent. I would never pay for it though.

  65. 265

    God, you're fucking ugly.

  66. 266


    Which is more annoying?

    The Song? …or…
    The fact that Perez always refers to himself in the third person now?

    my answer: the third person thing.

  67. 267


  68. 268

    lmao this totally reminds me of hairspray xD

  69. 269

    That was fucking awesome! What a laugh! Way to go Perez!

  70. 270

    I LLOOOVVVVEEEEE THIz AND I LOVE ME SOME PEREZ!!!!! I NEEDz a muzik video ASAP!!!! I can't wait to see your AWEzOME dance movez! I can just see you now!! lOlz!!!

  71. 271

    You may not be the best singer in the world, but your lyrics = amazing. Thank you for making my piss myself laughing!!!

  72. 272


  73. 273

    Very cute song!!!

  74. 274

    You crack me up…how much fun did you have making this?! Nicely done. I can't wait to hear what you come up with next.

  75. 275

    This is too funny for words. Oh my god-what next really???! REALLY THOUGH!

  76. DALE says – reply to this


    It's sooo funny (sarcasm) rape is always hilarious, seriously children you have ALOT of growing up to do.Re: debby789 – "Perez doesn't think he's hot shit"? I can go on a long rant but hilton is famous for being narcissistic, and if this made you laugh then there will be a upcoming song about farting which will be right up your alley.

  77. 277

    OMG this song is the best! I loved the second I heard it, def puts a smile on ur face. Good job now i want to see the video…

  78. 278

    I kind of like it. But I think you are being an insane hypocrite right now because when other celebrities do this sort of thing, you criticize them, but then you just go right out and do what you criticize.

  79. 279

    And you slammed Hayden Panettiere singing? I think Wake Up Call was better than this…

    And Wake Up Call wasn't great.

  80. AMO says – reply to this


    You cannot be serious.

  81. 281

    omg i love it!!!!! i will be buying this today!!

  82. 282

    ^_^ that was hilarious

  83. 283

    I like you

    But that was disgusting….

  84. 284

    not gonna lie it's not bad at all

  85. 285


  86. adt says – reply to this



  87. 287

    so this is my first comment.. Perez, GOOD JOB! i loved it! very campy, indeed, but fun! can't wait to hear more from you

  88. algiz says – reply to this


    unacceptable neighbor next door ripping off something between katy perry and mika- wait it's perez! ewwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! move- NOW!!!!!!

  89. 289

    lmaoooooooo love this perez!!!


  90. 290

    i loooove you
    perez you're hilarious

  91. 291

    fucking hilarious!!!

  92. algiz says – reply to this


    was weird al a collaborator on this?

  93. 293

    I think I want to dance to this at my wedding.

  94. 294

    i like your voice, you have a character voice, be good for a musical or voice over for animation

  95. 295

    milking the cow, you said?

    well i must say it is actually better than anything else you have done, writing ain`t your thing nor is gossip ANYMORE… the clothes you "design" were very dissapointing, the radio program is brutally bad, your vids are spooky and mad in a bad way, your acting deserves all the rotten tomatoes i can imagine. the problem is that music NOW is internet, so, it will last like five minutes and then is PASSè….think about it…

  96. 296

    I would be surprised if that song is bought by anyone on ITunes—-so horrible…..as the Men On Film guys say on In Living Color….HATED IT!!!

  97. 297

    I've been constipated for awhile and this made the shit come right out! I'm doing an album about my love of 12 year old underage asian girls! We should do a duet!

  98. 298

    LMAO omg that was hilarious and offensive all at the same time! A musical oxymoron Perez, congrats!

  99. 299

    Major congratulations
    to The Gossip Gangsta,
    The Queen Of The Hollywood Scene,
    The Queen Of All Media!
    I look forward to your future
    musical work!

  100. VIP says – reply to this




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