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Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!

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This is soooo exciting for us to finally be able to share with the world!

The Queen of All Media is living up to his self-appointed title by releasing our first-ever single, The Clap.

It's a silly song about silly boys - and it's super fun! Chessy. Campy. Fun! Fun! Fun!

We wrote the song for the soundtrack to Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild, which Perezzers appears in, and it plays over the film's closing credits.

Our good friend Lucian Piane composed the song and produced it and Perez wrote all the lyrics!

We have never written a song before and words can't describe how invigorating it was to create something from scratch that people seem to enjoy and we're very proud of. The Internets is very now, very ephemeral. But music is forever!

Thankfully, P-Nasty doesn't take himself too seriously. We're just having fun. And this song was so much fun!

He can make music, because he can!

And this isn't the end of Master P's foray into the musical world. Perezzz has been collaborating with some really cool peeps, so expect some other releases from the Queen of All Media very soon.

But, for now, check out The Clap below, and….

CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!

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528 comments to “Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!”

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  1. 301

    so, um, when do we get to see the video? LMAO

  2. 302

    i LOVE it!!! hilarious lyrics

  3. 303

    P-Nasteeee Well at first I thought "oh no" it's really awful but by the end it had grown on me. Well done P - you're diversifying while you're hot - smart man. I wish you every success - people may bash you in here from time to time but you'll be the last one laughing. Good onya mate! (o:

  4. 304


  5. 305

    Yeah ~ I totally believe you have the clap ~ and I totally believe it has seeped into your already mis-wired brain.
    Serious case of arrested development.

  6. 306

    keep bringin out songs like that perez that was RAW ENTERTAINMENT>
    imagine all the other things you can sing about, you can really start to take things to the nexr level perez, i wish u werent gay cos boy id fuck the ass of you!!
    i love you!!!

  7. 307

    Mistress [304] says: "…I wish you every success - people may bash you in here from time to time, but you'll be the last one laughing. Good onya mate…"
    Yeah ~ as long as you are proud of yourself and what you do. And it's really good that Perez doesn't have to hurt little girls and step on people to achieve success.

  8. 308

    Re: Avigayil – thanks you said it began actually a time ago… i can`t stand it, 3 possible reasons for this bloody third person thing;
    1. he is squizofrenic
    2. he talks as a queen, a real queen
    3. his mom is writing his blogs and therefore we don`t get any gossip anymore!!!

  9. 309

    heehee :)

  10. 310

    haha i love it!

    i just don't get why they call ghonereria 'the clap'.

  11. 311

    hmmm, Perez smells like Mr G from Summer Heights High

  12. 312

    love love looooovee ittt!!!

  13. gold says – reply to this


  14. 314

    sorry… but pARIS hilton sounds way better

  15. 315

    Ummmm…that fucking sucked.

  16. 316



    Sorry P'rez.

  17. 317

    That was worse than any song by Heidi Montague.

    Your voice is so gross.

  18. 318

    Re: uraPIGperez – If by "little girls" you're referring to Miley Cyrus and her ilk, I'm sorry but they are public figures and they bring it on themselves. There are PLENTY of celebrities who do not parade themselves around and are rarely seen in compromising positions in the press - those who do not are fodder for the paparazzi. I'm amused by people like you who obviously are not Perez fans (your name alone indicates that) and yet you continuously seem to be on his website - adding more dollars to his coffers. He must love all you haters - you make him rich.

  19. Kate says – reply to this


    No. I had to stop it at the 'wanna have their coochies rubbed' part. I couldn't handle anymore. Stick with gossip, not music. Kthx.

  20. 320


  21. 321

    the gonorrhea ending was priceless! obviously not my normal cup of tea perez but fucking hilarious and i was clapping during the clap! which i'm sure ya wanted everyone to do. loved it! you're fucking hilarious my friend. :)

  22. 322

    Perez-I don't care what anyone says about it. I love it!

  23. 323

    very summer heights high, mr G would be proud

  24. 324

    Avigayil [267] says: "…Which is more annoying? The Song? or The fact that Perez refers to himself in the third person? my answer: the third person thing.
    Those who talk in the 3rd person are so insecure and hateful of their true selves, that they create a persona of who they wish they could be. That is why Perez seeks to harass people like Miley Cyrus and Mischa Barton; because they are the ultimate persona that he wishes he could be; young, pretty, popular, famous, wealthy, female. His abuse towards them is rooted in extreme jealousy, which is intensifed by knowing that he can never totally achieve his ideal. Talking in the 3rd person is calculated to include the person, the new persona, and a (3rd) person listening. In fact, many homosexuals operate celebrity gossip sites, because they can be involved anonymously. It is those websites that Perez steals the articles and photos that he posts in this site (and I challenge you to take a string of words from any of his articles, add quotation marks, and Google it. You will usually find that the article existed prior to the link for Perez, word-for-word). And so, the writing in the articles, and the comments at the end, are not even written by Perez, so talking in the "3rd person" was actually another blogger; who is likely homosexual too. It is commonplace for homosexuals to seek an escape from their true selves.

  25. 325

    BABY P…. NICE but how bout ravage or pillage instead of RAPE … unfortunately that happens far too often on spring break and in the world in general… if you changed that the song would be fabulous..!! and hilarious!! Love You P Nasty see you at bedtime ;)

  26. 326

    STOP IT!!! SHUT UP!! I was asked the other day who my favorite entertainer is (meant to be an all encompassing actors, musicians, tv, comedians question)….and I said you because you are so well rounded! You get people to think and argue and talk about everything from politics to Posh's new hair cut. They argued that you are not a true entertainer if you don't sing….well, HA!!

    You do sing and you are so fabulous. You make my boring life more interesting and are the highlight of my day!!


  27. 327

    aww perez your cute i liked it :P

  28. 328

    Awww Haha, this is a cute song. Love the tune Perez! Keep on rockin' :)

  29. 329

    Re: uraPIGperez – you're psycho!

  30. 330

    U fuckin rock perez..pay no mind to hatters. Do your shit like only you can. That shit was DOPE!=D

  31. 331

    Legendary !!!! Love it Love it Love it!!! Straight up sounds like John Waters inspired goodness! Who knew Perez could sing?!?! Sweetness!

  32. 332

    Ha thats amazing

  33. 333

    this is sooooo bad! what are we 13 again? i guess buttcrack is still funny to gays no matter how old they get.

  34. 334

    lmfao! perez i love you! you are the best! sounds like a better version of high school musical!

  35. 335

    To Mistress [319] - First of all, I come into this site through a back door, so I am not on the tally of hits, therefore, I am NOT contributing to his stolen wealth. Yes…stolen! He steals all the articles and photos from other websites, and doesn't even write the comments at the end. He let's all you morons go on thinking these articles were written by him, and all you have to do is Google any string of words in order to see which site he stole it from, word-for-word. Imagine, a fool making bigger fools out of fools. He doesn't even give the websites or photographers artistic credit. That makes him the lowest form of scum, getting rich off the backs of the people who do the work, by stealing their art and then selling it as his own. That is full on thievery. He even has the nerve to call it his "brand". Just because he can do it, doesn't mean he should be commended. Any lame fatass can con money by thievery, and that is exactly who he is. Normal people would not be proud of illgotten success. And you are right fucked up if you think that entertainers owe you or anybody else, anything other than their art. You paid your 20 bucks for their music CD, you got the product, the transaction is complete. They owe you nothing beyond that, and anything they do give beyond that, should be their will NOT your demand. You and Perez are both absenst of any conscience though, so it's likely you won't even be able to comprehend this.

  36. 336

    Miss Perez you make me want to be a better person. Seriously.

  37. 337

    Awesome Perez. Love it

  38. 338

    Keep your day job, Perez…well, cuz that sucked more than a 13 year old Drew Barrymore.

  39. 339

    looove love love this song perez!! =)

    i can't wait for your cd. i will definitely buy it. ;)

  40. 340

    Icemochalatte [334] says: this is sooooo bad! what are we 13 again? i guess buttcrack is still funny to gays no matter how old they get.
    It's been worse. This is a 30-year-old man who made a video a few months back, laughing his head off until drool started to hang down from his chin; and then he starts talking about the drool.
    I was shaking my head at the tragedy of that, and he was quite proud of himself.
    I'm so glad I'm………..me.

  41. 341

    Its funny but is very repetitive.
    But kudos to Perez, write a song is hard.

  42. 342

    that's the worst thing i've ever heard in my life.

  43. 343

    marissizzle [330] says: you're psycho!
    Based on what? You sound like one of those lame Republicans who throws out accusations, but can't back them up.

  44. 344

    LMAO so funny! Love you Perez:D

  45. 345

    I'm sooo asking my mom to buy this for me tomorrow.

  46. 346

    Okay, that was gross. But I realize you are a real person in this big bad world, and making a living. *sigh*

  47. 347

    Hmmm, all I can say is Hmmm….

  48. 348


  49. 349

    LoL first Margaret Cho, then Chris Crocker, now you? LOL I love it though baby!! I'm about to buy it right now lol. I want this on my myspace lol.

  50. 350

    Just because you are famous you can make your own SINGLE.
    U Lucky Bitch! hahahaha - Lol- Anyway the single sound Disneyish and good. Lots of dirty words but cute!

    Looking forward to see "Another Gay Movie2".


  51. 351

    This brings the LOLS!!!

  52. 352

    Please darling stick to the day job just in case… I love U BUT… could not get through the first 10 seconds sorry… not possible…

  53. MHE says – reply to this


    I LOVE IT!

    You should make it a duet with Lance.

  54. 354

    first of all, you can't sing. Or I should say, you can't even pretend to sing. It just sounds like ur usual self, annoying.
    Second, the song is not fun at all. As it often happens, too much dirty talk ends up not being fun/funny.
    And last… to BUY the single?! I will end laughing about this..well, perhaps never.
    Please, stick to blogging and do not release anything. Ever.

  55. 355

    omg people! haven't you seen this coming for months???

    this is WHY he is constantly promoting unknown bands/musicians, he wants to be "known" in the music industry because his ultimate goals is to BE (drum role) a POP STAR (insert sad bag pipe song here)

    I can't believe people are so blind to his desperate self promotion

  56. 356

    omg!!!! i'm so freaking putting this in my ipod and listening to it when i work Out!! it's just sooo upbeat and happy!!!! currently MY favorite song… P.S. Puke by Eminem became my favorite song like an hour before I heard this, and you totally too it'S SPOT PEREZ!!! LOVE YOU, LOVE ME, LOVES IT!!!!

  57. 357

    The first time I heard this song, I didn't know what to say. The second time I'm feeling it. The Clap is quite "catchy" (pardon the pun)… BTW ~ Me likey your hair dark brown/black. Nice…… ;)

  58. 358

    Eeewww sorry but you can't sing and you speak like a drag queen.

  59. 359

    It's horrible but catchy! Damn Perez! I'm going to be singing this all around town now, I've even already developed a dance for it. I'm going to go out and sing it in the streets and perform my super awesome choreography now.

  60. 360

  61. 361

    I like it but it's a bit to rude for my liking. I wouldn't want to have it playing and my mum work in or blare it out from my car.

    I can take moderate rudeness but Perezzers, I think that was toooooo rude!

  62. 362

    oh how deesgusting!

  63. 363

    i love it !

  64. 364

    omg loves it. such a funny song you rock x

  65. daboi says – reply to this


    HURTS MY EARS BAAAADLY , honestly it sucks big time , dont ever sing again

  66. 366

    man perez… its good… but you know better than anyone what happens when you dip your toe into another industry

  67. 367

    hottt song:)

  68. 368

    love it Perez, you should so do a music video! :D

  69. 369

    lmao! im impressed :o

  70. 370

    bad, really BAD

  71. 371

    First Chris Crocker?

    Now you?

    Why are they letting NOBODY'S make music?

  72. 372

    hahahhaha I LOVE THIS SONG!!! FOR THE HOES!!!

  73. 373

    Re: uraPIGperez – Wow, you're an even bigger moron than I thought. The funny thing about you is it sounds like you think Perez has taken something from someone you know, maybe even yourself. So you come on here and you protest loudly about what? There are extensive libel and copyright laws in the sad old USofA all of which extend to internet sites such as this. Isn't it funny that as soon as someone enjoys some success there will always be some twat come out of the corner and accuse them of plaigerism. You need to check your legal books sweetheart and look at the precedence for this. I may be a lot of things, but ignorant is not one of them. At the end of the day moron - no one is logging onto your site are they????

  74. 374

    Brilliant!!! Put a smile on my face!!! Go Perez!!! Gonarea!!!! Lmao!!!! Off to play it again!! Mwah!

  75. 375

    sad ; i liked perezhilton.com as a gossip-site, a very good one…but now it begins to annoy… first ur own "outfits" then levis adds and now singing ?? sorry but the song isnt good and it looks like u think the readers of your blog are dumb: that u can sell us everything ??
    sorry, i ll go and read you gossip every day but nothning good until it is good !

    borrrriiinnng ;(

  76. 376

    this sucks

  77. 377

    Fuckin awesome Perez!

  78. 378

    Re: BexDane – also please make it available in the uk please!!

  79. 379

    Oh God Perez, I love it so much.

  80. 380

    [[[[[[[[[[[[ perez…I luv it..]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    [[[[[[[ …….krazi dude….]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  81. auds says – reply to this


    Not really my style, but hey, at least it's better than Heidi!!

  82. 382

    Hilarious and catchy but still god damn awful, you really are selling out P. Trying to become this huge corporate brand is pretty lame.

    You're just a hypocrite aren't you?

  83. 383

    The headline should be:"But what i really wanna do is sing!" Just kidding cutie, so happy for you that you get to do fun stuff like this. You deserve it, you work so hard. This is gonna be a hit, love it!

  84. 384

    Hates It !!!

  85. 385


  86. 386

    Couldn't even listen to the whole song. SUCKS!!

  87. 387

    It's great, I love it, so funny!

  88. 388

    Re: punky.penguin – So what? It's he's site and he can do whatever he want. Yes, he is hypocryte a bit, but it's cool, casue he said: you shouldn't do it, but I can! Just because! Ha!

  89. 389

    Re: Valeriana – his* (ofc.)

  90. 390

    I feel sick after all those STDs.Perez I think you should stick to what you know best,blogging.

  91. 391

    I don't know what to say.. I.. actually like it!

  92. 392

    hahha this is wicked funny, i love it :)

  93. fiera says – reply to this


    Crazy!!!!-Very High School Musical, I can picture Zaquisha singing it!!!

  94. str says – reply to this


    we want a video to go with it!!!

  95. 395

    that was too much! and a great safe sex message! lol good job!

    is having the clap what inspired you to write this song? usually when you write songs its from personal experience.

  96. 396

    You are just terrile! I Loved It!!!!

  97. 397

    {{{{{{{ perez }}}}}}}}}}
    {{{ I luv that black hair }}}}}}}
    {{{{{{{ it makez U zo hott }}}}}}}}}
    zzzzzzzzz u r a rockztar..bitchygrl zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  98. 398

    I love it Perez! I'm going to download it and turn it into a ringtone!

  99. 399

    This is the WORST song i have ever heard! nobody comes here to see you….just leave your blog for the celebs..

  100. 400

    Lol Perez, you made me smile! xD

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