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Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!

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This is soooo exciting for us to finally be able to share with the world!

The Queen of All Media is living up to his self-appointed title by releasing our first-ever single, The Clap.

It's a silly song about silly boys - and it's super fun! Chessy. Campy. Fun! Fun! Fun!

We wrote the song for the soundtrack to Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild, which Perezzers appears in, and it plays over the film's closing credits.

Our good friend Lucian Piane composed the song and produced it and Perez wrote all the lyrics!

We have never written a song before and words can't describe how invigorating it was to create something from scratch that people seem to enjoy and we're very proud of. The Internets is very now, very ephemeral. But music is forever!

Thankfully, P-Nasty doesn't take himself too seriously. We're just having fun. And this song was so much fun!

He can make music, because he can!

And this isn't the end of Master P's foray into the musical world. Perezzz has been collaborating with some really cool peeps, so expect some other releases from the Queen of All Media very soon.

But, for now, check out The Clap below, and….

CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!

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528 comments to “Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!”

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  1. 401

    I totally love it!
    The bomb! :-D

  2. 402

    [[[[[[[[[[[[[zzzzzzzz perez, y'r voice iz awezomezzzzz]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[ u r zo much better than mommiedearezt ]]]]]]]]]]]]
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I'll bet U don't lypzync either..♥♥ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. 403


  4. Rieco says – reply to this


    Lmfao, funniest song ever.

  5. 405

    dear god i love this hahahaha

  6. 406

    lol funny

  7. Anonymous says – reply to this


    LOL!! LOL!!! I love you Perez! That song just made my day!

  8. 408

    This song is sooooooooooooooooo wrong on sooooooooooooooooooo many levels. Hope my kids don't get on this website

  9. 409

    Snappy Pappy Perezzzzelle has the clappy? lol love the song, great job keep up the good work, I love your blog!

  10. 410

    I liked it!

  11. 411

    Hey! saludos desde Argentina!

    Man, that song is so catchy!
    it`s the perfect soundtrack lol

    Congrats from South America!

  12. 412

    Catchy as fuck, damnit. :D

  13. 413

    u shud defo make a vid

  14. 414

    Perezzito, stick to blogging– xoxo

  15. 415

    Luv it

  16. 416

    not a good song but you gotta admire this dudes way of getting things made, even if it's rubbish. If he wasn't obsessed with loving young male celebrities and hating female celebs he would be extremely smart.

  17. 417

    I love you perez and your voice is hot. Keep making music, you sound great and look great.

  18. 418

    Perez, it's wonderful. You are so talented. I love gay people. Keep singing.

  19. 419

    when i tried to listen to it yesterday, i didn't like, but then… idk. i listened to it again this morning and it is certainly, um… well, it sticks in your head, that's for sure. killer hook + dirty language = pretty frickin awesome.

  20. 420

    tres funny! Love the lyrics Perez!

  21. 421

    love the tune, and it'd be funny if it wasn't so straight up filthy!

  22. 422

    Having to look at pic this early in the morning is making me ILL, and don't quit your day job Mario!

  23. 423

    ok, i'm glad i waited………..i think i like it

  24. 424

    I prefer Heidi Montag.

  25. 425

    alot of ppl are bashing you-
    but really, i think what you were doing was more or less a joke.
    ppl relase silly songs all the time, and ppl LOVE them
    i think we should all give perez some cridt.
    it was funny, kinda cute, and it got peoples attition,
    is'nt that what his cite is about too?!

    good job perez :)

  26. 426

    Stick to blogging Mario

  27. 427

    It reminds me of" South Park"..I am not sure I like it..Maybe because you sing it but would not rock my world..Sorry,but still love ya….

  28. 428

    Oh my god, I love this song. I play the song over and over again. Perez please visit Germany. We love you!!!


  29. 429

    that was the dirtiest most fun song! Seriously! It's gonna be in my head all day….not good for me, but great for you!

  30. 430

    Sounds like a cross between PEE-WEE HERMAN and WEIRD AL YANKOVICH! What a waste of time.

  31. 431

    Sorry, but I didn't like it. Pick a different producer because your voice is actually not all that bad.

  32. 432


  33. 433

    it sounds Hairpsray just looooove it !
    can we have the lyrics please ? I want to sing iiit!

  34. 434

    Re: harrybalsac – MORNING HARRY!

  35. Cate says – reply to this


    The New TINA CHEN or whatever her name is, next time, don't talk bad things about Tina when you sound the same as her.

    Sorry, Perez, I love you, but this song sucks…

  36. Sammy says – reply to this


    Perez you are everywhere and doing everything!!! So talented!!!

  37. 437

    i'm sorry but you sound like shit.
    the song made me laugh.
    hate your new hairdo.
    pete wentz.

  38. 438


  39. 439

    LOL were you drunk ???????

    my god thats so ewwww

    you're talentless

    and by the way who's gonna buy it ?!

  40. Sammy says – reply to this


    Why are my post not posting????

  41. 441


  42. 442



  43. 443

    LOVES IT!! Now this brings the LOL's!! GREAT job Perez u rock!!

  44. 444

    are we not getting anything new today?
    taking the day off mario????

  45. 445

    perez….for real? i love you but…why oh why?

  46. 446

    hahahahahahaha oohhhhh nooo the clap! i don't want that.

    you're precious perez.

  47. 447

    That was stupid. Did you write that Perez? Probably. Stick to what you do best.

  48. 448


  49. 449

    Re: LettyBRe: harrybalsac – morning guys.
    did mario take the day off???

  50. 450

    the background beat is cute but i don't know how you would rock out to that in the car when the words are sooo nasty!

  51. 451


  52. 452

    site is fucked up.

  53. 453

    not bad actually! hhaha i'm glad you went the comic rout.

  54. 454

    Loves it x

  55. 455

    I love you Perez, but that is AWFUL!

  56. 456






  57. 457

    THIS WAS HORRIBLE, like Perez your a funny guy… and a good blogger BUT HOWEVER… JUST stick to the blogging and not the singing…

    this is coming from someone who loves HEIDIS music! and chris crockers "mind in the gutter" song (so this is BAD). PLEASE stick to the blogging and doing your thing on T.V…etc..

  58. 458

    There is good cheese. And there is bad cheese.

    That is some curdled cheese.

  59. 459

    Love it - so cheesy!

  60. 460

    Hahahaha… So much need it a song like this. Now that everything is upside down in our country ! I love it Perez … totally love it.
    Please go back to blonde. You look better as a blonde !
    Tons and tons of love papacito !!!!

  61. 461

    hahhaha!!!! i love how the melody is so "la la la la" and you're talking about THE CLAP!! hahahhah!

  62. 462


  63. 463

    This is great, pure 60's pop with filthy lyrics..

  64. 464

    That song was DISGUSTING. That was a horrible idea for a FIRST Song attempt. (that you would put out in public.) WHAT were you THINKING?!! You were also off-key the first part of the song. Stick to writing your blog Perez, and don't pollute my ears and senses with your ideas of "funny songs". Ugh. Where's the listerine?….

  65. 465

    Go Master P!! You rock! I am so buying this!

  66. 466

    perez - you have the wrong pic with this tune - you needed to place the pic two stories up on this blog - that would have been hilarious - love the song!

  67. 467

    I love you but horrible song.

  68. N8Q says – reply to this


    Don't quit your job.

  69. 469


  70. 470

    It's no fair to put a catchy tune in my head that I'd sing in public!! In the words of Jed Clampett, "Something just right about that boy."

  71. 471

    it's silly, it's funny. catchy song!

  72. 472

    I find it interesting how you don't draw GIANT cocks with cum on your very gay face with your HUGE open mouth.

  73. 473

    That was sooo good! Where can we find the Lyrics!!

  74. 474

    It's really bad, mario. not fun. not even a little bit. FAIL

  75. 475

    fucking horrible. b52's on speed

  76. Elvis says – reply to this


    Not so much…

  77. 477

    Stay away from Music…keep doing what you are doing now…

  78. 478

    I dont know… it did make me laugh, It does sound like a very Gay Grease Musical

  79. 479

    ~~~~READY MOM? LOL~~~~

  80. 480

    Re: uraPIGperez – first of all, i'm anything BUT republican. and i called you psycho cause if you hate perez so much and keep writing these long ass diatribes about how he steals and everything then why come to his website and support him? fucking loser! get a life.

  81. 481

    sounds great!

  82. Calle says – reply to this


    haha, fun song :P


  83. I.Z. says – reply to this


    OMG, my ears are bleeding! This sounds so awful it's not even funny. And you have the guts to say that Jessica Simpson's singing sucks? She is a fucking Whitney Houston in comparison to this crap!

  84. 484

    wow. when did pete wentz become such a fatass?

  85. 485

    u have amazing eyes
    love the song
    good for you hunni

  86. 486

    catchy…great for a conversation starter…..almost as good as my favorite gay guy, george michael……yay! perez!

  87. 487

    i bought it, cuz i like it, i hope my husband won't mind………..

  88. j-ho says – reply to this


    uhm… maybe it'll grow on me?

  89. 489

    I admit I bought it. It was cute. I like how he paused and was like Gonorrhea! :D

  90. 490

    this is catchy as fuck.

    and a million times better than chris crockers shit.

  91. 491

    I was surprised that Perez has some good vocal moments. However, I'm sure everyone would agree that you should do a dance mix and add the Britney effects.

    Mike Andrews
    Dante's Cove Remix 2008
    I T U N E S

  92. 492

    I admit I bought it. It was cute. I like how he paused and was like Gonorrhea! :D

  93. 493

    loves it !!! lyrics rock :D :D

  94. 494

    that was extremely entertaining…..!!!!
    i wish i could see the movie…

  95. 495

    hahaha….HILARIOUS!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  96. 496


  97. 497

    Seriously???? I guess everybody and their mother is making music these days… Is it really necessary???

  98. 498

    Ookkkkkkkk….sounds like an X-Rated Barney and Baby Pop song…ewww
    It's one thing to be Gay…but do you HAVE to be just Nasty and Perverse??

  99. 499

    boring !!! boring : please stop writing all the time : this is was so much fun for us…soo exciting..we want to share this with the world ….blablabla….

    u do this for money, ok but dont pretend as if perez.com is our friend ….lame

  100. 500

    oh my god you guys have really no sense of humour, leave this site this is totally not for you. you must have so boring lives, hope someone will save you.

    and Perez : keep it up keep it up don't be afraid hey !

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