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Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!

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This is soooo exciting for us to finally be able to share with the world!

The Queen of All Media is living up to his self-appointed title by releasing our first-ever single, The Clap.

It's a silly song about silly boys - and it's super fun! Chessy. Campy. Fun! Fun! Fun!

We wrote the song for the soundtrack to Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild, which Perezzers appears in, and it plays over the film's closing credits.

Our good friend Lucian Piane composed the song and produced it and Perez wrote all the lyrics!

We have never written a song before and words can't describe how invigorating it was to create something from scratch that people seem to enjoy and we're very proud of. The Internets is very now, very ephemeral. But music is forever!

Thankfully, P-Nasty doesn't take himself too seriously. We're just having fun. And this song was so much fun!

He can make music, because he can!

And this isn't the end of Master P's foray into the musical world. Perezzz has been collaborating with some really cool peeps, so expect some other releases from the Queen of All Media very soon.

But, for now, check out The Clap below, and….

CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!
CLICK HERE to buy the single on iTunes today!!!!

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528 comments to “Perez Hilton Has The Clap! Gossip Gangstar Releases Debut Song!”

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  1. 501

    Lol…I can't stop laughing at this song…LMFAO…..

  2. 502

    too bad it can like never be on the radio :(

  3. 503


  4. 504

    good joke @paprika :) …not everyone is an apple-polisher ;) … you dont have to love everything what periz does, to have an exciting life …

  5. 505

    i love it

  6. 506

    It's fabulous

  7. 507

    hahaha i actually love it!

  8. 508

    Nice job!!

  9. 509


    It's adorably campy!!!

  10. 510

    heyyyyyyyyyyyy perez, its your fans from across the pond! we absolutely love it (the next pregnant man being our favourite line) blatantly something that we'd make up when we're wasted, you don't hear gonorrhea enough in songs. love love love it. GENIUS!

  11. olive says – reply to this


    it's cute! and catchy!

    "cuz you'll end up with the CLAP!" **clap, clap**

  12. 512

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!

    Need to be able to buy it in the UK PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSE?? Pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry?!?!?!?!?!?

  13. 513

    perez.i dunno why you make fun of artist cuz they dont have talent or w.e when you CLEARLY. suck. i mean stick to what your good at and thats rippin on othr ppl.

  14. 514

    Perez, I love ya, but that was really bad. Don't be one of those celebs that try to make music but then just end up looking foolish. Keep your day job.

  15. 515

    ahaha great song! made me laugh out loud

  16. 516

    lol hahahahah lol my dad n i haven't laughed soooo hard… " when you love someone

  17. 517

    I lovelovelove the chorus especially

  18. 518

    Oh, what a catchy tune!! Will be stuck in my head all day!! Perez, you rock!!!

  19. 519

    I adore you, dahlink. But this is like when Jennifer Love Hewitt wanted to be a musician– it just didn't work. You're brutally honest with us, so I thought I'd return the favor. ;D

  20. 520

    Hahaha I love this song, Perez.

  21. 521

    This is awful just beacuse is you perez ha!!
    you suck and you're obviusly a flop.

  22. 522


  23. k-lee says – reply to this


    You should've sung this with Zacquisha.

  24. 524

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 525

    Catchy Tune, but the lyrics suck. Sorry man, not lovin the lyrics.
    Its totally jokes though.

  26. 526

    lol hilarious

  27. 527

    BEAUTIFUL! lovesit!

  28. 528

    Did any of you guys realize this track is similar and/or taken from Escape Club's track titled, "Wild Wild West"?

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