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'Cheater' Blaine Finishes 'Deadly' Stunt To Boos!

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Peeps don't like getting played!

We previously mentioned that many folks felt like David Blaine 'cheated' his way through his 3 day, 60-hour hanging stunt over New York's Central Park because he took multiple right side up breaks during the endeavor. At least one an hour. Sometimes more!

New Yorkers are a vocal bunch and they let Blaine know how craptasticlly they viewed this latest attention seeking gig.

The 'magician' was booed by onlookers at the big, ceremonial 'conclusion' event of his 'death defying' hanging stunt in New York City on Wednesday night.

Does this mean we won't hear from Blaine for a long time!

Don't come back unless you have something really, really good, Davie!

[Image via WENN.]

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72 comments to “'Cheater' Blaine Finishes 'Deadly' Stunt To Boos!”

  1. 1

    What a fuckin' tool.

  2. 2

    he was right side up every hour.
    lame stunt.

  3. 3

    i want a pool side bowl of mac n cheese to swan dive into

  4. 4

    Next time, right side up w/ a noose.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Re: mandzie f baby – Kinky!

  7. Dayna says – reply to this


    He's not cool

  8. 8


  9. 9

    he is such a fraud. he should stop doing these asinine "physical feats" because they are lame and he lies & cheats while doing them.

  10. Sammy says – reply to this


    The tricks he was doing during his show with the people where pretty cool, I guess we expect too much from people. When we see a movie we are there for the whole thing, we know that there are different takes and stuff and we accept it.

  11. 11

    Two Words: Fuck Fag!

  12. 12

    Re: harrybalsac – you gave me the lols

  13. 13

    It was so lame. I didn't get it. He jumped off a building and he was attached to a rope. Isn't that called bungee jumping?? What's the big deal? Not quite a "death dive".

  14. 14

    What an idiot! That's not 'death defying'! Being strapped to a harness…ooooh scary!

  15. 15

    That fool is a fraud. But who reallys care? Somebody please punch him in the stomach. Harry Houdini Style.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Re: harrybalsac – LOL!

  18. MizzM says – reply to this


    1) Looks like David Blaine has a magical package
    2) Irregardless of the breaks he took, that's still a long fucking time to hang upside down … give the guy some credit
    3) can we get a pic without the white dots coming out of his pants, so i can stare at his package?! :)

  19. 19

    Re: mandzie f baby – SOUNDS FUN!

  20. 20

    Re: Sammy – Yeah but the point is he is famous for doing extraordinary things and so that is what we want from him. Films have different takes but no one expects them not to. He is just a fraud.

  21. 21

    Re: marberry – Are you a pasta lover too?

  22. 22

    His "Dive of Death" turned out to be him being slowly lowered down to the stage with a wire. Then he floated away attached to some black balloons, and the announcer said that he "mysteriously vanished into the sky" even though everyone could plainly see him.

  23. 23

    i totally didnt get the stunt ending :/

  24. 24

    Re: LettyB – LOLLL yeah that woulda atleast been more entertaining

  25. 25

    almost all records that are broken like this have little breaks, and yea, he prob would have died if he didn't take those breaks… but taking breaks that frequently is ridiiiiiculous… did he really think he was going to impress people that way? theres only so much the human body can go through, but I doubt this pushed him to any kind of limit… esp cuz he had been practicing … SOOOOOO LAME

  26. 26

    Re: harrybalsac – wanna join??

  27. 27

    I was waiting for a Perez comment on this!!! The "Death Dive" turned out to be a "Career Death Dive" I think!!!!!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    lame lame lame lame lame tool fool

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – on this one…..i agree w/you 100%

  30. 30

    Good that he got booed, its like trying to break the world record for holding your breath underwater and coming up every minute to take a breath


  31. 31

    Re: harrybalsac – i do love pasta

  32. 32

    I saw him on TV this morning…he stated that the winds picked up and because of the delay from that stupid moron Bush's statement last night that he was told by ABC not to do a dive like he was supposed to. He stated he was to dive and then swoop up and disappear. Give the dude credit for what he did…he needed the breaks so his head would not explode. I bet every ass on here who stated he cheated would not even last 5 minutes hanging upside down like that. Always the ones who are smart asses who claim "cheating" when they themselves could never even come close to trying this. Seriously people…get a fucking clue!

  33. 33

    let me tell ya, im so glad i sat down and waited for him to do a death defying dive, just to see him hooked to a damn cord and laughing as he did NOTHING. i thought i heard "boos" and im glad they did it because they were well deserved.

  34. 34

    how does he shit and piss?

  35. 35

    i hate this piece if shit. everything he does is stupid; im glad everyone else has caught on to how un-"magical" this all is.

  36. 36

    Re: megjls – If I knew this could not be done, I would have told people that I would be taking breaks. but he did not tell anyone, so he looked like a cheater. He made it sound like he was doing a death defying stunt, thats his schtick, but he did not. this is what irritates people. He lied. he is a loser. he sucks. End of story.

  37. 37

    Re: megjls – ummm… calm down. no one on this board has yet to state that they could "do it better," ok. and seriously, he was cheating. he never said, "oh, i'll be doing this stunt w/ break in between!" no he didnt say that, he said hed be hung upside down for 60 hrs or however long, then make a leap to his possible death or w/e… he lied, he cheated. his stunts are pathetic, and not real. you should have seen him up there trying to block out all the boo-ing. it was pathetic. hes pathetic… your pathetic… everyone sucks.
    i'm done.

  38. 38

    Re: LettyB – LMAO!
    Re: mamajud – KISSES!

  39. 39

    I didn't see the ending, now I'm curious. Should I find it, or is it totally horrible and not worthy to see?

  40. 40

    Get a real job loser!!!

  41. 41

    i was there! it was the most disappointing thing ever. we waited around for about 30 minutes just to see himjump off a platform. big whoop. ya he was tired but come on. david blaine is a joke.

  42. 42

    For his next special "trick" he should submerge his head in a bucket of dog poo for 24 hours.

  43. 43

    criss angel anyday!

  44. 44

    I watched his "death defying stun" (nothing dangerous about it) and it was freaking hilarious when he jumped, with the bungee cord attached to him and then slowly started to float away while being attached to balloons the crowd started booing him on tv. It was freaking hilarious ABC tried to roll credits and play music to cover up the booing but you could still hear the crowd booing him..All while the commentator says David Blaine has mysteriousy disapeared but yet you they showed him floating in the air attached to something. hahahaha.. LAME

  45. 45

    oh.is it over already xD

  46. 46

    LOL. He made money. Even if he did take a few breaks its pretty amazing!

    typical haters! Go get jobs.

    Go McCain! I am tired of lazy asses who take my money.

  47. 47

    awwwww leave him alone i think he's hot and i like him a lot better than criss angel

  48. 48

    lol asshole could have died or gone blind and they boo him..

    career ovahhhhhhhhhhh

  49. 49

    Actually he said he would be taking breaks, but the media decided not to report that bit of information. Hello people??? Hanging upside down for that amount of time leads to death, how stupid are all of you that thought someone could do this and survive??? He did a stunt, not magic as some of you call it. Yes he needed breaks, any sane person who wanted to live would do the same. I'd like to see any of you try this and not take a break after 10 minutes. Use your brains for once people… get a clue.

  50. 50

    What a twat!!

  51. 51

    people arent happy unless something bad happens…would you rather him die??? it was pretty fvcked up that he had us even read and watch that crap.

  52. 52

    the stuff he did on the streets with the people was better than that shitty dive of death

  53. 53

    Re: jjacey – Hey idiot…do you know that most magic is not real. If you thought he was really going to make a 44ft dive without a wire than you are absolutely retarded! If you check your facts before opening you damn mouth you would have noted that he did state he would be taking breaks. Most stunts done for records or whatever are given a break of 5-15 minutes every so often. The fact is the media did not chose to report that he would take a break. Stunt went wrong…end of story…too bad tools like you could not appreciate what he did do. I am not a Blaine fan, but come on..and no where did state that you thought you could do better. You choose to sit there and make fun of what he did do instead of sitting back and thinking holy crap he did hang upside down for a hell of a long time, with or without a break. As I said before…stunt went wrong…end of story!

  54. 54

    while this was a craptastic "stunt" his street magic and illusions are pretty legit. this was just ridiculous though, stick to street magic d!

  55. 55

    Re: jjacey – I would like to see if you would jump 4 1/2 stories off a platform tied to a stupid rope…I doubt it! Something tells me you are probably the "fat" kid in life you sits back and laughs at people instead of actually trying something yourself. Get back to me when you decide to jump 4 1/2 stories off a platform with no rope…

  56. 56


  57. MP says – reply to this


    I'm glad I didn't watch it. After reading yesterday about his "breaks" that was it for me.

  58. itsme says – reply to this


    i think people forget that he was actually hanging upside down for an hour at a time, and i know i couldnt do that!!! well done davie boy! :D

  59. a.t. says – reply to this


    that death defying stunt was the stupidest thing i've every seen. WHAT A LOSER!!!!

  60. 60

    I walked over to the park after work yesterday and couldn't see him hanging upside down… so I'm guess that he was on a "break." There were tons of young girls there screaming and crying calling him a God and praising him. For what?

    I actually watched the finale after ANTM was over and all of the card tricks and stuff were pretty cool… but the "dive of death" I didn't understand. Was his trick to jump off with a bungee cord attached to him? Anyone can do that!

  61. 61

    Re: megjls – Are you David? Well, Shut up anyway, he lied, get over it!

  62. 62

    Re: Dolores – haha omg are you serious? I wish I could have been there… I would throw stuff at him.

  63. 63


  64. 64

    People watched the 2 hour show to see him bungee jump. Oh yeah, he's a true magician….

  65. 65

    I have never wished death upon someone but part of me was kinda hoping for….

    I'm just sayin.

  66. 66

    oh my GOD he didn't cheat!

  67. 67

    Re: megjls


  68. 68

    Re: MizzM – It's "regardless," not "irregardless."

  69. 69

    It's dangerous to hang upside down for even an hour, so if he continual hang upside for 60 hours he would be dead. If you don't like him and think that he cheated then don't post. Why waste your time and say that you don't like someone? Get a life please. I would like to see hang upside down that long and see if you could do it.

  70. 70

    I hate this loser.

  71. 71

    Re: megjls – Get a life.

  72. 72

    Re: megjls – um… good one?