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Completely Gratuitous

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A new still of Robert Pattinson from the upcoming Twilight film.


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281 comments to “Completely Gratuitous”

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  1. 201

    He looks like a cross between Harry Potter and Hayden Christensen

  2. 202

    Re: blearyeyedmesgirl – Amen to THAT

  3. 203

    he is BEAUTIFUL.

    and replying to rock_on_meli, in the books E.C. doesn't have blond hair, he has bronze-colored hair.

    less than 52 days until we get to drool over 2 hours of his face on a HUGE screen :]

  4. 204


  5. 205

    Re: IckyNiki


  6. 206

    Seriously Perez, this should be moved up to YUMMY YUMMY SCREW.
    He earned it.
    He's panty creamer of the year!

  7. 207

    he is so fucking sexy.

    a lot hotter than he was in Harry Potter.

    Thank you so much.

  8. 208

    Re: oh_my_cullen – Less than 52?! I've been counting wrong!

  9. 209


  10. 210

    Love Love Love Loveeeee him!

  11. 211

    Re: rock_on_meli – Uh, no! Edward is NOT a blond!

  12. 212


    I think you should get together with mr. pattinson and have a nice long talk about his future antics in hollywood. make him the next zefron!

  13. 213

    Re: EmilyRugburn – I could NOT agree MORE!!! =)

  14. 214

    that's not the way i pictured edward his hair is just weird :(

  15. 215

    I am so ready for the movie!!! I just started reading the books a few weeks ago and I cannot put them down!!! I am so happy that Cedric from Harry Potter is playing Edward! Good match.
    And if you have not read the books yet, go out and get them!!! They are so good!

  16. 216

    Re: zaniac01 – Couldn't have said it better myself. Except I'm a 27 year old mom…lol. The books were amazing. I borrowed them from a friend Tues after Hurricane Ike hit Houston…2 weeks with no power :( ….. I completed all 4 books by the following Monday morning. I couldn't put them down. I really hope Hollywood doesn't EFF up the movie. From the short interviews on youtube of the actors it sounds like they pretty much follow the book. One of the interviews Robert says how the cast kept throwing out suggestions to change things they wanted or liked better but completely changed the story line and the producers said "NO." So there is hope still.

  17. DLR says – reply to this


    Oooh, it's Cedric from Harry Potter. You know, he'd have made a far better-looking Harry Potter, ya know? I bet that is why Half-Blood Prince was pushed back to July 2009 because the studio bigwigs feared they'd be overshadowed by the mania over Twilight.

  18. 218

    Stephanie had the final say in the casting. She is the only one who knows what Edward looks like. Remember she said that it is Bella's perspective… What one person thinks is "angelic" is not the same as the next. I thnk RPattz as RPattz is NOT Edward, but RPattz as Edward is Edward. Make sense? He is an AMAZING actor and he will go very very far in his career, trust me I think he will pull Edward off perfectly. As far as the other casting goes. Kirsten as Bella isn't great, but once again the whole acting thing comes into play. You don't cast someone because they themselves are the person you cast them because they can become the character. Alice IMO is spot in! Absolutely perfect. I think Carlile is wrong, and Esme. But the more I watch the stuff online the more I think they will be wonderful. As far as Rose, seriously you aren't going to find the most beautiful person in the entire world to play her. Nikki is very beautiful and she will pull it off. No movie is the same as a book, but I think with Steph helping it will be fine. Not exact, that's not possible. Oh and Perez thanks for listening to my email ;)

  19. 219

    so sexy!!! i can not wait for twilight to come out in theaters!!!! so excited!!!! love love love him…why can't Edward Cullen be real!?!?!?!?!?!

  20. 220

    Re: NotesfromTexas – Well we are alike, a 28 y/o mom here. I finished all of them in a week. :) Have you been to Twilightmoms?

  21. SWFxx says – reply to this


    ugh i want him.
    he is SO perfect
    and SO perfect as edward..
    im obsessed with the books, CANNOT wait for the film!

  22. Woods says – reply to this


    GORGEOUS. Perez why did you taint the photo by putting white ink on his beautiful face?

  23. 223

    I LOVE HIM, and he is insanely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THNX PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 224


  25. 225

    The actors they picked for this movie are all wrong. They don't seem to fit. And the reason is "so white" is from the makeup they put on him to make him look like a dead person. DUH!

  26. 226

    ohhh yummy!

  27. 227

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE RObert Pattinson!!!! I got really lucky since I saw the trailer before I fell in love with the books, and I always had a Crush on him in the Harry Potter Movies lol…. But yeah Rob is FUCKING HOT!!! I think all the movie was very well cast EXCEPT for Rosalie!!! I'm sorry, Nikki is cute. But when you are supposed to be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL You gotta be STUNNING!!! And Nikkie is just average with a bad dye job and a butt chin… They should have casted Olivia Wilde for Rosalie!!!!

  28. 228

    Thank you for posting something H-O-T!!! But why did you have to put a white stain by his mouth?lol

  29. 229

    OHH! cant wait!
    its going to be awesome!

  30. 230

    my heart stopped when I saw that picture. I am way too excited for this movie and I cannot wait to see him. He is like Michelangelo's David. Beautiful beautiful man. Thank you Perez!!!!

  31. 231

    *Sigh* Wow, he's amazing in that picture. Wow. Hotness. Thank you Perez. You totally made my night. Hawt!

  32. 232

    What's with the photoshopping???
    But he is HOT.

  33. 233


  34. 234


  35. 235

    Re: manored
    Haha, we know this. There is a fan on youtube called Touj0ursPur who always points his hobo-like style out in a playful way. He rarely pays attention to what other people think and what he looks like. Plus, he hates his role and it's hilarious. I like to think of him as a mini-Johnny Depp. We love him despite it all. ^_^

  36. 236

    Re: rock_on_meli
    Umm…Edward Cullen does NOT have blond hair…

  37. 237

    I feel sorry for the people who won't accept Robert Pattinson. I used to get pissed off when people would totally judge him based on stupid and unreasonable things and bash on him. It's ridiculous. But now I've realized that it's their loss, and they'll just have to eat their words when they see his performance on the big screen. You shall all regret the horrible things you said to/about him. Heheh.

  38. 238

    Re: Aprincess4ever83 – Most insightful comment I've read so far, re: Robert Pattinson and the whole Twilight phenomenon.

  39. 239


  40. 240

    wow… he's so gorgeous!! I love Rob Pattinson!
    Where can I get this photo (that doesn't have Perez' doodles on it) hehehe :)
    I can't wait for this movie!!! Hope it doesn't disappoint though…
    More twiligth postsss! :)

  41. 241

    FUCK. HE. IS. HOT!!!!!!!!!

    Rpattz is my Edward

  42. 242

    Um… Someone said earlier that E.C is blond… He's "bronze" (which is, what? A blend between blond and red??)… Jaz is blond, Emmets' hair is black and Edward (*sigh*) is bronze

  43. 243

    yummy - I think I just had an eye-gasm^^
    GIVE US MORE ROB!!!!! :)

  44. eho11 says – reply to this


    he's sooo white…

    but still HOT

  45. 245


  46. 246

    However, since Spunk here hates children, I say all he is is eye candy, and nothing more.
    So, again, TOTAL HOTNESS!
    But really, how do you hate kids? Was he spawned from his parents at the exact age he is now? Was he never a child, like all those Greek gods?
    Because seriously, that means he hated himself when he was a kid…how stupid!

  47. 247

    mmmm. sex.

  48. ISSA says – reply to this



  49. 249

    Cost= 1 soul
    where can I sign up

  50. 250

    Ugh.. I have to agree with lots of people here. He is just NOT how I would have envisioned Edward… not even close. Even Chase Crawford with topaz contacts would have been a MUCH MUCH better choice!!!

    This guy is just not graceful and god-like…

    I might not even see the movie… it might ruin the image of Edward in my mind. :(

  51. 251

    he can bite me anyday

  52. 252

    so, so, so sexy! perez you need to get more of him in hereeee

  53. 253

    He is SO hot. I'm glad the movie was postponed to November. I wonder how many people will see Twilight over Harry Potter. Twilight was better than H.P so , hopefully more twilight.

  54. 254

    Thank you Perez for taking interest in this great movie/book !!

    I love the actors so much

  55. 255


  56. 256

    Sexy man! His spittle should be red (he is a vampire, after all.)

  57. 257

    And by the way, Kristen Stewart, aka: Bella bashers: She is BEAUTIFUL. The reason you don't think she's all that much is because she does most of her scenes w/out make-up. Wait till you see her in her goth make-up. AMAZING!

  58. 258

    Robert Pattinson is so perfect for Edward, i mean who the hell you guys was thinking is good enough for Edward ?!

  59. 259

    thank you perez, truly, thank you, you made my day. I adore robert pattinson *le sigh*

  60. 260

    Lovelyy ;0

  61. 261

    PUHHHHHLEEAAASSSSEEEE keep giving us MORE ROB PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 262

    Oh my God, I cannot look at a picture of him without getting butterflies. One, because he is absolutely gorgeous, and two, because everytime I see him I think of Edward Cullen and I die when I think about him. I cannot wait for the movie.

  63. 263

    Well if you guys all don't like him, that just means there is more for me x]

    I absolutely think he is gorgeous and the perfect Edward….watch him act, you'll see. He even has that crooked smile that is TO DIE FOR :]]

  64. 264

    Re: swirlyeraser – amen to that
    oh my hes so cute

  65. 265

    Damnn this is the first picture ive seen him look hot in!

  66. 266

    I won't lie, the first time I heard that he was going to be playing Edward I wasn't really happy. I had my heart set on Henry Cavil (I am sooo going to marry that man), but I think he will do a good job. I have high hopes for the film… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE God let it be good!!

  67. 267

    at first i HATED him as edward bc i was rooting for henry cavill, but the more i see interviews with him and clips from the movie, the more i just LOVE him!! he seems so down to earth…it's adorable :)

  68. 268

    I am sorry but in the book he is described with impeccable beauty and this guy just doesn't do it for me, for the people who think he is too pale he is meant to be that pale he is playing a VAMPIRE….. and he should have lighter hair….. a paler chace crawford as the vampire now that would be hot!!!!

  69. 269


  70. 270

    hottest. guy. ever!!!!

  71. ISSA says – reply to this


    Re: Le Deux Alpes – I agree with you 100%
    Everyone will soon see they (Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson) are perfect for this movie and I can't wait to see all of the movies…you all know what I'm talking about!!!

  72. 272

    ew, chace crawford as edward would be a sacriledge. He can't act worth shit and there's something dumb looking about him–probably the vacant eyes.

    But RP? Boy's purty and looks intelligent enough to play Edward.

    People need to get over the personal images of what Edward looks like. They didn't just pick him for his looks, but his acting abilities. Something Chace Crawford doesn't have.

    And…Henry Cavill's too old to play Edward. Hell, technically he's too old to play Carlisle.

  73. 273

    I love him…more Rob posts!!!!!!!!

  74. 274

    absolutely STUNNING

  75. 275

    dawwwwwm he's fine he just right for edward

  76. 276

    Hahahahahahahahaha! I mean, sexy. :|

  77. 277

    this is beautiful. perez you rock

  78. 278


    not Edward material, deff not Edward material.


  79. 279

    Re: paulina=dan radcliffe fan #1 – twilight is so the new harry potter. harry potter is so last year, nobody cares.
    woot edward cullen

  80. 280

    ahhh , omg , he is SO hot!
    he totally fits Edward's character in Twilight and all the other books.

    he kinda looks like Ed Westwick to me , i don't know , lmaooo , he's still super cute =D

  81. 281

    ahhh, he's adorable.
    why didn't anyone tell me he was so cute?!

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