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Quaid Responds to Meg

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Last week, America's (former) sweetheart, Meg Ryan, spoke out in a new interview about her former marriage to Dennis Quaid and made headlines by alleging that he was repeatedly unfaithful.

In the interview, Meg mentions what a horrible husband he was and how he constantly cheated on her.

Now Dennis is speaking out.

And what does the adulterer have to say?

Quaid says, "It was eight years ago. I find it unbelievable that Meg continues publicly to rehash and rewrite the story of our relationship."

Funny, we never really heard Meg speaking about her past marriage until now.

Quaid adds that he finds it "regrettable that our son, Jack, has to be reminded in a public way of the turmoil and pain that every child feels in a divorce."

Interestingly, though, Quaid is not denying any of what Meg said!

Must be cuz he did cheat on her - several times.

But Quaid wants everyone to know, "I, myself, moved on years ago and am fortunate to have a happy, beautiful family."

That still doesn't take away from the fact that you were a loser for cheating on Meg and the mother of your child!

[Image via WENN.]

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67 comments to “Quaid Responds to Meg”

  1. 1

    blah blah blah

  2. 2

    i got two 1st in a row.
    wake up harry!:)

  3. 3

    Aww. She's too cute to cheat on. Bad Dennis.

  4. Iken says – reply to this


    Yuck. He could stand to have his teeth whitened.

  5. 5

    she has nothing else
    to do, she a wasted up
    old hag with a plastic face
    and is bitter coz her stupid ass
    believed in marriage. stfu, you ugly
    whore, and your X looks like the effen
    cryptkeeper, you are lucky he's gone.

  6. 6

    I'm with Dennis on this one. It was 8 fucking years ago. people fuck up. Doesn't mean he's cheating now. You don't see him getting into the spotlight for talking about some shit that happened forever ago. Wonder what their son thinks about his mom saying things publicly about his dad. I don't care what he did, it's not right when youi have a kid.

  7. 7

    He is right she needs to keep her mouht shut!

  8. 8

    He's right . . . it's been 8 years.
    She had nothing else to talk about so she had to open up old wounds to make herself interesting & seem relevant.

    She's a hag that will resemble Joan Rivers soon & he is still fine as hell.

    I hope his twins are still doing ok too.

  9. 9

    Now he looks like the Joker too, do they have the same Dr.?

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Re: mama of 2 – sexy new pic haahah

  12. 12

    Re: mama of 2 – I have do a little something to earn a this check!

  13. 13

    If someone is at fault here, it's her. Why tell that story now? To help her own image? To boost her new movie? And by the way, she did talk about her marriage with Quaid before, saying that she didn't understand why she stayed in this bad mariage for so long.

  14. 14

    i'd cheat on her too.

  15. 15

    Re: mandzie f baby – gotta keep it sexy!!!
    wish i was that sexy.

  16. 16

    "Last week, America's (former) sweetheart, Meg Ryan, spoke out in a new interview about her former marriage to Dennis Quaid and made headlines by alleging that he was repeatedly unfaithful.

    In the interview, Meg mentions what a horrible husband he was and how he constantly cheated on her. "

    A bit redundant no? and divirce??? WTF learn to spell

  17. 17

    oh my god. this little poor man.

  18. 18

    Re: harrybalsac – lol
    i'm a HUGE slacker today.
    monday's suck.

  19. 19

    Wait, didn't they divorce because she was screwing Russell Crowe?

  20. 20

    She should have spoken out when it happened, not now. He was a loser to treat his family so poorly. time to move on.

  21. 21

    Meg needs to get over it, move on and butcher up her face more.

  22. DLR says – reply to this


    "That still doesn't take away from the fact that you were a loser for cheating on Meg and the mother of your child!" True that! He's a sod, simple as that/

  23. 23

    Perez spell check divorce next time, just a thought
    luv ya

  24. 24

    What, she's not allowed to talk about her past at all? Especially since it WAS so long ago, why should she be able to dish the dirty deets?

  25. 25

    Why SHOULDN'T I meant.

  26. 26

    Re: Samantha – Yes!!! Who is the cheater??? She whined previously on Oprah that it was unfair that her fans were not more loyal to her after that. She needs some serious counseling

  27. 27

    If he was so worried about her talking about it then he should have never cheated!! Dumbass.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    has he not ever heard the "woman scorned" saying?? ummmmm she will NEVER let you live it down asshole. NEVER EVER EVER !! and I think it's FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY

  30. 30

    Wait a minute. Did she not hook up with Russell Crowe during the filming of their hideous movie together? Looks like maybe the cheating went both ways.

  31. 31

    He's disgusting! Never liked him.

  32. 32

    what the fuck Perez, MEG RYAN CHEATED ON HIM WITH RUSSELL CROWE! Keep it real man, non of this one sided bull shit.

  33. 33

    what a douche.
    well, he needs to get in the spotlight somehow. too bad meg gave
    him the

  34. 34

    Short story: he's a dog with bad fake hair.

  35. tasha says – reply to this


    I agree with Dennis. These celebrities need to start keeping their dirty laundry to themselves. It was 8 years ago and why bring it up now.

  36. 36

    This reeks of desperation for Meg. Her latest movie went nowhere and she needs to do something. And why should he deny cheating? We all know he did it just like we all know Meg cheated too. Yes, she cheated on the father of her child and very publicly. This goes both ways you know.

  37. ??? says – reply to this


    Ok it's time to move the hell on. It was 8 years ago Perez and no one cares. Yes it was terrible for him to do that, but everyone makes mistakes, some worse than others. This story expired lonnnng ago, if Meg wanted the sympathy vote she should have sold him out 8 years ago. Not now when her career is dead

  38. 38

    Perez you need to see a therapist. It's so obvious this issue "cheating" cuts close to home somehow. You take it too far all the time. You dont mention she cheated on him too. You state he "cheated on wife and kid." No, just the wife. Why dont you start calling out people like Angelina Jolie when you get on your fucken grandstand.

  39. 39

    Perez, you rock! I was so sad when these 2 broke up and everything was blamed on her cheating with Russell Crowe. I knew there was more to it - Dennis had many stints in rehab during their marriage. I thought Meg's interview was great - it showed her rising from a painful situation into a great new life. I guess Dennis didn't read the whole thing - just the part about himself.

  40. Jim J says – reply to this


    Meg is a bitch for bringing this up. Let it go.

  41. 41

    He is a piece of shit…and he moved on so easily bc he is the one that cheated and was buying time with meg till he found someone new…He is scum

  42. 42

    Re: Kendra – "People fuck up"? Is that all it takes to make an excuse/pass? That's it?
    Well then damn, I have been slacking: there are other men I come across regularly, that, if I were not committed/married, I'd enjoy greatly. Will the "people fuck up" line get me excused if I act on impulse?
    There are people I could make mistakes with all over!!!!!!!!
    It's honoring your VOWS. Period. I suppose - and I see - that people MARRY too easily. They should NOT make the vows if they can't honor them. :/ Flirt. Have fantasies - and ENJOY. But fuck up a family unit,

  43. 43

    I've never understood the compulsion to publicly air your dirty laundry. Sounds like both of them made big mistakes in their marriage, but it is way way overdue to let it go. Move on. What purpose does it serve to dredge up old mistakes?

  44. 44

    I always felt bad for him … that pisses me off.

  45. 45

    Uh, DUH Perez…Meg cheated too…with Russel Crow! Dummy. Doesn't matter who did it first. What matters is she did it too, so she is NO saint! Personally, she should shut her cake hole. Can't stand her. Dumb bitch. And Perez, STFU. Report the story…don't add your own absurd commnetary.

  46. 46

    I side with Dennis. She is known as one of the biggest bitches in Hollywood. Execs and even some other celebs even went on record saying how nasty she is. Dennis always seemed too nice for her.

  47. amish says – reply to this


    You'll probably here this question from me a lot . . . What's the news in some celebrity being unfaithful? Isn't that like reporting on celebrities who breath or walk?

  48. 48

    If she wants somebody to console her with a face in her pooty, I'll be there.

  49. I.Z. says – reply to this


    So according to you, Perez he is a cheater and Brad is saint and all? How hypocritical is that, huh?

  50. 50

    Yeah, cheaters always have it easier than the one being cheated on. Maybe she did it because it STILL HURTS. BTDT. Those of you saying she should shut up have never been cheated on. It sucks and it stays with you for a long time. I always thought MEG was the one cheating because Randy seemed so heartbroken. I'm glad she set the record straight, and I suspect she waited to do so until her son was older intentionally. I've no idea how old he is, though.

  51. 51

    Ok here's what I remember. Dennis had cheated on her but they both blamed his drinking on the reason why. He went to rehad (a few times) and they were trying to work it out and then she cheated with Russell Crowe, thought she was going to be in something with him long term and left Dennis. Rightfully so, I'm sure but he's right. It was 8 yrs. ago and it is really fair to their son to read this again? What about their son's friends? When it happened 8 yrs. ago he was so little I'm sure he wouldn't have remembered much now he has to contend with what he does remember and what others opinions are (because we all have one). It's something that wasn't needed to vent now and something she pulled for attention for the bomb of a movie she did.

  52. 52

    Time out. Didn't the marriage eventually dissolve because of her affair with Russel Crowe? If she was stupid enough to put up with years of cheating and self-righteous enough to leave her husband for another man, she has no room to talk.

  53. 53

    So that gives her the right to cheat with Russel Crowe? Yeah, funny she is coming out now that her movie bombed! Just so happen Mary Haines husband cheated too. With Meg's money and postion at that time she could have kicked him to the curb. But, she did not! So, why talk about now?

  54. 54

    Hasn't he always been open about his drug use and cheating? She needs to let it go and stop bringing it up. . .he's had enough drama with his twins, Meg need to focus on moving forward not back.

  55. 55

    I likED Quaid till now. LOSER! No comment is better then being an ASS!

  56. 56

    He should have at least stepped up when pictures of her and Russell Crowe came out, and said that her affair was not the only thing that broke their marriage apart. It would have been best for their son if Dennis would have publicly said that their marriage was already over, or admitted to his own indiscretions, rather than let the media beat up on her and turn it into a tabloid scandal. He was a dick for letting her take all of the blame back then, and he's an even bigger dick for bitching about the one public comment she made about their failed marriage. She has every right to let people know her side of the story, because for years the public has looked down on her for having an affair.

  57. 57

    actually he does deny it when he says "rewrite our relationship."

  58. Tonka says – reply to this


    Well yes Meg is going to hash this up! Her career is in the shitter. She was never a good actress. Now her looks are fading and her roles are becoming few and far between. If Quaid did cheat on her is it really a shock? To call her a cold fish would be an understatement. Now this little stunt to try to get some media attention. America's sweetheart? I think not.

  59. 59

    Well, looks like they were BOTH cheating fucks. They deserve each other, but the children don't. They've both moved on, time to shut the fuck up.

  60. 60

    It's true though, 8 years ago. She needs to get over it. Come on now, especially if you have a kid, you're really going to attack their dad in a magazine interview?

  61. 61

    First off, there are two people in a marriage, so the fact she's playing victim is ridiculous. They're both cheaters. They both had problems. They both undid their marriage. Sad but true. It's sad and desperate that she's bringing all of this up now. If she cared about her child, she would have kept the details of her marriage/divorce between herself and her Ex. The worse thing you can do as a parent as make the other person look like shit in the eyes of your child, regardless if he's deserving of it or not. Was she looking out for her child when she gave this interview?? NO!! She's looking for attention and the real truth is that NO ONE cares. She's a has-been and needs to move on!!

  62. 62

    It was in fact Meg that had the affair, with Russell Crowe.

  63. 63

    I always heard he was a cheating dog. What are you hiding, Dennis Quaid? Your new wife should know this about you.

  64. 64


  65. 65


  66. 66

    What proof do you offer that he cheated.At the time they both sort of thanked Russell for showing them they had been living in a routine rut for too long like a habit.NO mention of adultery. Why is she now changing her story.Not got enough publicity or movies going on.? You simply cannot sit on a blog and accuse people of things without proof.God I am surprised your lard arse does not get sued to buggery and back.

  67. 67

    ummmm…….did or didn't Meg mess around with Russel Crowe? was the before of after Quaids "affair"…and still yet, was Meg with Crowe while her and Quaid were still married???…..