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Adoption Again?!

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Maybe seven is a lucky number for Brangelina!

The parents of six are supposedly thinking of adopting one more child!

With newborn twins and 4 under the age of 7 running around, you'd think adding on to the crew would be the last thing they're thinking of!

The two are reportedly not sure at the moment which country they'll want to adopt from.

Sources say some lucky kid from Namibia, where Shiloh was born, might be added to the Brangelina collection.

Or, it could be a little one from Bolivia or Paraguay. Angelina supposedly wants to draw attention to the large number of desperately needy orphaned children in Latin America.

We think they should do Latin America. They don't have a kid from there yet!

We feel sorry for Brangelina. In a few years they're going to have 6 (maybe 7) kids all going through puberty at the same time.

Remember how horrible we all were in our teens?


[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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110 comments to “Adoption Again?!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Pick me, pick meeeeeee!

  3. 3

    oh please perez…
    like they are even dealing with
    those kids

  4. 4

    hey harry, they may….you do have
    some experience in the jungles of africa

  5. 5

    Amy the monkey can't come tonite, he's gettin' ready for his next debate.

  6. 6

    They'll be using every square inch of their limo now!

  7. 7

    it's nice to see brad and angelina using orphan children as a publicity stunt. they are not property you acquire. adopt because you love them not because you want recognition for them.
    besides, there are children all over the world, even in the US that need good homes. what about those kids? do they not need to be adopted as well?

  8. 8

    Re: amylala – Angie no got no bush.

  9. 9

    damn them to many kids to be havin good luck on that

  10. 10

    Re: amylala – Maybe if I put a bone in my nose?

  11. 11

    I bet they adopt from Namibia or another african country. They say if you adopt a child from overseas you should adopt a second child from the same country–that way the child has someone who looks like them and doesn't feel alienated. Maddox and Pax are both Asian, Shiloh and the twins are biological, so Zahara needs someone. I could see Brangelina going that route.

  12. 12

    SERIOUSLY.. do they not know when enough is enough… lol

  13. 13

    Angel? xox

  14. 14

    It's like a walking ,talking slide show of their travels.

  15. 15

    this pisses me off SO bad! obviously they are not taking care of there kids, and have other people to do it, and obviously since now they have there OWN kids, who are they going to favor more? its so sadly oblivious that they just do this for publicity. yeah, there getting to be really annoying.

  16. 16

    I agree with her…
    PICK ME!
    PICK ME!

  17. 17

    save some kids for the rest of hollywood to adopt.

  18. Jamey says – reply to this


    GO BOLIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19

    Yeah, but, they're "cool like that" so teen years won't be so bad. Also, I was thinking Latin America might be the country their next adoptee would be from!
    They should take their tribe on the ride, "It's A Small World"…

  20. 20

    lmao. but hey if they have the money to raise that many children, more power to 'em.

  21. 21

    ok honestly i find thes 2 so annoying…..they JUST had twins whydont they chill out and take care of thekids they DO have and stop just adding on they have brand new babies to take care of why dont they do that first instead of passing them off to the nanies

  22. 22

    Re: Ms. McGillicutty – Oh please, with their world-wide recognition, it's important to adopt from 3rd world countries! The adoption process in the USA can't fill enough requests for WASP children. Get real.

  23. 23

    Gee, I usually collect refrigerator magnets or Xmas tree ornaments from my travels.

  24. 24

    they must have 6 nannies.

  25. 25

    PS ~ We also have the luxury of Foster care here in America, which is what my mother has done for years. I think it's great their focus is on 3rd World Countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  26. 26

    i don't think they would plan adoptions when they haven't enough time to care about all their children. I mean it's ok, and is for a good cause, and i'm not saying that they don't love their kids, but, HEY ! i guess their spend most of time with bodyguards and nannys than their parents

  27. 27


  28. 28

    I love angie and Brad but seriously six kids is more than enough, no reason to go and adopt more especially when the twins were JUST born

  29. 29

    Re: kissme1lstime – What do you mean? I have NEVER seen a picture of one of the Jolie-Pitt children without one of the parents, and instead with some random nanny. Have you?

    Of course they have help… but I strongly think they spend a lot of time with their kids. They have so much money they can afford not to work for long periods of time. Plus, what's it to you if they adopt a poor orphan? MY GOD WHAT MONSTERS!

  30. 30

    Re: ChihuahuaBama – that's the shit i buy too !! i guess we need to "up" our collectables

  31. 31

    What the hell is wrong with those two people. There are children here in the U.S. that need to be adopted. There are starving, deprived, abused and otherwise unwanted and neglected children here in this country. WTF?

  32. 32

    Ha I KNEW they would be picking a hispanic kid next to complete their collection. After they get one of those, all they will need is an Ainu from Japan and an Australian Aborigine.

  33. 33

    Re: kissme1lstime – How do you know that they are not looking after "these kids" as you put it, my mom have 9 all one year after the other, my Dad was hardly home because of work, she did it just fine. If Angie wants to have help all the more power to her, at least the kids she has are better off with her than where the originally came from other than the twins and Shiloh. The will never have to worry about anything in life.

  34. 34

    That's nice that they have adopted children from around the world, but what about the children here in the United States that need permanant homes and people who will love them?

  35. 35

    Re: stewie – Yes there are alot of kids in the US that need to be adopted, what's wrong with the system if there are so many that need to be in the first place. America is supposded to be the Super power of the world, and they let the poverty get to where it is today?

  36. 36

    50 bucks says their next babyll be black. anyone?

  37. 37

    They have too many kids.

  38. 38

    DO BOLIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. NIKKI says – reply to this


    What about the children that are in need and desperate for a loving home here in our own country "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"!!!! That would be the perfect place to adopt a child!!!! Hmmmmmmm

  40. 40

    I heard on the radio that they have 6 nannies one for each child…No wonder they can adopt kids like crazy they aren't even taking care of them. What a shame, they are acting like grandparents and just enjoying the kids during the fun times and handing them back to the nannies when they cry or shit!

  41. 41

    such asses… why not use some of their ample funding to help a family in need keep their own child???

  42. Sammy says – reply to this


    How about one from the good old USA!

  43. 43

    Being an adopted child myself, I'm all in favor of it, but is it possible to be addicted to children? I mean, I realize they have the means to support them, and all the children seem to be well cared for and loved, but when is enough enough?

  44. 44

    I can't believe how much "brangelina" annoy the crap out of me….

  45. 45

    Even more baby shopping? When will they ever get enough?

  46. 46

    I was nerdy and well behaved in my teens. Only in my 20's did I get wild! Oh if only I had those days back…the wild days, not the nerdy ones:))

  47. tinky says – reply to this


    Re: Than Thou – haha u forgot eskimos…

  48. 48

    they can adopt me! i'd love to be that lucky kid from namibia… so what if i'm 26 and live in houston?

  49. 49

    Why don't they try adopting from the country that their both citizens of……..THE USA. Help the kids in our own country FIRST before you try solving the worlds problems…………

  50. 50

    So sick of these two! I'm sure they are not taking care of the children they already have. All they want to do is parade them around for photos, be put in magazines so everyone can look and say how wonderful they are! Make me sick !

  51. 51

    Oh give me a break. Those two have TWO NANNIES PER CHILD! They aren't exhausted or running around after these kids. They see them when THEY want to. It would be one thing if they were raising children like the rest of us in the real world, but we all know that just isn't the case.

  52. Arshe says – reply to this


    How can they give any of those kids individual attention I am starting to think they have mental issues.

  53. 53

    I hope it is not true! They need to concentrate on the ones they have. They are all very young and need attention a this time. STOP ALREADY!!

  54. 54

    I realize they can afford to raise a bunch of kids, but even if the tabloids are 100% wrong, and there usally is a grain of truth the rumors. They certainly seem to be struggling with what they have, maybe it is time to find another way to "raise awareness" of the plight of children in 3rd world countries. Plus how exactly does the adoption of one child help the entire world issue of unwanted children. It really only helps the one they adopt

  55. judit says – reply to this


    okay. I have a soon to be 20 month old baby and one on the way in november and i am feeling overwhelmed some days, so i have to say these people get my top kudos.

  56. 56

    Of course, I think it's amazing that Angelina & Brad adopt children, don't get me wrong. But…..what about the VERY-VERY HIGH NUMBERS OF AMERICAN CHILDREN THAT NEED ADOPTED?? Yes, before someone slams me, I know that other countries have it much-much worse than us. But, there are children who need adopted HERE too! Dang!

  57. 57

    Re: Ms. McGillicutty – Right on!

  58. 58

    DIVE ON A SPIKE ALREADY !!!!! Just go away!

  59. 59

    Why feel sorry for them? They have enough nanny's/personal assistants so they won't even have to deal with it.

  60. 60

    It's easy for them to adopt, they have tons of money for tons of help. Personally, I would want to spend as much time with and get to know the children I already have, but whatever floats their boats…

  61. 61

    I am a huge advocate of adoption but it really bothers me when people go outside this country to do so. There are so many children waiting to be adopted in the foster care system and it breaks my heart to see them waiting for a family to love them.

  62. 62

    This is obviously a bullshit story. They cannot adopt from either Bolivia or Paraguay. In both countries, you must be a legal citizen.

  63. 63

    So sick of them! Please they have tons of help, nannies, houskeepers you name it. How about helping a needy child from the US?????

  64. 64

    Thats great Brad and Angie are amazing!! Keep up the good work.
    Perez I really thing the majority of the people who post to your site are retards or something. You know these assholes that talk shit on every post irritate the hell out of you. You freakin morons complain if celeb buy expensive things and say why dont they donate to charity, and now you losers complain about people doing to much charity and try to spin it like they are doing it for publicity. WTF is wrong with you people. My god you a-holes need to get a life, get some friends, and just get something going on so you are not this angry everyday.

  65. 65

    Oh yeah why does it matter where they adopt their kids from. All that matters is that they are helping a child. What fuckin retards you all are. And you losers wonder why you are single and have no friends

  66. 66

    Why doesn't anyone adopt from America? Why do we make it so hard to adpot? Maybe there'd be less abortions if adoptions were easier and cheaper to make happen. Choose life!

  67. Anonymous says – reply to this


    What about the children of America? Shouldn't we worry about children in our own country first?

  68. Reg says – reply to this


    Is it just me, or does anyone else find this creepy and slightly weird?

  69. 69

    It's going to be soooo good when Pittstain finally takes off, nauseous from the stink of shitty nappies. Watching this bimbo struggle with seven kids will be hilarious. (Not that she will ever bring them up. That's what nannies are for).

  70. Sal says – reply to this


    Ow congrads!!!!!!!! I am in the starting process of an international adoption. hey good for them and God bless those who help children, even if I dont agree with their life style and views.

  71. 71

    Re: redsonja1313 – Well said!!

  72. Sal says – reply to this


    Re: Anonymous – We should worry about the children in the U.S but it can be even s longer process to adopt if you are "little' people wanting a baby.

  73. Sal says – reply to this


    Re: stewie – There is many children in the U.S that do need love. I hope that you will reach outt o those in need. Nothing wrong with feeling the way you do but everone has a "calling".

  74. 74

    It doesn't matter how many they adopt…..they have NANNIES who take care of them. What stress is Brangelina under? The kids get to be too much and the kids are given to the nannies for care…. They have no idea what a REAL family is like……

  75. 75

    OK…I think it's great to adopt a child; especially a child from a third-world country to draw attention to that particular region. However, at one point, no matter how much money you may have as a couple (and we know Brangelina has millions)…at what point do you stop and say to yourself, 'OK, we're giving these kids a better life financially–but emotionally, are we able to dedicate enough time to each child per day?' Again, it's great that they've adopted, but seven kids…seven? Are nannies raising the kids? What kind of life is that for a child?? What kind of life is it to constantly do things to get your parent's attention from the other six kids back to you? I think they're a great couple and doing great things, but I think they have way too many kids-young kids who need more attention each day than say a teenager-I don't think adopting another kid is such a brilliant idea.

  76. 76

    I am having secound thoughts about this. I mean, i used to like this whole idea of adoption and stuff, but to adopt 4 children, have 3 children of you own…it seems too much. Its to much time, love, and atention, and to much children! A kid takes more of our time then of our money. They are rich and everything but they also have a job that does not provides and stability to those poor kids. I think if they want to draw the atention to the south america they should build and school or something. Adopt and negligence another kid no. Money, fancy cars and fancy hair cuts its not the important in a life of a child

  77. 77

    I L0VE L0VE L0VE them! I think they should adopt a little LATIN baby girl 1st!!! Then a little boy from Namibia! :)

  78. 78

    I think it's great that they want to get the word out about adoption and abandoned children and all, but these children aren't pets, they're human beings. They have more needs than just fancy clothes, toys, food, etc. It's kind've scary to think about how they will turn out. From the outside, it seems like Angelina and Brad have very busy lives. Do they plan on just adopting and leaving the brood to nannies. It's fine now, but one day, they will require more than just the essentials.

  79. 79

    Well, Perez, I think you forget, that it won't be Bragelina looking after them when they are teenagers, it will still be the nanny's….

    …and how about they adpot child from the're own country??? I'm sure there are plenty of American Children that have had horrible upbringings that are waiting for someone to love them.

  80. 80

    As much as I like them. I'd say stop while you are ahead! Because when they get 12-16 all hell is going to break out! 6 is enough!

  81. 81

    While I commend them for giving homes to children in need, this is beginning to seem like a symptom of some sort of disorder. Like maybe someone likes new kids and get bored with the same ones after a while. These children will, admittedly, be significantly better off than if they were left where they were adopted from, but at some point, you have to recognize that there is no way each of the children is receiving the one-on-one attention that they need. It is obvious they are not, since two nannies are already employed. Guys!! Love the ones you have for now and let them adjust to the current situation before you change it–kids need stability.

  82. 82

    Does anyone else think it's some sort of compulsion or illness to want to keep adopting children?

  83. 83

    They could adopt ME! Sure I'm kinda grown but I'm potty trained already and could always learn another language! Could you imagine? I'd want to sit on Daddy's lap all day!

  84. 84

    They don't have an Italian kid, come and adopt me!
    I've always dreamed of a dad like Brad…
    anyway, they could adopt one hundred children and still play the happy family. They both work all day, those kids have probably a nanny each. I hate hypocrisy. Let's talk about mothers and fathers who have to cope daily with serious problems.

  85. 85

    just weird

  86. 86

    they re addicted ?

  87. 87

    "Angelina supposedly wants to draw attention to the large number of desperately needy orphaned children in Latin America."

    If this is true, that right there should show you exactly how much she values a human life.

  88. Tulip says – reply to this


    I think Angelina has some kind of addiction, the thrill of adding a new child gets her high. I hope these children get the attention and love they deserve. It's really sad.

  89. 89

    they're fucking crazy….CRAZY!!!!!

  90. Tulip says – reply to this


    Re: Hollywood is the best

    Sorry to shoot your theory to hell about all of us being single and lonely. I am happily married, with two children, Daisy and Cody. Seems you have a bit of a problem with anger the way you are verbally attacking others for having a different view than yours.

  91. 91

    Come on. I don't believe this report for a second.

  92. 92

    This chick is way wacky!! I wouldn't be surprised if Brad Pitt left that situation. Never any privacy,constant chaos and always people around you 24/7.Its ridiculous!

  93. 93

    If this is true, then they need psychiatric help! I remember when they adopted Pax, Angelina said she was going to remain at home to help pax adjust. That didn't happen.

    Why have so many kids and hire nannies to care for them? Seriously, they need to focus on making a stable (remain in one area) home for their kids.

  94. 94

    Why are they NEVER photographed with their own children???????????????????
    I find that really odd!!!!! It's always the adopted kids! Strange!!

  95. 95

    these people disgust me.

  96. MP says – reply to this


    That's ridiculous. How old are the twins…a few months old? Concentrate on the children you have and give them the attention they need. I think it's hard enough having 6 children and having enough attention to go around. It's very admirable that they want to adopt all these children that no one wants, but I think they should take a break.

  97. 97

    To all the people mentioning that they should adopt a child from the USA….are you then planning on adopting a child from your own country? No? Then shut your beak.

  98. 98

    they need to provide more attention to those kids. i mean the twins were barely born not so long ago. its an honorable thing she is doing but she needs to provide the love and attention that each child needs from their mother other she risks alienation.

  99. 99

    I dunno but they remind me of the butkise family from the movie "It takes two"

  100. 100

    There's a psychological condition called hoarder's syndrome… the classic old cat lady has it; Mia Farrow has/had a touch of it… it seems very likely that celebuspawn Angie Voight and her prom king beau have the syndrome, also — either that or Angie has it and Brad is still combing through the toys, diapers, and knives, looking for his balls.

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