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The Gays Are Not Happy With Slutty Cyrus!

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Ewww what a betch!

In a move that would shock the spoiled brats on MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, little Slutty Cyrus is kicking the gays out of Disneyland for her birthday party!

On what is known as the annual Gay Day celebration at Disneyland, Miley has decided to commandeer the park for her sweet 16th birthday bash, charging screaming tweenies $250 a pop to attend. Closing early to accommodate the Disney slut, members of the LGBT community will be forced to celebrate elsewhere.


You can't have the gays turn on you, sweetie.

Once you've lost the gays, you've lost it all!

[Image via WENN.]

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287 comments to “The Gays Are Not Happy With Slutty Cyrus!”

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  1. 101

    What a lil bigot! And it is SO true she has say! If she asked Disney to allow gays at her bday and stood up for some equality then gays would be allowed at the party…because as long as she is there Disney wouldn't care who else attended. How does she figure she is ANY better than gays? HA! At least gays can sing better and dress better than her! BITCH please!

  2. 102

    You idiots really think SHE did this? Highly doubtful! I'm sure it was one of her handlers or some Disney moron.

  3. 103

    Re: Shawn Suarez – we agree x 2. :-) :-)

  4. 104


  5. 105

    Boo! Like they can't prance around, do drugs and hang all over each other somewhere else.

  6. 106

    You're a fucking retard. The park is closing early, but it's also opening early. California Adventure will still be open, and "red shirt day" will take place the following weekend.
    I'm a cast member. I would know.

  7. 107

    wow people seriously get over it and her cause this bitch has tooken over the world already. and perez we all know you HATE MILEY BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON THE JONAS BROTHERS you are a pedophile pig stfu about miley already no one gives a fuck about this cunt

  8. 108

    tsk tsk tsk, what a shame, there goes half of her fans now. THANK GOD!

  9. 109

    1) I read this 2 days ago somewhere else.

    2) Who says Miley planned it? Did you stop to think that maybe Disney has a say on when she can hold her party?

  10. 110

    stoopid little princess.
    She may be a disney star but that doesn't mean she fucking owns disneyland.

  11. Tonka says – reply to this


    It is a VERY special day for her. You only turn 16 once. Besides she will be pregnant soon with her dad's baby, that is about the ONLY way she will get out of that Disney Contract. In 20 years she will be broke and living in a trailer with her disfunctional family.

  12. 112

    I am so bummed that they cancelled this event. We always have a great time at this event. This year was going to be especially fun since we justhie aired on Tabatha's Salon Takeover this week and had a big group coming to visit and celebrate with our salon. UGH!!! Happy Fucking Birthday Miley! Next year maybe she'll cancel the inauguration to have a freakin sleepover at the white house!!! LOL…Richie Roman Hair Stylist www.RRatedHair.com

  13. 113

    so…who cares? everyone has to leave early that day…disneyland has events like that all the time…this one just happens to be on gay day. it has nothing to do with anything. and besides theres always october 3rd and 4th isnt there?

  14. 114

    She's not kicking out only the people there to celebrate Gay Day, she's kicking EVERYONE out by making Disneyland close early.

  15. 115

    what a bitch i hate her!

  16. 116

    I'm pretty sure she'll pull a Jaime Lynn-Bristol in a year or two :)

  17. 117

    Amen!!!! I may be straight, But this Miley shite! Gads so not cool.

  18. 118

    Despite having qualms with the LGBT community, I DO NOT APPROVE MS. CYRUS' ACTIONS OF THROWING OUT CELEBRANTS OF GAY DAY IN DISNEYLAND. Such actions may anger the community and lose fans in the process. I wasn't her fan, and will never be a fan of her in my "prelifetime", "lifetime'", and "afterlifetime". I'm a couple of years older than Miley but she SHOULDN'T TREAT THE LGBT COMMUNITY LIKE TRASH. I have respected them like elders since I knew some of them years back. My point is that give the LGBT community a chance and stop "raining" on their "parade" so that it can make way for your "parade".

  19. 119

    so… here's the thing P-Masty…
    i have to say i agree with a few other commentors that it is kinda lame for a man to pick on a 16yo girl who most likey had nothing to do with the situation. HOWEVER, she certainly could have put her foot down… or more appropriately her father could have put his foot down(given the type of partying that goes on during gay days… i wouldnt want my 16yo daughter around that) anyways i am sure there is something that could have been done to make the scheduling of the party at a more condusive time.

  20. 120

    ohh and… did she ever have the gays? ive always hated her… but i could've missed the memo.

  21. 121

    firstly, not mileys fault….second, she hasn't done anything wrong…third, none of you KNOW miley so you have no reason to judge or disrespect her. one thing i've learnt from the paps is they LIE all the time! most of the stuff is false. celebs are just people like me and you…
    and if demi or selena became as famous as miley, and they slipped up in the public eye, everyone would be making up stories and blowing things out of context/proportion. exactly the same. miley is doing a great job and i hope all u who "hate" her are just too jealous to admit it

  22. 122

    Go Miley! Gay day at Disney is disgusting and Miley Cyrus has won my respect!

  23. 123

    Miley Cyrus didn't kick ANYONE out of Disneyland. She just presented Disneyland with an offer that would make a lot of money, and apparently Disneyland appreciates capitalism like the rest of this country.

    If stupid Miley's "birthday celebration" can bring in 5,000 people at $250 per person, wouldn't that make a LOT more money for Disney than some unofficial shit like "Gay Day," where gays and trannies show up paying the REGULAR price to get in?

    It's called making money, Perez Hilton, and some people in America enjoy it. You fat fucking piece of shit.

  24. eho11 says – reply to this



    "oh not she didn't"

    how can she hate gays
    they are the best
    Love you Perez

  25. 125

    I have some problem with people thinking that her ~*~SIXTEENTH BITRTHDAY~*~ is somehow more important than something that a whole lotta people celebrate? Or just closing down an entire park. Jesus.

    Although it probably wasn't her decision or whatever, it's a pretty fucking lame idea.

  26. 126

    being that she's only 15 I'm pretty sure it wasn't her. Perez stop picking on the kids you're a grown ass man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 127

    Re: GaGirl16
    Most deffy. She's a whore and a cuntface and her dad's obsession with her makes me sick.

  28. 128

    What A FUCKING SLUT !!!! she prob takes a dick in all 3 holes …..slutty miley close your god damn legs !

    she sets such a bad example for young girls !

    the gays hate you anyways !

  29. 129

    Do you think she KNEW it was gay day? COME ON… In all fairness, she's turning 16!! and a girl's Sweet 16 is like a "little wedding"…. its THAT important to a girl. Well, to a self absorbed 16 yr. old.

  30. 130

    You have a somewhat inflated opinion of the worth of the Pink Pound dear.!! Gays are no more important than anyone else, despite your illusions you are some kind of elite movement , and of enormous power albeit of a minority. Real world anyone.?

  31. 131

    I got a problem with a grown man calling a 16 year old slutty. It just reeks of unrightfulness. In my mind it is child abuse. You have a lot of people who have isolated, one time situations where they acted very out of character and maby mistreated a child in some fashion. And they are crucified the rest of their lives for it. Then you have a full grown, adult male blogger who continuously, over and over again, calls a young girl a slut in front of the whole world, and nobody gives a darn or does anything about it. It is a clear-cut case of child abuse and character defemation, and Miley and her father ought to go after Prez for it.

  32. 132

    Eew, she's disgusting! Some role model for young girls!?

  33. 133

    Surely Disneyland is a place for kids to have fun, not for fucking morons to proclaim their particular sexual preferences?


  34. 134

    Re: RichieRomanHairStylist – Sure, the presidential inauguration and fucking 'gay day' at Disney are on the same level! Get over yourselves.

    You're here
    You're queer
    we're bored of it.

  35. 135

    perez, are you seriously picking on miley?! shes 15! shes so talented and beautiful that you are just jealous of her, you old fat gross homo! so why don't you go suck a cock now 'ya fat ass!

  36. auds says – reply to this


    OH PLEASE PEREZ. Considering her target audience is girls under 16, no one will give a shit. Besides, the gays are only a small percentage of total population, give me a break.

  37. 137

    *rollseyes* How about we all just stop talking about her? I hate her MORE then Paris now, and I'm sick and tired of mentioning how fugly, untalented, and slutty she is.

  38. 138

    fuck her

  39. 139

    listen perez…seriously. Trace Cyrus is a gay man,like in the literal sense. Ask anyone from franklin tn get on that shizzz for a story (:

  40. 140

    Why do Gays get their own day at Disneyland? I don't have my own day….. or did I miss the 37 year old, married, mother of 2 day at Disney!!!!

    Give me a break, enough with the special treatment. If the gays want respect, then start assimilating.

  41. 141

    First of all ALL the proceeds go to charity, HELLO..Get your facts right, & second she is 15 years old, do not call her a slut or bitch..give me a break, she is a Child.

    And whatever day "gay day" @ Disneyland lands on, it is a unoffical event! Disneyland does not promote it nor endorse it, it is something made up by the gay community, which IMO should be done at magic moutain or something because does the gat community really have to be at a FAMILY resort..I really do not enjoy having to explain why 2 grown men are making out on "it's a small world" ride, I mean..REALLY!

    Miley is doing something kind by giving back, all you give Perez is a headache!

  42. RDRH says – reply to this


    Looks like she has her veneers on… unless she's had her gummy smile fixed already. Next up, that nose of hers. She's a cute girl… but gettin' a bit too big for her britches. She nees a smack gown by a queen.

  43. 143

    SHE'S 16… 16… NOT 25 NOT 30…. SHE IS A VEERY YOUNG GIRL…

  44. 144

    Fucking morons - do any of you bother to gather facts or do you blindly follow perez hilton, a person who RARELY checks his facts in his rush to get the 'news' to you all? It flat out states on the site "**NOTE: Yes, Miley Cyrus is having her birthday at Disneyland on Sunday, October 5 and Disneyland will be closing at 5pm that day. That's our scheduled day at Disney's California Adventure so we don't forsee any changes to Gay Days Anaheim. Although we would love her to come sing for us!**"
    Morons. It's scary that most of you can't be bothered to check what he 'reports' on.

  45. 145

    You gays need to quit worrying about having your Gay Day at Disney World. You will have all the Gay Days you want together in HELL someday.

  46. 146

    I know that's right! I'm a gay uncle that has flown my nieces to shows, paid for all their tickets to all the shows (and their friends!) and had to abuse my credit card to buy all the crap she hawks on to poor unsuspecting 9 year olds! No doubt, this is coordinated with Disney. And the way some gays act, I can't blame them! As a for profit company I would much rather have a bunch of spoiled rich kids and their dotting parents splurging on products than a bunch of bandana wearing dikes tearing up the rides! lol

  47. 147

    Re: Friend of P – You better know for SURE she know…but more over, Disney knew! They are probably doing this on purpose to run the slap happy queens off. I was there once, too many gays act like someone you might be more ashamed off than proud off.

  48. 148

    Re: SpeakerofTruth – really?… step into the 21st century. what you need to do is get a life of your own and stop worrying about what other do in theirs. its people like you who are causing the world to go to shit. you're not a speaker of truth, you're a speaker of BULLSHIT. I'm not gay, but i support anyone who is because i believe in FREEDOM! one love.

  49. 149

    i think its hilarious how some of you people on here have a lot of hate for perez… yet you took the time to make a profile on his website. ironic huh? think before you speak people.

  50. 150

    Re: Genghis Khan – Yeah, it's rather telling what sort of person Perez is; however, it's funny. Kinda springer-ish if you will. He's a ring master and his faithful puppets follow in line. You can't NOT come to this site and laugh at the morons who follow this person around blindly. When I want entertainment related news I go to reliable sites, but when I want a giggle I come to the armpit of the net and take a big wiff ;)

  51. 151

    What a bitch!!!! Haha I feel sorry for what the gays are gonna do to her now!

  52. 152

    Okay Perez, first of all, I'm gay and I totally see your claim that she is "kicking us out" as total bull. She's having an event there the same day. So? Maybe the gay celebration that was planned meant that others couldn't do their gig on that day. Get over it. And STOP calling this TEENAGE girl such disgusting names! It's way beyond creepy now. Lastly, we "gay men" are not even sure we want you in our club. I mean, you know, there's the whole hotness factor thing and well……………….

  53. 153

    iloveperezmoree - i think its hilarious how some of you people on here have a lot of hate for perez… yet you took the time to make a profile on his website. ironic huh? think before you speak people
    ^ It's cuz the douche made it that way. Newsflash! You had to create a profile to comment. What does that say about him? Hell, what does your comment say about you? Lol! Fuck, what does your username say about you? LMFAO!

  54. 154

    everyday she gives me another reason to hate her. I think she does it on purpose. Iys getting kinda old, i wish she would just go away and let selena and demi take over

  55. 155

    Re: iloveperezmoree – You can believe whatever you want, but I believe the Bible, and what God says. You will be in for a rude awakening some day if you don't turn from your sinful ways. God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for the way the people lived, and the world is much worse now than it was then.

  56. 156

    Poor gays…’tis true. All you need is a gay buddy and you're instantly loved! Look at Lindsey and saMAN.

  57. 157

    She's a skank and it shouldn't take something like this for anybody to realize it. She doesn't have an OUNCE of talent. Her voice, to me, is like 10 million fingernails on 10 million chalkboards. A friend of mine saw her at a country awards show she hosted this year and said she was a total bitch to everyone. It doesn't surprise me at all. All I can say is that she better be saving her money because her time is running out. Once she ditches the Hanna Montana popularity and pursues what she really wants to be (a full time whore) then we'll see how far she gets.

  58. 158

    Re: SpeakerofTruth – i believe in God, but i believe that God loves us no matter who we are. gay, straight, sinner, saint he loves us equally. you spew hatred, god does not love that. think about the words you say to others…. remember, angels walk amoung us.

  59. 159

    I hope she just dies off, seriously she is FUGLY!!! She lacks so much talent, just cause she has a famous parent… give people with real talent a go!!

  60. 160

    fuckin bitch

  61. 161

    Re: SpeakerofTruth – Agreed. All gay people are going to face God one day and be held accountable for your actions, as will all other sinners. Maybe Miley didn't want to be associated with any of that??? I sure wouldn't want my daughter's 16th birthday party to be remembered with a gang of gay people around……..it is for her friends, family, and fans.

  62. 162

    The queens should just crash her party anyways. That's what we did in high school. Take that sucka right over & she can go cry in a corner. The whole thought of it takes me back to some good memories.

  63. 163

    wow,shes such a little skank

  64. 164

    every one should leave miley alone

  65. 165

    Fuck you Miley. Go choke on another dick!

  66. 166

    Most popular on Gay Day; The Log Ride.

  67. 167

    The more reasons for the world to hate her.

  68. 168



  69. 169

    Seems to me that Disney is the one raining on the gays' parade. Besides, it sounds like it's just a day that the group traditionally has a gathering there — but not that they had rented the park out or anything. Cyrus works for Disney, and they obviously decided to turn her b-day into a money-making venture. If the gays don't want the possibility of having their plans changed, they should pay to rent the park out on the date of their choice. Otherwise, step off!

  70. 170

    Oh Perez, you're so funny! lol

  71. 171

    It's Another reason to hate her weh-hey!!
    Damn Will she just get washed up already, I'm sick of waiting!

  72. Sho says – reply to this


    Why the Hell does Disney world/land need a "gay" day? What the hell does your sexuality have to do with riding amusement park rides?

    There is a time and place for everything and I don’t see why you need a day at an amusement park.

  73. 173

    stop the damn hate perez!!!!!! She is not even an adult. Gay Day is something the gay groups came up with after Baptist Groups were upset with gay couples at the park when the baptists went down. IT IS NOT AN OFFICIAL DISNEY EVENT. And if you ACTUALLY WENT ON DISNEY'S SITE, you would see this:
    Special Theme Park Hours for October 5, 2008
    Due to a private event on Sunday, October 5, 2008, Disneyland® Park will be opening at 6:30 a.m. and closing at 5:00 p.m. Disney's California Adventure® Park will extend its hours that day and will be open from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

    Disneyland does do private parties, if you are going to go there, you check the hours. It is open 12 hours for your mouse fix.

  74. 174

    Really??? Calling a child a slut??? Nice.

  75. 175

    what a shame

  76. 176

    Have mercy. I have red hair. Can I get a redhead day? Oh and I have green eyes. Can I get a greeneyes day? And then pitch a bitch if I don't get it celebrate it on that day? Whine, piss and moan about much? Why is it that people who are different get a day to celebrate being what they are? Damn, can't you just be happy to be alive!? She is a child, living the dream. I say go for it. Calling her a slut, whore, etc won't change anything.

  77. 177

    OOOOPPSSS!!! she did it again!! GLAAD is going to be very, very very upset with this "b____. Do not like Miley, like Selena even with her big head!!!

  78. 178

    OOOOPPSSS!!! she did it again!! GLAAD is going to be very, very very upset with this "b____. Do not like Miley, like Selena even with her big head!!! And her bday is not until November!!!!! WTF?????

  79. 179

    balls to the face sluty Miley bitch. It's gayday at happyland.

  80. 180

    I'm sorry, but this immature girl is just one big brat. Why are people worshipping her? Perez, just stop writing about her, if she gets no publicity, nothing of her no talent 'work' will have a chance at surviving.

    And Miley Honey, if you lose your gay fans, you will probably lose a large chunk of your fanbase. You are not that talented anyways, so you might want to ensure you are good with all your fans instead of acting like a spoiled little brat.

  81. 181

    But who's to blame here - Miley Cyrus, who probably had no clue about Gay Day as she does other things (BTW get an education Miley!) or Disney who has had Gay Day at the park for quite a number of years now. Come on , it isn't even her real birthday yet … it's next month !

  82. 182

    Re: razz the kid – That's right gay community, if you don't get your way just sue. That will really make people accept you…

  83. DLR says – reply to this


    Umm, Perez, it is not like Miley has any say in when her birth day is. If she wanted to have her birthday party at Disneyland, then too bad for not just the LGBT but EVERYONE that would be at Disneyland that day.

  84. 184

    fuck miley.

  85. 185


  86. 186

    I'm starting to hate her…I'm so sick and tired of her…Fuck u Miley.

  87. 187

    Re: RayJay – OMG old lady smoker, lol lol thats sooo funny

  88. 188

    Re: iloveperezmoree

    You are right. God loves everyone, but he can't stand to even look at sin. He hates the sin of homosexuality, and no homosexual will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I'm not spewing hatred, but merely preaching the truth.

  89. 189

    It is being noticed that you are now trying to down this 16 year old child, and destroy her like you did with Britney Spears.

  90. 190

    Some of you are such idiots…seriously! O.k., she does messed up things at times…you never, ever, ever have??? She's 15 people! Doubt she intentionally messed up "Gay Day", and if she did it on purpose…get over it!

    Judge much???

  91. 191

    Lame! Lame! Lame!

  92. 192

    Re: lovelyS – haha i like how whenever anyone supports LGBT people, they always have to make sure everyone knows they're not gay! oh no!

  93. 193

    Re: perezisanidiot22 – why the hell are you even on this site…?

  94. 194

    In her defense seriously… She's probably not even aware of Gay Day, i know I wasn't until you brought it up, and I doubt she gets to choose the date of it happening considering it's a month before her birthday.

  95. Tonka says – reply to this


    Re: JembaBemba – That is EVERY day at Disneyland dear and if you weigh 450 pds and you are in a scooter that is everyday as well. Kudos for being a ignorant C*NT and stepping in and shooting your Fat Ass Republican religious right wing nut mouth off. Have a "Christian" day just like you are.

  96. 196

    $250 to go to that SLUTS b-days party?!!!!! ….. I would pay NOT to go……. stupid effing slut

  97. 197

    Re: chaotic – looooool

  98. 198

    Re: Friend of P – You nailed it buddy. Perez is jealous of cute perky miley so he has to bash her.

  99. 199

    Has this been verified? Probably Perez just spouting off about a 16 year old STAR he is SO jealous over. I like perez, don't get me wrong…but this hang-up he has on Miley is just silly. He's too old to pick on punks.

  100. 200

    it's for Charity, Perez - you dumbfuck

    Teen sensation Miley Cyrus will celebrate turning sweet 16 with a huge party at Disneyland.

    The Hannah Montana star will shut down the Californian themepark for the day on October 5 and is inviting fans to join her by paying $250 to raise money for charity.

    Miley, who will also belt out some songs, told US TV show ’Entertainment Tonight’: “I love roller coasters so this is my ultimate birthday.” She said the party will be “totally awesome”.

    The ’Miley’s Sweet 16 - Share the Celebration’ bash will benefit ’Youth Service America’, which helps improve the lives of young Americans aged five to 25.

    Explaining the decision to turn her celebrations into a fund-raiser, Miley said: “There’s only one world and we got to take care of it.”

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