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The Gays Are Not Happy With Slutty Cyrus!

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Ewww what a betch!

In a move that would shock the spoiled brats on MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, little Slutty Cyrus is kicking the gays out of Disneyland for her birthday party!

On what is known as the annual Gay Day celebration at Disneyland, Miley has decided to commandeer the park for her sweet 16th birthday bash, charging screaming tweenies $250 a pop to attend. Closing early to accommodate the Disney slut, members of the LGBT community will be forced to celebrate elsewhere.


You can't have the gays turn on you, sweetie.

Once you've lost the gays, you've lost it all!

[Image via WENN.]

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287 comments to “The Gays Are Not Happy With Slutty Cyrus!”

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  1. 201

    first of all, money goes to charity. second, she only sold about 5,000 tickets and the rest were given to teens who do volunteer work. it's not the end of the world!!!!

    love you Miley!

  2. 202

    Fucking twatwaffle. I work at Disneyland and I LOVE Gay Day, we actually have 2 one official and one non-official one, that is the bestest days ever to work. I'm a proud card carrying Fag Hag and this shit pisses me off! Fuck that bitch!

  3. 203

    so its he r bday its not as if shes against gays she just want the place 2 herself

  4. 204

    Not to defend Miley but I bet you she didn't even know that day was special for gay people. I think Disney is forcing her to have her bday there and picked that day because of how bitchy she has been to them lately.

  5. 205

    what a bitch! that is a HUGE fucking place and she can't share it? what a spoiled little cunt she turned out to be. she'll be the next lindsay lohan just wait…i bet in a year, she'll be either pregnant or in rehab. and i'll be laughing my ass off.

  6. 206

    Once you've lost the gays, you've lost it all? -Really Perez? I thought her fans were pre-teens, not lesbians and gays!!!…You are delusional if you think gays will make or brake an artist…..Sorry to tell you, but you are a MINORITY, a very small MINORITY…Learn to live with it!!!!

  7. 207

    she's a little greedy whore. Its not for a her birthday, it's an excuse to charge $200 a person. And who would pay that…if you pay to go, you should be shot and i don't even want to hear you complain about gas prices again if you'd waste money on THAT. I really hope she gets a minor drug addiction and disapears off the radar or something. She's gross at 16, imagine how she'll be at 26!!

  8. 208

    I'm hopin she becomes a "has-been" quickly, because I'm getting really sick of her

  9. 209

    They should boycott Disneyland… as well as that annoying brat Miley.

  10. 210

    Disney is dissing "over 30,000 LGBT folks" to pander to this 15 year old star? That's pathetic of Disney. And Miley. Shame, shame.

  11. 211

    Once you've lost the gays, you've lost it all!


  12. 212

    GAY DISNEY cheapens the idea of Disney anyways….i"ve seen about of cracked out queens acting like fucking idiots and making us look bad at Disney…imagine the club times million of those drug addicts..

  13. NJK says – reply to this


    comes to show you MILEY FANS, the girl your idolizing -_-
    fxcking bitch
    doesnt she know that girls love their gays?

    cant wait till her 5 minutes of fame are over

  14. 214


    i was going to that too…

    hella messed up…

    bitch isnt even talented


  15. 215

    wow that sucks. well… she sucks.

  16. 216

    Re: Cubican – Why does it 'piss you off' when it doesn't affect gay day in any way what-so-ever? Being an employee, you'd think you'd know that already…

  17. 217

    Just another reason to hate her and why haven't the people boyvotted this white trash slut yet???? I know if I was a mom I would NEVER have them look to her as a "role model"

  18. 218

    Re: TheHectorness – You can still go dumbfuck, gay day is still happening. Her party hasn't changed a thing.

  19. 219

    really perez, seriously?

    I went to miley's show at Foxwoods …so I believe Perez would classify me as one of the rich bitches of the east (referring to his post when she released tickets)…anyhow, miley was talented and full of energy despite flying into CT 6am the morning of the show after filming the 3rd season of HM the night before…not to mention she took the time to get down from stage and talk to 2 little girls…what I'm trying to say is that she performs with her heart and soul and seems like quite a good person so stop hating and take some notes

    in terms of her b-day, it is definitely not her call and I mean on my birthday I would want it to be my day too (ever heard "It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to")…I'm straight but I wouldn't even want a straight parade (ha if they ever have one) to steal sunshine from my birthday…lastly, my best guy friend is gay and we both still loooove miley and sing every word to her songs at the top of our lungs so not all the gays have turned on miley, just the judgemental perez who happens to be gay…

  20. 220

    Obviously, you don't know much about this Perez. If you would look at the website for "Gay Days" you would see that Sunday the gays are planning on being at CA adventures. I'm so glad that I'm going to disney this weekend with my homophobic Marine husband. Ought to be interesting. Of course, I'm not telling him about this.

  21. 221

    So what if shes having her birthday that day its her birthday im sure she didnt do it on purpose why dont the gays just move it to another day??

  22. 222

    I don't find this 'crazy' as most others think honestly. The park is closing early for a celebrity birthday bash, sounds okay to me. And doesn't mean others can't go to Disneyland that day, it's still open to the public and stuff. And 250$.. well, it is Disneyland and it's a huge celebrity, so this once in a lifetime chance for 250$ isn't that crazy.

  23. 223

    what a fuckin bitch. i hope she reads this and realizes that she is being an ignorant, homophobic, prima-donna. slut bitch whore. everyone has the right to be at the happiest place on earth

  24. 224

    I hate her I hate her soo much;
    Really, this no-talent skank needs to get over herself.

  25. 225

    stupid bitch, this just proves how young and ignorant she truly is. It's kind of a good things tho, it's not like she's actually talented.

  26. 226

    The reason they did this is because there has been incidents in the past where the gays would get naked and have orgies in the parks. They dont want to expose young kids to this kind of behavior. Now I'm not saying all gay people do this because that is certainly not true. There are a few bad eggs in every group. But thats the concern I'm sure. If you dont believe me you can find videos from disney during gayday on the net.

  27. 227

    I hope they protest her birthday man. Get Ru Paul in there with a cute little army outfit on and have the gays shoot used anal beads at her and her cake!

  28. 228

    Once, Perez Hilton hates you, then you dont have to worry about any perverts in the world!

  29. pina says – reply to this


    fucking little bitch!!!!!!

  30. 230

    its a childrens place …….
    and gay people can celebrate anywhere….
    I dont see why take it personal…

  31. 231

    i found your last statment hilarious, cuz i don't know other people who obbsess with tv and stars as much as gay people, all my straight friends sure don't lol.

    and i am sorta wondering why everyone is getting mad at you saying its for charity and gay people don't like miley and blah blah blah…. like what you said was really funny,which was the point.. and people definately over thought it all, cuz all i was going to say was that it was hilarious till i read everyones stupid comments.

  32. 232

    Re: witchywoman – then why are you on a gay mans site? please get a fucking life and while you're at it get a fucking brain dumbass

  33. 233

    Re: boxcarsixty9 – your comment its stupid 2

  34. 234


  35. 235

    Eeeeew! Gays or not, if there's any Disney Land tradition on that day, have your birthday party the following day. No big.
    Really, if she want's a non-lame party, she should just invite all the gays at no charge.

  36. 236

    This is a stupid post….. I don't have a problem with miley cause, 1st off *ahem* YOU DON'T KNOW HER! you don't know how she is and the only problem with her is what every other teen girl does but it is worse cause everyone will know about it the very next day, and you just won't let it go….. It's really none of anyone else's business but sense it is always out there she should be more careful, but you guys reeeeeaaaaally need to stop hating….. I am NUETRAL no prefereance either way! :)

  37. deee says – reply to this


    lmfao she is so stupid.

    when can she stop being a bitch?

    ummm let me guess NEVER!

  38. 238

    that's messed up!!!….i never liked her…

  39. 239

    "Gay Days organizers already had scheduled activities for that evening at Disney's California Adventure. And, to give our guests more time to enjoy the resort, we have extended operating hours for Disney's California Adventure until 11:00 PM," the Disneyland rep added.

    As for the Gay Days organization, they remain upbeat about Miley crashing their annual get-together at the happiest place on earth — even hopeful that the "Hannah Montana" star might show for an impromptu performance.


  40. 240

    wow she needs to just go away.

  41. 241

    she is such a fucking bitch!

  42. 242

    yeah, she's shunning the gays out from their "playland for one day"…unfortunate, i must say…
    Do you think they'd want to share the same play space AND be subjected to the makings of her scraggily, droopy, mayonnaise ridden roast beef curtains anyway??
    I think not!

  43. 243

    I know she reads all these comments because she is that shallow, and she enjoys reading about herself. so again I just want to say, you are a fucking bitch!

  44. 244

    I love Miley… stop calling 16 year old girls sluts its weird….

  45. 245

    Who really cares! I mean come on!
    If you hate her just be like whatever
    and im not defending her because i dont really like her myself
    but dont make a big deal about it…

  46. 246

    Re: Cubican – get the hell over it my god. Its not the end of the world
    you guys dont have anything better to do than fucking complain about gay day
    go do something with your life.

  47. 247

    such a drama queen!
    im starting to reallyyy hate her.

  48. 248

    stupid girl

  49. Ammie says – reply to this


    Shame on the parents who spend $250 a pop in this economy for their children to attend this event. Bad Karma all around.

  50. 250

    she's not going to make it.. can't wait til she falls… i love jonas bros.!

  51. 251

    Seriously.. what a bitch!
    I would be all over having my birthday during gay days

  52. 252

    Y'know, she's not even cute and from the looks of her pix she probably won't age well…does she even sing that well? hmmm, being mean to gays sure isn't attractive…

  53. 253

    No, Perez, Disney did that. And Miley is their bitch, so she does what they tell her to.

  54. 254

    agreed. how greedy of her.

  55. 255

    so before you put down a freaking 15 year old girl….DO YOUR RESEARCH!

    Disneyland will therefore be closing the park to guests not attending the Miley Cyrus‘ birthday party at 5 PM. Gay Days, an annual gay and lesbian gathering at the Magic Kingdom, will also be using the park at the same time as Miley, but will be in a different area of Disney’s California Adventure.

  56. 256

    You're so right Perez, once you lost the gays…
    Prepare yourself slutty Cyrus!

  57. 257

    Re: Frerard Addict

    OMG, thank you, Frerard Addict!!!!!!!!!!!! People sound like total retards when they say "OMG, leave that poor little girl alone! Quit picking on her, Perez!"

    WTF?? First off: Miley is NOT a little girl!!! She's a fucking whore! I'm 16 years old and i don't pull half of the shit she does!!! I mean, the skanky camera pics, the 20 year old underwear model she keeps hanging all over, her obsession with Nick Jonas. It's not Perez's fault Miley is a total slut!

    Second: She and her disgrace of a father are completely obsessed with fame. The only fans she has are 5 year olds who think her music is considered "rock."(*GAG*) And $250 to go to a birthday party?? Dude, not even the tickets are that much!!!

    And third: Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have so much more talent! Selena can actually act and her show is hilarious! And Demi?? She HAS a voice, nobody can deny that. They don't even belong in Disney! Otherwise they'll turn them into cash cows like Miley. They both deserve to go even farther in their careers!

    Miley on the other hand, has a man-voice and overracts WAY too much! I can't wait ’til this bitch is finally thrown off her high horse and goes back to Tennessee. Who knows? Maybe she'll have a kid ten or twenty years from now and try to make a comeback with him/her.

  58. 258

    i never liked her

  59. 259

    disneyland really isn't the place for gays to celebrate anyway. they should pick a place less family-oriented.

  60. 260


  61. 261

    Mileys a brat with a big EGO and even bigger teeth.

    wtf is up with her lips to ? blow up doll

  62. 262

    Disneyland will therefore be closing the park to guests not attending the Miley Cyrus‘ birthday party at 5 PM. Gay Days, an annual gay and lesbian gathering at the Magic Kingdom, will also be using the park at the same time as Miley, but will be in a different area of Disney’s California Adventure.
    the gays ARE having their celebration yall

  63. 263

    i really love u perez buttttt please get TRUE facts

    Disneyland will therefore be closing the park to guests not attending the Miley Cyrus‘ birthday party at 5 PM. Gay Days, an annual gay and lesbian gathering at the Magic Kingdom, will also be using the park at the same time as Miley, but will be in a different area of Disney’s California Adventure.

  64. 264

    she's a greedy hoe and she doesn't deserve anything that she gets!

  65. 265

    it's really sad that perez has to pick on a little girl, calling her a slut and a bitch, to make himself feel better.
    i didn't know anything about gay day until i read this. i'm sure she didn't either, and that she's not the one making these decisions anyway. she's 15, other people are gonna do that for her!

  66. 266

    Re: Cubican – if you have an official gay day, then they can do what miley is doing, and limit entrance, right? since they're paying to reserve it or whatever… so what's the difference? why do they need 2 gay days anyway?

  67. 267

    She is 16! PLEASE STOP HATING ON HER. If you don't like her then fine but why do you care what she does. It shouldn't offend you personally. I hate how people just think they know everything about all these celebs, think they know the facts, and write all these terrible things about someone U DON'T KNOW!? Please.

  68. 268

    i've turned on her!
    i love my gays! i never really cared for her but this makes me strongly dislike her. 250 to get in more like 2.50:)

  69. 269

    pshhhh who cares they can have there day on a diffrent daay!
    miley cyrus rocksss!
    and she makes disney a lot more money then the "gays"
    miley is the best and she deserves to have her party wherever whenever she wantss!

    and the money goes to charity btw!!!
    i wanted to go but my mom did not want to [ay for me and my sisterr soo im sad!


  70. 270

    Re: miss_christi
    i agreee with you!!!!


  71. 271

    Somebody ought to throw a grenade at that cunt.

  72. 272

    i hate miley dumb slut i can't believe she is kicking out the gays my sister's gay friends r going that day yup ur right perez once you've lost the gays you've lost it all and she is getting payed for celebrating her b-day god i hate her. i love disneyland i'm annual pass holder man i always go but now she all of sudden came along and ruined my life i c her face everywhere selling all kinds of crap i get so mad that she is ripping people off

    ~Leslie (Mrs. Bill Kaulitz)


    i am not afraid to speak my mind

  73. 273

    Re: mmmlovesitbitch

    HEY FUCKHEAD!! mmmlovesitbitch !!!
    Incase you forgot loser….i can say whatever the fuck i want about Perez….just like the other hundreds of people who bag him daily!! I will not shut the fuck up….so you just wasted your time with your pathetic little message. oh and by the way sweetheart….i don't play with Barbies & never have! Im 24 years old and can see through all of Perez's bullshit comments - he has issues clearly. I never once said that Miley knew who i was….or that i'd even WANT her to know who i was….you are fucking delusional my friend!!! LOL…made me laugh though. And last time i checked every fucker on this planet had the right to go on the net & say whatever they fuck they want….that's what your precious Perez does every day!!!
    Go fuck YOURSELF (or Perez, you seem very protective of him)…maybe you'd wake up in a better mood. LOSER!!

    mmmlovesitbitch says – reply to this 99Re: Bellajezz – shut the fuck up, if you're gonna talk shit about perez get off HIS website, go play with your barbies and get off the internet stupid little shit. miley doesn't even know you exist and most likely wouldn't give a shit about your dumbass anyway.

  74. 274

    Love the site, Perez, but you should have checked your facts at gaydaysinfo@gaydaysanaheim.com. Because of your (mis)information, gaydays had to send out a mass email assuring people that the event had not been cancelled, which was implied by your posting. The only thing that was changed was a scheduled parade gathering. Sunday was going to be spent at California Adventure anyways. And do you really think Miley herself had anything to do with it? This whole Birthday party is obviously a PR event to remind people that she is only 16, despite the recent internet pics and photo shoot with Vanity Fair. All I can say is she better keep an eye on her 20 year old underwear model boyfriend all weekend, or he's gonna get snatched up by one of us!!

  75. 275

    i hate miley she takes ugly prvocative (idk how to spell that word =)) and she's a meanie i really dont like her now xD

  76. 276

    what a fucking skank
    today we talked about this at our gay strait alliance meeting to day
    now we have to go to fucking california adventures
    we should all protest outside disneyland

  77. 277

    what a little bitch she needs to stop being a little spoiled brat and needs to realize that her time as a little pop star is almost up

  78. 278

    Karma's going to slap you in the face Slutty wen you finally admit that you are in fact gay yourself (refer to those photos with you friend making out you were NO sharing gum. any dumbass can see that) and you wont be allowed in disneyland either :)
    love you Perez :D

  79. 279

    dude perez shut the fuck up you just a lil dick sucker who needs a fukn life n wtf just because she looses the gays doesnt mean shes lost it all yah dumb bitch! gays r nuthin JUST LIKE YOU
    short fat ugly n i guarrantee everyone that it doesnt make up anywhere down there

  80. 280

    and ps how the fuck can u draw that out of a lil gurls mouth you sicko!
    dont b jelous just cuz evri guys after her and not after you UGLII

  81. 281

    shes doing this for charity and what not take a chance to celeb a sweet 16, how sweet of her, her real bday will be on nov 23rd, rock on miley. cut her some slack hater,they planned it for her,she dint plan it

  82. 282

    rolemodel because despite all the bs,she held your head strong, didnt let stupid ppl break her down,proud to see her processing and getting some fans back and getting supprter, some teen of her age wouldve given up already, props to her

  83. 283

    Fuck Miley, I'm glad more people hate her now.

  84. 284

    no that hot

  85. 285

    chiccck, shut up.
    it pisses me off that you say all this crap about miley for no reason.
    yeah, she took some pictures and did things she shouldn't have done ? but EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES.

    i doubt she had any say on any of this, so it's not her fault.
    she is an amazing singer and SHES A TEENAGER !
    she should be allowed to dress like one, AND GET HER BELLYBUTTON PIERCED.
    i know an 11 year old her got hers done when she was in 4th grade and she's not a slut.
    she is a christian and SHE IS pure. stop saying she isn't. you know she is.
    so shuuuuut up (:
    oh and i know your fond of the jonas brothers;
    they're friends with miss miley, so they wouldn't like it if they found out you said all this about her,

  86. 286

    obviously did that on purpose!!!…she hates everyone but herself!!!…I mean its not her birthday for awhile and she throws a party at Disney Land on gay day….she just cant stand it not being allll about her…..gee wonder how shes gonna make Christmas about her…..bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  87. 287

    Wow ,
    Kicking people out because they are gay .
    That's clever .

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