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DanRad Gets 'Method'

| Filed under: Daniel Radcliffe


Before a show, some actors do little warm-up exercises to help ease their nerves.

But Daniel Radcliffe sends his co-star - Lorenzo Pisoni - "really, really deeply sexual" letters, to "wind him up, you know?"

Oh, we know.

Wait, isn't that called sexual harassment?

Cramming his foot as far into his mouth as he can, Radcliffe gushes, "He's great. He's a truly remarkable man. If I was gay or a female I'd just want to marry him. He's gorgeous, and he's a really cool bloke as well."

If he were gay or a female?

Oh really?

So you wanna buy some Equus tix now?

Nice try!

[Image via WENN.]

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37 comments to “DanRad Gets 'Method'”

  1. 1

    his tummy looks good in this shot….

  2. 2

    sausage smoker.

  3. 3

    he should ask me how to take his pants off at


  4. 4

    mwahaha I have second row tickets!!!!

  5. 5

    Why do I always have dirty thoughts when he whips out his wand?

  6. 6

    he's a lil hottie…

  7. 7

    i'd give it to him

  8. 8

    What is wrong with him? Thats just weird

  9. 9

    wow. he is such a bad actor. it's painful, really. :-(

  10. 10

    love him

  11. 11

    i just hope people don't find this as a sign or prove that he is gay, or a reason to call him gay, ’cause he is not ok?!?!

  12. 12

    Re: sillytart – shut up, he really is a good actor and I am not just saying it just because I am his fan #1, I really mean it

  13. 13

    [re=2939780]I LOVE YOU DAN
    I LOVE YOU DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!![/re]

  14. 14



  15. 15

    Re: Woodman


  16. 16

    leave him alone, he is 19, been in the spotlight since a child, he maybe, maybe has a man crush.

  17. edtor says – reply to this


    Oh, Harry stop, no. Please……please no stop, oh my god no Harry! It's so, oh is it mine?

  18. Nonte says – reply to this


    If he were dating Sir Ian McKellen it would make a bigger splash, go Harry! Oh, um… I mean… Daniel!

  19. LEAH. says – reply to this


    Tom Felton's hotter.


  20. LEAH. says – reply to this


    That's the same expression he had when Harry rode Buckbeak in the third movie!

  21. 21

    that's a good point. U need to post that everywhere because every other blog is pulling the gay card. I don't know but I don't care. if he wants to be gay, straightm gay bi who cares. At least it's a bit more modest instead of obnoxious PEople magazine cover all the time

  22. Norig says – reply to this


    Dan is cool!

  23. 23

    i would fuck this guy with the quickness.

  24. 24

    Re: TOUCANSAM – toucan sam u cann!

  25. 25

    Why are you such a jerk to him, Perez? Are you the closeted gay police now? What if he isn't gay?

  26. 26

    He'd like a forest of sausagefestness.

  27. 27


  28. 28

    what the heck ? I don't understand the plays appeal.

  29. 29

    Re: Norig – hi

  30. 30

    He is a straight guy and Straight men that are comfortable with their sexuality are not afraid to say if I were gay or female,

  31. DLR says – reply to this


    I did a Google Image search for Lorenzo Pisoni. Damn. He's hot. No wonder Daniel is sending him sexy notes. ;)

  32. 32

    Oh so now, like with politics, you're gonna tell people NOT 2c this play? People who'd see Equus, except 4 me, aren't necessarily the ones that'd read your blog so don't waste your time. It was a terrific play, well worth seeing! Radcliffe was jaw-droppingly brilliant…and I'm not referring to body parts.

  33. 33

    Wangiel Radcleft rides a wooden broom.

  34. 34

    oh wow…

  35. 35


  36. 36

    this is crap!
    Dan is hotter then anything and I would fuck him 6 ways from the sun !
    I love that man !!

  37. 37