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We Got Paid!

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After our victories in court, saMAN Ronson finally ponies up the money she owed us!

Did she have to ask LezLo for a loan???

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88 comments to “We Got Paid!”

  1. 1

    Yea for you!

  2. 2

    What did she pay you? Why do you hate her so much? Just wondering….

  3. 3

    I feel so bad for her. You flat out lied about her and she is the one to be punished. I bet you feel like you can say whatever the fuck you want to say about anyone and nothing will happen to you. How fucking pathetic you are.

  4. 4

    thats awesome perez!

  5. 5

    She had to pay his attorney fees because he posted lies about her on this blog. She got punished for trying to clear her name against a cyber bully. The same bully who obsesses over the sexuality of 15 year old girls and post racist pictures of presidential candidates that he supposedly supports.

  6. 6

    Read the article- 87,000 bones - good for you Perez!

  7. 7

    i don't get it

  8. 8

    Ohhhhh, that's gonna be a lotta celeb-filled, disco-playin' music parties for Hairy Man-Lo!

  9. 9

    That whole case is a soap opera unto itself…. wow- had no idea all that was going on behind the scenes…. not sure who is looking good in a case like this…

  10. 10


    Ronson's so silly…

  11. 11

    'sometimes hip hop singer'


    Perez, you go girl! Get that money

  12. 12

    She and Lindsay look so happy lately i believe they dont care anymore.Samantha always had the money Perry,she and her siblings have a 350 million trust fund,her father is an estate mogul.She Djs cause she likes it.Iam glad she payed even though she was right on the issue, you accused her wrongly.But as i said,she probably doesnt care anymore/

  13. 13

    Perez, you're a TOOL. Really? You needed to post this? WOW -slow day for news?

  14. 14

    make it rain, Rez!

  15. 15

    I'm especially glad that you won the lawsuit against you that woman in Ohio filed. Somebody had to take that bitch down. I dont know how she could show her face after the shit she wrote. Shes lucky she didnt get her ass beat.

  16. 16

    helllll yea perez!

  17. Uker says – reply to this



  18. 18

    Was that WITH intrest? Or did you need a LOAN to pay your LAWYERS immediately? Or could they WAIT for SaMAN to pay? Did she take an UPFRONT payment for a possible SEXVID?

  19. 19

    Why do you hate her Perez, she is a nice girl, btw, what are you going to do with all that money?? huh??? just wondering!!!

  20. 20

    Mario your an ass ! she paid you 87,000 dollars because you lied & said you didn't defamate her character! PEREZ YOU TALK SHIT ABOUT EVERYONE ! YOU MUST BE A GENIUS BECAUSE YOU GOT PAID FOR SPREADING CRAP ABOUT PEOPLE ! WHAT THE FUCK ! KARMA IS A BITCH , I HOPE YOU GET BIT IN THE ASS !

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Haha - she gave it to you as a handout.

    Poor little Perez. Looking for the $$$$$$$$$ that Sam is basking in.

    SUCK IT.

  23. melks says – reply to this


    Fuck Perez, you're rich! I didn't realise you made that kind of money…

  24. 24

    Congrats Perez! You deserve it.

  25. 25

    Thank GOD!! Now you can stop writing about these 2 dorks! Right Perez, right? No more about these SORRY ASS people PLEASE!!!!

  26. 26

    WOW, nice pay day. I log on every day Perez..can I have a kick back too? Seriously, do you need the money? Why didn't you just let it go? seems kinda highschoolish. just saying, still LOVE ya

  27. 27

    Perez needs that money for blow and gay prostitutes!

  28. 28

    she's loaded anyway isn't she? probably why Lohan has latched on to her.

  29. 29

    Congrats Perez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. 30

    haha. GO PEREZ!

  31. 31

    are you going
    to donate
    that nice lump
    of cash to all
    of the 'very worthwhile'
    causes you post
    just wondering………..

  32. 32

    Re: snarkybitch
    i couldnt have said it myself. perez you are such a bully, why dont you pick on someone your own size?!

  33. 33

    Just because you won, doesn't mean you aren't a piece of shit. You are really lucky no one has kicked your ass….yet.

  34. 34

    and you need this money… why?

  35. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I read the story a few days ago. You have nothing to be proud/happy about. I hope Karma takes a HUGE bite out of your ass.

  36. KayJ says – reply to this


    its funny when people hate on you perez! if you dont like what he says, why the f**ck are you on here?

  37. 37

    Wow all the haters hatin on Perez, you bitch about him posting mean stuff and here you are doin the same fucking thing!

  38. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: KayJ – "its funny when people hate on you perez! if you dont like what he says, why the f**ck are you on here?"
    I can't/won't speak for the others…but, for ME…it's because I CAN! Care to make something out of it? It's been awhile since I have been in a serious discussion/debate/argument. The next move is yours.

  39. meh says – reply to this


    I'm not really a fan of either of these but it seems Samantha has taken all the shit for Lilo. She has been blamed for her havin cocaine in Lilo's own car, has Perez and others constantly talkin shit about her, so I think Lindsay owes her big fuckin time and should pay HER the money.

  40. midi says – reply to this


    woohoo! congrats!

  41. 41

    karma is a funny thing perez. i don't think you should be quite so joyful about this. in fact, IMHO, a REAL man wouldn't accept this money, he donate it to charity. fame is fleeting, especially when it's built on the pain of others..

  42. 42

    Que Bien, Perezcito. You did good.

  43. 43

    Re: Anonymous

    Oh Sweet Jesus? You would call bickering over who can post on a gossip site a serious discussion? My you are sad.

    The point being made here is why do all of the people on here feel the need to bitch at Perez saying how much they hate him, how horrible he is, etc etc. I mean really. IF you guys hate him so much and think he's so mean. Why do you read his site? Because you're just fueling what you apparently hate. The more traffic he gets the more famous and relevant he stays.

    So thus, you're supporting what you "hate".

    So why bitch, yeah you can, of course you can. Thats why Perez allows comments, he wants a community on here, he wants gossip to be talked about. But I dont get you all slinging hate at him, you know, Perez has a pretty damn thick skin, as all Actors should have to. When you're famous, you get talked about, GOOD and BAD. And you need to deal with it.

    He is saying what we all think inside but are to scared to say it. So yes you can sit here and sling hate at Perez and call him names but I swear to you that Perez just shrugs it off. He knows who his friends are, He loves what he does, He never did it for the money, he just happened to become famous doing it.

  44. 44

    Re: Anonymous

    You know, if you all stopped reading, then Perez would loose everything.

    I think you people just need something to bitch at.

    And before you jump on me for being a Perez worshiper…

    Ive disagreed with him on Several things, and often have sat here going "Why are you picking on them" or "why do you like her so much"

    But we arent all the same people. We like different people.

    So why dont you stop calling perez names and if you want a serious conversation. Discuss the effects of the first amendment which is what protects Perez or the effects of suing in the American society.

  45. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: highAboveManHttn – Don't hold your breath waiting for Perez to make ANY donation. He makes posts asking US to donate…but, we NEVER hear about him opening up his wallet/checkbook.
    BTW…I FULLY agree with your way of thinking.

  46. 46

    Re: highAboveManHttn – I couldn't agree more. Let's hope the moeny goes to charity.

    I'm really surprised Perez hasn't got beat up. The amount of shit he writes about people is disgusting. He seems like a really negative person. Life is about balance, while it may seem like the good life write now, something bad while happen, that's just how it goes.

  47. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Nevermore – I would HARDLY call myself 'sad'…but, that is, neither, here nor there. I DO come on here to 'bitch'…I fully confess….and, it's my prerogative.
    As to the rest of your diatribe…I just can't be bothered to address. I say what I like, when I like, and to whomever I like (being a grown woman, at 43yoa, gives me the right). You don't like what I have to say? Don't read it. Plain and simple.

  48. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Nevermore – Per your #45 comment…I have to ask, then….why haven't YOU stopped frequenting his site? You chastise the rest of us 'haters', then state that you, yourself, have disagreed with him on several occasions.
    You seem very contradictory to me.

  49. 49

    I just want to know how everyone knows it was a lie?

  50. 50

    WTH? What lawsuit!?

  51. 51

    He/She is a douche bag… good 4 u

  52. 52

    read the end of the article — saman's been around since mean girls? whoa - secret lovers for years…

  53. 53

    Re: Anonymous

    I have disagreed with Perez, but I have never been rude to him by blatantly calling him a horrible person. No one is going to agree with everything anyone has to say. That doesnt make me hypocritical now does it? No. Because I respect his opinion on the issue, he was sued, he won, he wanted his settlement. You dont have to agree with what he wrote, or the courts decision. But Samantha needed to pay either way and to call perez a horrible person for that his ridiculous.

    Everyone talks bad about people, if you say you dont you're a downright liar. I like Lily Allen and do I think Perez is to hard on her? yes but thats his opinion. I agree with him about 90% of the time, From Winehouse to Zefron.

    Disagreeing is not hating, a woman of forty three should know the difference. I do not post to Perez saying "Omg Perez youre an asshole! Youre a horrible person for saying that. May your life be horrible" Or any of the other words people sling. I simply sit at my computer and say "well now, I dont agree with that." Or I will express a different view.

  54. 54

    Re: Anonymous

    When Perez blasted Tokio Hotel, I stated to him why they deserved to win. I never said anything rude to Perez unlike you who come on here to bitch and complain. Which does make you VERY sad as a person. It's people like you on here or the people who simply post disgustingly sexual and racist remarks. That just make it unpleasant to have a discussion on here because of the hate slinging.

    There is a way to disagree without being hateful.

  55. KayJ says – reply to this


    Re: Anonymous – not worth my time.

  56. KayJ says – reply to this


    Re: Nevermore – well said!

  57. 57

    Re: KayJ

    Thank you KayJ.

  58. KayJ says – reply to this


    Re: Anonymous – ps. nice bobby brown quote….and pps. why are you anonymous????? hmm…….

  59. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Nevermore – I am not sure why you are 'slamming' me. I fully confessed to coming here to 'bitch'. And, I chose to restrain myself from stating anything more about your previous diatribe. What the hell more do you want from me?!? Do you REALLY want to get into a battle of wits with me? I don't recommend it, but, if it's what you want…..

  60. 60

    This is disgusting behavior on your part, Perez. If you had any decency at all you wouldn't be bragging. What a petty little man.

  61. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: KayJ – Oh, FFS…another idiot. Bobby Brown DID NOT come up with the phrase 'My Prerogative'!!!! Both words ('my' and 'prerogative') came about many, many years ago…before you were even a throb, or sexual urge, in your daddy's shorts.
    You wonder why I am 'anonymous'? Well, I could ask you the same thing. You are on a site, with a photo/avatar that is NOT of YOU…and, an ID/moniker/name that is not yours. Believe me…YOU are just as anonymous as I am. Moron.

  62. 62

    Re: Nevermore – Hey, who starts the hatefests? Your pal Perez.

  63. 63

    Re: Anonymous

    It is people like you who ruin things for other people. Who make a seemingly comfortable enviroment to express ideas and opinions into something highly hateful and angry.

    I would have much more respect for you if you hadnt have used hateful words against Perez, and it is not just you, all of the posts from others as well. From Snarkybitch calling Perez "fucking Pathetic' to Uker whom one used all caps, which is just rude but who tells him he needs to "get a life and stop hating"

    Perez gives us what everyone wants, Its a character. Someone you can love to hate or hate to love.

    I feel strongly that if we took the hate slinging and the nasty comments, to Perez, to saying overtly offensive things about Sarah Palin (Its one thing to say she isnt smart its another to talk about what you'd like to do to her sexually because she isnt smart). We could have great discussions of difference in opinion and idea and isnt that what perez wanted by making us sign up and have profiles?

    A community of ideas not hate.

  64. 64

    Re: hyde30

    Perez is no different then any tabloid or gossip magazine. It is an industry that has been around for decades before Perez. He just happened to be a blogger (Like many other sites out there) who wrote about his love for celebrities. He didnt do it to get big and furthermore its a character he plays. People like him because he's brutally honest about things. Whether you take it as a positive or a negative.

    We all dislike certain people for our own reasons dont we? So does Perez. Is him blogging about samantha not paying him any different from her blogging about how much she hates michael lohan?

    This is his blog and he states his opinions.

    You can agree or disagree

    but leave the hate out.

  65. 65

    haha OWNED BITCH!!!!

    Congrats Perez :)

  66. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Nevermore – You need to get some serious perspective, dear. The only 'hateful' thing I mentioned (that I can recall) is that Karma can bite him on the ass. Nothing more, nothing less. I am NOT asking for YOUR respect….keep that in mind, please. I have the respect of my child, family and friends…and, their respect is ALL that I need.
    I, also, don't appreciate being put into the same group as Snarkybitch or Uker…and, for you to do so, in response to one of my previous comments, just proves your ignorance.

  67. 67

    Congradulation on getting paid eighty something thousand dollars for ruining someones self of steam. congrats and im happy you can live with yourself. Also honestly i dont think your a bad person i just wish you focused as hard on saving the world instead of worrying about peoples flaws

  68. 68

    Lindsay probably paid it so you would shut the fuck up.

  69. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: chanelglasses – It's worse than that, Chanelglasses. He is supposed to pay his attorney's that fee ($86,000+).
    So, that tells me that Perez thought (in his heart of hearts) that he was wrong and he was going to lose. Anyone who felt that 'RIGHT' was on their side would NOT keep such a high priced attorney on retainer…now, would they?
    I don't know about anyone else..but, I have won lesser monetary judgments, and I never had to pay more than $2,000.

  70. 70

    wow i never really read the comments that yall leave & prob wont again ppl r crazzzzzy

  71. 71

    Perez, you deserved to win because legally she had no right to sue. However, it was obvious you deliberately wanted to portray her as one of your so-called 'villians' in the sopa opera of celebrities that you claim your blog to be.

    I'm just curious why are ALL the gays on your blog villians? Ronson, Lohan, Lance Bass, Clay Aiken, Jodie Foster, Neil Patrick Harris, Cynthia Nixon, Anderson Cooper, Queen Latifa…I mean, come on Perez…surely there's some role model 'good guy' GLBTs in Hollywood for you to send out some poz vibes to? There are some good guy up-n-comer gay talent out there on MySpace that could use a 'sista's' hand of support- like Evan Cowden for example. Balance it out, buddy and I'll love ya even more.

  72. 72

    where my share?

  73. 73

    I really hope that your donating ALL of the money to at least ONE of your WORTHWILE CAUSES!!!

  74. 74

    Sorry, it's 'you're' not 'your'. It' early!

  75. 75

    ooooh now it comes out why you talk so much shit on her lol. Now I wanna know what Miley did to you lol.

  76. 76

    her job is hurtin:
    no one hires her much anymore cause of her partyin ways.
    gets grouchy!

  77. 77

    Perez, you are such a fraud lying to your readers. You are trying to imply that Samantha is using Lindsay for money, but you already know that Samantha Ronson is gigantically wealthy by birth. She doesn't needs Lindsay's money.
    Your day is coming, and I hope it hits you like a mack truck !!!

  78. 78

    it's funny how you're all saying perez should stop gossiping…can i remind you whose website youre on, and what the website is about?

  79. 79

    I didn't know your real name was MARIO. Loves it!!!

  80. 80

    what about the lawsuits that you had to pay?………….what about your add in MANHUNT and ADAM4ADAM ADULT WEBSITES…….

  81. 81

    what about the lawsuits that you had to pay?………….what about your add in MANHUNT and ADAM4ADAM ADULT WEBSITES……. what about your FAILED CLOTHING LINE?……………

  82. 82


  83. 83

    y did she owe u money?

  84. 84

    Re: chanelglasses – chanelglasses said "SELF OF STEAM", its SELF ESTEEM…….BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  85. 85

    Re: Je ne ha – theres a difference between gossip and outright lies though

  86. VIP says – reply to this


    it goes full circle, with the amount of attention she gets > and money from that.

    kind of ironic how he is doing her a favour which his also doing himself a favour.

  87. 87

    Congratulations you lying bastard. Maybe now you can stop mocking her sexuality and quit calling her SaMANtha…you fucking self hating bitch.

    You really sicken me…to think I used to admire you. I came out because of you…and to see you mocking Samantha is disgusting.

  88. 88

    you fucking pig.