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Christie Brinkley's Ex: His Cheating Is All Her Fault

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When someone cheats on you, it's totally your fault, right???

That's what Peter Cook is saying in his interview with Barbara Walters for 20/20.

Cook wanted to set the record straight.

Issuing the infamous cheater's excuse, Cook says:

"I was seeking a connection I could not find in my own marriage. I think the emotional aspect of our lives had changed. I think we were both feeling more like we were living with a brother and sister than a life partner.

"I wanted a little acknowledgment, a little attention, a little thank you every now and then for my efforts, for the amount of time I took to care for her and my family, for the wealth I was building."


Recited precisely from the How to Cheat and Sound Like a Douche handbook!

Oh and even though he cheated on supermodel wife Christie Brinkley with a teenager (who he paid $300,000 to keep mum, but the birdie sang in court) and ran up $3,000 a month in internet porn, he is definitely not a perv.

Brinkley, remaining ever-so-classy, is keeping quiet on her side, although someone close to the case did have this to say:

"What he said in the interview is just more proof of what the court-appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Herman, said in the court proceeding, that Peter Cook is an insatiable narcissist."


Hey, here's a novel thought. When your marriage isn't going well, how about you talk about things instead of, oh, heading up the local high school for a mistress?

How about that!?

Update: TV's Extra just received a statement from Brinkley's lawyer regarding the interview:

"It is a measure of Peter Cook's character that he has breached the confidentiality agreement that is in the divorce settlement and has sought to present this distorted one sided view of his marriage. Mr. Cook had his days in court, testified on his own behalf and ultimately agreed with the view of the children's court appointed attorney and psychiatrist that the children should live principally with their mother and that she should be the sole custodial parent."


What a dumbass.

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “Christie Brinkley's Ex: His Cheating Is All Her Fault”

  1. 1

    Dive on a spike already Stupid FUCK……..

  2. 2

    32nd !!!

  3. hels says – reply to this


    what douche!!! 1sttt :)

  4. 4

    Why did Babawa interview him. Is she looking for somebody to lick off her cobwebs.

  5. 5

    touch it comeon touch it
    double douche!

  6. 6

    Christie seems like a cold fish and I bet he was very opposite and a sex addict. The two don't match. Throw some resentment in there and here we have it.

  7. 7

    WHAT A FUCKTARD!!! I am sure he'll blame all the others for unzipping his fly too…


  8. 8

    Grow the fuck up and acquire a spine while your at it Cook. Wonder why she never picked up on all that shite.

  9. 9

    funny how he was "building wealth" with HER money! douche!

  10. 10

    I wonder if Peter Cook can spell, "CLASSIC NARCISSIST" ?
    After all it's all about him. Poor Peter, he was misunderstood and
    not appreciated.

  11. 11

    What a fucking egotistical bastard! He just wants to extend his 15 minutes!

  12. 12

    Barbara is a fucking low life dried up cunt for even giving this guy more exposure

  13. Anonymous says – reply to this


    What happened behind 'closed doors', I don't know and don't care. EVERY marriage/partnership has bad times. I have, yet, to meet a married/partnered couple who have been happy 24/7/365.
    But, as far as I am concerned, they are BOTH to blame, for bringing their dirty laundry into the public eye. Her, for alerting the media to the divorce proceedings…and him, for doing this interview.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Peter…. GROW UP you MORON….


  16. 16

    drum roll please….brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, TSHHH!

    And the award for 'Dumbass of the Year' goes to: Fucktard who botched his marriage to a smart, successful, gorgeous Supermodel (his name doesn't deserve mentioning). Way-2-go A-hole!

    Uh, & Christie, take a cue from Mia Farrow & change your kids last names so on paper they won't be associated with that anus!

  17. JM. says – reply to this


    maybe he was looking for LOVE

  18. 18

    Every woman needs to stay away from him .he only married her for money.How sad she deserves more than that from a man.

    Maybe be a lesbian you migth have better luck christy.

  19. 19

    hmmm.. so why is it when a man says he is looking for an emmotional connection, its abullshit cop out rez, but when women say it everyone feels sorry for them and says they are right?

    oh yeah i forgot - men are dumb cave men with no feelings. let me go club my gf over the head with a branch now…UURG!

  20. 20

    Perez, I thought it was a picture of you at first, you devil.

  21. 21

    Well, he's a DOUCHETARD but so are you, Perez - you and your Brangeloonie friends have been blaming Jennifer Aniston for Brad's cheating but here ya' go, blasting Cook for essentially the same thing. A cheater is a cheater - there is no excuse. Your wife doesn't do it for you, you get a divorce and THEN you can start humping your co-star or teenage girlfriend. If Peter Cook doesn't get a pass, neither should Brad Pitt.

  22. 22

    Learn from this, women! Take care of your man or some other woman WILL! Tsk, tsk Christie!

  23. 23

    This douchebag gets his day on 20/20?? Really? Who the fuck is he, besides Brinkley's pervy ex? Babs, you disappoint me.

  24. minka says – reply to this


    They both seem a bit psycho.

  25. 25

    PLEASE Perez, She is no angel, she has been married 3 times and all the men say the same things about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus she fought the courts to have her divorce televised what kind of a mother would want her children and their friends to hear their families dirty laundry?!!

  26. 26

    they look like brother and sister, how boring

  27. 27

    Yuck, what a disgusting A**! I suppose Christie held his peen in her hand and inserted it into the babysittter as well? As he points that finger at her the others are pointed in his direction… Be a man and stand behind the stupid decisions you choice to make.

  28. 28

    i seem to remember her saying in a tv interview how wonderful he was, was there for her and the kids and was an amazing husb & fath. guess that's not recognition…

    architects seem to be arrogant and narcissistic

    he grosses me out

  29. 29

    Um as I recall, when the news first broke, it was you who insinuated she wasn't giving him enough and it was you who asked if she was frigid in bed. Of course anyone with half a brain attacked you for it in the comments…you've changed your position I see?

  30. 30

    There's probably some truth to what he says. She's been married about 30 times….must not be a good lay

  31. MP says – reply to this


    This guy's a piece of work. He's a classic narcissist. He needs to think about his children before he opens his mouth. If he violated the confidentiality agreement of his divorce, I think Christie should sue him. I don't know how he thinks this interview with Barbara Walters is going to turn the tide toward his side. It's not.

  32. 32

    Barbara Walters allowing him to use her to spit his crap and show his children on the interview is an insult to all women and damaging to his innocent children. A NORMAL man that feels the way Peter Cook said he did would go to a marriage counselor not sleep with an 18 year old girl and video himself on the internet having sex with himself. He is a sick selfish bastard. I have lost all respect for Barbara Walters.

  33. 33

    Perez, I love you. This guy's comments are so stereotypical narcissitic douche (yes that's a psychiatric term we use) haha. Christie has a habit of finding men not suited for her. I wish her the best in the future. Hope Peter Cook finds exactly what he deserves!

  34. 34

    who wouldnt cheat on her fug ass.
    surgery has its limits hun.

  35. 35

    self-absorbed, self-centered narcissists (men OR women) always say it's someone else's fault they cheated…whatever…blah blah blah blah…

  36. 36


  37. Aries says – reply to this


    It's amusing that everyone defends Christie Brinkley, however this 'supermodel' has been married how many times? What are we really not seeing?

  38. 38

    Cook sounds just like my ex - except there was no wealth involved. Douche.

  39. 39

    This guy is a total douche!

  40. 40

    1. ITA that Christy chooses the wrong men. 2. Appalling that she cared more about protecting her money than protecting her kids. What was revealed in court is common. There was NO need to publicize all that mess. 3. I have lived through brother/sister type marriage. Sucks. 4. Dude. is. a. liar. NO WAY was he "looking for a connection" with a TEENAGER!