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Lauren Conrad = Spoiled Rich

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Okay, maybe we're just a little bit jealous. But aren't you too????

If you watch The Hills or buy any of her overpriced clothes, look what you helped Lauren Conrad score!

On Wednesday, L.C. had her new, $113,000 Audi R8 sports car delivered to her home.

She was snapped taking the car out for a spin in the 3rd Street area of L.A. with that lame nobody actor guy she's supposedly not dating.

Most of America is suffering but L.C. from the OC is not!

The Hills star is a symbol of everything that's wrong in our country. The girl, whose parents are LOADED, is just another example of the rich get richer.

And most importantly, you don't need talent or skill to make obscene amounts of money.

Way to go L.C.!

[Image via Louise Barnsley/Pacific Coast News.]

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171 comments to “Lauren Conrad = Spoiled Rich”

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  1. 101

    All of them are a bunch of spoiled white brats. Oh my life so hard I get followed by cameras make millions and party all the time! BOO HOO! I don't understand how people watch that CRAP! Oh right other dumb white girls. And it doesn't matter how much Perez makes NOW he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his month like these losers. I can't stand them.

  2. 102

    its funny how you fuck tards come on perezhiltons site and talk about him and how he shouldnt talk bc he makes money for doing nothing, well he seems to be entertaining your ass cause for you to have known that he wrote that about LC and you left a comment means your on his f*cking site you stupid moron so you are contributing to him getting richer. So shut up bc without perezhilton your day would probably be boring as hell cause your probably one of those ppl on his site 24/7 checking out the latest gossip you fools

  3. 103

    Perez - could you be MORE of a hypocrite? You were obsessed with Paris and even named yourself after her and everything you wrote describes Paris. Get out of spencer's ass and just leave this girl alone. enough already - its got to be exhausting putting this much hate toward her out in the world everyday!

  4. 104

    What's up with the headlights? Are they bedazzled? I want one! It looks hot.

  5. 105

    Re: Frogger – now hold on. i think perez earns his money. he did after all make this website. i think thats take skill because i barely now how to turn on my fucking computer. i think its safe to say that perez earns everything he gets, the good and bad….

  6. 106

    hahaha i'm going to her show on tuesday! =)

  7. 107

    Re: Disturbed – wow you nailed it!!!! great comment.

  8. 108

    thank god somebody has finally said that out loud ………………way to go perez !!
    “Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent.”
    Marlon Brando

  9. 109

    Re: nyc_opinion – lmaooooooooooo so true wow

  10. 110

    and she'll use the lame excuse of "Oh, but I work really hard for my money…" The only reason why she has the show and is making money in the first place is because she capitalized off of her affluent OC lifestyle. If that weren't the case, she'd just be another nobody who would be struggling to make enough cash just to buy a pair of citizens or something. How she gets respect and admiration from the public is based off of a ignorant audience who lives their sorry fantasy fulfillment's through her. I hope my life is never that bland. Screw the Hills

  11. 111


  12. 112

    I think you re just JEALOUS of our German car manufaturers, such as Porsche, Mercedes/Daimler, Audi, VW, BMW… :-) :-)

  13. 113

    oh, please mr. gossip, so what exactly is ur talent??????????? so, gossiping made u rich! way to gooooooooo. what a good example u r. bitter.

  14. STARR says – reply to this



  15. 115

    It's official. You don't need to be talented to be rich. Just white and already rich with a vapid soul sucking personality.

  16. 116

    I love The hill but it pretty much makes me mad that they are so rich for doing nothing

  17. 117

    Good for her . Your just jealous she knows what she is doing and is doing it well enough to have all her little play toys and more. You go Lauren and keep it all up cause your making your clothes and a little extra on the side. Also your true friends know you are there for them and would never do them wrong and if the have second guesses causes of these tabloids maybe they were not as close as they thought.

  18. 118

    bullshit that is waaay too much car for her… she is WAY spoiled.

  19. 119

    if you had it like she does, you wouldn't say shit. dont hate, perezito!

  20. 120

    GOOD for you L.C.!!!!! Although I think she could do much better boy wise. If only her taste in guys was similar to the one she has with cars…

  21. 121

    soooooooooo true. If she was'nt supre rich, she would'nt be living or made it on to Laguna Beach, and she definetly would'nt get her own spinoff, and she would'nt even have that opportunity at teen Vogue. So Lauren, thank your mommy and daddy for being super rich, because other wise, you would have to be working your ass off like all the rest of us.

  22. 122

    oh gosh. I love you Perez…but I'm pretty darn sure that we'll be seeing you in YOUR very own "Audi r8" as well…

    So don't EVEN talk.

  23. 123

    And how much money do you make for making fun of 15 y/o "actors"? Yeah, the work you do is SO important…

  24. 124

    Well Perez, you dont have talent or skill and you make obscene amounts of money…
    At least she has looks!!
    And your constant hating on her has generated much of the public intrigue in her and is partly the reason why her show is so hugely successful….
    Good for her, at least she doesnt make her money being catty and resentful toward every celebrity in the world..
    Team Lauren!!

  25. 125

    yeah, and you help her out most of all!! by mentioning her ALL the time on your site. so, hopefully she'll take you out for a spin in her lovely new car that YOU, yes YOU, mario, helped her buy! i bet you and LC from OC are cryin all the way to the bank. please do not try to sympathize with us common dumb middle america folk. you're just like the rest of them. asshole. just report your gossip for us to devour. please do not pretend to be like the people who help to make you rich.

  26. 126

    i know right, shes rich because America's society helped her get a paycheck…. remember mtv is pretty cheap but the hills is their cash cow. Or is it date my mom? i'm sorry it's been so long since i've watched that mtv shit

  27. 127

    Perez Hilton = Spoiled Rich

    Okay, maybe we're just a little bit jealous. But aren't you too????

    If you read his blog or buy any of his overpriced clothes, look what you helped Perez Hilton score!

    Most of America is suffering but P.H. from LA is not!

    The Gossip Blog star is a symbol of everything that's wrong in our country. The boy, whose parents are LOADED, is just another example of the rich get richer.

    And most importantly, you don't need talent or skill to make obscene amounts of money.

    Way to go P.H.!

  28. 128

    and i think she looks hot with her new car. and you will too. just please quit with the constant criticism. let her enjoy it. life is not fair, and nobody has ever been created equally. it is what it is.

  29. 129

    Re: swinter27
    jajajaja speak for your self miss middle class.

  30. 130

    It may not be 'normal' work, but I could not stand to have cameras in my face 24/7!! And if I did…I'd spoil myself with that hot car!! :)

  31. 131

    Hey perez how come you've never made a comment on the prices of the cars that heidi and spencer drive??? Fucking douchebag hypocrite. You're the most worthless person alive perez. go suck a d*ck.

  32. 132

    i want to puke all over that fucking car
    people should be ashamed of consuming all her bullshit just so she can get even richer

  33. 133

    I love the show, but those bitches are so over paid for doing nothing!

  34. 134

    woow pereez ..jealous muchh.

  35. 135

    i love you perezito… but seriously.. no te mordiste la lengua? "And most importantly, you don't need talent or skill to make obscene amounts of money." lol
    why are you always so against her? it's obvious this whole justin/lc drama is another lame act from poor spencer, audrina made it pretty clear on ellen why it got blown out of proportion.. overrrr it.

  36. k-lee says – reply to this


    rich and talentless? there's tons of them in hollywood! lauren is just one of them.

  37. 137

    a little over the top perez and hello you made her famous buy putting her on your blog wern't you on the hills countdown show on mtv member that and you act as if you don't watch no perez it's all you man it's all you your the reason why she can buy that car so your part of the problum


  38. nosaj says – reply to this


    for these perez haters - you try to start a successful blog. go ahead. i guarantee you 99% of you can't last a few months. perez was lucky enough to find something he is good at and be well compensated for it.

    as for LC - she's one of those girls that just lucked out. she's a beautiful yet talentless, celebrated yet dimwitted celebrity - that's not news in hollywood.

  39. 139

    It's HER money and she should be able to spend it however she wants. She does a lot of charity. Leave her alone and let her have some fun.

    It's so sad how jealous you are of Lauren. It's not like she's a CEO who cheated people out of money. She earned it and has to put up with you and Speidi and now Audrina.

    The bad economy isn't her fault! It's people buying housing they couldn't afford in the first place and now us tax payers have to pay for their mistakes.

    Other celebs have more expensive cars and some have jets. It's just a fancy car….BFD!!!!!!

  40. 140

    Re: aspentree

    HAHAHAH I lovveeddd your comment!
    so clever :)
    (i'm not being sarcastic either)

  41. 141

    Anyways, she is FAT. I'd rather be skinny w/ no car than look like her.

  42. 142

    LoL that show is so fake ..ever notice how half there show is silent and awkward stares yeah they def. edit that show life just isnt that awkward all the time hahaha makes me laugh though

  43. 143

    ohh so lC finally makes an investment into something so you gotta reason to put her down again eh! coming from you u make ur money by degrading and trashing these successful people so u shouldnt be talking ur just jealous.. and when heidi and audrina got plastic sergery HUNNY that dont come cheap u never blabbed about that..shes the only one who didnt make a disgrace out of her self yet.. its funny how u make the ones that make nude photos and get plastic surgery and ones who are sooo fake and manipulative into the good ones that arent the brats that lc is

  44. 144

    Well said Perez…

  45. 145


  46. 146

    Nice car. Talentless girl. I don't even understand why that show is popular. WHY on earth would I watch a show about a bunch of spoiled rich girls who care NOTHING about what's important in life?

  47. 147

    omg… totally unrelated to the car but did anybody see Audrina on Ellen yesterday?
    apparently there are rumors going around that LC hooked up with JustinBobby.
    the girls aren't speaking to each other.

  48. 148

    I don't understand what her parent's money has anything to do with anything. she has stated in the past that she was cut off at 18 and had to rely on herself for her income. so, she got lucky…she got an opportunity that probably everyone would have taken if presented with it and made a career out of it. we all wish we had that kind of money and we can't be mad at the fact that she has the money and can do what she wants with it.

  49. 149

    Now wonder you support obama. You are a promotor of CLASS WARFARE. Jealousy will kill you. I say good for anyone that makes their money by using their God given talents. YOU and I may not appreciate her talents, but obviously there are enough people out there who do.
    Who are YOU perez to judge who deserves a large paycheck or not. Once AGAIN, you have shown yourself to be the hypocrite that YOU are.

  50. 150

    Sure thing, Perez.

    Just like you, the "queen" of anti-journalism, who makes a living off dissing celebs, fabricating lies, outing your fellow gays, and stealing other peoples work. At least she makes a legitimate dime, and even more importantly, can salvage some dignity.

    And if you want to get into this matter…lets talk about how you've substantially lowered the number blogs per page to increase your hit rate as increasing your ad revenue at the same time.

    Don't think we haven't noticed.

    While I don't think Lauren has done anything substantial…at least she's chasing an education and she's making a legitimate career for herself outside of the television realm. You, on the other hand, are an uneducated faux par who is teetering on the edge of irrelevance. Because lets face it, you are a fad, and you'll be forgotten just as fast as any other cewebrity out there.

  51. 151

    dont be a hater perez

  52. 152

    She is nothing, and who the hell cares about a whore skank?

  53. 153

    She works for and earns her own money. If she can afford a car like that, more power to her. Grow up Perez and stop acting like a spoiled little brat yourself.

  54. 154

    Um, perez, aren't you rich and getting richer? So then aren't you what's wrong with this country?

  55. 155

    yay love lauren. it sucks that the rich get richer but with that being said just because her fathers rich should she just sit back and use all his money?

  56. 156

    Damn, that's nasty!

  57. 157

    People like this totally *deserve* to be lynched!!!! In a time where the economy is bad and most people are losing their jobs and homes and struggling to survive we don't need the filthy rich to behave so arrogantly, reminding the rest of us that they are quite comfortably unaffected by it all. Why doesn't she go wear some Prada or Gucci and parade past some homeless beggars while she's at it or stuff her face in front of starving people!! I can't believe how crass some rich people can be to spend more on a *car* than some poor people can even afford to spend on their home!! If you have so much extra money to waste then why not help the poor? Build some low-income housing, donate clothing to Good Will, etc. Let others even have basics before you splash out absurd amounts on frivolous crap!

  58. 158

    not for long
    she is being investigated

  59. 159

    Love LC! and love you too Perez, but why are you such a hater? Not good for your karma…

  60. 160

    Re: anon808 – His problem that he's friends with SPEIDI (yuck) and therefore needs to diss Lauren at every opportunity. To coin a Perez a like phrase "Sad sad sad"

  61. 161

    Without Heidi and Spencer there would be no show. Not enough drama. I do like Audrina I think she and Whitney are the two beautiful ones. Have you ever noticed that all the guys drool whenever Audrina slips off her cover up and struts around in a bikini. Brody is getting annoying and LC whines way too much. Doug could get interesting. So could Frankie and Justin. She's getting as bad as that bitch Lo. I can't stand Lo but she adds an interesting aspect to the show. So far I haven't seen LC do anything interesting in a long long time. I've lived in Laguna and LA. People like LC are a dime a dozen. She has no talent. I don't see any designers jumping to hire her. Whitney got a real job. I'm a certified event planner and Heidi has no talent there. It seems Whitney has the only skill. Everyone else either doesn't work or has a fake job. I'd like to add to the script and have Audrinia bitch slap Lo. Pretty funny stuff. I predict someone gets knocked up very soon. That would add some much needed drama to the silly show.

  62. 162

    Amen and good post!

  63. 163

    Re: latenitelise – please get a life.

  64. 164

    oh my lauren..!! sweet ass car..
    i love you show by the way lol:P

  65. 165

    oh my lauren! sweet ass car lol
    love you show by the way lol :P

  66. 166

    as if you can't afford it. i'm middle class and even i can afford it…

  67. 167

    Hey nice car! So what if her parents are loaded. I wish mine were! She doesn't act like a spoiled brat. She is awesome! And I don't mind being 1 of a million that helped her get that car! LAUREN IS THE BEST!

  68. 168

    laurens car is amazingg.
    but she desserves it

    you dont give her enough credit

  69. 169

    I love LC. Good on her for getting this car :)

  70. 170

    i think her car is gorgeous!!!!
    an i say good on her cos she has had the same black car sine she was on laguna beach!!!

  71. 171

    ppl needs to stop hating on lauren because she looks way better and have more money the most of yall

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