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Watch & Listen: Will Lift Your Heart

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Everyone has their preferences. Ours should be obvious by now.

Take a female singer with a good voice and folksy songs - and we're in heaven!

Emiliana Torrini is everything we love, down to a tee.

Though she may have an Italian last name, this singer is from Iceland - though she has a decidedly Americana sound.

The fuckers at the iPod commercials are gonna be so pissed we discovered Big Jumps first!!!!

Emiliana's song would be the perfect successor to Yael Naim and Feist.

The tune is sweet and quirky. And the video is just precious!

CLICK HERE to watch and listen to Big Jumps.

Then click here to check out more tunes from Emiliana Torrini!

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33 comments to “Watch & Listen: Will Lift Your Heart”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    She is fantastic. Today has been okay is one of my favorite songs.

  3. 3

    OH! I love her sooo much! The drum song is so good! She reminds me of the french singer Soko.

  4. 4

    i luvv her voice! i always feel like perez seems to find the artist everyone should know about (and i luuv) like robyn and mika? I was SO glad when they appeared here 1st! and Emiliana Torrini is no diff. luv her! and will def be keepin my ear open for more of her music!


  5. 5

    saw her last night in london, totally fucking excellent!!!!

  6. 6

    she is amazing!

    mac is going to be pisssssssssed

  7. 7

    If you like this song you should check out 'Tuna Fish' and 'Unemployed In Summertime' from her debut album, 'Love In The Time Of Science'. It's a really old album (came out in 2000), but is still as fresh now as it was then. I'm surprised you hadn't heard of her before, she wrote 'Slow' for Kylie!

  8. 8

    (though she has a decidedly Americana sound)
    Perez are you smoking crack? She sucks and she isn't worthy of being used in an ipod commerical!

  9. 9

    i like these easy listening songs-soft voice-ahem, am straight

  10. 10

    Oh Perez I LOVE you for plugging Emiliana Torrini! She's amazing, I've had her new album' Me and Armini' on repeat for the last week. There isn't a song on there that couldn't be a single. Love her!

  11. 11

    she's been around for years, but i suppose it wouldn't hurt to give her career a little boost late in the game…

  12. 12

    Come on, she's been around for ages!!
    I've been a fan of hers for about 5 or 6 years now.

  13. 13

    love her

  14. 14

    She´s just so great, I´ve been a fan of hers for many many years.

  15. 15

    She is sooo good … get the CD asap !

    Til hamingju Emiliana … ekki hver sem er sem kemst a PH ;)

  16. 16

    actually a decent song for once

  17. 17

    Emiliana is wonderful! My good friends just made her next music video last weekend and it will be fantastic for an even better song! Keep an eye out for it!

  18. 18

    ugh perez please. leave my treasured emiliana alone. i don't want her exploited on your site. she has a good fan base, we don't need you promoting her and ruining her lol. I've loved her since 2001. "Once in a house on a hill, a boooooooy got angry. He looked into my heart. For a day and a night, I stayed beside him. Until I had no hope"

  19. 19

    Wow…I am old. I was into this girl way back in '96 when I was an exchange student in Italy and an Icelandic friend of mine introduced me to her earlier album. She had Velvet Underground and Tom Waits covers on it and my little mind was pretty much blown. Glad to see her getting respect and exposure!!! :)

  20. 20

    i love her! everyone should listen to "To Be Free" by her, it was in the movie Crazy/Beautiful and is one my favorite songs

  21. 21

    i LOVE IT!!!!

  22. Rose says – reply to this


    I've been a fan of hers for years, thanks for plugging her. Her music is gorgeous and she deserves some more exposure.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    I've loved her for a million years- saw her open up for Travis like 5 years ago, and i'm obsessed. Didn't really love the fisherman's woman album, but she's so amazing!

  25. 25

    I love that you're supporting emiliana torrini! i love this girl, especially this song! her sound is so addictive. its amazing that she's getting the exposure she deserves through you posting about her. love ya perez and especially your music taste!

  26. 26

    been listening to her for years…..

  27. D. says – reply to this


    My heart stopped beating!

  28. 28

    I've loved Emiliana Torrini since Love in the Time of Science and Merman!!! She's so mellow and pretty! Good to see another fantastic artist on the site :D

  29. 29

    I feel like all the women in this genre are so interchangeable. They all sound the same to me.

  30. AFX says – reply to this


    Re: nutellaphant

    wow your so cool, 5-6 years gesh! guess then you didnt know that she started out in the techno scene wayyy back in the 90s. pees check out the early work of Gus Gus .. she was a part of that "clan"

    the vintage Torrini is sooo much better then todays :)

  31. 31

    stop acting like you've "discovered" Emiliana Torrini. Do you really think the people who select music for the ipod commercials haven't heard of her. many of the people (music tastemakers who work in radio) who help apple make music selections for their ad campaigns have played her music on the radio for years. she's been around for a long time and appreciated by many before you. this is her third album! she's even toured the states before on a bill with Travis and Dido ( i should know, i was at one of the shows). do your homework and stop acting like artists you like are a mystery to the rest of the world's music fans.

  32. 32

    She is So Amazing!
    im glad u finally listened to one of my recommendations.
    must be because i am not a ghey man advocating techno, lol.

  33. 33

    Emiliana Torrini is a brilliant singer/songwriter. She even wrote Kylie Minogue's hit, "Slow".