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It's good to see that Angie still retains a bit of her wild side!

She reveals to W magazine that she recently took her 7-year-old son, Maddox, knife-shopping and discussed with her eldest child the importance of defending others.

While others may find the choice of gift upsetting, Angelina claims that the gesture is traditional, as her late mother Marcheline Bertrand took her knife-shopping when she was 11.

That explains so much!

Jolie's fascination with weaponry never left her, and the actress still bears scars from experimental knife play in bed and admits that she used to cut herself when she was a teenager.

She says that the pain made her "feel alive."

She also admits that she and Brad do own a gun, which they keep at home and would not hesitate to use to defend their family.


We wonder what kind of headlines these new quotations will spark, considering how a recent Forbes survey found that Angelina's image is one of the most profitable for weeklies.

[Image via WENN.]

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127 comments to “BANGelina!”

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  1. 1

    thats a hot mess.

  2. 2

    I would do her

  3. 3

    Is she a Superhero?

  4. 4


  5. 5

    ya hypacritz. wutevar

  6. 6

    sara palin is fucking ugly

  7. 7

    Oh Jesus, everyone try to remain calm.

  8. 8

    She got the sore nips?

  9. 9

    she rocks, love her

  10. 10

    That is SO hot

  11. 11

    angelina palin!!!!

  12. 12

    Way better than that Aniston hag.

  13. 13


  14. 14



  15. 15

    damn she really is hardcore

  16. Joce says – reply to this


    Totally inappropriate. People say its violent video games that give kids the idea to "defend" themselves against bullies with weapons…ITS PARENTS LIKE ANGELINA telling 7 year olds its ok.

    No 7 year old needs a knife. Adults are supposed to protect children for christs sake…

    She's a disgusting parent, she really is.

  17. 17

    Re: Girth Vader – i think so…..in my mind, she's lara

  18. 18

    Blow their fucken heads off, Brangelina.

  19. 19

    What the fuck?!? Seriously. Yeah, what 7 year old doesn't need a knife, it makes me feel better that she got the same when she was 7 and ended up cutting herself. What fun. With her crazy ass I wouldn't want a gun in the house, god knows what the nut job will do.

  20. MoonX says – reply to this


    Mario you get worse… and worse… and worse.

    I cannot wait to see you fall. Because it's coming baby

  21. 21

    Re: jefa121 – BUT SARAH PALIN IS STUPID! duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22

    Re: superficial – lurn ta tipe!! sweetheart

  23. 23

    i really like her, she is beautiful!

  24. 24

    This woman is so fucked up on so many levels…making out with the brother….lesbians……not talking to the father…..Billy Bob!…..cutting……I can't understand what all the ass licking is about.

  25. 25

    I'm anxiously awaiting the tell-all book Maddox will surely write in about 18 years.

  26. 26

    Good for her!

  27. 27

    oh please. If this were some hick from hicksville, Perez…you would file this under your Celebutard file…she is just gross and that is all there is to it. I hate her and want her to go away.

  28. 28

    Are you fucking serious? She bought her seven year old a KNIFE?!

    "Circumstances" aside…that's FUCKED UP.

  29. 29

    Man, this woman has a serious case of verbal diarrhoea. All the shit she is constantly spouting is getting funnier by the minute. Where DOES she come up with this crap???

  30. AMO says – reply to this


    I think it's very irresponsible of her as a mother of daughters and a public figure for her to say that she's fat and gross. I understand post-pardom; I am a Mom myself, but look at her ass. You'd have to be retarded to think you're fat if you look like she does right now. I think she looks perfect!

  31. 31


    Every family has its unique rites of passage, those generational milestones that mark a child’s growth and remind parents of their own similar experiences, years earlier. In the Jolie-Pitt household, one such event is the day a kid begins collecting daggers. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s seven-year-old son, Maddox, like many boys his age, has lately developed a fondness for guns and knives, and Jolie proudly notes that the predilection runs in the family.

    “My mom took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12,” she recalls. “And I’ve already bought Maddox some things. We take him to a special shop.” She emphasizes that the knife blades are dulled so they’re not dangerous, and that the purchases are accompanied by discussions about violence. But, she says, “we also talk about samurais and about the idea of defending someone as good. We talk about everything.”

  32. 32

    Yeah, if I ended up self-mutilating myself and enjoying the pain, I would want to carry on the tradition of handing down knives to my kids, too */sarcasm*. I understand the idea of the adults owning a gun (so long as it is well out of the reach of the kids), but knives? "You know why I use knives? Because my mama taught me." Hahaha, actually, that would be kind of cool . . .

  33. 33

    i dont know why you are so obbsessed with angelina jolie and brad pitt, perez. they really arent all that great, and thats just dangerous.

    if someone else (like nicole kidman) had taken their kid knife shopping you would be saying "WTF????????" just like that. your being hippocritical.

  34. 34

    i dont know why you are so obbsessed with angelina jolie and brad pitt, perez. they really arent all that great, and thats just dangerous.

    if someone else (like nicole kidman) had taken their kid knife shopping you would be saying "WTF????????" just like that. your being hippocritical.

    oh and forbes also rated her LEAST PROFITABLE FOR ADVERTISING because of this image you condole.

  35. 35

    When I was a manager at FAO Schwarz in NYC Ms. Angelina came in one day with Maddox. She was wearing a HUGE hat and HUGE sunglasses. She walked up to me and introduced herself. Her handshake was like a cold fish. Maddox was miserable and evil looking. He had a look on his face like that kid from The Omen. She then says to me "Maddox wants a toy gun and army men." I explained to her that (at the time) FAO did not carry any toy weaponry or army men. She grunted and walked away. Oh man the stories I have from working at that place.

  36. 36


  37. 37

    After all the douchery above, the only thing left to say is PROPS. :")

  38. aj says – reply to this


    she's still a wack job. DUH having multiple children won't keep you from wishing you were still doing drugs. Addicts trade one thing for another.

  39. 39

    girls badass love it

  40. 40

    Those words will come back to hurt her will the kid kills/ cuts one of his siblings for fighting with the other. She's a nutjob, now she's making her kid one. These type of parents are the ones whose kids shoot up a school , or stab someone . I know you people do not think this is NORMAL. Teaching about safety around weapons is one thing, but this is too much. She needs to learn to shut the hell up!!!! I feel so sorry for Mrs. Pitt, look at what her son decided to bring home to her and to have kids with. Poor Mrs. Pitts.

  41. 41

    All the humanitarian work is great, but taking a 7-year old knife shopping is whacked out. Especially with her history of cutting - what is she thinking??

  42. 42

    Time for the aging hag to try to remind everyone that she still has it in her. God, what a fucking loser. The one good thing about the Palin MILF-y madness is that it must be driving this one crazy. "People are drooling over a 40-something other than myself? Never! I'd better put out a 'scandalous' breast feeding pictorial and remind everyone about when I used to cut myself while having sex! OMG I am so seductive!" Whore.

  43. 43

    Re: Jenafreaka – So true. You know , this reminds me of Phil Hartman. Chris Rock said that Phill used to always talk about how happy things were at home. He did this up until his wife killed him. Chris said that Phil would just bring it up in conversation. He also said he wished he would have paid more attention to Phil because people who are happy don't always try to convince other people how happy they are. Angie is always talking about how happy she and Brad are. How everything is so great. I'm just wondering …who is she trying to convence ? us or herself? When people are happy those around them know it. They don't have to remind people or try to convence them…I'm just saying.

  44. 44

    She's psychotic. If she didn't worry about the stuff people write about her messed up life, then why does she have such a picture perfect response to each question-rehearsed ,rehearsed, rehearsed. Even though I prefer Aniston more, at least he didn't have kids with her and he could walk away. He loves his kids so much, he stuck with Jolie's twisted ways. He's a pawn in her sick game now-what a putz!

  45. 45

    First of all,purchasing a knife for a child just shows how irresponsible of a parent Angelina Jolie is.

    Second of all,I wish she would wear another color besides black,as it appears she wears the same fuckin dress every single day.lol

  46. 46

    hey rocksinriot i would love to hear some of your stories sometime!!!

    ok this is kinda creeepy. 7 years old?! defending themselves?! its called karate man..that shit teaches you to not let anyone eff with you!!! hi yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  47. 47

    Ps, she does look good in the photo, and the new movie ( The Changeling)seems like it's going to be good. I did the research on the actual story. It's sad and deep. With that said, she's still a nutjob, and needs to STFU.

  48. 48

    What the fuck?
    What does he need to protect himself from?
    It's not like he lives in the ghetto.
    He has like 15 bodyguards.

  49. 49

    Re: Desr278 – And what? You want a cookie for this? You make it look worse. A dull knife still is dangerous. Damn, where are u from?

  50. 50

    Why is it you just love Angelina sooo much but always slam Jen?! Jen was the victim in Brad and Angelina's affair and they're the ones that look like saints…Yeah, they do good but I think they do it a lot for show. Jen doesn't try to show off, she;s low key and to herself…why make fun of that? That's bull****.

  51. 51

    she is a freak,a hollywood weirdo

  52. 52

    buying kids knives WTF??oh and i have 2 words TUMMY TUCK.

  53. 53


  54. 54

    why is it that many worship everything this bitch does? i bet of britney bought her kids knives they would give her hell!!

    fuck the jplie pitts

  55. 55

    Hey Perez I gotta stop coming to your site dude…I like the gossip, but I am tired of reading these comments day in and day out…They are just stupid..I am soooo sick of the same middle america people commenting negative on other people lives because theirs is soo dang boring. After a while you just start hating people because this is how these morons actually think, and we live among this train of thought..ugh I hate middle America white people..I dont even want to be around this negativity anymore. Its polluting my mind..These same people will be talking the same shit this time next year..Im out Perezito..It was fun while it lasted :)

  56. 56

    .Hey Perez I gotta stop coming to your site dude…I like the gossip, but I am tired of reading these comments day in and day out…They are just stupid..I am soooo sick of the same middle america people commenting negative on other people lives because theirs is soo dang boring. After a while you just start hating people because this is how these morons actually think, and we live among this train of thought..ugh I hate middle America white people..I dont even want to be around this negativity anymore. Its polluting my mind..These same people will be talking the same shit this time next year..Im out Perezito..It was fun while it lasted :)

  57. 57

    Purchasing a knife for a 7 yr. old is ridiculous but being prepared to use a gun to protect your home and family is smart. If someone breaks into your home with the intent to do harm, who do you want harmed, him or you?

  58. 58

    Guys, I KNOW this is Perez, but some of these comments, are off the hook in terms in grotesqueness.

    Come on now. GROW UP, folks.


    Let's see:

    Angie collected knives as a kid, had nihilistic tendencies, and cut herself, too … One symptom of intra-familial dysfunction, followed neatly, from the other.

    Oh, FAB-U-LOUS, that's just the sort of person who I would nominate to teach the kiddies about sharp things *rolls eyes*.

    I smell a prison-term at 18, for Mad, don't you?

  59. 59

    teach the kid to bring a knife to a gun fight,,,,nice,real smart he won't be around long

  60. 60

    I knew I didn't like this woman.
    And I will never understand why so many are completely obsessed with her.

  61. 61

    And yet Britney is the one who was viscerated by the media for being a bad mom. Go figure. Saint Angelina? Yeah, right. People had forgotten her dark past, but it sounds like she's still a real whack job. Is she still up for Mother of the Year? I sure hope not.

  62. 62

    I don't see the issue. Irish, Scots, and Native Americans all get knives very young - being all three, I had ceremonial knives given to me around the same age, either for work or symbolically. She said they're dulled and that Maddox is being educated about the proper and/or moral use…so what's the big deal?

  63. 63

    She is wonderful!

  64. 64

    wow… that's crazy. i would never take a minor knife shopping. just because her mother did it, doesn't mean she has to do it. their kids are gonna grow up to be violent little freaks. keeping guns and knifes and showing them to their kids. WTF???

  65. 65


  66. 66

    Hehehe Angie Voight is a very persistent celebuspawn…. trying so hard to keep her 'wicked" image while also trying come across as the great humanitarian.
    Potato Head ought to take a page from Angie's book if she wants to be a popular celebuspawn.

  67. 67

    The story was saying she has guns. If Obama wins, I think that is who she will vote for. Then her guns will be taken away. I guess she has not realized that. You will not be able to protect yourself like she is all for.

  68. 68

    ANGIE ROCKS!! (like all the time)

  69. 69

    Perhaps he need something "edgy" for show and tell at school. Oh wait…

  70. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Nut Job!

  71. 71

    angelina's always been fucked up and will never change. you need to be fucked up to buy your 7 year old son knives.

  72. 72

    First of all, angelina is SOOO overrated! I know you love her Perez, but she's a skanky hoebag first and foremost! she does look BANGIN in the pictures tho, I'll give her that. anywho, I personally think that Maddy doesn't need to accidentally stab himself or one of his cute little siblings- six years old is TOO young! 11 is more appropriate, but even then I wouldn't really advise it!

  73. 73

    wtf!? and people think britney is a bad? seriously, what is wrong with society? she can make out with her brother, give her kid a knife, be a home-wrecker, but people still love her cause she's hot? someone call child services. i have lost all respect for her.

  74. 74

    i love her curves like this…hope she doesn't get too skinny again :) she's GORGEOUS!!

  75. 75

    Having lots of kids doesn't necessarily make you a good parent. I kind of think their judgment is weird. I mean, her kids are always shown eating lots of junk food too. I think I read that they feed them junk on purpose so that they are "normal." Whatever that means. I guess we all parent differently.

  76. 76

    I still like her! Hey the world is just crazy sometimes. You never know when
    you will have to defend your family! Not to crazy about shopping for knives with a 7 year old.

  77. 77

    Perez dont be such a puto. I keep a few knives and a gun at home too… These days are shitty our economy is going to pure shit and i have a little more than most and plan on defending and protecting my lifestyle as much as possible walk in my property and ill shoot your legs off motherfucker!!!

  78. 78

    Please, learn to spell before you yell "hypocrites." It makes your party look terribly intellegent, dear…
    And interest in weapons doesn't make her a psycho or bad parent. When you have a pool, you either teach your children to swim or don't and build a fence. It's a great idea to teach her kids about proper weaponry. That prevents them from doing silly things in the future. (ps, hey maybe Palin should have thought about teaching hers some sex ed. if you want to get back into politics, Reps.)

  79. 79


  80. 80

    We all learned about handling weapons as kids, but in a way that we knew they weren't toys. That's why we have so few gun crimes here, because everyone knows not to do stupid shit with guns.

  81. 81

    i love her but it scares me when shes a 'humanitarian', then about guns and knives……..still.

  82. 82

    i meant
    then talks about knives and guns..
    in a good way

  83. 83

    Looks like Angelina has sucked all the pranic force out of Brad.

    These two are AMerican disgrace and trash and JEnnifer LIVES ON IN her dignity…Sheh has morals and never sold her soul

  84. 84

    Re: linswyatt
    i'm so sick of the poor desperate jen cant get a man image the media has created.
    i hope the media backs off her and she has a sucessful future and brad comes crawling back.

  85. trix says – reply to this


    Wow, from twins to anorexic in a matter of weeks. gag me.

  86. 86

    You've got to wonder who she thinks she's fooling…she attempts to come across as "Saint Angelina" but leopards don't change their spots and neither did she. She and Brad may be in the running for "Parents of the Century" but underneath all her elegant and charming mannerisms, she's still screwed up. How much attention is she actually paying to all those kids? I think Brad is honestly trying to be a good Dad, but Angelina? It's all about her projected image…

  87. 87

    Re: jojo123 – Scots have ceremonial knives to wear with kilts. Irish do too, I believe (though I'm willing to admit maybe not as frequently - we are more Scot). It is a very old tradition. My sister and I both inherited traditional kilt knives from our father very young - her's is Scottish, mine Irish.

  88. 88

    Pro guns and pro Obama? weird mix

  89. 89

    What's so yikes about owning a gun to defend her family? That's a little thing called the Second Amendment.

    I think it's good that she's talking about cutting herself as a teenager, since so many people use self-mutilation to relieve stress from depression. I only hope that she encourages people to seek help.

  90. 90


  91. Joce says – reply to this


    dulled knives poke out eyes, fucktards.

    a knife is a knife is a knife. This is the same kid who's reportedly getting in trouble for drawing guns and war scenes in school…..he's fucking 7

  92. 92

    The knives thing is totally warped. It just shows the crazy is still very much there.

  93. 93

    Angelina is always gorgeous; she's a classic beauty. But, sad and sorry to say, since her mother passed, she's lost a huge amount of weight. I TOTALLY understand the weight loss because of the mourning (been there TWICE) but she's not looking very healthy. I just want her to be healthy, both mentally and physically. It's going to take a while to fully cope; she'll NEVER get over it, but she'll learn to deal with it in time. (I'm almost crying typing this because I'm still dealing myself.)

    I truly hope she gets better soon.

    By the way; Angelina (if you're reading this) if you're in need of a stylist for Zahara's hair (clearly you are) I'm here for you. You let that adorable little girl go out looking like a RAGAMUFFIN because you don't understand how to style black children's hair. Not your fault, but let someone that DOES know how to style your child's hair take on the task, or at least teach you. PLEASE!

  94. 94

    ANGELINA GET A CLUE. A 7 yr old doesn't have the manual dexterity to handle a knife, you psycho, uneducated bitch.

  95. 95

    I believe what Angelina may have is BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) accompanied by EID (Emotional Intensity Disorder). Self mutilation (cutting) is a sure sign of this mental disorder. It stems from being invalidated as a child which later develops into a lack of identity as an adult. People with this disorder are often over achievers, possess high sexual libidos, and are very sensitive to critisism, although they may hide this from others by surpressing their feelings and emotions. Some people with this disorder experience depression and anxiety. If this is the case with Angie, acting is a very therapeutic profession for her, although people with this disorder also chase after the geographical cure! People with BDP are easily bored and need a lot of chaos around them to stay focused!

  96. 96

    Did anyone read her whole interview?She talks of Brad as if he is her friend,there is no passion whatsoever.They have a good partneship and she is good with him.Hmmmm.Iam telling you she will leave him,she is fed up.

  97. Reg says – reply to this


    You know though, beneath her beauty and good intentions - she's barking mad.

  98. 98

    She sounds like an unfit mother to me! Giving knives to a 7-year old is fucked up, call the police and take those kids away from her! They took britney´s kids and now they will have to take Angelinas :)

  99. 99

    THat is because she is part Iroquoi, and prob wants her to stick with her roots, in understanding how to use and work with knives properly… as long as they are doing stuff with it, like CARVING!!:o) my grandad always had a knife carving away at pieces of wood, and slicing up the salmon,,, Angelina doesn't have to explain herself,, she is AMAZING!!:O)

  100. 100

    ahgg!!!!!!!! dat is totaly out ov way…i bet

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