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Why Aubrey Was Fired

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No surprise!

Aubrey O'Day was kicked out of Danity Kane on Tuesday night's live season three finale of Making the Band.

She's officially gone from the group!

Oh, and D. Woods got the boot too.

Diddy reportedly pointed to O'Day's attitude as a reason for her sacking.

"I just want to work with the young lady that I signed, not the person that fame has made her," said Diddy via satellite on the show.

Band member Dawn Richard went on to reveal post-firing, "Puff did not like (Aubrey's) image…where her image was going for the group."

Diddy didn't like her trollopiness?

Who does?! (Besides homos for the camp value.)

[Aubrey image via Buzz Foto. Diddy image via Mavrix Online.]

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87 comments to “Why Aubrey Was Fired”

  1. 1

    he didn't like his own creation? god help his children!!

  2. 2

    Hot Tranny mess in the making

  3. 3

    HA ugly

  4. 4

    Oh,she didn't swallow huh Diddy?

  5. 5

    ew shes ugly

  6. 6

  7. 7

    hahah she got fired i like her at first but she got annoying lol im horny

  8. 8





  9. 9

    good! that bitch sucks ass!!!

  10. 10

    FUCK PUFF! HES A MORON. even if Aubrey did have a bad reputation she was a money maker. He's not a very smart business man.

  11. 11

    it had nothing to do with lack of talent?

  12. 12

    Awww, I actually kind of like Aubrey. She's very free and very interesting. Plus, she's a decent singer and really adorable [although some of her outfits are kind of sick…not to mention her "clothing line"].

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Re: mama of 2 – your gonna laugh at my new avatar!

  15. 15

    awww now she wont have $$ to paint her dog neon green or wear those amazing outfits

  16. 16

    that poor dog.

  17. 17

    he should have been watching his group and investing with his investment…

  18. 18

    isn't he the dude who looks really closely into the camera and gets all passionate and spits and shit while he rams his left wing bullshit down our throats?
    yea….i care about his show. puke.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Re: LettyB – what is it?
    mine is not coming up and
    it 's making me mad perez!!!

  21. 21

    Perez secretly yearns to be the next member of Danity Kane. I can see the new reality show now… mwahahaha!

  22. 22

    Re: LettyB – yeah ..
    it's about that time eh?
    have a good night.

  23. 23

    Re: BibiBalls – yes, his huge lack of business skills are why he is rolling in the dough and you are deep in the heart of Texas!

  24. 24


  25. 25

    bye, bye SKANKO'DAY.

  26. 26

    I'M OUT.

  27. 27

    I'll say it again Aubrey O'day was Danity Kane, these is no Danity Kane without her as far as I'm concerned.
    She's still young and talented, but Bad Boy could've helped her grow as an artist. She still can succeed she has that star quality that none of the others had, even in the beginning. I'll be watching out for her.

  28. 28

    Well, I can completely agree with Diddy on this one! Like he said, "Compare a picture of her when they started the band and one of her now, they look nothing alike." Hello??? What part of her is not plastic surgery, botox, implants or extensions??? She looks like a hot mess with a few extra pounds now.

  29. 29

    Re: mama of 2
    bye mama! see you tomorrow!!

  30. 30

    She's a cunt, but the only cunt in the band I can name.

  31. 31

    Re: Batgirlbeyond – exactly Aubrey is the only one in the group i can name too !!!

  32. 32

    Aubrey was my favorite and D. Woods was my bitch I loved those too so Im no longer gonna be a DK fan Bad decision Puff

  33. 33

    AUBERELLA=DANITY KANE… without her there is none! Fuck Diddy!

  34. 34

    Diddy was right, she has changed for the worst, BUT Danity Kane is nothing without her and she will suck without them. All of them solo will suck.

  35. 35

    Then she gets on to talk about bloggers, completely disregarding the situation. Shes so fake its sickening to watch, by the other member's body language you can tell shes the reason for the drama, and then she decides to ACT like everything is fine, its the BLOGGERS fault. BLAH!

  36. 36

    I agree with Diddy in his decision. I actually met the girls at a autograph session in Paramus new jersey about a year ago 1/2 ago. When i met them i was starstruck. I went up to shannon Dawn Aubrey they were so sweet and you can feel the love between them and the fans. They were adoring and you could have a real conversation. Now when i got to Aubrey and D woods there impressions were rude and y should i be here. There facial expressions said it all. I did not like that at all and from impression i knew something would come up. I felt like the fame got to Aubrey's head to fast. If you look at her when she made the band and now she is such a totally different person. Even saying ya'll all last nite, that wasnt her. Now d.woods just got caught up in it with Aubrey. I just feel all of them need to sit down and settle it. Like aubrey and andrea they were fest friends and now they cant stand being together. i dont want the band to break up by those 2 need a reality check and need to be real.

  37. 37

    Re: Beyonce Stan – Ummmm.. except Beyonce is talented. Who cares if Danity Kane is over after this… Aubrey is a terrible example for women and is so obnoxious.

  38. 38

    Definitely watched this last night and Im GLAD she's gone :)
    She was rediculous and her image made my personal view of the group a negative one.
    She seemed dumb and trashy sooo…

  39. 39

    fuckin skank

  40. 40

    they all made for good tv. looks like their career is over.

  41. 41

    I think he made a BIG MISTAKE, Danity Kane is nothing without Aubrey O'Day and D-Woods. I am so sad to see them go, hopefully he comes to his senses and brings them back or there is not going to be another album worth buying from DK. I HATE DIDDY HE IS A BITCH ASS!

  42. 42

    Skank O'TheDay needs to realize that "BONG" sound she just heard was her 15 minutes being OVAH … "Would you like fries with that?" AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Why did D.woods go?

  45. 45

    He should have invested in therapy for that girl….she HAS obviuosly lost her damn mind! She really used to be sooooo cute….Poor Andrea is like "what the F happened to my sweet and most talented group member?" Aubrey let her head and body get toooooo BIG!

  46. 46

    Diddy was so disrespectful last night. He didn't even let them talk and cut them off when they tried. So messed up.

  47. 47

    I love the part in the reunion when DIDDY TOLD AUBREY TO HUMBLE HERSELF!!! HAHA!! diddy's such a hypocrite. go fuck yourself diddy. the only people bad boy supports and will ever support is you… and you suck ass.

  48. Zip says – reply to this


    Puffy did her a favor, she doesn't need Danity Kane to be a success!!!! Who does need Danity Kane however, is Cassie!!! I have been saying it for a couple of years now, Puff should put Cassie in the group, the only way he is going to be able to save her career is to give her some coverage by surrounding her with other talent in a group, and what better way than on a reality show…allowing her to explain what happened as well as reintroducing her to the public. This will help her rebound from that singing debacle of her's a few years back and allow people to get to know here a little better!!! Puff should also take this time to change the group's name to something catchy as Danity Kane is an awful name and has only served to hurt the group from a marketing standpoint!!!

  49. 49

    Re: Big Black Dick – LMFAO…ok that was funny!

  50. 50


  51. Zip says – reply to this


    Amended: Puffy did her a favor, she doesn't need Danity Kane to be a success!!!! Who does need Danity Kane however, is Cassie!!! I have been saying it for a couple of years now, Puff should put Cassie in the group, the only way he is going to be able to save her career is to give her some coverage by surrounding her with other talent in a group, and what better way than on a reality show…allowing her to explain what happened as well as reintroducing her to the public. This will help her rebound from that singing debacle of her's a few years back and allow people to get to know her a little better!!! Puff should also take this time to change the group's name to something catchy as Danity Kane is an awful name and has only served to hurt the group from a marketing standpoint!!! Bad Girls would be a good name!!!

  52. 52

    old news and I do mean old news

  53. Jerz says – reply to this


    HAHA…she's doing an appearance at a "club" in totowa,nj this week!! what a nobody!!!

  54. 54

    Well, basically it seems that fame did get to Aubrey's head she got in this stuck up Im better than the other girls mode along with D woods. It was that us two want to be in the lime light shit that fucked them. That's why Aubrey got pissed off and jealous at the fact that Dawn dropped vocals on Diddy's new (god help us) album that's coming out. It's just dumb all that wanting to be the most popular ones of the group got they azzez dropped.

  55. 55

    As fucking horribly skanky and disgusting as this bitch is.. Diddy is slightly retarted (which we all already knew anyways ;) ) For giving her and Dawn the boot, publicity is publicity regaurdless and Danity Kane doesn't really have ALL that much going for them, now do they? With all the publicity this girl gets, even if most of it is for being a slutty tard, she could very well keep her name out there and, with the right songs, have a semi-decent solo career… Not saying she could be HUGE, I really don't think that she's capable, BUT without her and D. Danity Kane is horribly fucking ho-hum and boring..

  56. 56

    Smart guy

  57. 57

    You reap what you sow. I could tell in the very first episodes from Making the Band that this side of her was dying to come out. Diddy should have seen it coming being the "business man" that he is. She's going to winfd up as another Tara Reid. Washed up whore. I even have more respect for Tara than her at this point. I can't stand D list celebrities that take it to the head.

  58. 58

    perez you need to research more before you post things on here!

    yes aubrey and d.woods were "kicked out" last night BUT BUT BUT we all know that they are obviously going to come to their senses and be danity kane again. its all just to get attention basically. they WILLL get back together, no doubt. diddy said so himself on the episode…..

  59. 59


  60. 60

    Re: Big Black Dick – LOLLLLL i was so surprised diddy had the balls to fire them afterall i thought it was just a publicity stunt…wow now i kinda like diddy for doing that but i feel sorry for the girls in that band they went thru hell to make it hahaha…and now aubrey must be like what the hell…there goes all her money

  61. 61

    Horay! The wicked witch and her lil minion are gone!

  62. 62

    Diddy strikes again! another band that does well and he has to muck it up with his "I am the only queen in this castle", ego!!!! DK needs to be signed to a better more accomplished label like arista or zomba or jive!

  63. 63

    Granted, Aubrey has turned out to be a big lipped, greasy looking mess. But, I still love her like I did during that first season of MTB3 and beyond. She just needs some strict management guidance. SO MAYBE instead of spending money and time taking f'ing videos of himself talking incoherantly about the election (I think Barak will be just fine without Diddy putting in his 2 cents or nonsense) and get a grip on some good PR and management people that will put those girls in their places. Stop crying, stop dressing like a tranny on crack, etc. Those girls have been mismanaged from the beginning with their no radio play, too much time between videos and singles, and victims of too much Bad Boy cross promoting. So instead of cleaning up all of that business, he breaks up a platinum selling group. Good one dumbass. Stick to Sean Jean and runnng marathons b/c you've lost your grip on the music business dude.

  64. Jic2c says – reply to this


    There's no Danity Kane without Aubrey. He kicked out D. Wood too so it's a def no! I don't understand why he didn't just listen to them when they agreed that management was an issue. It's obvious that ppl on his management team were puttin shit in their heads about Dawn helpin on Diddy's track. I think he should've just fixed THAT problem then the girls could've talked it all out on their own. Like they said, they're like a family and families fight all the time but they still work it out and love each other. I wish Aubrey & D all the best as well as Shannon and Aundrea. It was very obvious on the finale that Dawn didn't give a shit. Shannon & Aundrea seemed truly hurt that the group was breaking up while Dawn just tried throwin out various soundbites and whatnot. The good thing is though that THEY ALL HAVE TALENT. Ya'll can hate on Aubrey's style all you want but bitch can sing and dance. They all worked their ass off to be in this group. Diddy wonders why most of his groups don't make it long term: He makes selfish decisions.

  65. 65

    aubrey was the only reason i watched that show
    and listened to there music
    now that shes gone making the band sucks balls
    and dk is shit without her.

  66. 66

    gay men LOVE aubrey! it was a really bad move for puff to just kick her out. fuck him. aubrey has so many fans, where the hell is the group going to go from here?!

  67. Bell says – reply to this



  68. 68

    Team Aubrey ! :)

  69. 69

    Re: MsAdventure

    I like being Deep in the Heart of TX, thank you very much!

  70. 70

    Aubrey O'Day - Everyday!

  71. 71

    i think diddy is stupid… i cant seem to keep any of his bands together.. i love danity kane and it will be hard and weird to see the them with out the 5 of them together.. i dont think i will be good.

  72. 72

    & to think when this whole group first got started she was one of my favorites, if you look back aubrey has changed for the worse. when she first joined the group she very humble & was all about the band & music; when fame hit her ass she changed for the worse, its so bad its like when i see her i get sick she's annoying now i can't stand her , GLAD she got the boot .
    as for D.Woods - Diddy might regret that one , i dont think she deserved it .

  73. 73

    i think it's a good thing for aubrey. yeah fame got to her head… but you have to admit she did stand out in the group. she should be a solo artist. i just hope DK can survive this. maybe they should do a tour and look for 1 or 2 new members like destiny's child did…

  74. 74

    Aubrey O'Day knew what she was committing herself too when she try'd out for the group … Its FUCKed UP that she join the group on false pretenses … if she even thought for a second that she was more intrested in being a solo artist then she should not have try'd out or accepted Diddy invite to the group… Diddy said he's not the bad guy, and he's not … Aubrey is the bad guy … she was part of a group that fans fell in love with, and then left coz she think she can do better on her own. I will never support Aubrey O'Day, NEVER!

  75. 75

    team aubreyyy.

  76. 76

    let's see…Blame Aubrey who is what he made her…nice try puffed up pice of crap…I mean diddy, I mean DUMBSHIT! If he wasnt such a pompous ass he would be able to see that he created that monster in his own image. Yes she has gotten off track but with the right guidance from an unselfish person and she would have been fine. Nice how he forgets all of the criticism he gave her about her looks. That is why she has done what she has and now he wants the old her back? He is a big A hole! All 5 girls should take their act somewhere else. Yes he gave them their start but they are a group! It doesnt work unless all 5 of them are in it. Regardless of what the poor Aubrey haters say she does bring something to the group and belongs there. As for puff…he is deflated in my eyes. What a joke he is. Vote Obama? Not on his advice. Maybe he should be telling people to really look at both candidates and make the best choice, not just asking the blind masses to follow him and do what he does. But what can we expect from this idiot with a God complex?

  77. 77

    Blow it out your Ass Diddy.

  78. 78

    Puffy, Diddy, P-Diddy, whatever he wants to call himself is a horribly ugly person. He may be good at making money, but he's really great at building up and then crushing the dreams of wanna be entertainers. Good job you dick, your mother and children are very proud I'm sure. Hey, maybe someone will repay the favor and crush the dreams of your one or eight of your kids.

  79. JZ says – reply to this


    She such a fuckin' hobbyhorse.

  80. 80

    Don't insult "homos for the camp value".

  81. JZ says – reply to this


    How many warnings did Diddy have to give her?

    The only reason Aubrey stands out is because she's a dumb whore. Not all press is good press! Great, so people know your name - for all the wrong and negetive reasons.

    I think people should look at it this way, maybe the group didn't work out because of the way SHE WAS making HER SELF stand out?!

  82. 82

    her boobies are in playboy this month!

  83. 83

    Yeah she was on some Hoe shit and she had her business on front street but if that's the case Diddy should fire himself with all these baby mamas he got running around and shit.

  84. 84

    He was the 1 who picked her…

  85. 85

    abrey is the cutiest and sexyiest out of that group…probaly thats why she got kicked out

  86. 86

    Auberey defense: She has the right to change her images it is what 4 yrs later?? And she does have a good personality and did bring in good money.
    Diddy defense: She soo let the fame get to her!!! And even the way Aundrea looks at her you can tell her ways have driffted them apart…its sad. And although she brough in money i think he would rather have his group made up of women that girls can look up to….I would not like my daughter to take after Aubreys ways…

    All in All they both made mistakes but when someone has greater authority than you, you need to learn to respect them whether you like it or not…Thats who believed in you when no one else did and has brought you to the fame you have to this day… I personally think the decision was a fairly good one…but in some ways the success will fade for the group IF DK remains to be made up of 3 of them.

  87. 87

    DUMB HOE! no worries for aubreyo'skank though, I mean- I'm sure she'll have a great "movie" career and by movie I mean…