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What Drove Them Apart???

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While Guy Ritchie frets over his future with his children, Madonna's been partying it up.

The Material Girl reportedly threw quite the materialistic bash following her Boston show, reserving an entire floor of the Ritz Carlton for her and her entourage to debauch until the sun came up. Or someone pulled the fire alarm - as the case was.

But Madonna herself peaced out once her bedtime hit. Otherwise she would have turned into a pumpkin. Or the Wicked Witch, depending on your point of view.

Meanwhile, as Madonna's lawyers arm themselves for the upcoming court battle, Guy claims to want no more than a division of the couple's properties and a lump sum.

The money is not as great an issue as custody of the children is. Ritchie is desperate to keep his 8-year-old son in England because he wants Rocco to grow up a London lad. Madonna, however, wants the kids in the States.

A pal tells The Daily Mail, "'The idea that he [Rocco] will be across the Atlantic from Guy most of the time is tearing him [Ritchie] apart."

Poor former Mr. Madonna!

But really, what was he thinking when he hooked up with Her Madgesty?

Insiders say that the marriage "became less about passion and more about control" as Madonna's strange age-defiant rituals emerged.

In addition to forbidding them from watching TV, Madonna reportedly kept her family, and Guy, on a short leash, with strict dietary rules. At dinner everyone ate steamed fish with seasonal vegetables, and for breakfast, Madonna made Guy drink zero-fat smoothies. If Guy wanted a treat, he'd have to sneak down to the pub for one.

Instead of spending time with the fam, Madge spent more time at the gym with her personal trainer, much to the dismay of her husband. And at night, instead of a good old romp in the sack, Madonna preferred to spend hours bathing in pricey creams and zipping herself up in a plastic body bag, which is an ancient alien anti-aging method.

We love all the sordid deets trickling out of this divorce.


[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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135 comments to “What Drove Them Apart???”

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  1. 1

    Madonna being a controlling cunt!!!

  2. 2

    her and a-rod are perfect for one another. two self obsessed assholes.

  3. 3



  4. 4

    what a vajayjay

  5. 5

    Her man arms and fug face.

  6. 6

    what a horrible

  7. 7

    Prez, it sounds like you are not very keen on Madonna anymore. Finally saw the light?

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Wow, Madonna is going to be a miserable old lady. She can't stand the fact that she is growing up and aging and wont be in the spot light forever.

  10. 10

    That sounds like a joke. So much so I'll bet you it really is one.

  11. 11

    She is going to scare A LOT of kids come halloween with THAT FACE! Ecckk.

  12. 12

    how come it's been several days and my pic won't show up?!

  13. 13

    She's a huge asshole.

  14. 14

    …her martian-like arms and transluscent skin tone…"Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft"…

  15. 15

    Madonna = controlling freak

  16. 16

    Lets see…
    her ugly ass?
    only she and her ego could fit in their castle?
    she screams her own name when she comes?
    She wanted to be the best American example as possible so she adopts a kid from Africa (or wherever) just to get divorced?
    shall i go on?

  17. 17

    Madonna is gross. Old grannie is basically becoming a female Mick Jagger. Can't imagine Guy Ritchie being able to get a hardon at this point when in the sack with her. If he ever could get a hardon it would only have been dreaming of her million$.

  18. 18

    I'm sure Madonna has a very different version of this story!

  19. 19

    "And at night, instead of a good old romp in the sack, Madonna preferred to spend hours bathing in pricey creams and zipping herself up in a plastic body bag, which is an ancient alien anti-aging method."
    – ha ha ha. That's hilarious, and I can totally believe it!

  20. 20


  21. JCPR says – reply to this


    zipping herself up in a plastic body bag, which is an ancient alien anti-aging method. damn that's scary! and she looks old! i'd say 70 years old.. my mom is 50 and she looks way better than her…

  22. 22

    The bags not working she still looks like one.

  23. 23

    hate her,

  24. 24

    And the courst will give her the kids, you watch. She and A-Fuck deserve each other, an old hag and a slime. not bad mix

  25. 25

    She's so self absorbed and disgusting. I bet Guy is fucking hookers and eating cheeseburgers right now. Poor Guy.

  26. 26

    Really bad picture there of Madonna……barferrific!

  27. 27

    wicked witch of the west.

  28. 28


  29. Aimee says – reply to this


    Rocco should be in London with his dad - at least Guy is in London all of the time, so he'd at least be with him every day. I doubt that would happen with Madonna, she's always traveling.

  30. 30


  31. 31


  32. 32

    Guy probably wants the divorce because he cannot stand looking at her nasty, old crone looking hands or that ton of makeup she shovels on her botoxed face anymore.

  33. 33

    YO! LOLOLOL! The IMAGE of Sharon Stone's 'Former-model-past-her-glory-days-age-obsessed-fighting-wrinkles-to-death' character in "CATWOMAN" comes to mind! .

    Remember the scene where she's slathering that anti-aging cream on her neck like spackle all while sipping a martini. I can imagine Madge doin' it up like that! lol PRICELESS!

  34. 34


  35. 35


  36. BBGUN says – reply to this


    All those "beauty" rituals and she still looks like death warmed over. I know several 50-year old women (without the plastic surgery Vadge has had) that look much better than she does.

  37. 37

    Re: LettyB – pass it here.
    this has been one lonnnngggg week.

  38. 38

    none of this is a surprise - we all know Madonna is a crazy bitch!!

  39. 39

    Of COURSE Madonna is a nightmare excersise bullimac control freak. Remember, EVERY time she's ended a relationship she's come out and trashed the other person. Keep the kids as far away from her as possible.

  40. minka says – reply to this


    There's no way she could be an attentive mother and be as self-promoting, in shape (if you want to call it that), and manicured (if you want to call it that) as she is. Plus she's obviously a control freak. All that and kids don't mix, no matter how much help you have. The kids come out the losers. I hope guy gets full custody.

  41. 41

    who knew she was control freak………..i'm fucking shocked

  42. 42

    I would have taken sex with Ritchie over the alien body bag creams.. Seriously, her skin is NOT fresh and vibrant looking. It looks more like it is about ready to fall off of her body.

    He sounds like the "normal" one in the relationship.

  43. 43

    Cleary the pricey creams and antiaging bodysuit are not working.

  44. 44


  45. minka says – reply to this


    I can't imagine the self-congratulating, ego-overload when Madonna and A-rod are together. That's not cool for the kids, either…

  46. MP says – reply to this


    Did Guy really expect something different? He was marrying MADONNA after all. I hope they can work out an acceptable custody agreement. The kids are the one who are ultimately going to suffer.

  47. 47

    umm what drove them apart? look at the pic she looks like a fuckin witch, plus shes puts the D in diva… controlling bitch

  48. 48

    hahaha at least have hot sex before the anti aging cream alien bag LOLLLLLL no treats no tv!!!!! LOL i would be like where is the pizza mom the 4 star dinners and desserts hahahaha no fun!!

  49. 49

    OMG she looks like a frigging witch! why do you all think she is so beautiful??? I will never understand that.

  50. sushi says – reply to this


    I can't believe A-Rod would want to fuck that horsey whore. Her pubes are probably gray she's so fucking old. A-Rod could have anyone he wants and he picks that plastic surgery fuckpig?

  51. Synik says – reply to this


    Sounds like brother Chris hit it right on the money with how much of a megalomaniac Madonna is. Now I wish I paid closer attention when I was reading the book.

  52. 52

    ok here is how to multi task lol have sex with guy in the alien cream bag LOL that way your man is not left out and you still have that radiating glow and flawless skin..thats like how posh said she goes to bed with lotion mittens and socks on…how sexy is that…no middle of the night delight when women are so self abdorbed…they are all turning into aliens or selling their souls to stay young

  53. 53

    Re: BBGUN
    Where'd you get that picture of Obama & mCCain?

  54. 54

    Madonna is a control freak! She is already a nasty old witch!

  55. 55

    WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT MADONNA, HONESTLY!!! All I have been hearing about is Madonna and her break up, she is the biggest waste of space on this planet. She is like 84 years old and she still thinks and acts like she is 20. Her music has, and always will be HORRIBLE!!

  56. 56

    Wow, channeling Mommy Dearest. Faye Dunaway much?

  57. 57

    plastic body bag as an ancient alien anti-aging plan? what did ancient alien plastic disappear faster than contemporary human plastic does? i have never seen or heard of any ancient alien plastic. plastic body bag as an ancient alien anti-aging plan hmmmmm has a nice ring to it doesn't it. wonder where she found it? does tom cruise know about this? i think john travolta might like one too.

  58. 58

    I can pretty much gaurentee you that this woman would never put her kids before herself. She will try to get him out of the 2 boys lives, she just seems like the kindof bitch would do that. I feel sorry for Guy, he will lose out on alot, because of this selfish bitch!

  59. 59

    The majority of people expect way too much from pop stars. Most people barely have time to be both a great mother and a wife while maintaining a high power career imagine that times 2000. In life we all have our priorities hers is to maintain her status as pop queen is that so wrong?

  60. 60

    Madonna looks ghastly in that picture. Worse than Cruella de Ville!

    Despite her best efforts- she is aging really badly.

    It helps to have a good heart- if you wanna age well.

  61. 61

    Gawd, she's ugly. Inside and out.

  62. 62

    what a fucking weirdo. i feel bad for guy and her kids. rocco should be able to stay there, hasnt he spent like all of his life over there? its not like she is some doting mother…he should be able to stay with his dad. i dont know how guy put up with her weird shit for so long, he had to watch her turn into a man..which is exactly what a-rod wants

  63. 63

    Hasn't that woman had enough?? She better not take that child away from his father.

  64. 64

    Her hands look like my 85 year old grandma's hands.

  65. AMO says – reply to this


    OMG that's the scariest pic of Madonna that I've ever seen… That shit is just wrong!

  66. shazz says – reply to this


    Madonna=Michael Jackson

  67. 67

    she always seemed so controlling!…pooor guy…he should of left along time ago

  68. midi says – reply to this


    Re: _Alice_

    hahahaha! you're probably right!

    re: that pic of vadge - man, she's scarY!

  69. 69

    She is freakin ugly!

  70. 70

    I am personally not suprised in the slightest.. she seems like that is EXACTLY how she would be behind closed doors… Don't get me wrong, as an artist, I do respect her for all the things she has done, she is legendary in her own right to many people.. BUT she seems like she would be a self-centered cunt and very controlling in a relationship, as much as I hate to say it, leaving her long and far behind would prob. be the BEST thing that Guy could do.

  71. edtor says – reply to this


    Another one thoroughly chewed on and now spit out!!! Like a dried husk. Sucked dry. Dessicated.

  72. 72

    I wonder why Madonna doesn't want her kids watching TV? Dumb bitch! She is so fucking WEIRD! What is her problem? That isn't being a diva either. She is just a total nut case! I'm happy that Guy can finally be free! I hope he gets custody because those kids will be fucked up being raised by her! Her parents must have been brother and sister.

  73. 73

    I side with guy on wanting his son to grow up in Old Blightey. And I'm sure lotsa men are happy being on short leashes. Right, Sparky?

  74. 74

    According to her brother, she also has a large S&M pictorial of herself surrounded by dead animals. And if that's not gross enough, it faces the doors of her children. Nice thing to have your kids wake up to.

  75. 75

    And for someone who has tons of money and goes far and beyond to make her self look good she sure looks like SHIT! That bitch has always been hideous! She is hairy,veiny, gappy etc. Gross! Eww! I can't believe he fucked that thing.

  76. 76

    Seriously, she's gotta do something about her teeth. Look at them in that picture. I mean….she has all this money and her teeth look like hell!

  77. 77

    Re: JenBunny711 – LOL hahahahaha!

  78. coco says – reply to this


    So Basically everything her Brother Christopher wrote about her in the Book is true.

  79. 79

    there is NO FUCKING WAY this shiz is for real, come on now….

  80. 80

    OMG could you have found a more horrendous picture of Madonna? Wow she looks like Cruella Deville.

  81. 81

    I'm pretty sure it was those cheek implants that did it.

  82. 82

    Re: Rosabella – thanks Rosabella!

  83. 83

    Put her in a pointy black hat, she looks more like a witch every day. Just in time for Halloween too.

  84. huc says – reply to this


    Give Guy the kid, maybe he won't write a book.

  85. 85

    Her TEETH man, I got issues with her TEETH! Look at 'em! She's gotta get some dentures or something. Yes t'is the time for dentures ol' girl.

  86. 86

    And she's got the Uncle Leo eyebrows going on.

  87. 87

    Isn't the correct caption "NO WIRE HANGERS!" and not "Eat your Veggies"? Just checking.

  88. 88

    she scares me..

  89. 89

    ahaha!this isxactly how I pictured it to be.BITCH IS COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL.does she actually think she looks young?Madonna is 50 and looks like 80 in the face.she's like a travesty WWE athlete addicted on steroids.this is gonna be even more nasty than I thought.

  90. 90

    Let Rocco stay in London!!

    Madge never sees the boy anyway.

  91. 91

    You could not pay me enough money to sleep, marry, touch, brush up against, or hang out with Madonna! STUPID!!! Sucks to be the kid though. Steamed fish?? Yeah thats what Madonna's face looks like - one big pile of steamed something…

  92. 92

    Madonna is an over-rated, talentless skank who deserves to lose everything.

  93. 93


  94. 94

    Look at her! It's scary. Those hands look like Jolies. Gross body with veins popping out everywhere, have all the plastic surgery in the world but your hands will show your age.

  95. 95

    I love her music, but she's just an old crazy bitch.
    … Rocco should stay in London with Guy.

  96. 96

    I'd like to smack her fake face off. Her kids deserve some fucken candy & snacks. Look at the Brangelina kids with their nice Cheetos all the time.
    Fuck you, Madonna.

  97. 97

    Madonna has always been the biggest bimbo ever and still is. No matter what pseudo-religions or whatever she practices, the bitch is still as deep as a puddle. I hope Guy is not intimidated by her and fucks her with a nasty custody battle. Rocco should stay with his father and Guy should marry me! He is so yummalicious! …show him how us latinas like to take care of our men! ;)

  98. 98

    I do not like Madonna. Maybe now her kid's can enjoy a little life. Especially since Lourdes is spending more time with her father. Hopefully, Rocco will spend more time with his father. I feel sorry for David, since he has no daddy in his life to spend time with.

  99. 99

    By MzEll and Crabby Golightly

    I USED TO THINK THAT MADONNA’s move from sexpot to intergalactic hippie after daughter Lourdes was born had finally humanized the diva. I thought that she finally gotten over herself. After all, children are usually good at upending one's vanity.

    I thought Guy was a good match. The fake British accent Madge affected after marrying Ritchie and moving to London was ridiculous, but at least she seemed finally stable for her kids. Now that charade seems just another chapter in her book — or should I say documentary, as she is ever so fond of videotaping herself.

    IAt 50, Madonna is really just too old for this current stunt. I'm not sure we care to see her newest metamorphosis if it means sloughing off responsibility for her children. As the chameleon changes colors yet again, it’s her children who have to adjust to the background. Perhaps Madonna doesn’t know herself at the core; more likely, she doesn’t have a core.

  100. 100

    see now this i believe…not all her ish about him… just cant wait till lil' lourdes writes her mommy dearest book in the years to come…we all call her 'her magesty' why should we be surprised when she acts like a total 'b' to her family….and someone should tell her the best way to use weight is a good spirited romp in the sac for a hr or 2 …

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