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Stewart vs Palin: It's War!

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Jon Stewart doesn't hide his feelings towards Sarah Palin.

While speaking to a college audience in Boston, Massachusetts, this weekend, the host of the Daily Show took the time to respond to Palin's comments about the "pro-American" parts of the country.

Stewart let it all hang out.

Says Jon, "She said that small towns, that's the part of the country she really likes going to because that's the pro-America part of the country. You know, I just want to say to her, just very quickly: Fuck you."

The reaction came in response to Palin's comment on Thursday night at a North Carolina fundraiser when she said, "We believe that the best of America is not all in Washington, D.C. We believe…that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation."

So Stewart added, "I can't take it anymore…After eight years of this divisiveness, we're back to this idea that only small-town America is the real America."

Stewart then referred to Palin's hometown of Juneau as "the woods."

He says, "McCain made an interesting vice presidential choice. I like the woods…I just don't know if I would pull my vice president out of the woods randomly."

As for Palin's statements that Barack Obama is linked to terrorist Bill Ayers, Stewart had his own remarks.

He said, in a Palin impression, "I've never seen someone with a greater disparity between how cute they sound when they're saying something and how terrible what they're saying is. Don'tcha know, Obama, by golly, he just is a terrorist?… Oh, you know, he just, gosh, kills babies, you know."

Sarah Palin = Idiot!

[Image via WENN.]

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251 comments to “Stewart vs Palin: It's War!”

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  1. 101

    Re: HeatherSL
    Thank you Heather, you said everything I was going to!

  2. 102


  3. 103

    Re: PLainJane82 – Boy are you a closet racist. Raped by BLACK men? Why do they have to be black? Your true colors are showing and they're ugly.

  4. 104

    First off if ANYONE should be sticking to what they do for a job is Sarah Palin! Go back and be a hockey mom and freeze your ass in your small "Pro American" town!




  5. 105

    JUNEAU IS NOT HER FUCKING HOMETOWN!!! Juneauites are embarrassed by this, we don't like her! She's from WASILLA and there's a big difference.

  6. 106

    Im no Palin fan AT ALL However she is not even RESPECTED/RESPECTABLE as a vp nominee. Its kinda her own fault though


  7. 107

    Haha awesome Jon stewrt

  8. 108

    Re: Caliprincess99 – WHAT??? Why in the hell did he pick her???? Im starting to think someone may have a drug problem

  9. 109

    Re: julu – #23, I totally agree. I too worked my ass off my whole life just to turn around and give my hard earned money to illegal alien, welfare-receiving, baby-poppin welfare recipients…What do I need MY money for anyway? THEY should take it all. And with Obama, they will.

  10. 110

    He's a self hating Jew.

  11. 111

    More evidence comes out every day to support the idea that climate change is NOT man made. Palin has been saying that all along. When man-made global warming is proved to be nothing more than mass hysteria, she will have been proved right. So hate her all you want, but she is hardly "stupid".

  12. 112


  13. 113

    Re: McCainIsMyHero – post 109
    You should look into where your money goes because only 1% of the national budget goes to welfare baby poppers. What we have spent on the war in Iraq for one month is Less than the money given to the welfare program.

  14. 114

    Re: PLainJane82 – That's funny because I saw your father leaving her hotel room Saturday Night after SNL. Your father loves him some Palin…

  15. 115

    Re: MINXLIVES – #113
    That may be true now, but Obama wants to turn the 40% of American families who don't pay ANY taxes now into WELFARE RECIPIENTS. Watch that 1% budget number go up.

  16. 116

    Re: PLainJane82 – You are TRULY a disgusting excuse for a human being and I am SOOO glad you are not a true representative of we Democrats. I am ASHAMED of you, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  17. 117

    Re: MINXLIVES – 1% of BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars is a lot of money…

  18. 118

    Re: McCainIsMyHero – #116

    What I can't believe is that a liberal poster on here, Plainjane82, makes one of the most racist comments I've ever seen on these boards - (Post #72) "I wish here [sic] secret service team would drop her ass in the South Bronx and she'd get raped and stabbed by twelve black dudes." - and every other liberal poster on these boards lets it slide. DIS-GUS-TING

  19. 119


  20. 120

    Re: Galen – wrote: "I love the way sexy Sarah gets under liberals skin."

    Funny, she seems to get under alot of Repulican skin as well. Maybe McGrumps should have used the head on his shoulders when picking his running mate and not the one in his pants.

  21. 121

    Re: Smirks – I don't think Obama would want her vote if he knew the kind of hatred she spews ON A REGULAR BASIS against black men.

  22. 122

    I wouldn't want a hockey mom, hockey dad, or plumber running this country!

    Just cuz you can SEE Russia doesn't mean you know sh*t about it or mean you can handle foreign diplomacy, and Canada is often linked as American-like, not exactly Turkey b*tch.
    Just because you shoot helpless animals doesn't make you strong.
    And just because YOU could NOT control your own UNDER AGE daughter from having sex BEFORE marriage PROVES that just teaching abstinece in schools is NOT going to work. Moron!!!!

  23. 123

    JON STEWART IS OFFICIALLY MY HERO!!! Palin can suck it! :) :) :)

    OBAMA/BIDEN '08!!!

  24. 124

    John Stewart…come with me, you little minx. Together we will create an intellectual uber-race. I LOVE this man..him and Keith Olberman …ggrrrr..sexy and intelligent and rational thinkers. That turns me on!! :)

  25. 125

    Oh fer Chrissakes, I'm getting tired of saying it. The Bill Ayers thing wasn't fiction! It's f-a-c-t. Yeah, Obama was 8 when Ayers and his now-wife, Dohrn, started bombing government buildings. But Obama was a *grown man* when his career took off in Ayers living room. He has sat on Board with Ayers, the unrepentant bomber…does that demonstrate good judgment to any of you? And he has given $$ to Ayers causes (or vice versa). Read about it and educate yourself, Stewart. And that's only *one* of Obama's lapses in judgment but not to worry. Character doesn't count this year.

  26. 126

    Re: sweetpiece – So elegantly put. Hang in there, Sarah. You'll still be a star when this is over. And BTW, I don't even agree with Palin on several issues but wtf, at least she's experienced!

  27. julu says – reply to this


    Re: starburst65 – Having the ablitly to hold complex thoughts is necessary when one discusses the merits of economic models.

  28. 128

    Sarah Palin = McCain's Biggest mistake yet! (and he has made a few!)

    Go John Stewart for calling her out about that "pro-American parts of the country" bullshit statement! She is so cruel and doesn't think before she speaks!

    You know what America should do Sara Palin? They should do the Pro-American thing and vote someone into office that will divide our country into "pro- American parts" and "non pro-American parts" but will unite it under one flag and under one common purpose. And that candidate is NOT McCain not because of McCain himself, but due to his hate mongering running mate Sarah Palin! The idea is NOT divide and conquer Sarah, it is unite and conquer! Maybe if you tried that you would have had a chance!!

    OBAMA '08! 15 days to go!!!!! :)

  29. 129

    John McCain is a neo nazi sympathizer who belonged to and sat on the board of an extreme right wing group called USCWF. FACT!
    Todd Palin hates America and wants to separate from the US. FACT!
    Sarah drills Todd on a regular basis with her strap on. Hence the saying Drill baby drill. Truth according to LG!

  30. 130

    The current democratic party is the party of divisiveness. John Stewart is the type of person that if he has nothing constructive to say, he uses an immature voice and mimics someone for a laugh. It saddens me to know that a large portion of the democratic demographic gets their political news from him. Again, liberals insult anyone who does not believe in what they believe in.

  31. 131

    Can you only imagine how he's going to tear into Obama when he's elected.

    Think about it! McCain/Palin are out of the picture after Nov. 4, BUT Stewart still has to make a living. With a democratic president and a democratic congress, he's going to have to go after them. Hope y'all love him as much then.

    I think this is going to be fun!!!

  32. 132

    Re: LaBella – I'll take my chances. Thanks for the heads up.

  33. 133

    Re: froco

    you = ignorant small town person

    Small towns are NOT more pro-American!! If we are gonna start this "small town big city divide" crap lets talk about it shall we? I see people in small towns being SO disgustingly close minded and racist, I grew up in one so I know first hand! At least in big cities gays and minorities are accepted into the culture as equals, unlike in small towns where they are shunned and made to feel unwelcome.

    And uhh burning flags in big cities? dancing around screaming about hating America? I think your thinking like Vietnam war protests hunny, because I don't remember that on the news anytime recently! haha!

    I am so sick of people diving the country over blue and red, republican and democrat, conservative and liberal, and NOW small towns and big cities really? It makes me sick! We are ONE country ONE people! Where is the national sovereignty? Where is this so called American pride? WE need to start considering ourselves as Americans first, and not republican or democrat!

    America needs to vote for the candidate that is going to unite us all under one common purpose and not divide us under the pretense of our differences!

    Vote in 15 days for Obama '08!!!!

  34. 134

    I've got to join the fun.


  35. 135

    Re: Shastamagic – Go Kiss My Ass.

  36. 136

    Question: Why are you voting for Obama? Question: How are McCain/Palin/Republicans racists? Questions: Why are gays more likely to vote for Obama even though he and McCain are both against gay marriage?

  37. 137

    Re: LaBella

    One thing
    example to All

    Labella= that small town ignorant person I previously cited!

    read a book hunny and stop getting spoon fed my you political party!
    the shit you uneducated people will believe never seizes to amaze me!

  38. froco says – reply to this


    Re: HeatherSL

    well said!

  39. 139

    Re: julu – What a simple mind you have. If it were only that easy. How do you think your roads and highways are kept safe? How are your police officers, firefighters, and teachers paid? You're posting on a website that's centered around people who make millions of dollars doing very little. There are people in this world who work their asses off everyday for minimum wage. They probably wish they could afford to go to college, but don't have the money after bills. The amount of money you make is not directly linked to how hard you work. I'm a public school teacher working twice as many hours as I get paid for and struggling to pay bills. You make it sound as if taxes are taken and handed directly to those laying on the couch all day so they can go out and buy some beer for lunch. Again, not that simple.

  40. 140

    Re: starburst65 – But being condescending assholes is all they have left. They cling to that. :)

  41. 141

    Re: YaYaYa
    It is comedy you idiot!
    He took a stupid comedic thing she said and he joked about it! DUH!
    If you don't like it, maybe you should talk to your VP candidate that keeps saying stupid shit that gives all the comedians material!

    Obama '08!!!!

  42. 142

    Re: Regina75

    he is so hot! :)

  43. 143

    You have GOT to love how sexy and smart Sarah just scares those hollywood weirdos to death—— go SarahLOL

  44. 144

    John Stewart needs to shut his mouth. He's not even that funny, and nobody gives a shit what he thinks.

  45. 145

    Re: Smirks – Post 115
    That is NOT an accurate assesment of his tax program AND it doesn't change the FACT that the 40% of people that do Not pay taxes may actually have a JOB. 40% don't pay taxes BECAUSE their income is obviously too low to meet a "living wage". Some of these people actually at taxe season dpending on size of family may actually get a TAX bonus or are tax exempt (already). What should concern you is the FACT that 40% of the population can't even afford a livelihood here and before some start, blacks make up only 12% of the poulation and NOT all blacks are on welfare. No one one sits on their ass, Welfare reform included the welfare to work act with an actual time limit of living on welfare. Saying this money is going to these 40% is misconstruing the tax proposal of Obama since he wants h/c reform, $ for schools, $ for our infrastructure etc and he first intedns to start via trimming the fat.

  46. 146

    Thank you Jon Stewart!!! Let's get out the vote people and silence this annoying lady and her cranky ass grandpa ASAP!!

    Keep talking Sarah you sure are helping all those undecideds decide that you suck!

  47. 147

    I am voting for Palin and guess what?…I am still a good person, doing good things for this world. I believe in working hard and being rewarded for your efforts. I believe in treating people with kindness and respect, in hopes that it will be returned to me in one way or another. I agree to disagree with those who believe differently than myself, but do admitingly get upset when the other side's mind is completely closed to a new way of thought. I am recovering liberal and have been on that side. It was until I job a real job in the social work/ education field that I began to see that there is a certain part of society that has grown accustomed to taking and and now giving out of a sense of entitlement. All my idealism went out the door and reality set in. We are all idealistic while living off of someone else's money. So conserve people….water, trees, money, morals, ethics, decorum…Less government more personal responsibility….Don't listen to what "they: want you to hear….think for yourself….EVERYONE!

  48. 148

    Re: Smirks – Post 115
    That is NOT an accurate assesment of his tax program AND it doesn't change the FACT that the 40% of people that do Not pay taxes may actually have a JOB. 40% don't pay taxes BECAUSE their income is obviously too low to meet a "living wage". Some of these people actually at taxe season dpending on size of family may actually get a TAX bonus or are tax exempt (already). What should concern you is the FACT that 40% of the population can't even afford a livelihood here and before some start, blacks make up only 12% of the poulation and NOT all blacks are on welfare. No one one sits on their ass, Welfare reform included the welfare to work act with an actual time limit of living on welfare. Saying this money is going to these 40% is misconstruing the tax proposal of Obama since he wants h/c reform, $ for schools, $ for our infrastructure etc and he first intedns to start via trimming the fat!!

  49. 149

    Re: Shut.Tha.Fuck.Up – Did I hear you correctly?????Are you complaining because your dad makes too much money? Who pays for you to live, eat, school, car, gas? If it is your dad then you are a very ungrateful daughter. It is easy to be idealistic when you live off of someone else's money.

  50. 150

    "Like sending a bull to clean out a china closet!" Hillary Clinton to the Republican tickets abilities to fix the economy!

  51. 151

    "Rise from the ashes of the Bushes!" Hillary Clinton!

  52. 152

    Post 115
    And Smirks-
    to add another counterpoint to your logic. Iraq has 70 billion in SURPLUS $$ from us, enough to pay for welfare for SEVEN years! Why continue to waste our money on the war in Iraq instead of taking care of our own? Forty pecent is a HUGE number for a nation so "powerful". Google the poverty rate within the G8 and explain why a country that has the most wealth falls behind all of them in H/C, education and has a higher crime rate. We also for having the BEST in medical technology also have the HIGHEST infant mortality rate.You don't find something WRONG with this picture? Seriously?

  53. 153

    Re: MINXLIVES – It is not a matter of the amount of money, that is secondary, the biggest problem with social welfare is the mentality that it breeds. I teach at risk high school students and the vast majority of their families receive government money every month either from: welfare $$$$ payments, food stamps, medi-cal, SSI, adoption/foster fees, crazy pay, disability, government housing, bill assistance, $$$ for having a child in special ed ( a place to put the really dumb kids so they don't effect the school's API score, Special Ed is a lot different than it was 10 years ago) and the list goes on. Then as a teacher, I am faced with getting these kids to take education and ultimately job training seriously because they have been raised in an environment of "take it if it is there" and "how else can we get more" and the thing that drives me nuts is that they all have cell phones! And according to liberal thought, this is normal and they way it should be. Hand outs not hand ups. I look at it as the continued enslavement of people, of all races and color. "Keep the masses stupid, because they are easier to control that way"

  54. 154


  55. 155

    Re: PLainJane82 – think you have an anger management issue. You may want to look into getting some help with that.

  56. julu says – reply to this


    Re: chiteach – Actually it is that simple. "Spreading the weath around" isn't paying taxes. It is taking from one class of people and giving it to another that have either not worked for it, not obtained the right training/education/skill to further themselves, or haven't the talent or work ethic to climb the career ladder. Taxes is a necessary evil. Taking from each according to their ablity and giving to each according to their need is communism. Call a spade a spade.

  57. julu says – reply to this


    Re: chiteach – Don't teachers work about 200 days a year?

  58. 158

    I never liked Jon Stewart before, but I have a newfound respect for him now- GO JON!!

  59. 159

    Re: Shastamagic
    "Still doing good things for this world, expect for voting for McCain/Palin that is!"

    haha! just thought I would make that obvious correction for you!!

    Obama '08!!

  60. 160

    Re: LaBella – I will pray for your idiocy.

  61. 161

    Re: YaYaYa – That's the whole point of comedy, making people laugh and you can bet A WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE laugh at that dumb bitch Palin!

  62. 162

    I wish Jon Stewart would come to speak at my college. I love him and the Daily Show. Palin is a jackass.

  63. 163

    Re: Shastamagic
    Post 153
    Yes, there is a problem with social welfare and that has been addressed with the welfare to work program. The original discussion was not even on welfare to begin with but the misrepresentation of Obama's tax plan and sayingthat the money is being taken away to give to 40% of Americans that don't pay taxes. THAT i an outright lie as Obama wants to reinvest that money into eductation via scholarships, healthcare reform, and or infrastructure.

  64. 164

    Re: McCainIsMyHero
    Post 117
    I am FAAAAAR from Being a racist and Smirks Knows that. I defend blacks on this site since most ignorantly post AGAINST blacks on a regular basis here. Secondly if I were a racist against blacks I WOULDN'T VOTE FOR ONE YOU ASSWIPE! and as for your IGNORANT assessment of 1% on top of billions of dollars te fact is we spend 10 billion a month the EQUIVALENT of paying for 1 year of welfare. Go suck a dick.

  65. 165

    Re: MINXLIVES – #152
    Minx, I wasn't talking about all the other ways our tax dollars will be used. Clearly, I was talking about giving welfare checks to the 40% who don't pay any taxes at all. That is income redistribution, plain and simple. It is taking from the well-off and giving to the poor. Period.

  66. jefdo says – reply to this


    I can't honestly ever remember Jon Stewart being funny. I think Mr.big city Stewart solidified Palin's comment with his "fuck you" response. The small towns greatly represent "Real America." Small towns don't need big events to be brought together with pride and love for community and country, its a way of life. That's as Pro-American as you can be.

  67. 167


  68. 168

    Re: MINXLIVES – #164
    Yeah… for that reason I was really surprised you let Plainjane82's comment slide. Is that because she is a liberal? Really, she made the most vile comment about black men that I have seen on here, except from StateZiti, and I don't see any of her fellow liberals, including you, calling her out on it. It would be like a conservative saying, "I hope Obama's secret service leave him alone in rural America and he gets lynched by 12 white men". It was that bad.

  69. 169

    Re: Smirks – Post 165
    Where does he state he is giving that money to the 40% that don't pay taxes? They ALREADY receive a credit in most cases BECAUSE their take home pay juxtaposed to family size DOES NOT equal a living wage. What they recieve is already the max. So again, under the present system people that have a tax credit are already taken care Obama is NOT raising any taxes on 95% of the population and for those that take home 250k (or in my case as a single person 100k+ will pay higher taxes) b/c that money would be again, reinvested in education, healthcare, infrastructure. Good seeing you on here! apparently I missed a lot yesterday!

  70. 170

    He's not funny or intelligent. He's a low-life hate monger. Keep hating all you lefty losers.

  71. 171

    Re: MINXLIVES – Good seeing you on here too. I wasn't on yesterday either. We'll have to agree to disagree on this… I feel like you're obfuscating the issue and employing semantics. People will be getting checks in the mail, over and above what their allowances already are. I call it welfare, you use a wall of text. And further, I think that while Obama says 250k is the threshold for marrieds, I sincerely doubt that's a campaign promise he will be able to keep.

  72. 172

    Re: Smirks
    Post 168
    You already responded to her and you know I don't bother w/ ignorant people UNLESS they say something ignorant to me then I chew them out and not respond. I did not see Plainjane 82 UNTIL I Read YOUR response. I mainly read the opinions of people I interact with NOT every post made on Perez. I think your post 103 summed it up just right an as an independent on a mission ( I HATE calling people names b/c it detracts from the issues). You already chewed her out good and proper you clearly don't need me to co sign for you ;) '

  73. 173

    Re: MINXLIVES – Schools have enough money! The administrative costs along with mandated testing costs along with Special Education costs along with unattainable NCLB costs. Instead of throwing more money at education, we need to look holistically at it and realize where our problems truly lie. No one wants to do this because a large part of our schools' failure is due to issues that are not "PC" to discuss or address. I feel Obama wants to continue funding a broken system instead of reevaluating education. I know that Obama has been part of education reform community organizations, but I have yet to see one thing positive that has come from his mind and hands. I also know that he has beem involved with large amounts of grant money and would like to see something that has come of it.

  74. 174

    Re: Shastamagic
    Schools have enough money?
    Have you seen the schools in DC? They could pass for condemend Buildings! You should see the schools in Chicago! Some have a bucket under the urinals in the boys bathroom (broken pipes) Paint missin and broken chalkboards. Please do not talk on something you haven't researched. Some schools are you TEXTBOOKS from 1976! research Bill Gates education fud and WHY the richest man in America started it to begin with. As for our infrastructure and healthcare they both need overhauls too. We as the wealthiest nation should NOT have the infant mortality rate of a 3rd world country!! Also, we as th wealthiest country should NOT have bridges collapsing under our cars! so I guess we will have to agree to disagree because I think REINVESTING in our children and our future is far wiser than importing our intelligence from other countries because we stink at math and Science, the driving force behind innovation and technology.

  75. 175

    And also to address the school issue I also strongly agree that teachers should find a new line of work if they are NOT qualified for their jobs. Quality not quantity is what we need in schools and if a teacher especially teachers of young pupils ages 2-9 aren't arming kds with basic skills to pass the Iowa tests and IGAP tests we have here in IL then they should NOT be allowed to retain that position yes parents need, should, and most do help their kids BUT teachers have kids the majority of the day and I would like to think they are enrichinh our children further not kicking back b/c the child is NOT theirs.

  76. 176

    Re: Smirks
    Post 171
    Now you have officially lost me. Text are words and I think my words are pretty darn clear. This idea of hiding behind words are a Hoot to me! We all know what words mean so please tell me where I am NOT clear and / or where my words, sentences lost you. We both are intelligent enought to read, comprehend then agree or disagree. You say symantics I say I'm repeating what I have heard Obama say over and over again in his campaigns and on his website and it makes sense to me. Now if he KEEPS that promise is a WHOLE nother issue. We all know politicians are politicians FIRST. The only time EVERYONE will be receiving money from the gov't is when the second round of stimulus checks are sent out again. And no, I don't support stimulus checks they don't work. And as you also know I do NOT support the bailout / rescue package whatever anyone wants to call it. Most people don't realize 150B of pork was added and so the 700b bailout is really 850B!

  77. Alyss says – reply to this


    I saw his appearance @ Northeastern University on Fri night and he was awesome!!!! Jon Stewart should be running for President instead!

  78. 178

    Re: HeatherSL – totally agree! A President/VP can only do so much! It's Congress who really makes things happens and creates all the bills/laws. And is it just a coincidence that our economy started going to hell when a DEMOCRATIC Congress was elected? I think not.
    oh and I won't even get started on Jon Stewart. Bleh. =[

  79. 179

    Re: MINXLIVES – Funny that you would mention deteriorating Chicago schools. Where are Bill Ayers and Obama. True, many schools do not spend money on the basic needs, but do look to their administration for answers. The neighborhoods that have deteriorating schools lack funding due to????? There are community organizers out there raising money right now to help out schools. Do you think throwing more money at schools without reevaluating how they are run and by whom they are run by is a good idea? All schools need to convert to charter schools and the Department of Education needs to be disbanded. Our government needs to make sure money that is meant for students goes to students. And don't think that buy new books for a school is going to make the students smart. Students will only be as successful as their home life allows. If the desire is there for success, any kid can learn. There are good teachers out there working in the worst schools. I have been a teacher for over 10 years and see how wasteful our schools are. I pay enough money out of every pay check now to make a difference in America. More money is not going to solve the problems we have in our schools.

  80. jefdo says – reply to this


    The upper 20% of Americans already pay 80% of the taxes. The rates they pay already far exceed that of the middle class, why should they pay even more? Apparently people should be punished for working hard and making a lot of money, that's Obama's theory anyway. Instead of encouraging people to work hard, we're forcing those who already have to "share the wealth" as Obama puts it. Therefore those who worked hard have to give their money to many who haven't? How's that fair. I'm not implying that all of those on welfare don't work hard, but how can we encourage people to better themselves when we make them even more reliant on government handouts?

  81. 181

    Re: Shastamagic
    Pst 179
    we haven't conversed enough so you don't my stance on these issues. You're talking to a teacher and YES the school system should be re-evaluated and NO we SHOULD NOT throw money at it and HOPE it works hence why I make my stance on teachers. As for the actual physical BUILDINGS YES money should be thrown at that to address the issues I pointed out. Lastly, I said CHicago because I am LIVE in HYDE PARK, the same "fancy" neighborhood that Obama, Ayers, Farakhan, Oprah, Daley, Walter Payton. Michael Jordan, Jennifer Hudson, ALL own a home in. Hyde Park is literally 2 blocks from the ghetto and 6 blocks from Chicago's gold coast where Oprah and our Mayor Daley lives. I never said just give money indescriminately w/o stipulation and neither has Obama as a matter of fact I believe he said for the college hopeful that cannot afford college, they should be made to do community service and earn that $. As for our h/c and infrastructure there is no excuse for the condition of either and yes money should be given indescriminately to fix our infrastructure Promptly.

  82. 182

    Re: MINXLIVES – - "Los Angeles school district inspectors scanning school storerooms for unused equipment to reuse, recycle or auction have made an unexpected find: a $13,000 sushi-making machine." I just found this article about how a school found a $13,000 sushi rolling machine! This is just one example of waste in our schools!

  83. 183

    Can you hate republicans anymore,I dont think so. Palin is the worst kind of white trash small town small mind divisive cnt republican. She like most of the gop go around knocking the blue regions and states of this country.and they act with outrage if you dare infer that the republican party todays is southern,rural trailerpark america,that might be what she means by small town America. What rabid trahs like Palin and her mentor W. leave out is that the rich blue parts of the country are the tax base that subsidizes dixie and rural poverty.

  84. 184

    Re: jefdo
    Post 180
    what post of mine are you addressing and who said anything a/b making reliant on handouts? This is why I do NOT like that Perez does NOT have a thread follow up. PLEASE READ the ENTIRE posts starting from 109 and read my responses in that order to make sense of what I was discussing. The FIRST implication is that this money is going to wlefare recipients and my answer to that is NO it is NOT and NO 40% of Americans are NOT welfare recipients I also said that extra tax money generates is for infrastructure, healthcare and schools NOT welfare. SO again please read from the begining NONE of my post on this particular tread stands alone.

  85. 185

    Re: MINXLIVES – Since you are from Chicago, can you please let me know of Obama and his organizations' contributions to the local school system. I have been looking for positive change spearheaded by Obama and I can not find any. I have found numerous accounts of grants being awarded to Obama and his associates, but I have yet to read any actual projects that have been successful. I am serious about this!

  86. 186

    Warren Buffett,Bill Gates,Oprah,Colin Powell, and most of the top tier business,college and artistic leaders back Obama, Backwards,backwoods,bigoted lowlives that are racist,homophobic,anti-semitic,anti-women,anti-choice ,anti-enviornment are voting for Mccain/Palin. The fascist fundamentalist community college drop outs for Mccain/Palin.

  87. 187

    Re: MINXLIVES – i love the daily show…he's crossing the line lately……i get that he's just a comedy show, but HE gets that there's a voting pop out there that looks to him for news…and nowhere else. He is missing out VOLUMES of comedy by ignoring Obama/Biden. I had to turn it off the other night, it was shitty. Makes me feel like he's somehow cheating.

  88. 188

    Re: Shastamagic
    Actually that is easy,
    you can find grant money reditributed to scholars at Northwestern University and also University of Chicago. These are two creme de la creme schools that are located in Evanston, IL and of course Chicago, Il. The reason you have a hard time finding the grants is because you expect to find Obama's names on them instead of the programs they actually went to. The grat for example would NOT be called the Obama grant but rather an existing grant program that has applied to receive more funding in order to continue distributing grants.

  89. 189

    Post 185
    Stagmagic ( sorry if i got your moniker wrong)

    Start w/ obamaDOTsenateDOTgovSLASH issuesSLASHeducation
    and take it from there. You'll et some of the names of some of the grant programs.

  90. 190

    Re: mamajud – good evening….enjoy the debate folks…..just remember…one of these guys WILL be our next president….so be nice!

  91. 191

    Re: mamajud
    Now, I rarely watch the daily show or SNL for that matter
    I watch ( get ready to gag)
    Supernatural, Terminator, Smallville, family guy, Kung Fu movies and all my 80's cartoons on DVD ( he man, she ra, jem, thundercats)
    HEY! I need to decompress. Most of my politics come from books not commentators. If I had to sit through this via commentators I'd shootmyself;)
    How's your day?

  92. 192

    Re: mamajud
    Now, I rarely watch the daily show or SNL for that matter
    I watch ( get ready to gag)
    Supernatural, Terminator, Smallville, family guy, Kung Fu movies and all my 80's cartoons on DVD ( he man, she ra, jem, thundercats)
    HEY!! I need to decompress. Most of my politics come from books not commentators. If I had to sit through this via commentators I'd shootmyself;)
    How's your day?

  93. 193

    Sorry, but I am so sick of all these fucking celebrities running their mouths. Sad thing is that if any of them ran into her on the street they would be kissing her ass. They are just pissed that she looks better than half of them.
    GO PLALIN!!!!!

  94. 194

    Re: MINXLIVES – I did read about monies that went to those schools before….I want to hear how his educational community service….working for Bill Ayers….helped the inner city K-12 schools? These are the schools that have old books and older buildings. These are the testing grounds for their "new" academics. I want to know more about what their theories are. All the sites I see are candy coated with no factual information.

  95. 195

    He performed at Northeastern University, and I was in the audience! He's amazing but I'm voting McCain/Palin.

  96. 196

    Re: MINXLIVES – I went the senate website and all I saw where proposals….I want to see proof. Also, Obama has been campaigning the whole time he has been in the senate, so I do not take this information too seriously. Obama and Ayers worked together for years in different capacities and I want to see what they accomplished together. Did they reform any inner city schools? Did they help turn a neighborhood around? I know millions $$$$ have been funneled into Chicago for pet projects and I want to know what happened to the money. If nothing, then Obama and Ayers are no better than the spend till it's gone administrators we have running districts here in California. We need doers working for our schools, not BMW driving fat cats with big ideas, but no moxi to get them done!

  97. 197

    Re: COCACOLA – He doesnt love that Stupid Reverend. you must have forgotten that he had Separated himself away from this crazy guy MONTHS ago.

  98. 198

    I would really like it if a gang of moose just trampled lil miss bride of chucky Palin.

  99. 199

    Re: laurenbrooke – oh shut your ass up….you know he rocks

  100. 200

    Re: Galen – Galen***Every post you make is so trailer trash…you act like you haven't been laid in years….Palin doesn't get under our skin honey, she is IN NO WAY ABLE TO RUN THE COUNTRY IF ANYTHING WERE TO HAPPEN TO McCAIN WHAT THE FUCK IS SO HARD TO "GET" ABOUT THAT????????????

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