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She Won't Be Smiling For Long

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A happy, shiny, bright Jennifer Aniston made her way out of the Sunset Tower Hotel on Monday evening.

She's got that "I'm getting sexed" look on her face.

Good for her!

Sources say the 'actress' spent about two hours inside the hotel with boy toy John Mayer.

How long do you give them?

If Johnny boy doesn't sperminate her, we give it about a month!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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121 comments to “She Won't Be Smiling For Long”

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  1. 101

    Perez you are so mean to Jennifer Aniston and I've seen you call other people homewreckers but Angelina can do no wrong in your eyes. You are such a hypocrite. Why are you so obsessed with Angelina anyway? Because you secretly want to BE her? I think that's what it is. I think Jennifer Aniston was so heartbroken by Brad Pitt and so embarassed that he blatantly chose Angelina over her.

    I personally am not Team Aniston or Team Brangelina. I think they are all overrated people who don't even do good films. Why are they famous? THen again you people make those Hills kids famous. Sad times.

  2. 102

    Some paper or mag in AUstralia is already reporting she's knocked up. Who knows? Having a baby is just gonna be her way to trap Johnny Boy.

  3. 103

    No matter how long until he dumps her, he will dump her! How embarassing. We all know the famous saying that applies here; "Shame Jen once, by dumping her publicly, f*** you John Mayer!…Shame Jen twice, by dumping her publicly, shame on Jen for bringing on that public humiliation!"

  4. 104

    She is stunning!! I don't think she's done a thing to deserve this abuse from you. I'm sure she's sporting wounds like the grand canyon over this whole Angelina thing and I can't imagine living with the insults you continue to add to injury.

  5. 105

    UK tabloids are saying she is already 2 months preggers and that is why she dragged him back.!!! Sad cow.

  6. D-Bag says – reply to this


    What do you call the worthless skin around the vagina? Chinnifer Mansiton.

  7. 107

    She can have my baby any time she wants!

  8. 108


  9. 109

    i wish i could spend two hours in closed quarters with him

  10. MoonX says – reply to this


    I'd love to know why Mario is such a jealous, ugly individual. I wonder if something happened to him during childhood. Obviously something did, as he spent his teen years in bed, pissing himself and eating, according to Rolling Stone.

    Keep on hating, Mario, your mother will be proud.

  11. 111

    Everyone knows the only reason anyone hates JENNIFER ANISTON is because she doesn't have a new interview out every day trying to convince everyone how happy and "beautiful" she is. The only reason he's obsessed with Big Lips is because she puts her life on display for everyone to see. And i've seen all of Jens movies and I thought they were all really good.

  12. 112

    Without beauty nor talent, how far this woman has gotten is quite impressive, and sickening. She is the WORST role model to all women, marketing her personal 'plight' ("poor dumped me"), and manipulating the media. She is in the tabs practically every single day without any movies coming out. Her FRIENDS dough pays for all these PR-boyfriends and charades, PLANT 'n DENY Huvane tactics. What a sad, sad existence constantly compared and DWARFED by the Jolie-Pitts. But she paved her own way to be the eternal victim. You Reep what you sow Miss Aniston. Your pathetic life is completely deserved.

  13. 113

    Oh and those new collagen lips of yours, Miss Aniston, don't stand a chance against Angelina's natural beauty. Having a thick lips doesn't translate into a global humanitarian, or a loving mother of 6 beautiful children, or the love of the life of Brad Pitt. After all you only had a BUSINESS MERGER, not a real marriage with Brad. Have fun in the "Meg Ryan ville"!

  14. 114

    She is So NEEDY!!!!

  15. 115

    She has a chin for loads to hit. She is a skank. Her father is the only reason she is famous. She was in that terrible Leprechan movie too.

  16. 116

    its a rare day when you piss me off man - but seriously.. its time to LEAVE JENNIFER ALONE!!!!! ;) Yotysofty - some CHOICE words you used there… Salty much?

  17. 117

    I think she's got that "I took it up the butt" look.
    She spent two hours inside the hotel, John spent two hours inside Jen.

  18. 118

    i was at the sunset towers monday night, having dinner right next to Jennifer and TWO WOMEN — no John Mayer. Rumor patrol is watching.

  19. 119

    I like JonniEFerr together! I think she is fabulous! She has always handled herself with grace and class esp. after Brad publically made himself a known cheeter! I think John Mayer is wayyy hotter and he's got the best sense of humor! Did u see him FO-host on TMZ?! JonniEFerr rocks hope they make it last!!

  20. 120

    That's a man, baby, that's a man!

  21. 121

    she should sue whomever did her chin implant.
    shockinly bad work.

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