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Vintage Skank!

| Filed under: Aubrey O'Day


Old school Aubrey O'Day.

Do you love it or do you love it???

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154 comments to “Vintage Skank!”

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  1. 101

    and shes fatter now

  2. 102

    Hey- Take this pic of me off your site! That's me in my prom dress!

  3. 103

    why does she look so old?

    how old IS she?

  4. 104



  5. 105


  6. JZ says – reply to this


    Ugly now, ugly then. But now you can ugly ugly personality to the list!

    How can she say her boobs now are real?

  7. 107

    It's amazing what money can do.

  8. 108


  9. 109

    Holy ugly!!

  10. 110

    i totally just threw up.

  11. 111

    thats the Aubrey i love ….

  12. 112

    Perez, show a before and after pic of Aubrey and point out all of the differences since she says she's had no work. The boobs definately look the same! Hahaha!

  13. 113

    You sure that's her?

  14. 114

    EWWW omg she is horrid.

  15. 115

    ewwww… she is FUGLY!!

  16. 116

    major plastic surgery…

  17. 117

    SOMEONE made a trip to the BOOB doctor…. HAHAHAHA

  18. 118

    her eyes are STUNNING, but i don't really blame her for the hair .. that was the style back then

  19. 119

    I LOVE IT.

  20. 120

    that girl is hurt

  21. Bloom says – reply to this


    Did she have her nose done too?

  22. 122

    This girl is so average looking, almost to the point of not being attractive and she looks like a plastic hooker now. I don't get the appeal?????

  23. 123

    Wooow Skaunkey O'Fake was really very flat chested, jeeeez i think she looks better now than then, i mean…if i had to choose

  24. 124

    EW EW EW OMG SKUNK ATTACK. I mean, SKANK attack. oh lord no…the crimped hair, the skunk dye job, the barbie pink eye shadow….no no no.
    I'm all for staying natural (hate her look now) but good hair and make up doesn't take a genius.

  25. 125


  26. 126

    Or miley cyrus from the future

  27. 127

    even when she went to uci she was known as skanky…ewwww

  28. 128

    wow that bitch was goofy

  29. 129

    ho fa sho.. fake boobs now :P

  30. 130

    Is it a picture of nowadays? The pink eye shadow, the curly look and two-tone hair color are so 80's!! She could be hot with another look, more natural!!!

  31. 131



    it's not like she's pretty now either though…she's just simply one of those unfortunate girls that doesn't really have a decent looking face, but loads it up with makeup in hopes that it fakes people into thinking they are pretty.

    skanktastic hair!

  32. 132

    she's prettier now I think

  33. 133

    Man! This girl is so weird to look at. I can never make out her face.

  34. SJB says – reply to this


    ok i'm so sick of hearing about this girl perez who the eff is she anyway?? this is a CELEBRITY blog not a wannabe whore blog. Enough already. She's no one stop writing about her!!!

  35. 135

    luv it

  36. 136

    Doesn't even look like her! I prefer this though - looks more human.

  37. D-Bag says – reply to this


    It just goes to show how much make-up, hair, lighting and Photoshop (not to mention an obvious tit-job) can do for an average person. Any of us can be a celebrity too!

  38. 138

    seriously..where did she get her boobs from?

  39. 139

    Vintage skank, contemporary skank- whatevs

  40. 140

    she looks like your everyday teenager….to bad she turned into a huge skank.

  41. 141

    I think you mean vintage "SKUNK"….ewww with the hair!

  42. 142

    good to know shes always been ugly and gross, with terrible out fitt choices.

  43. 143

    wow so much has changed..smh

  44. 144

    wow! what a difference….thats fuckin crazy.

  45. 145

    she actually looks rly pretty here!
    besides the fucked up hair.

  46. 146

    eww horrible!!!! trash

  47. 147

    the sad thing is her now isn't much of an improvement
    you can loose weight
    fix your boobs
    buy nice clothes



  48. 148

    minus the hair she looks so much better

  49. 149


  50. 150

    got 2 love the beer in the guy´s hand, that girl is just pathetic, and right!! there are no boobs at all

  51. 151

    She looks so trashy!!! It looks like she went through the discount bin at walmart, and whats with that hair??? If I were her I would have burned those pictures. How embarrassing!

  52. 152

    i stinkin love it. she just looks like she smells good LOL.

  53. 153

    pre-purchased boobs, bleached out hair, and trashy ass orange tan and she STILL looks like shit. dayum, poor aubrey o'skank.

  54. 154

    She looks alot better then. Now she looks awful!!!!!!!

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