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Clooney Goes Back to an Old Flame

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Nothing wrong with a little tried and tested!

Krista Allen's the luckiest girl in the world. Sources say George Clooney has rekindled things with his former lady love.

Krista broke things off with George back in 2004 after 2 years of dating.

An insider says, "Krista has always been there for him. She admits she just can't get over him."

The source adds that there's something about Krista that brings him back - "George really loves her."


Krista seems less skanky than that Vegas cocktail ho George paraded at the Oscars.

Hope their happiness lasts more than 2 years this time round!

[Image via WENN.]

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45 comments to “Clooney Goes Back to an Old Flame”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    He is never going to settle down! He just loves the ladies!

  3. 3

    WHY GEORGE, WHY!?!?!?!?!?! Krista got her start in skinemax porn, I really don't think "less skanky" is a proper description of her!

  4. 4

    He seems like a great guy.

  5. 5

    Lucky lady!

  6. 6

    She swallows.

  7. 7

    Krista has a history of adult films….

  8. 8

    She can probably suck a golfball through a garden hose.

    Heck I"d fuck him!

  9. 9

    IS SHE AN ACTRESS?…What does she do her name sounds familiar.

    oops caps

  10. 10

    Nothing wrong with a little tried and tested!

  11. 11

    Yet you give Jennifer Aniston so much grief for doing the same?
    You hypocritical bastard!!!!!!!! You're lucky your site entertains me or I'd…I'd…I'm kind of a pacifist so I really wouldn't do anything.

  12. 12

    Ahhh reading the comments now I know where i have see n her work!
    ahah her name sounds like and she looks like a girl that would be on the ABC's Bachelor show.

  13. 13

    She starred in the Emmanuelle porn series
    She also appeared in Liar, Liar

  14. 14

    ..Clooney is looking a little rough around the edges. Old too.

  15. 15

    I was first and second la la la Perez where is my prize?????

  16. 16

    The fact is he is just running out of girlfriends. He is losing traction as he gets older and less attractive - socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

  17. 17

    Re: Big Black Dick
    Jesus this site is boring today!

  18. 18

    Less skanky? HA! Have you ever seen the soft-core "Emmanuel" series on late night Cinemax?

  19. 19

    "less skanky"???

    well, she's been in soft porn so I'm not sure about that. But I used to watch her show, something about actors in hollywood, and she seemed nice. I rather liked her, actually.

  20. 20

    She's a soft-core porn star and he's well, a whore. Unless he marries her and settles down, then he's still a loser. He should do the cameo appearance for ER, ungrateful bastard.

  21. 21

    That's a really bad photo of George Clooney. He looks old and skeletal with a sprayed on fake tan!

  22. 22

    She played Billy on Days of our lives years ago…

  23. 23

    She's hot! I'd do her!

  24. 24

    So you praise George Clooney, but you bash Jennifer Aniston for doing the same thing. Double standard much?

  25. 25

    George Clooney is gay! Enough already! Ain't no way in hell he isn't gay! My gaydar goes off the charts when I look at him.

  26. 26

    at first I read that wrong and thought it said "Kirstie Alley"

  27. 27

    She looks the same as the robot girl!

  28. 28


    She's Barely recognizable from CSI or "Day's of our Live's"

    I am sure she is sweet but Whoa! At least she did not pull a Hunter Tylo or Lisa Rinna and Fuck Up her lips!

    *LOL* Am laughing at what I just typed! The perv's will get it ….

  29. 29

    I like her better than that LARSON chick! Krista is sooo pretty- and Gorgeous George has got good taste to be sticking it to these hot brunettes

  30. 30

    Ummm….Krista has made soft core porn films. Go watch Emmanuelle in Space.

  31. 31

    Clooney is such a man whore. Can't he just keep his stale old nuts to himself? Seriously, the guy is almost 50 years old and he's still dating women old enough to be his daughter. Am I the only one who thinks that that's SAD?

  32. 32

    She seems like she'd be a great girlfriend for a bisexual movie star. They'd have an understanding: he likes making out with boys sometimes, she used to do soft core porn. God bless 'em.

  33. 33

    I'd take george back also…who can blame the girl.

  34. 34

    "Krista seems less skanky than that Vegas cocktail ho George paraded at the Oscars." So agree with u there Perez. She does seems less skanky than what's her face. I remember her from "Days of Out Lives." Honestly, I am surprised he actually dated her back then with her being a mom and all. I thought George only went out with either whores , or whore types. Seriously, I'm surprised he's dating a decent female who is into her own thing. At least that's the image I know of about her. I can't believe he's with a woman with a child, a woman not in her 20's, and a woman who's not …let say known only for whoring. You think Maybe George is growing up?

  35. 35

    Re: Hollywood Gal – SEROUSLY? I thought it was B-Movie, fake like porn? Not real porn. If that's the case …I stand corrected. But I'm still surprised about the kid and her being 37 …u know him being with someone other than a 20something flash in his pants.

  36. 36

    as someone already mentioned, krista used to be in porn, so "less skany" ? i don't thiiiiiiiink soooooooo lmao

  37. 37

    george is NEVER going to settle down with one woman. he is a ladies man, but………….. if he were smart he would because all what used to be, is slowling fading away…it doesnt help that he isnt getting any younger

  38. 38


  39. 39

    They are both gorgeous…it's disgusting!

  40. 40

    For SURE he SAW a RE-RUN of an EMANUELLE show with KRISTA and came to THAT idea…. I know I WOULD!

  41. 41

    He's such a douche. Krista has been with him through thick and thin for over 10 years now of and on. She never got to be seen at publicity events cause it was "bad" for his image, yet he PUBLICLY shows himself with a waitress that he only knew for 2 months? What a fucking joke. Screw him. Besides that, if Krista gets back with him, she'll only be selling herself short. He claims he'll never get married; and if I was her, I'd never want to marry his sorry ass. FUCK CLOONEY!!

  42. 42

    She is on the show Starter Wife now, playing a raging bitch. Clooney likes the ladies who don't pressure him for marriage and Krista never did.

  43. 43

    Hi all! I am actually glad they are back together…. Not only is he a great guy but Krista is such a sweetie. PLUS he is such a great guy with her son!…. I am glad he has come back to her… shows that their love is still burning for each other and lets wish them best of luck!!!! we love you guys!!!!

  44. 44

    WHAT BRINGS HIM BACK??? Look @ her!!! OMG…shes beautiful!!!!! I think that George has made the wise choice and finally got someone who appreciates him! did i mention LOOK @ her! wow!! You are a lucky dog Clooney!

  45. 45

    Krista Allen is so beautiful. I've watcher her career since her soap opera days. Now shes on Starter Wife with Debra Messing!… George Clooney is lucky to have her… She seems to be coming out in a lot of new shows and IMDB shows her with some new material! I believe this is a great couple and will definitely stand the test of time! ….. I love you Krista!