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Republicans In Hollywood Feel "Hurt"

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Want to hear something shocking?

There are Republicans in Hollywood!

And they're not limited to Stephen Baldwin!

Although, they are a rare breed.

But are the Hollywood liberals big bullies?

Outnumbered by their liberal counterparts, industry conservatives tend to keep their views to themselves, meeting in secret under names such as the "Speak Easy" or "The Sunday Night Club." And if you're a fledgling actor trying to make it in the biz, you best leave your McCain-Palin button at home for your auditions, they say.

Kelsey Grammer, a prominent Republican, says that in his more amateur days he was bullied into keeping his opinions closeted and even into donating to the opposite side, lest he lose his job.

Hey, that's not cool!

But people are trying to alleviate the situation. Andrew Breitbart is launching a "Big Hollywood" blog to bring entertainment conservatives together and highlight, among other things, intolerance from the Left.

Aside from the secret societies, there is the much more visible Hollywood Congress of Republicans, which convenes more regularly to socialize and hear from guest speakers.

But, going too far in either direction can be difficult, especially when the main concern is ratings.

Actor Eric Roberts was admonished by a fellow Liberal for getting political as a guest on The O'Reilly Factor when he returned to the show he was working on. A producer told him, "We're doing a TV show here. We don't need that kind of politicizing. Don't go public with your views."

Roberts is more selective with his battles now.

And so is the Republican campaign, apparently.

While Democratic fundraisers sprung up all over California and Hollywood, the other side was a little more quiet, with McCain and Palin virtually ignoring the Golden State and the entertainment industry.

But, even though Hollywood is 86% Democrat and 14% Republican, Breitbart of "Big Hollywood" warns that the party overlooks California at its own risk.

"They didn't only write off California, they wrote off our culture."

We can deal with Republicans in Hollywood, but….

Gay Republicans, ughhh! Don't get us started!!!!!

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