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More Ugly On-Set Drama For LezLo!

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As we mentioned earlier today, respectable actress Lindsay Lohan has just been fired let out early from her deal with Ugly Betty.

LaLohan was to guest star in six episodes this season, though she's been cut to appear in just four.


That's what she gets for apparently being such a brat on set.

And now, sources close to the show are confirming the reports that she's been cut and releasing some juicier news.

One high-level insider who wanted to remain anonymous says, "They don't plan to have her back for more episodes."

Even better, adds the source, "And they are cutting her out of the episodes they have already shot."

LezLo must be furious!!!

Will any producers be stupid enough to still hire her????

Aside from her brattiness and diva behavior on set, it seems the "main" driving force behind the decision was that LezLo wasn't going along with the creative process.

According to another source, "She was not so interested in creating a character. She was more interested in just playing herself, and that doesn't work on a show like this with such heightened reality."

Obviously someone needs to take some acting classes!

Playing yourself isn't really acting. That's called getting paid to read some lines.

So, do U care that LaLohan is no longer such a major part in this season of Ugly Betty?

[Image via WENN.]

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95 comments to “More Ugly On-Set Drama For LezLo!”

  1. 1

    Did the butt plug fallout this time?

  2. 2

    she stole my sweater.

  3. 3

    she was a cute kid actress…then she grew up and became a crack head like her dad and mom…and what the hell is she wearing..she is a pretty girl why does she have to fug herself up in what looks like thrift store wierd ass fashion????

  4. 4

    and the half orange half blonde hair is just wierd…

  5. 5

    she should become a dj.

  6. 6

    She's so gay.

  7. 7

    I actually really liked the story line involving her… but then, that show can do no wrong in my eyes. Too bad she f'd it up… it's the first time I've seen her on screen and not been bothered by her.

  8. 8

    that is the FUGLIEST outfit i've ever seen.

    if her personality is anything like her sense of style, i can see why they booted that brat.


  9. 9

    I dont understand why you fags cant just suck your dix and not put it in everyones face.
    I dont want my kid to think it's right to have sex with a man.
    I dont want it to be all in his face.
    Go suck your dix in privite!

  10. 10

    I could care less about the "drama" on that set……but that is one of the most ridiculous fucking outfits I've seen.

  11. 11

    People still watch ugly betty?

  12. 12

    that shit "actress" went from movies … to tv … .next she'll be doing commercials …. and then nothing!

    crawl under a rock and die ….. .hooker

  13. 13

    Yes, producers will still hire her ….and then wonder why they are losing viewership and sponsors.
    No, she ain't no big thing, her ship has sailed on by a long, long time ago

  14. 14

    …savvy business move. It is getting press which will only raise the ratings. She is no dummy. For someone who does very little regarding work she is always in the media's spotlight.

  15. 15

    But playing herself is all she knows how to do. Watch "Freaky Friday","Mean girls", "Georgia Rule", and "I know who killed me". Her vocal inflection, tones, speaking voice etc… are all exactly the same. She doesn't really act, she just recites her lines and puts expressions on her face. Her best acting work was when she was 11 years old in "The Parent Trap" to bad her ability seems to have gone downhill since then.

  16. 16

    I have been team Lilo and I have defended her and hoped she could bring it out of the funk but now I am just OVER IT! FU@K OFF LILO YOU HAS BEEN I AM DONE BEING YOUR FAN TO HELL WITH IT!

  17. 17


  18. 18

    ugly betty is a dumb show.

  19. 19

    Re: HoneyLatina – you said….""I dont understand why you fags cant just suck your dix and not put it in everyones face.
    I dont want my kid to think it's right to have sex with a man.
    I dont want it to be all in his face.
    Go suck your dix in privite! ""

    That would be like us saying, "Why can't you just be Latina in private?! Why you gotta put it in everybody's face??"

  20. 20

    Re: HoneyLatina – I don't think Lindsay sucks 'dix'. I think she licks cunt, but I cannot swear to it. She may or may not be gay "For All We Know".

  21. 21

    I didn't quite get how her character fit into the story, anyways…

  22. 22


  23. 23

    OK. I guess the easiest thing would be to just tapdance on her head like most other people will, but I can't. Just based on what you say, Perez, Lindsay is wrong. OK? Getting a shot at Ugly Betty would have been good for getting her career on track. Now she'll have it that much harder. And that's the point. Lindsay is still sabotaging herself, making things harder then they should be and leaving a lot of wreckage behind her. She seemed to try so hard to do things right with the movie she just finished. I was hoping she would have success with Ugly Betty. Even tho she is off drugs, I think she still needs to be in counseling. There are certain behaviors she needs to change. She needs to quit doing things that hurt her. If she doesn't, she will end up on drugs again. I am sympathetic to her bcz she comes from a rotten family. She raised herself, so she is still going to mess up and make a lot of mistakes.

  24. 24

    Stop giving this ungrateful little bitch jobs!! How many 2nd chances has she gotten? Nobody wants to see her anyway.

  25. 25

    ugly betty doesnt need her!

  26. 26

    Think she knows her acting career is over? Maybe her and Tara Reid
    can do a show together. Lohan does have have a dance hit in "Bossy."
    Not bad really, run of the mill studio pop. She's such a mess, it's sad.

  27. 27

    why is she so ugly these days…?

  28. 28

    Re: tallandtan
    Carpet munching will do that to you!

  29. 29

    i hate that bitch………..

  30. 30

    It's all AMERICA'S fault…She is a jealous bitch!
    She did the same to Blake Lively!!!
    She is always jealous of her co-stars because anyone is prettier than her
    America should be thankful that she is actually famous and shut her pig mouth!

  31. 31

    so she is a bitch??? whats new??? and who on this site is not A BITCH???? and as far as her sexuality??? some of your comments are so 1950….who gives a shit what she does in her private life???? some of you are fucking creepy….Ugly Betty???? never viewed and do not intend to….to those of you saying her acting career is over…FUCK OFF…what have you done???? who knows your name???? thats right fucktard…NO ONE…so piss off..

  32. 32

    I absolutely don't care that she's not going to be on there. In fact, I prefer it.

    To be honest, I'm really just pissed that she stole my grandma's blouse.

  33. 33

    ugly outfit, ugly hair ugly makeup
    all in all she just does not look good in this picture…

  34. MP says – reply to this


    You'd think given her current work situation she'd be better behaved when someone actually gave her a job. What an idiot. I don't feel bad for her, she had a shot and she blew it. Hopefully she'll get some money from more club appearances because that seems to be all she can do. Can you even imagine your career peaking when you're 12?? (The Parent Trap, which was fabulous!!)

  35. 35

    She's too skinny again.

  36. 36

    I can proudly say that I've never seen ANYTHING lezlo has done. What is next for her? A tell-all book? No..we already know everything about her. A sex tape with SaMan? Puke¡ Maybe a career in politics. lol

  37. 37

    That outfit is AWFUL. And it looks like she didn't feel like washing her hair.

  38. 38

    Nope could care less.
    America is a waay better actress. Lindsay should take some acting tips from her! The last hit Lindsay had was 4 years ago..dayum she needs to retire and find a real job..maybe she can go work as a manager at a fast food joint like her character on UB.

  39. 39

    Re: MP
    Not really. The original Parent Trap was so much better.

  40. 40

    "So, do U care that LaLohan is no longer such a major part in this season of Ugly Betty?"


  41. 41

    This B**** needs to get off her freakin high horse! Shes a nobody!

  42. GOP23 says – reply to this


    What is she wearing?! She can afford a stylist, I'm sure.

  43. 43

    I just got into watching Ugly Betty recently and it's a great show that doesn't need her on it. She's so lazy, trying to play herself? You gotta work for that doller, dumb bitch!

  44. 44

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk enough of the lezlo posts today thats fuckin 3

  45. 45


  46. 46

    Re: _Alice_Re: _Alice_ – You shouln't say this, it is ignorant and rude.

  47. 47

    hate her

  48. 48

    Who cares if she isn't on Ugly Betty anymore, with that outfit she could start her own show called Ugly Lezlo. What was she thinking!?!

  49. 49

    BOO! HA HA!

  50. SJB says – reply to this


    I'm glad they're cutting her out. it's about time a celebrity learns that bad behaviour gets you NOTHING. Karma beyotch!!!

  51. 51

    Re: Topher – YOU ARE GAY!

  52. 52

    No, not at all.

  53. 53

    Perry should rename his site to I hate Lindsay Lohan.Go Linds.Yeah.

  54. 54

    HAS BEEN - Perez should boycot Lindsay for a while - maybe that will force her to get her shit together!

  55. 55

    Re: YODA SPEAKS – You said ""to those of you saying her acting career is over…FUCK OFF…what have you done???? who knows your name???? thats right fucktard…NO ONE…so piss off.. ""

    Oh sweetie, you see, you suffer from the same delusions as Lindsay. You and she both think that if people know your name it means you are sucessful. Any intelligent person would rather be rich than famous. I could care less who knows my name as long as my bank account is full, I have good friends, a good relationship, a nice house, a 2nd home etc… So you need to think about your priorities or you will end up as big a failure as Lindsay is becoming.

  56. 56

    Re: LettyB – HAHAHAHAHA!

  57. 57

    Re: LettyB – WTF!

  58. 58

    WTF IS SHE WEARING????? That granny lovin' cross-stitch top with Grease-inspired leggings and those fucking hideous red boots. Good God.

    Girl, get a stylist — pronto!!

  59. 59

    This is what happens when people get off easy; rehab should be boot camp then the cycle would stop. She carjacked people, while on drugs and/or alcohol and did not get in any trouble. If you or I did that we would be paying fines and serving time.

  60. 60

    ugly shirt

  61. 61

    is she still relevant? i mean, honestly??? what does she even do anymore except hang around with her dj boyfriend, or girlfriend, or boyf…is it a boy or a girl? oh i don't care! lmao

  62. 62

    i really dont, i dont really feel she added anything to the show. The character she played was a bitch, and i thought the last episode she was on was a good way to end her being on there. I didn't think she was going to make another apperance

  63. 63

    she's one of the biggest idiots from hollywood of all time. She literally had everything, Disney, hell many film studios in the palm of her hand at one time, ready to give her millions of dollars because Freaky Friday and Mean Girls were hits and now look at her. She can't even get a job. Saying she was going to be the next Jodie Foster or Julia Roberts. Jodie Foster my ass!

  64. 64

    It's sad when your best work came from when you were a serious actress at 10 years old in a Disney movie… who knows? maybe she could have been more than just this waste of life that she's become…

  65. 65

    Re: YODA SPEAKS – um, not all of us on here want to be famous actresses or otherwise. calm down, wise one. lmaoo

  66. 66

    who does she think she is acting like shes better than everyone else when shes been in rehab like how many times…and has smashed her car how many times….everyday people dont even pull the shit she does…we should be looking down on her…

  67. kcmd says – reply to this


    i'm glad she won't be on the show for the full 6 episodes. love the show but can definitely do without lohan. ugly betty is creative and entertaining enough. the show doesn't need to resort to gimmicky guest stars.

  68. fiona says – reply to this


    Christmas must be early this year, I hear someone singing…HO HO HO, HO HO HO HO HO!

  69. 69

    I only watched the two episodes that she was on, I thought she was great, Lindsay Firecrotch Lohan, is very talented, and I love her! She's a great actress/singer! I love Lindsay!!!! Fuck that lame show, she was to good for them to begin with

  70. 70

    she kinda sucked on the show anyhow - just a distraction from the delicious characters on the show.

  71. Jean9 says – reply to this


    Good… I thought her character on show sucked either way


  72. 72


    I use to like her, now i just don't give a F***** about. she is nothing but a child actress goind bad…

    I wish she could realice what she is doing, because she is no Angelina to be playing diva!!!

  73. 73

    seriously….. she looks over 30

  74. 74

    why do we call divas like her who think they are above using their talent celebrities?????????????

  75. 75

    She is a useless twat - be gone.

  76. 76

    In all of her orange fake tan glory, why does this girl always look like she needs a good shower. I'm just not liking the Dirty Skanky Orange look anymore.

  77. 77

    I'm glad to hear this news. I was confused when I heard they had brought her onto the show…I think they were trying to help her career and while doing so, got fucked by her. Glad to see she's been cut.

  78. 78

    I CARE!!!!!!I CARE!!!!!!!!!!shes hot,im going to start a rally at the set.

  79. HB says – reply to this


    Who gives a shit? This girl is so beat. completely talentless, a pain in the ass to work with or be around. She is so desperate for fame and attention, and it is really sad. I heard that the reason she wanted the SaMAN depo to be so private is because she and SaMAN are not really dating. It is all just a pathetic cry for attention. Sad. This bitch is not talented. She has no acting chops and I am patiently waiting for the day when she will make her debut on Living Lohan. I might actually watch it. :)

  80. 80

    She totally sucked on tonights episode of Ugly Betty. SUCKED!
    And with all the make up artists on that show, they could have at least made her not look like as much of a crack addict as she did. I feel bad for America having to put up with her on the set. Hohan was much more entertaining when she was on meth.

  81. 81

    what is she wearing??????

  82. 82

    Someone call How Not to Dress quick! It could be a double feature, her and Saman

  83. 83

    i waisted 2 hours of my life by watching "i know who killed me" horrible horrible horrible

  84. 84

    i hate her just as much as i hate slutty cyrus

  85. 85

    If anyone questions her acting brilliance, check out the less-talked-about movies she did, A Prairie Home Companion and Georgia Rules.

  86. D-Bag says – reply to this


    Re: Spindoc – Well said!! I despise it when someone writes "she's famous and you're not!". That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Most people in the world aren't narcissists and therefore don't want to be famous. We aren't needy, lonely, self-absorbed & desperate people like Firecrotch and most of the celebrities in Hollyweird.

  87. 87

    i don't watch ugly betty anyways!!!!

  88. 88

    SOOOO SKINNY!!!! i think she is a ****** **** prima donna

  89. 89

    we didnt want to use her in the show but
    she practically paid US to be working..
    is in need of an intervention sadly.

    and her snatch stinky!

  90. 90

    No I don't care…I'd really like it if we never had to be exposed to anything about her or her life ever again.

  91. 91

    Re: TorontoPerezFan – oh MAN…so true!

  92. 92

    That sucks! Last Thursday's episode was the best one this season! And probably last season!

  93. edtor says – reply to this


    Drop this bitch like a bad habit!

  94. 94

    i never watched the episodes of her with her… she doesn't reflect elegance and glamour..

    she's trashy.

    who wants to watch that?! stick her in a reality show.. that's probably the only place she'll prosper in.

  95. 95

    Sad, really, how she's just throwing her talent away. Yeah, I say talent, ’cause at one point in her life, she actually did some good acting.

    such a shame how in Hollywood, talent is thrown away as frivolously as the millions they make.