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Apple Pledges $100K to Fight H8te

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Kudos to Apple!

The techy company just issued this statement of support AGAINST California Proposition 8:

October 24, 2008
Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8 and making a donation of $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign. Apple was among the first California companies to offer equal rights and benefits to our employees’ same-sex partners, and we strongly believe that a person’s fundamental rights — including the right to marry — should not be affected by their sexual orientation. Apple views this as a civil rights issue, rather than just a political issue, and is therefore speaking out publicly against Proposition 8.

We are down to the wire and need YOUR help.

If you believe in equality for all, regardless of whether you live in California or not, please CLICK HERE to support the cause.

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86 comments to “Apple Pledges $100K to Fight H8te”

  1. 1

    NO ON 8

  2. 2

    that's great… no one needs to hate on poor apples….

  3. 3

    I heart Apple. But I still hope YOU SHIT YOUR PANTS AT YOUR PARTY TONIGHT!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    In that case, I'm glad I have 2 Macs and an ipod.

  6. 6

    Suggesting that those who are voting yes on Propostion 8 are doing so because they hate homosexuals is like saying people who are voting for Obama are prejudiced against white people. Get it through your head, Mario. Not everybody who's against gay marriage hates gay people! I'm against arranged marriage. Does that mean I hate Indians and Pakistanis?

  7. 7

    Whoohooo no to prop H8 gay people have the right to miserable like the rest of us with marriage so stop hating…Only God can judge and last time I check he wasn't walking on this earth and living in suburbia on his high horse like some prejudice jerks in the world

  8. 8

    So is this good or bad? I lose track.

  9. 9

    Another reason to further LOVE my Apple!

  10. 10

    NO ON 8!!!!!! GO OBAMA!

  11. 11

    Damn. Now I am gonna have to buy two I-phones.

    WAY TO GO APPLE! You put your $ where your mouth is in helping your employees keep basic civil rights. You rule!!!

  12. 12

    That was a little shocking they came out that strongly about it. I think its awesome!

  13. yuna says – reply to this


    right on Apple! I checked out the link but it doesn't have a petition or anything to sign. I'm a heterosexual Canadian and FULLY support gay marriage. Best of luck California!

  14. 14

    Well, I am very dissapointed in Apple… I guess I won't be getting that iphone now…. What is wrong with this world!

  15. 15

    Re: TorontoMike

    I thought Canadians were supposed to be a little brighter and more enlightened than Americans but Toronto Mike just made the stupidest analogy that I've ever seen. What a load of crap. Even myself, a white heterosexual male, knows that, whatever nonsense you use to justify it, being against gay marriage is outright bigotry. That's why so many Christian clergymen have come out and said that they are troubled when people try to justify discrimination with Christian doctrine.

  16. 16

    Prediction #1: this nation's policy of condemning homosexuality and opposing gay marriage will one day be remembered as a dark chapter in our history books. If you don't want your great-grand children to hate what you stand for then it is time to make your voice heard and go on the record in support of the rights of all consenting adults to love and marry any person they wish, regardless of gender.

    Prediction #2: George W. Bush will be known as the worst president this country has ever seen. This will be the price he will pay for cheating in 2 consecutive elections. He will live the rest of his life in shame for what he has done.

  17. 17


    all my money belongs to you for the rest of my life

  18. 18

    California laws should treat everyone equally.
    NO on 8. Unfair. Unnecessary. And wrong

    "Major threat to basic Constitutional rights"
    - League of Women Voters

    DONATE: www.NoOnProp8.com
    NO to HATE. NO on 8

    Los Angeles Times
    "By banning same-sex marriages, Prop. 8 would create second-class citizens."

    The San Diego Union Tribune
    "No on Prop. 8. Gay marriage right should not be repealed."

    The Napa Valley Register
    "Vote no on Proposition 8. In our view, Proposition 8 is a misguided and unconstitutional proposal. We urge voters to reject Proposition 8."

    Redding-Record Searchlight
    "Same-sex vows cause no harm to our families. The reasons given for Proposition 8 just don't stand up to scrutiny."

    The Bakersfield Californian
    "Californians need to move beyond the divisiveness that Prop. 8 has engendered and embrace tolerance and reconciliation. Live and let live."

    Our opposition has a war chest of millions of dollars, and we must match them dollar for dollar. Every dollar counts, so please contribute today and again in the coming weeks. Backers of Prop. 8 raised $24.3 million as of the end of September. WE have only raised $15.4 million. WE are seriously underfunded.

    NO to HATE. NO on 8
    DONATE: www.NoOnProp8.com

  19. 19

    Steve Jobs needs to finally come out and say it: "iGay."

  20. 20

    Remember when women could not vote?
    Remember when african americans were slaves?
    Remember when Whites cannot marry Chinese?
    Let's make discrimination a thing of the past.
    Time to move this country forward.
    Everyone has the right to love!


  21. 21

    Live and let live….stop hate….love Apple

  22. 22

    Apple you are my hero !!! Not discrimation to anyone, Equality for all even for the heterosexuals who are fornicating now!

  23. 23

    Re: Carillon – It's must be to cold in Canida for the brain to reach it's optimum temp.

  24. 24

    YES ON 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Aphex says – reply to this


    Re: cocoacooks – You are what's wrong with the world.

  26. 26

    Re: Carillon – So according to you The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which under no uncertain terms is against gay marriage, is "nonsense"? That's fine. Guess what? You live in a free society and you're entitled to your thoughts and opinions. You probably don't hate Catholics, you just see the tenets of their religion as "nonsense". It'd be easy to call you unenlightened or discriminatory or accuse you of "outright bigotry" because you don't agree with them, but why do that? It's easier just to accept that not everybody sees eye to eye on certain matters and leave you to your opinion instead of making accusations and calling names.

  27. 27


    I know all about NO on 8 from your site, and I live across the county. I just found out today that my state has the same thing on the ballot. And I haven't heard one word about it. Why do all the celebrities and big companies only care about protecting marriage for everyone in California? You should encourage people to protect marriage for everyone in their own states, too. Or is California the only state that gay marriage matters in?

  28. 28

    That's exactly why I love my fucking company. Go Apple!

  29. 29

    I love Apple's products and I love them even more now! Yaaaay!

  30. JK says – reply to this


    That is wonderful!!!!
    No on 8!
    I love Apple!

  31. 31

    Re: Vince the Shamwow Guy – Heck no, we're going to party all night looong!!!…. well, until 6pm at least.

  32. 32

    this is amazing.

    to the ppl who are voting yes on 8, just know that everytime you use your mac book, your iphone, your ipod, itunes, you are supporting supporters of gay marriage.

    have fun with that!

  33. Blake says – reply to this


    Didn't you just bash the people from out of state who have donated YEs on 8 saying it was not their fight and now you are telling people from out fo state to donate for what YOU believe!? How hypocritical! You bash people for not agreeing for what you believe. Exactly why to vote YES on 8. Its not about equality, its about forcing people to accept what they don't believe in! Ridiculous! YES on 8!

  34. Blake says – reply to this


    By the way. in 2000 No on Gay marriage was passed on PROP 22. Now 4 judges overturned it. What? The 61% majority of votes doesn;t matter anymore? We voted no once before 8 years ago. Guess we have to do it again, or will the liberal judges say no again to the people?
    Yes on 8!

  35. 35

    why is there even a vote on this??
    everyone has the right to marry.

  36. 36

    I HATE apple!!!


  37. 37

    oh.. and Vote YES on prop 8!!!

  38. 38

    I cannot believe that is ALL they pledged. It should be millions. Cheap…

  39. 39

    I love how if someone doesn't agree with you, they are "prejudiced" and don't believe in "equal rights". I don't think you ought to call it marriage- call it something else- something closer to what it IS. I don't care after that. Join the party and enjoy the legal crap that you have to go through to get divorced- and you WILL. Go ahead. Just call it something else. I could BET you that if you called it something OTHER than marriage and gave it the same rights, you'd pass it in a heartbeat. But NOOOOOO- you have to take a word that is defined as man and woman and try to force it to fit. It won't. Just CHANGE THE WORD.

  40. 40

    Re: TorontoMike – Not everybody who's against gay marriage hates gay people!

    I disagree. Not allowing gays the same rights as straight people clearly suggests bigotry, oppression, and privilege. Gays aren't asking for "special rights". If they were, that would mean they'd be asking for something other people in society don't have. As far as I can see, blacks, hindus, christians, whites, CRIMINALS, and any other member of adult society has that basic human right. To sit there and say you aren't against gays but oppose them having the same freedoms as everyone else is completely laughable.

  41. 41

    Kudos to Apple!

  42. 42

    More Mormons is what this country really needs not fag marriage!

  43. 43

    One more reason why Apple is one of the best companies ever (and I'm not even gay!). They have always been a leader in so many things, this being one of them. Yay Apple!

  44. snl89 says – reply to this


    YAYY!! Makes me VERY proud to be the owner of an ipod and a macbook, among other Apple things :D

  45. 45

    Go Apple! I love my MAC book!

  46. Vex says – reply to this


    this is a country that's supposed to be run by the people, not huge companies. Apple needs to stay out of politics unless it involves them lobbying barney frank by showing up with a few gay hookers which would put his bought and sold lisping ass right in their pocket

  47. 47

    I love how big companies are getting involved with this very important issue.
    Yesterday as I was driving to the store, I saw a group of people on the corner holding up "Yes on 8" signs, and I was even more shocked to see one of my good friends in that crowd when we have a good friend who is gay. It is against my religion to support same-sex marriage, but I believe that anyone should be able to marry someone if they really love them! Who cares if younger children are going to learn about it in school? They're going to learn it anyways, why not in school where you go to learn about things?

  48. 48

    Re: CuddlyCarlaGays aren't asking for "special rights".
    But yes, they are. Today, a gay man is perfectly allowed by the letter of the law to marry a woman. A lesbian is legally allowed to marry a man. This very minute, gay people are allowed to marry…just not to whom they would like. You're telling me that amending this wouldn't be a "special right"? Call the argument stupid if you want, but it proves that it is, in fact, a "special right".
    I'm all for civil unions. I'm all for gays receiving pensions/insurance benefits/health care/etc. that belong to their partners. I wouldn't dream of denying them that. As a practicing Catholic, I'm opposed to same-sex marriage.
    Clearly, my argument won't sway you and you're not going to sway me, but let me ask you a question and this is sincere. I'm not trying to be a jackass or smart, I'm asking this honestly: If gay marriage is legalized because people should be free to love whom they choose and equality is a right for all, should polygamy still be banned? If gay marriage is legalized, I cannot come up with a single argument as to why bigamy or polygamy shouldn't be legalized either. Can you?
    I'm not trying to be a jackass or smart or anything like that, but this is

  49. 49

    Apple is indeed an amazing company - wonderful to see this stand on Prop 8 and to fully support those that want to marry - straight or gay.

    I applaud Tim Cook for making the donation (he's next in line after SJ) and hope that Apple does more of this!

  50. 50

    Apple can start by nuking this site. This is the super nova of all hate speech. If the Pope blessed all gay marriages today, liberals and most gays hold the deed on hate speech.

    The supposed liberators and open minded elite of the world cannot accept anyone outside their ideal liberal dogmas. If you dare, combine matter and antimatter and see what I mean. Just tell someone that you're a gay Republican and wait for their reaction.

  51. 51


    I hope this proposition fails so badly that it is never brought up again. It's about high time people stopped trying to pass legislation based within they own narrow-minded views of the world.

  52. 52

    Yes on 8, it's not about hate.

    No on Apple, apparently…

  53. 53

    Weren't you just trashing Apple for wanting to not take a loss on itunes??? Fucking hypocrite.

  54. 54

    Interesting fact: The disgusting law professor from pepperdine was scheduled to debate the chair of the Political Science Department at Loyola Marymount University. Oddly, he didn't show. Apparently, he got lost.

    In addition, the Professor from LMU is a well known expert on constitutional law and gay marriage. His book, The Constitutional Underclass: Gays, Lesbians, and the Failure of Class-Based Equal Protection, was cited in the Supreme Court of Connecticut's decision to allow same-sex marriage.

    What has the professor from pepperdine done? Well one is obvious, he has exploited children to get a paycheck. Another thing is Pepperdine wants RICHARD PETERSON's affiliation to Pepperdine Law removed from the commercials- perhaps because even this Catholic school appreciates social justice. Pepperdine's president has announced that Peterson's view does not reflect the view of the university.

  55. 55

    Thank you Apple for fighting the REAL enemy — the fucking Mormon Church.

    Those stupid nutbags have been pumping millions into fighting gay civil rights.

    It is OK to have five or six spouses — just as long as one of them isn't your own sex.

  56. 56

    Wow, this is very simple….. If you are against gay marriage, don't have one!! Period, case in point. If this law has absolutely nothing to do with your current lifestyle, mind your own business. It's that simple.

  57. 57

    Re: NubianPrincess – God IS judging that he don't like people to be Gay…stupid!!! lol

  58. 58

    Re: kflipflop – "If you don't want your great-grandchildren to hate what you stand for??""" are you serious???? If the world starts becoming gay..there won't be any children left in this world. How are you gay people supposed to make babies? You need sperm AND an egg…not two eggs!!! NOT all sperm!!!! ITs not natural and I dont give a sh1t what you gay people think…its NOT normal…you need some mental help thats it!

  59. 59

    Re: bkguy182 – I don't …and this is a great reason why I will NOT ever!! mmmuuaaahhahahahahahaha

  60. 60

    Re: robind – Its NOT hate..its simple the fact that our lives were created for a man and a woman to be together ….PERIOD….AND YOU WONDER WHY THERE IS AIDS????????

  61. 61

    Re: Blake – EXACTLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 62

    Apple could have donated a lot more than that!!! It's nice and all, but it's a multi billion dollar company. Why not atleast a million? I can't believe this is still such an issue. Why
    is being gay like being a negro in the 1950's?

  63. 63

    If you do not want a "gay marriage", don't have one. If you are gay and want one, "God Bless You"!

  64. 64

    Toronto mike asshole, Canadians are so cool and open minded and tolerant ,and youre a hateful infested pig, yes those voting on 8 are bigots ,its really that simple,if the yes hate side wins the other side will gather signatures to put it back on the ballot. Were not going to let conservative trash and religous zealots break up marriages,period. and fck off .

  65. 65

    Re: YesIsaidit

    You really should try getting a life


  66. 66

    'GRAMPAH GESTAPO - Im really disgusted when people fight the hate and theres an abundance of it on the right,they are called intolerant. Well I guess i dont tolerate the kkk,neo nazis ,and radical islams very well does that make me intolerant,maybe. I dont tolerate the fundamentalist fascist dixie gop and its reach in promoting anti-gay agendas and anti-choice agenda to just name two. Im not trying to make some hypocritical white trash religous zealot marry someone of the same sex or have a woman have an abortion against her will,but your side is now breaking up marriages and telling women what medical procedures they can have because of a hobby you have chosen religon, Yes im intolerant of rightwing fascist fundamentalists who try to control others and take rights away from others. I dont like the taliban,the ayatollahs or president of iran or American southern conservatives and thats my freedom of speech..

  67. 67

    Blake,a homophobic black person,no cant be.lol, Well they say the least educated are the most bigoted that explains why its mainly lower income uneducated whites and blacks that are the most homophobic. If

  68. 68

    Blake,a homophobic black person,no cant be.lol, Well they say the least educated are the most bigoted that explains why its mainly lower income uneducated whites and blacks that are the most homophobic. If you are going to comment at least be accurat,the judges you slime because they didnt agree with you were not liberal judges as you claim,they were the republican judges 3 out of 4 who just said you cant treat gay people as second class citizens ,they pay taxes,they are law abiding ,they should get their rights. We let the scummiest people in prison who commit triple homocides get married in prison,but not decent loving gay couples,shame on you asshole,history will judge you people harshly.

  69. 69


  70. 70


  71. 71

    Re: knowitall – I'm not for gay marriage, but for the sake of those that are, I'll ask you not to speak for them. Unlike those that I've conversed with on this posting, you seem to be unable to argue your point without resorting to name-calling or pretty much making yourself look like an ass. If you're unable to get your point across without looking stupid, hey, that's cool. Just ask a grown-up to help you sound out the words that you're having trouble with. It's not a big deal. Good luck speaking like an adult in the future and have a pleasant evening. We're all rooting for you!

  72. 72

    only $100K come on they make that every minute of the day! ??

  73. Kll01 says – reply to this


    right on! no one should be able to tell me whos tongue i should have up my ass!

  74. 74

    damn, they're cheap… they can afford more than that with their prices being so crazy high. besides a cause like that deserves more money

  75. 75

    Re: Pinkhead – How much did you donate loser?

  76. Blake says – reply to this


    Re: knowitall – Thanks for letting me know what I am. You are a genius. I didn't know making $90k a year was low income and uneducated? I guess I am because YOU told me I am. Thanks. Oh yeah. You never replied to why it is right to overturn a proposition that 61% of voters voted on. Is that fair?
    Just another way that these people are trying t force the way we live. Thanks idiot. Maybe you are the uneducated one living as a red neck, because I have a great view of the Pacific Ocean from my house! Don't worry buddy. I don't blame you for being jealous!

  77. 77

    Re: Blake – 90k is lower income on the west coast unless you live either north or south of california. If you make 90 k a year & have an ocean view in Cali it's from an apartment or trailer.

  78. JCPR says – reply to this


    they're doing it for publicity! so gay people would go out and buy a mac because apple gave 100K so they can get married! Then Microsoft should give 200K for the gays too! Ha!

  79. 79

    Re: Eraserhead – That's absolutely negative, my friend. And I am proof of that. ;-)

  80. 80

    wish they'd use that 100k to refund it's customers who bought first generation i-pods and refused to fix them - who cares? It's YES On 8 - and we'll be taking back what FOUR judges stole from the American people - typical gays, gimme, gimme, gimme, WHAT's NEXT!!!???? to sodmites does not a marriage make

  81. 81

    Re: TorontoMike – You go mike - what the idiot's who equate prop 8 with hate - well the must also hate DEMOCRACY too - they hate as much, if not more with people who disagree with them - just wait til' our churches are sued and it's taught in public schools that two men who perform anal sex on each other are o so special, so unique - we got our ballots - and it's TWO votes for YES on 8 - LET THE PEOPLE VOTE!

  82. 82

    I live in San Diego and today two of my friends and I stood downtown holding signs against Prop 8. We got such a positive reaction from all different types of people and it was so great. We were able to tell a lot of people what Prop 8 was about and even convince a couple of them to vote the other way. Since my friends and I aren't old enough to vote, we're so glad that we were able to be an influence on other people. We even met some hardcore Christian guys in the Marine Core and they stood and talked to us for a little while, and they were nice. Even though we got the finger and a couple of shouts and boo's, there were far more people in support of us than against us. Vote no on 8!!

  83. Blake says – reply to this


    Re: Taylor! – Really? I was doing the same thing in OC and it was 80% YEs on 8, and 20% NO on 8. Luckily the 20% were 16-18 year olds and can't vote! YEs on 8!

  84. 84

    obama had said publicly that marriage was for 1 man and 1 woman. i don't understand why some people who are fighting against prop 8 still support for him.

    being a democrat doesn't mean he/she supports gay marriage. being a republican doesn't he/she is against gay marriage.

    should we also legalize marriage between cousins, brothers & sisters, adult and children as well? as long as two persons love each other so badly that they want to get married, shouldn't we let everyone marry whoever they want? we can't be discriminate by giving out right to marry to only straights and gays, right?

    the gay community should bring it on to the superior court. BRING IT ON. it's not a state issue. it's definitely not a state issue. afterall, i don't think IRS allows gay couples to file jointly tax return together.

    yes on prop 8!

  85. algiz says – reply to this


    why not just ban marriage altogether? it's a stupid concept in the first place- so why do gay people need to act stupidly also?

  86. 86

    This is why I am soo PROUD to say….I WORK for Apple!!!!!