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Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother Shot To Death!

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This is so horrible. Beyond words.

The mother of Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson has been killed.

Investigators said two shooting victims were discovered inside a home belonging to Hudson's mother just before 3:00 PM on Friday.

The home is located at 7019 South Yale in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood.

One of the victims was 57-year-old Darnell Hudson.

The other victim was identified as Jennifer's brother, Jason. A cousin who lived nearby discovered the bodies.

Darnell was shot in the head and Jason was shot in the chest, according to a spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner's office.

The shooting is believed to be domestic, police said.

Hudson is said to be flying to Chicago from Tampa.

Our thoughts to Jennifer during this incredibly difficult time.

Update: A search is under way for a young boy who is missing from the home. A child, possibly Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, is missing, according to sources. Police are searching for an SUV that was seen in the area, a 1994 white Suburban, Illinois license plate number X584859.

[Image via WENN.]

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498 comments to “Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother Shot To Death!”

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  1. 301

    Good vibes to Jennifer Hudson and her family; so sad.

  2. 302

    Life is too short. I hope they can find the little boy. :(

  3. 303

    Re: MEGAMudkipz – wow, you're a total moronic asshole!

  4. 304

    This is really fucked up. This woman made quite a lot of money (especially winning a oscar), and her family probably lived in the slums in chicago. Major FUCKED UP.

  5. 305

    Re: puppies are soft! – SHUT THE FUCK UP.. YOUR a fucking low life loser who probably has 3 wheels on your house. Its people like YOU who should NEVER SPEAK or WRITE or EXIST. ( you may need to look that up as your so FUCKING IGNORANT ) YOUR a fucking DOUCHE BAG LOSER. Go back on your food stamps and beat it.

  6. puck1 says – reply to this


    Oh no. That is beyond words. God is with you, Jennifer.

  7. 307

    that's horrible

    i can't even imagine :(

  8. 308

    Wow, after reading over the other comments I'm pretty disappointed about the picture that was chosen before this one. Use your noggin', Perez.

  9. 309

    That is absolutely horrible. My heart goes out to her and her family.

  10. 310

    Re: RockChick711 – My point is why didn't she offer her family a better life..huh? huh? huh Einstein?

  11. 311

    Never mind, my bad. Thought you were referring to me.

  12. 312

    So much violence in the world. My heart breaks for anyone who suffers such a loss.

  13. 313

    this is so horrible. our hearts are with her.

  14. 314

    My prayers go out to her, her family and friends. So sad. :(

  15. 315

    this is very sad I'm so sorry for her

  16. 316

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

  17. 317

    our prayers are with her and her family

  18. 318

    This is so sad.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

  19. 319

    Wow, horrible. Shocking. What a shame.

  20. 320

    Really Sad :(

  21. 321

    This is absolutley horrible

  22. 322

    Jen, so sorry for your great loss. I'm praying for you and your nephew. Chicago is nothing but gangster's, get out of there.

  23. 323

    My heart goes out to her

  24. 324

    I was JUST driving on the Dan Ryan expressway and saw the child abducation alert sign. As I was listening to the radio they were talking about it too…I didn't know it was J HUd's family. WOW. I bet this is about $$$$. SO SAD :(

  25. 325

    Re: The Bitch. – why are you so freakin' cranky…you got sand in yer vagina?!
    i bet you think that ape-rah is beautiful….fat black nigglet bitches stick together!

  26. 326

    This is all over the Chicago news! Englewood is soooo dangerous… This is horrible and so sad!

  27. 327

    absolutely terrible….just a nightmare. god be with jennifer and her family.

  28. 328

    Omg all of you who were bitching at him for drawing on her shut up.
    Haven't you ever noticed sometimes he uses the same pictures a few times?
    Maybe he posted the wrong one thinking it was the original without drawing.
    He changed it though so no more complaints.

    Poor Jennifer that's such a sad story..

  29. RachB says – reply to this



  30. 330

    Re: Miss Lo

    I have been in the Englewood community many times as a caseworker…it is bad….one of the worst. I just asked myself the SAME question…WHY WOULD SHE LET HER FAMILY LIVE THERE STILL?!!!!

  31. 331

    Re: Chitown13 – why would she LET her family live there still? MAYBE THEY WANTED TO BE THERE!!! what makes you think since she became 'famous' she can dictate where her family lives!! HELLO! some people have roots and pride in where they came from…….and regardless of fame, they still wanna stick around.

  32. 332

    TRULY HORRIFIC. Jennifer, please just try to survive. I know what its like to lose mom at least.

  33. 333

    WOW :(

  34. 334

    I love Chicago. I was born here and will die here but this city is so dangerous. My thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Hudson and her family.

  35. KSC says – reply to this


    So horrible. Prayers for her…

  36. 336

    OMG I couldn't believe it. That is crazy and I'm just on the other side of the city….wow

  37. 337

    My heart goes out to Jennifer, how devasting! :-(

  38. 338

    this is terrible, just beyond words. i cant' even imagine what she's feeling right now, and i hope i never do imagine it actually, but seriously perez i don't think you should publish the address that's messed up!

  39. 339

    OMG that's so awful. Poor Jennifer Hudson. And a child is missing too? How terrible. My thoughts and prayers are with that family. Hudson's career is taking off to such heights but look what's happened. I feel so sad for her.

  40. 340


  41. 341

    oh god that's terrible :[ and even worse that she has to go through this infront of the whole world :[ kia kaha jennifer hudson xxxxxx

  42. MP says – reply to this


    That's so terrible. I feel so sad for her. She's gone from the highest of highs career wise to the lowest of lows w/ this incident. How do you get over something like this??

  43. 343

    Re: puppies are soft! – Oh, God, is there any possible way you can go kill yourself? Your cry for attention is making my ass hurt. Now run along, sexy, and masterbate yourself to sleep. Your visit here has expired.

  44. 344

    I hate to be a stick in the mud, but is there no control here? Blatantly racist taunting? Is there any way we could stop that? We are all seeing today a terrible tragedy brought on by the fact that we sometimes let our rage run wild and take over. Let's all try to be the change we'd like to see in the world and stop attacking each other.

    Maybe I am a stick in the mud

  45. 345

    Omg that is so horrible! I feel so bad for her!

  46. 346

    Re: puppies are soft! – I'm not a fat niggla bitch, but I'm sticking by anyone on the other side of you. Your comments are outrageous and YOU should be ashamed of yourself. Violence like what we've seen here will continue so long as hate like yours is in control.

  47. 347

    ..beyond words..

    My deepest sympathy, thoughts, and prayers.

  48. 348

    Re: RiannaHeartPerez
    STFU, he didn't have to use a picture period, and like you said, he changed it so move on.

  49. 349

    Chicago's murder rate is higher than LA or New York. Welcome to Cook County, Illinois, home of Barack Obama.

  50. 350

    Our thoughts and prayers are with her!

  51. 351


    My heart breaks for her and her family. My love, good thoughts and prayers are being sent out to her family. God Bless.

  52. 352

    Re: Jenisis – the only thing that is making your ass hurt is you letting every man fuck it…….
    pig slut whore………go away…………you are not relevant. get it? leave!! go! bye bye!!! see ya later!!
    how is the trailer by the way?

  53. 353

    This is reported as being a domestic matter. However, neither Obama, Jesse Jackson, or any other "leader" have had the balls to take on they gangs.

  54. 354

    Re: danimo – Regardless of one's zipcode…society as a whole feels the loss

  55. 355

    its been on the news all day here in Illinois. Every day we here about killings in neighborhoods near there. =(

  56. 356

    OMFG! This is THE most horrible news I've heard in the past month. God, I can't believe this. My thoughts with her and her family.

  57. 357

    what a devastating thing to have happen to your family, with gods grace hopefully they will find Julian King alive and well, and the person responsible for this and give her family some peace
    and furthermore the media could show some decorum and let her grieve without being under the microscope.

  58. 358

    My heart breaks for her and her family. They are all in my prayers.

  59. 359

    It blows me away that Perez finds a way to manipulate the public and divert one's attention from the true tragedy of Hudson's loss, to himself. C'mon people! Read the post again. Of course he posted a pic of Jennifer with doodles on it! And of course he blatantly posted the address of the homicide front and center! Perez uses every possible chance he has on his blog to draw attention to himself and away from the celebraties he writes about. Jennifer's tragedy is simply a vehicle for Perez to gain further notority at someone's else's expense. Shameful, and down right calculating. My heart goes out to Jennifer Hudson.

  60. 360

    My thoughts and prayers are with all people envolved. Let this put things into perspective for us all. We're stressing car payments and Christmas shopping when we could be planning the funural for loved ones. Justice may not end up being served in this life, but surely in the next.

  61. 361

    I am so sorry. May God be with Jennifers family.

  62. 362


  63. 363

    oh my god, what a horrible news.
    so, so sad.

  64. 364

    This is dispictable. People are so unbelievably disgusting. I hope they find that little boy! Her and her family are in my thoughts. R.I.P
    Horrible! Horrible, horrible, horrible.

  65. 365

    Ho my god!! Too sad :(

  66. JK says – reply to this


    So tragic! My prayers will be sent her way-I cannot fathom the idea of losing my mother and my brother. What a devastating day for her.

  67. 367

    Re: Shit With Broken Bits of Glass – Ther only thing not relevant here is you stalking me, LMAO. look at you, NOBODY WAS TALKING TO YOU, little one! I didn't even see you here, and look at you, searching for me, even talking to me…what a shame. This subject is too intense for young minds such as yourself. So the only one that needs to go, bye, leave, all of that good shit, is you. Learn to mind your gotdamn business, and leave this place. This womans life has just changed forever and your dumb ass is stalking people. Suck my dick, dyke! Damn. You're scaring me, I told you, you like me, lol.

  68. 368

    How horrible :( My heart goes out to her and her family.

  69. 369

    thanks for changing the picture perez

  70. 370

    What horrible news :(
    Rest in peace!

  71. 371

    WTF? That is horrible :( I hope they catch the low lifes that did this and find her nephew. Ugg, why? Why would someone do this? Too many fucked up people in this world.

  72. 372

    This murder is so random. So shocking. I'm praying for you Jennifer. :(

  73. 373


  74. 374

    OMG what a horrible senseless crime. To add to this tragedy a young boy is now being taken away from his home. How much worse could it get. Jennifer must feel as though her heart has been ripped out of her and she is in a nightmare. My deepest sympathies and lots of prayers are with her during this extremely difficult time. Prayers to the law enforcement to get the boy back safely to his family and friends who luv him.

  75. 375

    OH MY GOD.

    i'm so sorry, jennifer. we ALL wish you good luck with this horrible situation.

  76. cmd08 says – reply to this


    Wow, that is so horrible!!! My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time. Bless her heart.

  77. 377

    That is so sad! I hope shes ok. sending her positive thoughts….I hope they find her nephew and that hes ok.

  78. 378

    I live in Chicago and this is a terrible tragedy.

    This has been going on in the inner streets of Chicago all year and its completely out of control. Maybe now they will call in the national guard because this is insane (and one of the reasons I got out of the City)

    Thoughts and prayers are with the Hudson family

  79. 379

    Perez… please please make no more posts for a while after this news…simply as a mark of respect. This is seriously horrificaly upsetting. My thoughts and sympathies go out to jennifer. This is truly awful news. Its 4:30am in the uk…Iv e just read this and actually stopped cold. Utterly dreadful.xxxxx

  80. 380

    everyone please keep jennifer in your prayers. I am, love you jen. Stay strong!

  81. 381

    Was it really necessary to post the address AND the location on the bodies where they were shot?? Even if it's "public information", I find it completely disrespectful and absolutely unnecessary. Freedom of Speech is one thing, being an irresponsible blogger is another, especially since your site is read by millions of readers. Supplying information such as the address only adds fuel to the fire. Use the power of your blog wisely. Please think of it in terms if the shoe was on YOUR foot. How would you like it?

  82. Bree says – reply to this


    Absolutely heart wrenching. She and her family will be in my thoughts surely. I hope the lil boy is found safe.

  83. 383

    This is too sad. :( My thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer and the Hudson family…

  84. 384

    Oh wow this is very sad. I was reading that her dad died when she was a teenager. Then she has to go through this how sad. Many god be with you.

  85. 385


  86. 386

    This is horrible. OMG. I feel so sorry for her. My prayers are with her and her family! this is just terrible.

  87. 387

    Tragic. Thoughts are with Jennifer Hudson

  88. 388

    Why did Jennifer allow her MOTHER to live in such a crappy neighborhood????
    She has all that Dreamgirls/Sex in the City Coin. She should have bought her mother a home in a safe neighborhood.

  89. 389

    wow. that is so tragic :(

    thoughts are with you, jen!

  90. 390

    So glad you changed the pic during the time I was away from the computer, Perez.

  91. 391

    omg this is so sad. so horrible. I am so sorry for her. I hope she is able to get through this. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

  92. 392

    Re: Mimi the Magnificent
    do u watch my name is earl cuz that line sounds familiar XD

  93. 393

    thats really sad =(

  94. 394

    This is so sad I prayer for the Hudson family. I heard that Jennifer 's sister and son are missing I hope they are safe. The sister finished her shift at work and no one has seen or heard from her since then I also heard that the police think it is the sisters husband who did this I prayer to God that the sister is not involved in this mess. Has anyone heard the same as me?

  95. 395

    Re: melsteinberg – I was thinking the same thing. I mean with movies/music/awards under her belt you think she may have gotten her mom atleast a better home or moved to a new neighbourhood. If I ever got rich I would buy my parents a car/home and my folks already live in a pretty good house as it is.

  96. 396

    Oh wow. Jennifer, I hope you read Perez. What you've been through is just too much. I am thinking of you. Best wishes, my dear.

  97. 397

    Black on black violence!?! I AM SHOCKED!!!

  98. 398

    Ya might want to temporarily change the advertising banner on top… when I tuned into the website, the ad said "Someone is about to make a killing…" right above the post that Hudson's family had been murdered…

    Terribly sorry for all concerned, praying for their peace and justice.

  99. 399

    Oh this is too horrible for words. I only read an interview with her in an Australian mag. 2 weeks ago and she talks about how she looks up to her mum etc. I will remember u in my prayers.

  100. 400

    God Bless you Jennifer….my prayers are with you baby

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