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Sarah Palin's Make-up Artist Cost McCain Camp $22,800 for First 2 Weeks of Oct!

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The McCain campaign is treating Sarah Palin like she's the lead actress in a big-budget Hollywood movie!

According to a new report from the New York Times, the McCain camp paid Sexy Sarah's Emmy-nominated make-up artist, Amy Strozzi $22,800 to travel with the Veep candidate and do her make-up.


The campaign categorized Strozzi’s payment as “PERSONNEL SVC/EQUIPMENT.”

The make-up lady was the highest paid person on the McCain bankroll those first 2 weeks of the month.

More than senior officials giving McCain advice on, you know, important government-related things like Foreign Policy and shiz.

Do you McCain contributors agree with how your hard earned dollars are being spent by the campaign?

Nice to see that Johnny and his friends have their priorities straight!

[Image via WENN.]

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408 comments to “Sarah Palin's Make-up Artist Cost McCain Camp $22,800 for First 2 Weeks of Oct!”

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  1. 401

    It cost WHAT!!! Totally unreal, and they both claim they will do something about the budget.. PLEASE.. take a look at the future people..

  2. 402

    Re: grampah

    Sweetie, that's actually a good salary where I live. Things aren't as expensive here as they are in other areas of the country and I've managed to raise two kids on my own since hubby died…all on that salary. I don't have to depend on welfare or any other aid…it's all me. It might not be much of an accomplishment in your eyes…but in the long run, it isn't your opinion that matters most.

    So, before you start tossing stones, perhaps you ought to consider that not everyone lives in wealth or can afford to go back to school in order to become smart-ass responders on the internet.

  3. 403

    Her clothes and makeup mean nothing. If obama cared about the middle class, he would of gave them all those millions he wasted trying to get to the White House. Get off of Sarah's ass. It's only becoz she's a woman. You fucks spend that much on yourselves.

  4. 404

    everyone knows she is fake.. here is the proof
    i guess she uses botox to



  5. 405

    I think we need to stop looking at her frivolous spending and look at the real issues. Is no one concerned with the fact that her idea of foreign policy is being able to see Russia from Alaska, or that she does not believe dinosaurs existed, or that she thinks the job of the vice president is to lead the Senate and Congress? If that does not bother you than, what about her abusing her power? People want to say that Obama is the one to questioning, but Sarah Palin is the worst choice for a canidate ever. I would rather have George bush for another 4 years than have her making critical descions about the government for me. Just think people!

  6. 406

    THIS kind of 'FRIVOLOUS' spending IS a part of the "ISSUES"…I said it once, again….it shows how OUT OF TOUCH with us regular folk McCain is and they CLAIM they are going to help the poor and middle class???? HAH and this is just ONE issue! THINK of the others. THe more important ones. I have worn make up all my life. Mostly clinique and nice but reasonable priced stuff. It looked great. And I could put it on myself. This woman is going to be VP and she cant apply make up?? STOP & THINK 22,800 IN TWO WEEKS??? Thats 11,400 in ONE week…MY GODS OF OLYMPUS did she use paint buckets & cover her whole body 10X/day? I cannot in any way come up with how that could be. The artist isnt needed..and even if so, they MUST be DEMOCRAT.

  7. 407

    UH….better 'splain that..by "must be democrat" that isnt a knock at dems, I consider myself one - I was being fascecious in that a dem got the job being her make up artist and taking them to the cleaners for 22,800 for 2 weeks work - to show us all how LIBERAL they are at spending (McC/P)
    I kinda thought it was a funny idea. Cuz it DOES show that. Another "equal" to Bush & his buds getting us so damn deep in debt to CHINA of all friggin countries. I mean lets face it, they aren't our friends. Everything we've been getting frm there has been POISONED in one way or another, including baby things, children's toys, pharmaceuticals…HOW COULD THEY? wELL, McCain is more of the same. See Above story again if you doubt that.

  8. 408

    I wish I would have thought of this to put in other post but it took half an hour for that post to show up…One comment I havent seen here but I can't guarantee I read ALL posts…that 22,800 for two weeks…we're even thinking solid weeks..how many uses or times was that for actually? Still wont be enough to make up for that price, but Im thinking it even makes it WORSE..say she used the services only 3-5 times that week. EEEEEKK.

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