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Suri Got A Haircut!

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The ever-adorable Suri Cruise has just had a mini-makeover.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' little alien princess got a new haircut this week.

And, yesterday, mommy was spotted with Suri spending some quality time together in a playground in Central Park.

The two girls spent time bonding with their bodyguards nearby. Suri enjoyed a cupcake, and all was photographed by the paparazzi.

What do U think of Suri's look?

P.S. Is it just us or does Suri have a dozen pairs of the same shoes? Katie gets a new pair of shoes in every photo we see, but poor little Suri keeps wearing the same Mary Jane shoes with every outfit!

[Image via WENN.]

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113 comments to “Suri Got A Haircut!”

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  1. 1

    i got a haircut too.

  2. 2

    OMG! and she actually looks happier!

  3. 3

    she's a cute kid
    too bad she's an alien.

  4. 4

    They're probably just her favorites, P. She probably cries if she can't wear them. She's a cutie.

  5. 5

    Oh my gosh……Katie has aged so much :( I wish somebody would get her away from the co$. Cute haircut on Suri…….haven't seen her with her bottle for a while :)

  6. 6

    More to the point, why is Suri always dressed for a summer's day when everyone else is clearly wrapped up against the cold?

  7. 7

    when a child likes something its hard to get them to wear anything else

  8. 8

    I think that that entire family is going to turn into an imalgim where you don't know who's who…

    As far as her "O" face, her daddy taught her that…

  9. 9

    Where are the rest of her clothes? It was 50F outside! The poor thing should have been wearing tights and a sweater, not a tiny cotton dress!

  10. 10

    It's offical,Lame Ass Friday is On.

  11. 11

    She looks like Ramona

  12. 12

    damn…slow news day

  13. 13

    Katie is in a fall coat with a long sleeved shirt underneath and Suri is dressed for summer. HELLO!!!! Adults should dress their children in the same manner they are dressed. What's up with that? Every picture that is taken of them, the parents are always wearing coats and this kid is running around in short sleeves.

  14. 14

    don't like it…..it's like the BOWL haircut for girls…no wano for kaka

  15. 15

    Seriously….with their wealth could they not afford a decent hairdresser…I can do a pretty similar cut by sticking a bowl on the poor kids head and cutting round it

  16. 16


  17. 17

    I think it is so sad that this poor little girl has nothing to look foward to in her life but cameras in her face 24/7. It is really sad.

  18. 18

    It was cold in the park yesterday. The child should be wrapped up in warm clothes.

  19. 19

    I'd like to know–why is Katie in warm clothes and poor Suri in short sleeves and a dress? It's autumn, for chrissakes. Put a sweater on the poor kid.

  20. 20

    THE CHILD NEEDS A DAMN COAT ON! It's fall. It's cold in NY right now. We are getting snow next week and she's still dressed for the summer. What in the HELL is wrong with her parents?? Does she OWN a coat or a pair of pants for that matter? I feel really sorry for her. It will be interesting to see what happens when it starts to snow in NY. Maybe they'll put her in a bikini!

  21. 21

    For the record, I live and currently reside in NYC and it has been freaking cold!!! this week "the autumn breeze" has been in full affect, adults (myself included) are leaving the house in coats and scarfs, wtf, does Suri's barley water make her immune to the cold air? In the pictures her nose and lips totally look like they've changed color from being in the cold. get her a coat and mittens!!

  22. 22

    Never mind Suri, I'm loving Katie's new coat.

  23. 23

    is she cross-eyed in that first photo?

  24. lick says – reply to this


    nice. tom obviously had breakfast, tossed the cereal bowl onto her head, and did a hair job with the butter knife.

    nothing about that child is cute - she just makes me feel depressed - from her hair to her horrific clothes to her facial expressions. i guess she takes after her mom.

  25. 25

    I don't have issue with the haircut - looks like a Supercuts cut to me. My issue is with the fact that everyone in that picture is bundled up for winter and little Suri Cruise is in a SHORT SLEEVE DRESS, NO SOCKS or TIGHTS and NO JACKET! What kind of parent is she. She obviously cares enough about herself to keep herself warm. I live on the East Coast and its been between 40 and 50 degrees here, not summer weather for sure.

  26. 26

    It's about f***en time, that poor baby was looking neglected.

  27. 27

    Cute. She needs a f*king coat though, seriously.

  28. D-Bag says – reply to this


    Katie just looks miserable. Well that's the price you pay for making a deal with the devil. How many more years does she have to go until the 10 year "anniversary"? Then she'll be free and worth millions. Too bad her career flopped. She was probably hoping for her $20 million dollar payout as well as a real career like Nicole Kidman. Dumb bitch.

  29. 29

    she's an adorable kid… but thats a bad haircut… It looks like katie did it herself. Tho Katie's hair has been pretty bad lately so maybe Tom insists on being the stylist.
    Suri's bangs should be a big longer and her hair should go just past her shoulders. She doesn't need such a blunt, mature cut for her age. Same goes for Katie tho… when she first got her locks lobbed off THAT was a great look. No need to go shorter and really hit the baby momma haircut fiasco

  30. 30

    It was pretty cold in NYC yesterday, please put a coat and a pair of stockings on that little girl, Katie.

  31. haha says – reply to this


    do you know how cold it was in NYC yesterday? Where is this child's coat??? Quick, somebody call C.P.S.

  32. 32

    I trimmed my pubes today does that count?

  33. 33

    Question: Why is Katie in a coat and poor little Suri is walking around in short sleeves? Idiot

  34. 34

    i agree with everyone here…why in the hell is suri always dressed for summer?!? here in NYC it has been COLD and CHILLY! everyone is dressed more like katie these days–not suri's short-sleeved dress! what is wrong with these people? my daughter hates wearing socks–it doesn't mean i don't make her wear them when it's cold outside. WTF?

  35. 35

    It's about frigging time!!

    Look, she's much happier now that they trimmed her bangs a bit.
    Nice parenting work… for once.

  36. 36

    It's a bad haircut.

  37. 37

    Re: Aileen (Canada) – I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!!!

  38. 38

    suri is so cute too bad she is tomkats kid

  39. 39

    Seriously, who's the parent here? I wouldn't care if Suri didn't WANT to wear a coat, she's wearing one if I tell her to. A child that young can't make her own logical decisions yet. This is the parents' job.

  40. 40

    I like how everyone is in warm pants & coats and they have her running around in a summer dress.

    Katie looks awful.

  41. 41

    why is this child NEVER EVER wearing a coat/cardigan or a jumper?….the adults are dressed appropriately for the weather……what the heck!??!?!?

    and it's about time Surly cruise got those damn bangs cut…she's not big whoop….she more mehhhh then anything….kinda plain looking.

  42. 42

    Why is Katie wearing a coat and looks warm , while Suri has on just a thin little dress and uncovered legs? Mother of the year!!

  43. 43

    I'm sorry but in that first picture she looks like a cross between Katie and Josh Hartnett, not Katie and Tom. Doesn't anyone else see it?

    And put a coat on that child. That is terrible parenting. Whether a child wants to wear one or not, they wear it because you are the adult and they are the child and you know what's best for them. Geesh.

  44. 44

    So the kid's got a new (bad) haircut, her lips, nose and arms are turning colors from the cold, and Katie is oblivious. Who's going to call CPS? Suri needs warm clothing.

  45. haha says – reply to this


    she reminds me of Damien.

  46. 46

    Suri looks more and more like Chris Klein every day.

  47. 47

    is katie holmes just stupid? she obviously thinks it is cold enough to have on slacks and a coat, but her daughter is in a froufrou dress , no stockings, and NO COAT. geez, where is her bottle, is suri still drinking from a bottle too!

  48. 48

    Why does Katie have that child's hair cut into Dutch Boy style? It's so outdated and looks dumb. There are so many cute styles for little girls that would look much better on Suri. Whatever happened to barrettes and clips and ponytails? Little girls should look like little girls and not like someone stuck a bowl on their head and cut around it.

  49. 49

    aw she looks like boo from monsters inc! hehe!

  50. 50

    Why on earth does that kid need to be a mini me of her mom. I hate that hair. This kid is 2 yrs old. Let her look like a little girl should. She looks awful.

  51. 51

    Re: kiry49

    That's what I was thinking. Katie and the guy in the picture both have jackets on.

  52. 52

    Why is everyone bundled up and the poor little girl is wearing a summer dress and nothing on her legs? Put a coat and some tights on that kid - it's been chilly! Hey…at least she doesn't have that damn bottle in her mouth!

  53. 53

    id like to know why katie is wearing a winter coat and the kids in a dress with no sweater on

  54. 54

    It's about time! Did you see her last pic? Her bangs were all in her eyes. Poor thing.

  55. 55

    she's so cute….

  56. 56

    It looks like a typical downs syndrome haircut if you ask me.

  57. 57

    No jacket to keep her warm, AND she's eating an ice cream cone?! WTF? Katie, it's called parenting classes. Take one, they can teach you how to properly dress and care for a toddler in the winter months!

  58. 58

    Why is Katie all bundled up and Suri just has on a dress?

  59. 59

    Maybe this is just the mom in me…Why is it that the people around Suri are always bundled up in warm jackets, jeans and sweaters…and Suri is always in her baby doll dress, no tights, no sleeves, no socks!!!! Are they trying to freeze the poor little pumpkin?

  60. 60

    precious little girllllll!!!! awwwwwww

  61. Kate says – reply to this


    It's the end of October. In New York. Where the hell is that kid's jacket??! Come on, mom, she should be in leotards and a long sleeved sweater AT LEAST!

  62. 62

    Being mom of a toddler should be a blast, though it is tiring. Katie looks so…emotionally "meh"!! The last thing you want to worry about is how you look for the cameras. Poor Katie…what a bitch the other side of the fame coin is.

  63. 63

    She is so cute!

  64. 64

    Why does Suri never seem to have a jacket or a sweater on?. Its cold enough for Katie to be wearing a jacket, why not Suri?.

  65. 65

    Ehhh, nice "Lloyd haircut" from Dumb and Dumber!! Shiloh Jolie Pitt is waaaaaaay cuter! Eeks Suri.

  66. 66

    Her reason for living!

  67. 67

    why does Katie always dress like an old lady?????

  68. 68

    FINALLY. The bangs in the face were so stupid!! Is it a coincidence that she gets her bangs cut then all of a sudden looks happier?

  69. 69

    She's beautiful!! She is bundled up in a blanket in one of the pics, I'm sure Katie knows how to keep her warm!! She was probably hot and got down to run for a minute!! That's only one pic, she could of had a coat and took it off, we can see the blanket!! And to the person who said she's eating a ice cream, it's a cupcake!! Their sooooooooo cute. Ohh and the bangs are probably a little on the short side cause kids hair grows sooooo fast and with bangs if you have em you know a week or two and their in your eyes!!

  70. 70

    Finally, now we can see her adorable eyes. She's beautiful.

  71. 71

    does this kid have any simple play clothes?

  72. 72

    She is such a cutie! But don't you know she is a spoiled brat and will have a heck of a time when she goes to school. Love her clothes/

  73. 73

    I hate the hair cut. Her hair is so pretty they should let it grow all one length.
    AND someone in New York needs to call Child Protective Services on her. She is wearing a $5,000.00 Camel hair/cashmere coat and Suri is wearing a summer dress????

  74. 74

    this child is kinda ugly. i hope she becomes prettier when she grows up

  75. 75

    katie looks like shit

  76. 76

    question if its cold and katy is wearing this coat why is she letting her dauhter run around without one? and further more why the hell is she eating ice cream?

  77. 77

    Re: Aileen (Canada)


  78. 78

    why isn't Suri wearing a coat???it's freazying out!!!

  79. 79

    Its just a kids hair cut. But Katie looks like she has aged 15 years since she has been married to Tom.
    Put a coat on that Baby! I know you think she is a Pet Monkey, but really, she does not have a furry coat like one.

  80. 80

    Why is everyone in this pic wearing heavy coats and Suri is in a short sleeved dress

  81. 81

    I still think that is Chris Klein's baby!!

  82. 82

    fugly baby!!!

  83. 83

    she did? i can't tell…

  84. 84

    Ummm…everyone in this pic is wearing long pants and a JACKET, and Suri is walking around in a little sundress? Don't you think she might be a little cold? Gah! People!

  85. 85

    Don't you LOVE IT when the parents are all bundled up but the kids have no jacket on? I see this all the time, if your freakin cold then your child will be cold too. DUH!

  86. 86

    So has anyone else notice their posts being deleted? This hasn't happened before but now that Perez is actually getting paid, he deletes comments. Nice Perez, well, I'll say it again. KATIE HAS A PUKER'S NECK! She obviously has bulimia poor girls, seen it a million times.

  87. 87


  88. 88

    Re: Aileen (Canada)


  89. 89

    why do white people always cut their children's hair like that, those bangs are so ugly!

  90. 90

    She looks so cute in that first pic. She looks like one of those American Girl dolls…Really cute but kinda creepy…

  91. 91

    There is something so weird about this photo. Katie has on a coat and what looks like a long-sleeved sweater under it. The person in back of Suri has on a jacket. The little girl has on no socks, a short-sleeved dress and no jacket of any kind. Very odd.

  92. 92

    What's up with those bumper bangs…surely with posh parents they could get her something a little more trendy yet still childlike. Grief.

  93. 93

    I agree that Suri should be wearing a coat. It's chilly out! Atleast a sweater over the dress and some leggings!

    I personally love the haircut. She doesn't need some "designer" haircut; she's two! I like the simple bangs and shoulder length hair. It's easy to manage and looks good on little Suri Hubbard.

  94. 94

    thats the same haircut i had when i was little, in 1988…..

  95. 95

    These two are the only parents I know who can make a two year old look pretentious! The poor kid has probably NEVER worn a pair of sneakers and shorts. They act like they have to dress her up like a little doll every day of her life just for the photographers.

  96. 96

    Re: emobarbie

    emobarbie, you are an idiot. Pretty much every race of child with super straight hair cuts little kids hair like that moron. There's not much else you can do with super straight hair on a small child but leave it all one length and pull it back or cut bangs. Duh.

  97. mishy says – reply to this


    Re: Kateedid – is that what's wrong with her neck in the first picture? I was just staring and staring at it thinking it looked really muscular or something…it does not look good at all…I noticed that before I noticed that Suri was not dressed appropriately and everybody else was…Katie is going to have a breakdown if she keeps this up…Get rid of Tom!! Move toward the light girl!!!!!!!

  98. 98

    The demon child of Dr. Satan. Look at her red eyes.

  99. 99

    that phag hag lookin old.

  100. 100

    Ok, I get that those dresses are super cute.. but it's freaking cold out!! Every single picture of Suri has her in one of her dresses (with no sweater!) and whoever else in the photo has a sweater or jacket on.. she's a litlte kid, bundle her up a bit!!! geez!

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