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Watchdog Group Sics The FEC on Palin's Wardrobe Deception

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It ain't cheap making Shady Sexy Sarah look good.

The Republican campaign owned up to some fancy shopping sprees after it was revealed that the Republican National Committee had ponied up $150,000 Palin's way for some very chic sheep's clothing.

The news raised the hackles of watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) - especially while the rest of us are cutting back on the frivolities. They filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), pointing out that the expenses defy that FEC Act which states that donations cannot be used personally if the expense "would exist irrespective of the candidate's election campaign" - clothing included - unless it is of "de minimis value."

In other words, you can't use donated money to buy stuff you'd buy whether or not you were running for an office, including cothes, unless it's clothing you're going to wear only once or twice.

And Sarah's always got that dress suit on. They wouldn't want us to know there's a wolf under there.

They might shoot her!

From a helicopter!

The law, however, does provide that such expenses are legit as long as they come from a party committee, which the $75,062 at Neiman Marcus, $41,851 at Saks Fifth Avenue, $4,902 at Atelier New York, $4,397 at Macy's and $5,103 at Bloomingdale's did. But it was also revealed that the clothing and accessories were not only for Palin, but her family as well.

Sound familiar?

The Republican National Campaign says it's cool, cause the money didn't come from them, and that while they don't discuss campaign strategy, added, "It was always the intent that the clothing go to a charitable purpose after the campaign."

But CREW is demanding an immediate FEC investigation.

If they've got nothing to hide then there souldn't be a problem, rrright?

And even if no one broke any rules, it still seems a little outrageous for our "six-pack Joe."

[Image via AP Images.]

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355 comments to “Watchdog Group Sics The FEC on Palin's Wardrobe Deception”

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  1. 1

    These people are such hypocrits. They (John McCain) crucified Bill Clinton for getting a $200 haircut and Obama for taking his campaign plane to see his dying grandmother who raised him. But there is nothing wrong with a $150,000 wardrobe? I call BS.

  2. 2

    Molly Mouse changed her story!….

    PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh police say a McCain campaign volunteer who reported being held down by a black man who then cut the letter "B" in her face has changed her story.
    Police also say bank surveillance footage doesn't show her at an ATM where she initially said she was attacked.
    Police spokeswoman Diane Richard says investigators gave the 20-year-old woman a lie-detector test and are "looking at some inconsistencies" in her story.
    The student, Ashley Todd, of College Station, Texas, initially said a black man robbed her at knifepoint near a bank Wednesday night and then cut her cheek after seeing a McCain sticker on her car.
    Todd, who is white, now says she was knocked unconscious and doesn't remember being cut in the face. She now says she only discovered the wound later.
    No arrests have been made.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Shady, Shady. Where the fuck's my picture gone to, Big P??

  5. 5

    love it…

    they're such hipocrites!

  6. 6

    Re: sweetpiece

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Is it because you don't post anything negative about Obama or is it that there's nothing really negative about him cause everyday, it seems, they're somthing negative about the candidates, the campaign itself, their families..
    It's wonderfully negative publicity!
    gimme more!!!

  9. 9

    …I'm not really that concerned about the monies being used to pretty her up, it is the poor choice of outfits that disappoint me. She doesn't look good. She looks chunky and sub par. Sometimes it takes the "Strength Of A Woman" and sometimes one simply needs a stylish queen to bring the ensembles home. The Republicans certainly didn't do that!

  10. 10

    So we have John McCain, the presidential candidate who can't remember if he has 7 or 8 homes, and Sarah Palin, the vice presidential candidate who enjoys this elaborate shopping spree. Both profess to understand the struggles of working Americans during economically troubled times. Palin in particular plays up an identification with working class culture. Or, as she'd put it, "workin'."

    The McCain-Palin campaign is based on a faux populist image. Yet even that very image is falling apart.

  11. candy says – reply to this


    maybe the media should start reporting all the money obamas camp is spending
    This is BS and I am so over it

  12. 12

    There you Dem's , something else to piss down your leg about.

  13. 13

    Stop talking politics and stick with what you know. And seriously, who gives a shit what her clothes cost!!!??!!

  14. 14

    where are all the comments????

  15. Bongo says – reply to this


    Can I just say how stupid this whole story is???? How does this compare to Oboma's assumptive partay? Why the focus on this shit Perez??? You are being a dumb ass!

  16. 16

    Give me a break! She's running for VEEP of the US! She can't wear nice clothes?!?? JOHN F. KENNEDY who, like Palin, reaches out to the middle-working class, had 2,000 $ suits in 1961!!!!!! But it's cool, right? Double standard.
    OH, and you want to talk about SHADY investigations????
    How about BERG vs. OBAMA Case Docket NO. 08-cv-04083
    If he's got NOTHING to hide then there shouldn't be a problem riiiight? hmm??

  17. 17

    Ahhh, and the wound keeps flowing on the repube campaign. Someone throw in the towel…McFailin' can't take much more of this.
    Obama/Biden 08 bitches!! Here's a hankie….now wipe away those tears cause….IT'S HAPPPENING!!! Buaahahaha!!

  18. 18

    Re: Vince the Shamwow Guy – It dried up.

  19. 19

    Right, and acorn is supposed to be bi-partisan but they push the hell out of Obama and have taken how much in CHARITABLE contributions which is to be used across both party lines to endorse Barack. Those fucking scumbags alone have pissed away WAY more money doing something they should not be doing in the first fucking place. You are a fat disgusting pig perez, why don't you go fist fuck yourself. Did Sarah Palin even ask for those clothes you fat blown out asshole

  20. 20

    Perez, you should do more reading and searching on the internet. You would have read yesterday that they state of Alaska is backing the use of travel for the "first family of Alaska as he first Family are all represenatives of the state". You also would have read that even some of your democrat news reporters also say this issue on the clothes is nothing more than a distraction as well as a double standard. (the more you read the more you will find out, Perez and if you let us post links on here then everyone could also read the truth instead of your opinions that aren't always the truths) Go back to entertainment, you said nothing about Britney spears being back in court or anything like that! Hmm, guess I had to read that on someone else's blog! And why doesn't my avitar show up?? Afraid people will see it???

  21. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    OMFG!!!!! Honestly, what a heinous crime!!!!! You won't see anything that the Anti-Christ Obama has done while misappropriating Democratic funds printed on this site. I only check this to see what the hell he's BITCHING about today. You act like a hormonal EFFing woman sometimes Perez, just get your period and GET ON WITH IT! You're such a bitch.

  22. 22

    BERG vs. OBAMA Case Docket NO. 08-cv-04083

  23. Bongo says – reply to this


    One other thing! I'm truely amazed by how unsupportive women are of the first woman nominated for the VP seat in our government! All these catty supid ass no-brainer stories are so embarrassing to our country! Women should be outraged by what they are calling her and focus on with Palin. Instead we feed into it and belittle her! Perez you SUCK! And any woman that speaks in terms of wardwrobe during this election is a shallow ding bat!

  24. 24

    SO WHAT??? Barack wears $1000 suits - it is just more picking on her. She needs to look good - so what they spend money or her wardrobe? It is just another lame attack from the liberals.

  25. 25

    Re: Animlovr – Thank you!
    this is just dumb reason to go after her
    all the candidate spend on stupid things like animlovr said
    bloody hipocrites

  26. 26

    Not surprised. If everything the Repubes did was investigated, you'll find a whole cemetery in the closet.

  27. 27

    I think its funny you're reporting negatively on the republicans when Obama has already shelled out 2 million for a victory celebration in grant park in chicago. He hasn't even won yet and he's having a big bash anyways. Seems $150k seems like nothing compared to 2 million. Plus Obama has raised more money than any campaign…maybe your precious obama should use some of that money for good in this hard economy.

  28. 28

    And Perez, if she was wearing the clothes that she wore in Alaska you would be making fun of her every day for wearing traditional Eskimo clothing and down to earth wear from Nordstroms! I am thinking about starting my own site called Fuckperez.com.

  29. 29

    I give a shit what her clothes cost as I see my damn 401k dropping to nothing after I've worked my butt off for the last 25yrs. McCain voted w/Bush 90% of the time and he's trying to tell a different story, Mr. Joe Plumber he is not, Mr. how many houses do I have, I don't know, how can I spend everyone's money he is. Frugal my ass, McCain/Palin = hypocrites.

  30. 30

    Re: sweetpiece – #2

    You know, I was suspicious of this story the moment I saw it. For one thing, the "B" was backward, and for it being "carved in with a knife" it looks like something I could do with my fingernail. What a dummy.




  31. 31

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t

    Good afternoon, LG!!!!

  32. Cura says – reply to this


    Perez missed the best part of the story. The stores have been contacted and they do not have records of those expenditures!!!!! This needs to be investigated.

  33. 33

    Re: Neverevenknewhim – #29

    Hate to break it to you, but there are plenty of unlicensed plumbers around.

  34. 34

    …and I cannot seem to get my FILL of McCain slipping and saying 'cunt' on the video. LOL. I have sent it to everyone from the nuns at Immaculata to my Grandma!

  35. 35

    Re: Cura – #32

    Oh yes! Let's "investigate" Palin's wardrobe and ignore ACORN registration fraud. FABULOUS idea!!!!

  36. kiiki says – reply to this


    stupid story…. if you knew the story correctly, it wasn't even palin that went shopping for the clothes. they were provided to her by wardrobe… similar to when angelina jolie works on a film and they have a wardrobe provided for her. also, the campaign is going to donate the clothes after the campaign is over.

  37. 37

    Any candidateRe: MaggieMay – Barack PAYS HIS OWN MONEY for his suits, so does his wife.

  38. 38

    Re: Jenrepub08 – Thank you for saying that!!!!

  39. 39

    Re: Hmmmm – typical! What has "antichrist Obama" done so wrong? give me PROOF. That means…. real, trustworthy news organizations. Here is just a little taste of the PROOF that the McCain/Palin ticket is f*****.

  40. 40

    Re: kiiki – Angelina Jolie isn't buying clothes on donated money. Who cares if they are going to donate them, like some poor person really needs a $5,000 suit.

  41. 41

    Great thing to come back to….now I'm pissed off!

    She's supposed to come to Virginia on Monday. I hope she trips and tears her outfit from Neimans…

    At least it's the Republican's money and not mine! FUCKERS!!!

  42. 42

    I honestly don't think the price tag is that outrageous and I'm a Dem.

    She's running for VP, the girl has gotta look good!

  43. 43

    Re: candy – Candy…the reason the media isn't reporting the $$ the Obama campaign is spending is because they aren't pulling the shady shit that the Republicans are! Typical for you to be in denial!

  44. 44

    Re: Smirks – Again… typical. Here is some proof that Palin is doing something wrong… that the republicans are doing something wrong. And instead of accepting it, you push it aside to focus on some shady areas of the democratic side, even when they ALREADY HAVE been investigated.

    This is what I don't get about people who are so anti-Obama… are you that dumb to actually think he would have gotten this far in the race if he actually had some terrorist/voter fraud associations? You and the other anti-Obama loonies are the only ones who believe it.

  45. kiiki says – reply to this


    hellloooooo perez! you're so stupid. the clothes weren't even purchased by palin, they were provided to her as wardrobe. similar to when angelina jolie works on a film and they provide wardrobe for her on set. besides, it's been stated that palin's wardrobe will be donated to charity once the campaign is over. get your facts straight.

  46. 46

    Re: Big Black Dick – LMAO. Piece of shit shamwows!

  47. 47

    Re: dananatl – the answer to your VERY IGNORANT question would be A LOT OF PEOPLE

  48. 48

    Re: karencarpenter – I want to see this video! Haven't even heard about it

  49. 49

    So I wonder how much Obama's five new suits that he just bought cost…? You know they didn't come from men's warehouse.

  50. 50

    She should have come to me I could have kitted her out for $1500.00 tops!

  51. 51

    THANK YOU. well written.

    she is disgusting.

    someone should throw her into the woods.

  52. 52

    Girul dis is wack most politations have been getting there clothing paid for by their parties!!!nancy regan got 1 million worth of free clothing and hillary clinton was paid by certin designers to wear clothing when she was first lady!!!!it costs a lot of money be that high profile !!!most people do not understand the politiains have to travel a lot and make many different wardrobe changes in just a few days!!!hillary or whoever could come to nh for 2 days but have 10 or 15 events to go to!!!!she would get crap if she wore the same thing over and over again!!!!!!the clothes wouldf be all pit stained from the hot camera lights!!!focus on da real issiues!!!!!

  53. 53

    It really isn't the issue that the monies were spent. that is what the money was raised for - the issue is more that it dressed her husband and children. As well as the plus hundred thousand dollars she has billed Alaska to cart her children uninvited to events an dlabeled them as "working" Seriously. This is a prime example of unchecked politics. It's not a crime unless you get CAUGHT. Campaign funds are spent by both sides Rep & Dem - but it is the way those monies are spent. IF she is qualifed just like any other politician it really shouldn't matter what brand name she is wearing, Michelle Obama does not need a ridiculous wardrobe to maintain a professional appearance. So what is really going on - trying to put a dress on a pitbull …. its still a pitbull.

  54. buck says – reply to this


    don't you think it would be more important for the 'watchdog' group to investigate into the relationship that Obama has with Ayers, Rezko, Wright and ACORN then worry about a clothing wardrobe?

  55. 55

    "including cothes, unless it's clothing you're going to wear only once or twice."

    You should probably spell check your shit before you put it up on here.

  56. 56

    Re: Smirks – kisskiss smirks…..whatever you say……too busy washing bathrooms to get involved…….aaah scrubbing toilets never gets old

  57. Hmmmm says – reply to this


    Re: hollyholly8 – Not enough room, we'd be here for days and you know it!!!!!

  58. 58

    DESTROY HER! COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROY THIS WHITE BITCH! You White People are an ABOMINATION! Change is coming…your reign will end. Sarah Palin will be the first to fall!


    Barack Obama: Compassion, Faith, Salvation

  59. 59

    Re: Bongo – so just because she is a woman means women should support her? I support the person who is BEST FOR THE JOB….you could put a gun to my head and I still would NEVER support this bitch

  60. 60

    DAYUM! I feels like poppin' sum caps in sum asses allup here now , BOYEEEEE!

  61. 61

    Re: mamajud – Hey mamajud!

  62. 62

    This would not even be an issue if she were not a woman.
    Who cares?
    The Dems are so scared of this woman, and they should be.

  63. 63

    In old English there is a phrase (which I THINK William Shakespeare invented)
    "You can't polish a turd"
    Julian Meteor, Plymouth

  64. 64

    Who cares about her clothes. She is meeting leaders of other nations and needs to look her best. Also, Chyrsler announced it is going to layoff 18,000 people. If taxes go up for corporations, than no one will have jobs and Obama's policy of building the economy from the bottom up won't work. Also, Facebook is moving to Ireland because of less tax.

  65. 65

    first, she didnt go on a shopping spree… someone else bought these clothes for her for the RNC… 1/3 had been returned days after the convention, 1/3 hasnt been worn yet, and the remaining has been worn already… i couldnt care less about her clothes… im more interested in her stance on the issues…. THATS WHAT I'LL DECIDE MY VOTE ON!

    p/s: dont get your info from just one side… read ALL sides and make a decision!

  66. 66

    Ok. I have a question for all the republicans who come to this site.

    Do you understand that this is a BLOG? That this is Perez's very own website? That he can post whatever the hell he wants, even if it's not celebrity-related? Because it's his own opinion? That Perez is a very openly gay man and a liberal? That we live in a country where we have freedom of speech?

    Perez could endorse Teddy for president, and that would be just fine because he's entitled to have his own opinion. I understand you opposing his views, but expecting him to not post stuff like this is just silly.

    There are eleventy other gossip websites. Visit them if you don't want to read a liberal agenda. Stop at Fox News while you're at it too, you'll find them MUCH more agreeable.

    Or…stay on here, keep commenting and sounding foolish. Because that's what's beautiful about this country. You CAN.

  67. 67

    If they came to YOU and asked YOU to run for this office, wouldn't YOU need new clothes to stand up in front of people? All of the candidates have to put their best foot forward and the wardrobe was warranted.

  68. Veee says – reply to this


    I want a before and after pic!!!

  69. 69

    Re: Big Black Dick
    I'll give you something to pop….

  70. 70

    Even though I am a woman, i am no Palin supporter. She does not represent me, she does not represent ALL women; only woman that act and believe exactly as she does. In my opinion, a feminist speaks out for the rights of ALL women; not just a few that share their views.

    Anyway, that being said, how is Palin suppose to look good in thrift store clothes when she is standing next to Cindy McCain in her million dollar wardrobe? I do believe that the Palins are thrifty. There is no way Sarah could buy $150,000 wardrobe on even her Governors' salary. However, if she is breaking he rules or being dishonest about the purchases with the public she is just adding one more blight on her character.

    Obama/Biden '08

  71. 71

    Re: ObamaistheMessiah – I am a HUGE Obama supporter but dude…you have issues!

  72. 72

    Re: hollyholly8 – #44

    I posted a few days ago on another thread that I don't see anything wrong with the Palin wardrobe situation. I am a McCain donor and if every penny of my donation went to clothing Palin for the campaign, I couldn't care less.

    And while I'm hardly an "anti-Obama looney" there is a connection between his campaign and ACORN. Namely some of the money he raised was funneled to them. If I recall correctly, it was in the neighborhood of 200K. I'm a pretty objective individual. If you look at my earlier post in this thread I said I doubted the claim of that woman who said she was attacked for being a McCain supporter from the moment I read it. I think the only "loonies" are the idealogues who refuse to admit the mistakes of their candidates.

  73. 73

    I thought she looked sharpe and that it had cost a dime… for Cindy. Somehow I figured that Mrs. McCain had picked up the bills. Too naieve !

  74. 74

    Re: Smirks

  75. 75

    Re: Love & Faith – It's OK if you're buying your own clothes and not using donated money.

  76. 76

    Palin is such a sneaky bitch! She fits into the republican party perfectly!

  77. 77

    Re: LusciousLiz – look under the highlights in pink on this site…it is near the bottom. it is so funny…

  78. 78

    maybe they should start an investigation on obama's place of birth before they worry about this stupid crap

  79. 79

    Re: mamajud – I can't stand it. You are having too much fun without me ;)
    Happy Friday!

  80. 80


  81. 81

    Why the hell has it been so long since the last post? Im trying to refrain from talking political anymore on this site…but i cant resist. i wont insult anyone or even try to discuss anything w/ you repubes, cause there is no reasoning w/ you.

  82. 82

    Re: sweetpiece – lol i didnt change the story that was the news last night…it changed this morning dumb ass lol it does look suspicious now but we shall see…i could still see you being psycho enough to do it to someone though…maybe it was you who did it:) why are you wacking off to my name when i am not in on the convo dear:P

  83. 83

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – Brilliant! You are an inspiration and a joy!

  84. 84

    what about the 60 million obama spent in one week for tv ads…couldn' that go for something far more useful… like the "needy"people of the UNITED STATES he cares so much about?!!! hmmmmm

  85. 85

    Shoot her……from a helicopter….

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is so fu*&ing funny…HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


  86. 86

    Re: Smirks – post 73- Good post. Although I still think Palin sucks ;)

  87. 87

    Re: TanaBanana – I saw last night where 30 days ago when Katie Couric asked her "do you consider yourself a feminist" she said "YES" then when Charles Gibson asked her THE VERY SAME QUESTION last week she said "NO" what changed in the last 30 days that made her a feminist in September but not in October???

  88. 88

    Re: LordKain – Like my hat?

  89. 89

    shady bitch! can they use some of that money to cleanse her evil soul?! at the very least buy that dumb bitch a civics book!!!

  90. 90

    Re: Leona$ Gho$t – LMAO!! GOOD ONE!

  91. 91

    we'd never be hearing about this if she was a man! why don't we hear anything about oboma's vice president ever?? oh right cause barely anyone knows his name!

  92. 92

    Unfortunately Sarah Palin didn't have Oprah's personal stylist like Michelle Obama has….. which doesn't make sense because Michelle Obama is not even running for public office. And yet, you call Sarah Palin the hypocrit???

  93. 93

    When I looked at the picture of the woman from Pittsburgh my first thought was her expression was way too calm considering what she had just been through. And why do they always say a black man did it when they kill their wives or children or beat themselves up? If this really happened to her it's awful but if it didn't I think everyone was wrong for jumping on Sienna for calling it Sh*tsburg. That's the right name for it. As for Palin, how can she justify spending campaign money to buy clothes for her children? lmao

  94. 94

    Re: Neverevenknewhim – pleaseeee bitch, dat nigga ain't gots no $$$$,ifs he did it would be mines

  95. 95

    These people are so out of touch. We are supposed to make the sacrifice and bail out the greedy CEOs and their companies, and McBush is wasting $150,000 on clothes for this ignorant bitch!!! WTF?

  96. 96

    Re: ObamaistheMessiah – yea man, you got some serious fuckin issues. you really think that if Obama wins he is going to turn whites into slaves or something? Its people like you that are scareing old white people into voting for mccain.

  97. 97

    I think Perez has fallen asleep….

  98. 98

    Obama is spending $2 million for a victory party. That money could go to help the local shelters. Its a two way street.

  99. 99

    Re: ObamaistheMessiah – Like my hat! Crazy Mutherfucker!

  100. 100

    Oh please. If this is the worst thing the libs can point to, that's just pathetic.

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